Wednesday, November 01, 2006


So our Council Officials have told us that we are to have two waste bins, one for recyclable and the other for ordinary waste, both being emptied on alternative weeks. This has caused problems in other boroughs where flies, maggots etc have accumulated let us also not forget the smell. My Council Tax increases every year by more then inflation, I realise this is mainly the fault of National Government but I am now about to get an inferior service and one that could cause a health hazard. With the election coming next year I hope all councillors who want a two week service tell us who they are and the voters can give their opinion in the ballot box. Although I have no problem with a Recycle bin I do have the room to store one I pity the people who have to have plastics sacks lying around full of recyclable waste for two weeks plus plastics sacks are not very eco friendly. How will the Council monitor this will they leave it to the bin men to decide whether I have deposited the correct waste material in the right bin or will they employer extra staff to monitor the rubbish at extra cost to the Council Tax Payer who will most probably be given a car to use and help pollute the atmosphere? I expect they will introduce a Bye Law to enforce the council tax payer to fill the bins correctly, then we will have people taken to court for putting the wrong waste in the wrong bin, they will then have a criminal record, what if they have a fine unpaid will they be put in prison which are over crowded? Mind you we could let a few more murders go to make room for the Eco criminal.
NO the whole idea is a disgrace I want my waste collected once a week that what I pay my Council Tax for. I have a much better idea instead of using the STICK why not use the CARROT i.e. give the council tax payer the freedom to choose whether they want be eco friendly by offering them rewards for instance if you have recyclable bin we will deduct £100 a year of your Council Tax and after a while most people would take up the offer and can you imagine the dirty looks you would get if you did not have a recyclable bin. This would not alienate the Council from the community and would work more efficiently and most probably be cost saving as most things that are done voluntarily are done better and cheaper. Yes you will still get the odd individual who will not conform but that is going to happen away. One last thing if I put out my bin ready for collection and someone come along a puts the wrong rubbish in will I be responsible? Will the Eco Gestapo have to prove in court that I produced the rubbish? Or will we all have padlocks to the bins lids? If so who opens them?

Martin Clarke 118 East Street Sittingbourne

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