Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Police love Bi Sexuals?

Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender History Month
Presented by Kent Police

Burglaries, Muggings, Car Theft, Stabbings, Rape and what do I fine Kent Police Force do? They present an exhibition of Lesbian Gay Bi-Sexual Transgender History Month, Now there is a sensible way to spend our money, so next time it takes hours for a Copper to turn up at a burglary do not be to harsh as will most probably consoling one of the above. Thank God our present Kent Chief Constable is leaving maybe the next one will be interested in Policing.
So what is this LGBT History
“Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans History Month takes place every year in February. It celebrates the lives and achievements of the LGBT community” So what have they got to celebrate one must ask above any other Human Being, they are not an Ethnic Group they are a group of people with abnormal sexual preferences which I presume stretches across all ethnic divides, so are they saying this group because of there sexual preferences have influenced our history more then people with normal sexual behaviour? Maybe Kent Police can answer that?
I have wrote on many occasions that I do understand what being Homosexual is, I do know that they should not be allowed the Marriage vows and should not be allowed to adopt children into unnatural Parental habitat. Yet I do agree for Centuries they have been abused and persecuted because of their sexual orientation and that was wrong. Yet the pendulum has swung so far over that now they are treated as a Elite group who have more rights and privileges then the normal Heterosexual Person this is also wrong.
If someone prefers to have sex with someone of the same sex that is up to them and if they want to live together again that is their choice as long it doesn’t infer with the rights of others OK and some one who starts life as one sex and it become apparent they are in the wrong body and this can be altered by surgery why not. These who have been born with genetic defaults, should not be penalised for it.
It could be argued that they may need a group to support them BUT where do BISEXUALS fit into this, bisexual is not a total life style choice it is a sexual desire to be able to have sex with both men and women no more then a sexual perversion. If we go down the path that someone with a abnormal sexual desire becomes a recognise minority with superior rights like Homosexuals where does it end? Will we be getting people who like having sex with animals, into bondage etc being classified and being supported by the Police and how long before the sexual age of consent is dropped. This country is on the edge of abyss because of its obsession with sex and Political Correctness, the good work done by people who fought to stop the persecution of Homosexuals is being ruined by those Homosexual Activities who want to bring us down into the quagmire.
Now some will not agree with my article so lets take a different stance take a look at whoare supporting LGBT History

In this age when people are dying because they can not get certain drugs because of financial restraints should these organisations be funding an organisation that wants to promote sexual deviancy i.e. Bi Sexuality as a normal sexual act and remember most are government bodies

To finalise it is very unlikely that my letter will be published any where apart from my own Blog because the Homosexual Lobby has so much power they can prevent freedom of speech and expression

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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