Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Guardian ignor Sex Scandal

Read Link how the Guardian the Left Wing Propaganda Newspaper ignored the sex scandals

Muslims in Bradford


 What I can not understand is that we do not get this from Christians, Buddhist, Sikhs, Hindus and Jews, yet our Government still ignore the fact that Islam is a problem in the UK . We even have a PM and Pope stating Islam is a religion of peace, well I suggest that do what I am doing is reading the Koran, then you will find out that Islam is not a Religion of Peace


Muslims are now STONING Christians in the Uk, and nothing is being done about it

BRADFORD is “heading towards disaster” and the Council has allowed racial hatred and the perception of fear to “become a real problem”, the chairman of a scrutiny committee has warned.

Councillor Arshad Hussain, who chairs Bradford Council’s corporate overview and scrutiny committee, said there were”many areas in this city” where people were afraid to go, depending on their ethnicity.
Cllr Hussain (Lab, Toller) branded the situation a “horrible state of affairs” as the committee discussed a new report on community cohesion and how the Council’s diversity and cohesion team was working to strengthen community relations.
The report said the team was working with all religious groups and other organisations in its response to the Louise Casey report on opportunity and integration, which gives recommendations to the government.
But Cllr Hussain said the work being done by the team was not enough and said too many people were “scared to speak up in case they caused offence”.
He said: “Community relations in this city were a lot better 25 years ago. Are we really achieving what we are supposed to be achieving? I don’t think so. Last month on Bonfire Night in my ward, three pubs were stoned by Asian youths.”
The Red Lion and Round Thorn pubs, in Thornton Road, were among those targeted on November 5.
“These were the only white businesses in the area. No Asian businesses were attacked. They were targeted because they were white.” he added.

“I am really cheesed off with things like this. There are so many areas in this city where white people are scared to go into.
Likewise there are other areas where Asian people are scared to go into. That is a horrible state of affairs and it should never have got to this stage.
Perhaps you should start to do things in a different way. You tend to use the same organisations time and time again. Perhaps you should start delivering on the doorstep and getting new groups on board because I think we are heading towards disaster.
“There has been a huge increase in Islamophobia and anti-Semitism. Hate crime has risen threefold but the majority still is not reported. The biggest challenge for you is to acknowledge there is a problem, rather than being in denial and then work accordingly.”
Cllr Simon Cooke (Con, Bingley Rural) said: “At a recent event at the synagogue there were armed police posted outside. Is that an example of community cohesion that a Jewish event needed police protection? I think we are kidding ourselves.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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How Halal is done

Halal slaughter involves cutting through the large arteries in the neck of an animal with one swipe of a blade, whilst a Muslim butcher recites a prayer to 'Allah'.
The animal dies painfully and slowly as its blood drains away (since the consumption of blood is forbidden under Islamic law).
Under Islamic law, an animal must be slaughtered by having its throat cut while it is conscious.
According to Islamic law, Muslims can only consume meat that is deemed 'halal’.
The animal must be alive when its throat slit and it is then hung upside down to allow it to bleed out.
The name of Allah must be invoked at the time of slaughtering by saying: 'Bismillah Allahu Akbar' (In the Name of Allah, Allah is the Greatest)
The Daily Express recently said:
‘More animals than ever before are dying in agony because of halal meat practices which means they are not stunned before their throats are slit.’
Halal slaughter causes the poor animals who have to suffer it immense and prolonged pain.
In 2013 alone, some 2.4 million goats and sheep were slaughtered in abattoirs using these medieval methods.
Let's face it, 'Halal slaughter' is sick and barbaric, which makes it even more disgusting that the so-called 'Halal Food Authority' is suing Britain First for half a million pounds in the High Court (see below).
These throat-slitting animal abusers are determined to bankrupt our movement and take away our Deputy Leader, Jayda Fransen's home.
As you can see from the above, they state that at least their claim will be over £100,000 but anything up to £500,000!
The Halal Food Authority are at present appealing for donations from Muslims and the idiotic, leftwing Quislings who defend their barbaric practices. 
Our enemies are conspiring in order to take Britain First to the cleaners, but we will not back down - we will fight to the bitter end!
Our movement does not back down to threats, intimidation or bullying, especially from barbarians who slash the throats of defenceless animals for a living!
Please help us defeat these barbarous, merciless butchers by chipping in to our legal fund to power our legal fightback!
Without your support  we will end up bankrupt and Jayda will lose her house!
Together, we can stand our ground and strike a blow against Halal slaughter in Britain!
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