Saturday, November 28, 2015


Many of us believe the BBC is political motived and it has a left wing agenda in its programme making. RUBBISH I hear you say, well lets look at there latest Police Drama “Cuffs” it revolves around basically 5 police Officers 1 Homosexual, 1 Lesbian, 1 Black , 1 Muslim with headscarf and 1 Fat man and this is supposed to be a programme representing the UK Police Force. Now you try and tell me this programme is not about Social engineering?  Why in the modern world do we have to still pay a license fee for TV Stations? Even if you never watch BBC you still have to pay for the service, time for it to become a subscription based TV Service and offer fair competition to the other Broadcasting Companies. If that happens at least we will get away from the Left Wing PC brigade who dominate the BBC and who get huge amount of money as well all paid by the TV License

This is MY England

Friday, November 27, 2015

George is wrong with B T L

I am a Landlord but I have kept my rents at what the local council recommend as I have 4 Tenants on Housing Benefit and charging extra would make them homeless as I make reasonable money on my properties I see no reason to force people on the street.
I know of a person who is on Housing Benefit and has had a rent increase she rents a two bedroom flat, which now costs £700 p.c.m, and she has been told there will be a further rise next year to £750. She is disabled so relies on Housing Benefit, which is £595, and rightly so the Local Council say they will not increase her housing benefit just because the Landlord wants a bigger profit. So she has been looking for another flat for her and her daughter but all rents are about the same and most Landlords will not take on tenants on benefit. I have spoken to people who are landlords they tell me they prefer to rent to working people who can pay more, they also prefer foreign workers who pay considerable more for a House share. It seems profit is there only concern and not the caring Conservatism I believe in. I rent one bedroom flats and the rent is in line with what the Council recommendation, I was recently offered a great deal of money to sell my property in East Street BUT refused as it would have made 10 people homeless plus I make reasonable money on the rents. I am trying to buy a house to add to my portfolio so she can rent from my business. There comes another problem trying to buy a reasonable priced 2 bed property so far I have looked at properties advertised from £145,00 and then told there is a sealed bidding process and sometimes they go for £30,000 above list price

So you would think I would welcome George Osborne’s attack on Buy to Let Landlords, the attack that many on social media are making as well. NO I am not for it is a mistake why?

1)     Although a lot of people do not like the Private rental sector the simple fact is if was not for them there would be no rental sector and building massive Council estates is inefficient
2)     Because the changes do not come into April the price of Houses will explode before then. Yes House prices will stagnate in April but they will still be high and will not fall
3)     The idea that the house prices are because of  B.T.L. is also a fallacy as I mentioned I have looked at Houses which have been offered for one price but eventually sell for many thousands above price and they are being purchased by Individuals not B.T.L one must ask the question what are the Mortgage companies doing giving mortgages for properties well above Market Value
4)     Until we can have enough houses for our people and I mean our people not the Tens of Thousands flocking to this country and expecting accommodation, George Osborne should have brought in Rent Control. Rent Control is needed to prevent profiteering it will also keep the price of Housing at reasonable level until such time there is a housing surplus

I know you will tell me it is supply and demand but this country is heading for civil unrest when people cannot be housed at reasonable rents and they see Refugees being housed and fed while Brits suffer

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Photo's of the past

German Night ship Inn 1978

John Herne Bay Open 1987?

See the famous Cricketer ?

Nobby acting the fool Summer Camp 1985

Summer Camp 1983

Monday, November 23, 2015

Vals Birthday Eastbourne

Hotel Veiw

With my wife’s Birthday falling on November 21st I thought I would treat her to a couple nights in a Hotel in Eastbourne, sadly the weather was so cold and wet we spent a lot of time in the Hotel. Our Hotel was the Oban a slightly dated Hotel but was run by a pleasant young couple, it was clean and we had a room over looking the sea would certainly use it again.
View from Hotel

So we took a steady drive down on the Friday, driving of motorways can always be pleasant and you see a lot more of the Countryside My own Car was in for repair so I had to borrow my son’s little Vauxhall not a bad little drive but get in and out of it was a nightmare definitely not meant for someone my size. Farm Shops have become all the rage in the last 10 years so when we came across the Eggs To Apples Farm shop we had to have a visit. It was a very pleasant shop serving a nice cup of coffee, so if you are ever in Hurst Green East Sussex pop in and have a look

Eastbourne is full of Hotels as mentioned we used the Oban a pleasant Hotel and I booked a room over looking the sea. I our hope was to have a walk along the beach and see the Pier but the weather was so cold the best we could do was have a couple of photos over looking the beach.

 we also visited the Museum of Shops in Eastbourne. This museum showed lots of articles from the past 150 years it was surprising how many we recognised, Babycham, CherryB,  Blackjacks, Weights, etc then there were old Radios, TV's, Vacuum cleaners etc. Two products from the past maybe frowned upon today they were Omo and Camp Coffee, I had visions of Julian Cleary drinking Coffee whilst doing his washing.

 Friday night we dine out at Belgium Restaurant enjoyable with some interesting beers and on the Saturday we went a brilliant Thai Restaurant. The Thai meal was good but the following morning my blood count for Diabetes was up by 2 points, so something else I will have to forgo in the Future
On the Sunday as it was a nice day we travelled to Hastings and bought some fresh fish. I am not sure what is happening to Hastings but nearly every other building had scaffold, mind you the town certainly needs a revamp.
Any way a good weekend and I need to take Val out every now again just to keep her active and fit, it recharges her batteries as she has to look after me and that is some feat 

Gay Canon and Muslim Population

You can understand why the Church of England is losing its congregation when it does not abide by scriptures. I refer to the case of Canon Jeremy Pemberton who entered into a Gay marriage after expressly be told it was against C of E teachings, he went ahead and had his license revoked i.e. he no longer a paid cleric with the C of E. He has been a vicar for over 30 years so was well aware of the Churches Teaching so in my mind they right to sack him. If you worked for a Company and signed an agreement that restricts you from doing certain things you shouldn't complain if you break the rules. Not for Canon Pemberton because he is homosexual he thinks he is above the Church and has taken the C of E to court but lost his case although he is about to appeal. This has cost the Canon a lot of money (one must ask where does a vicar get that sort of money)  and it has cost the C of E a lot more if the Canon was a true Christian and realises he broke the rules i.e. committed a sin and ask for forgiveness. The money spent on this case could be used for feeding the homeless, it seems being a C of E vicar is all about Money and Power for those who believe in the message of Jesus Christ this must suggest that these people have succumbed the sin of selfishness
 So I agree with the C of E but hang on they are hypocrites and deserve to lose the case why? Because a vicar in London and a member of the Church Synod is married to another man, I still cannot get around the fact that people of the same sex can marry I have only just got used to the fact they have abnormal sexual habits. (Habits a religious joke) So what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander or should I say what’s good for the Gander is good for the Gander
C of E panders to modern fads rather then sticking to the Bible  yet Ruth Gledhill from the web site Christian Today suggest that most Christian Churches main resource is the Bible which todays society no longer think is reliable Now correct me if I am wrong is not the Christian Religion not based on the teaching of Jesus Christ and the new testament?

Although I agree we should restrict the amount of Muslims allowed into GB but it does not help you argument when you make false statement "by 2051 the expected Muslim Population in the UK 26 million" agreed if we wish to retain the status quo that the UK is a Christian Country that may be to many. It is expected that the UK population by 2050 will be 77 million That is approx. 33% of the population will be Muslim to many in my opinion BUT it not the majority FEAR MONGERING does not help your case go for facts which in this case is bad enough. The current percentage of Muslims is about 6% I do struggle to see how that will rise to 33% in just 35 years that would have to be one breeding program and an open door policy which encourages all Muslims to the UK. Let be honest no government would get voted in if they had a policy like this plus if the benefit system was curbed to just to support family with 2 children Muslims would not be able to afford a large Family. BUT because of Gay Marriage, the Marriage criteria has changed and there are reports that Polygamy should be allowed under the Human Rights act. Now that would create a problem if a man has 6 wives each having 2 children that 12 children the tax payer will have to pay for and would see an explosion of the Muslim Population

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Irish public to receive Federation of Gay Games award after legalisation of same-sex marriage
All other Games do not mention anything about a persons sexuality you are just treated as a Human Being SO WHY DO A GAY SMALL MINORITY have to have a Gay Games would a Hetro Sexual Games be allowed? I doubt it. Once again a small minority get preferential treatment over the majority? Of course that terrible Obama will give a speech to support this event. What next it has been reported there will be a Ginger Pride Event will we get a Ginger Games or a Bald Person Games. The Gay Games is an insult to Gay people who wanted to be treated as normal members of Society