Thursday, May 31, 2012

NO to Homo Mariage

Dear Editor
In last weeks paper  MP Gordon Henderson was in a quandary about Homosexuals getting married, It is my belief this very small minority group should not be allowed the sacrament of marriage. WHY?

1)    For thousands of years the principle of marriage was a Man & Women making a contract to live together, for the procreation of children (still the proven best way for children to live), the bringing together of two families and most importantly for the love of each other this is the case in most Christian Cultures, some other religions would allow a man to take more then one wife but none have ever said a Man can marry a Man or a Women can marry a Women.

2)    Is there a need for Homosexuals to Marry NO! they have Civil Partnership. In terms of Law Civil partnerships in the United Kingdom, granted under the Civil Partnership Act 2004, give same-sex couples rights and responsibilities identical to civil marriage. Something that made sense if you live with a person for a long time and share everything then you should have some protection

3)    A civil partnership is a relationship between two people of the same sex so a normal sexed couple can not have a civil partnership a brother and sister can not have a civil partnership (this could be useful for legal protection)

4)    Two elderly spinsters went to the European Court because they wanted a civil partnership, as it would protect them from inheritance tax. They were refused because they were Sisters

5)    So The Civil Partnership is legislation for Homosexuals and Lesbians, so why can not Heterosexuals have a state of Partnership purely for them something we call Marriage

I can not understand why the Homosexual/Lesbian Community have so many extra rights above normal people, they have legislation that give positive discrimination in jobs such as Civil Servants, Police, Fire Service etc. they are not given jobs on their ability first and foremost, maybe that is why there is such fall in standards in our Public Service. Governments of all colours seem to have an unhealthy interest in all forms of obscure sexual habits of the population that says more about them then it does us the ordinary man in the street.

Just one final point the Office for National Statistics (ONS) says 480,000 (1%) consider themselves gay or lesbian, and 245,000 (0.5%) bisexual. So that’s 1.5% of the population so why is this Conservative government wasting time and money on a small minority Their are a lot more important issues they should be dealing with.

Gordon stick to your religious belief do not compromise just for the sake of appeasing this Political Correct LibDem Prime Minister, you have always been a man of conviction. Stop the rot before we move in to a total Secular Society a society of No Morals and beliefs

Martin Clarke Valmar House Sittingbourne

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Old people in Homes

I was speaking to a friend of mine who's mother is now in a home, she tells me it cost nearly £2000 a month to keep her there, which she has to pay for. Her mother was one of those silly people who thought that buying here house, saving he money for old age was a sensible thing to do. Her and now deceased husband worked all their lives paying taxes etc they did not not have an elaborate life style or expensive holidays. Now in her old age she has to live in a home, already she has had to sell her home to pay for this. She is not allowed to have all her pension the home has that but she is give pocket money of £25 a week, this is not enough to have here hair done or have a chiropodist do her feet or get her grandchildren a present. Yet in the seat next to her is a lady same age that has spent all her money on holidays, cigarettes, booze expensive holidays, she never bought her house she rent form the Council, her husband only worked occasionally most of the time he was on the dole but she gets  the same as my friends mother!

Now I am only getting this second hand, so some of the things maybe distorted but I have heard of countless cases like this. So why save why be frugal? the governments of all persuasions should encouraging people to save. Here is a couple of ideas which I am told can help transfer your house to your children, I am told they cannot take your house if some is living in it, so say you live their get the Council tax put in your name

It is about time our politician start rewarding people for saving and buying property not penalising them, instead of worrying about the ridiculous Gay marriage and Rupert Murdoch they spend their energy on worrying about the elderly.

Lets hear what the politicians have to say

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Bad day at Caravan site

The weather was good so out comes the Caravan; recently we were at 40th Birthday in Newbury which we liked. So we chose a Site ½ hour from Newbury it was called California Chalet and Touring Park, Finchampstead, Berkshire. What a disappointment when we arrived there was all sorts of refurbishing going on things that should have been done in the closed season, the men’s toilet showers was closed leaving just a women’s and family facility, which consisted of a Toilet and shower together and for 24 hours there was no toilet paper and neither shower or toilet were cleaned on a regular basis. You had to make sure you had a shower before the workman came home, yes many of the caravans were for workman, working away from home. To top it all you had to pay 20p for about 2 minute shower considering we paid £25 a night that was an insult, it was one of the dearest sites we have been on. All the pitches were in woodland which was very pleasant but the hard standing must have been put down 50 years ago looking at the state of the concrete. Worse was yet to come we could not get signal for TV or radio, I can put up with most things but NO TV.

The staff was far from helpful when I complained about the toilet facilities we got the answer we are spending a lot of money on improvements and it needed it, but why do it in Season? Instead of being apologetic the told us that it was on the Internet which it wasn’t, so why was we not told about the the new works when I phoned to book ? Normally when we arrive on a site you are met with a happy face and smile, you are taken to your site and given literature about amenities etc not here; their customer relations need a massive improvement. To top it all there must have been some music festival in the area with music blaring out till the early hours with a massive Fire work display at midnight, cannot blame them for this but we could have been warned when we booked.

We went home a day early losing £25  plus we had an electronic key to open gates, we £5 deposit for this but as the reception was closed we never got our money back for that either. Would we go again NO WAY

M Clarke Sittingbourne

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Moscow and Artificial Insemination

I recently returned form Moscow from the European Sambo Championships, I was last their in 1990 since then things have changed. The price rise is astronomical a 1/2 litre beer £5 being ripped of was another thing we were quoted a Taxi for £40 when I asked a Russian friend to negotiate it came down to £10, in a market in Red Square I wanted to purchase a arctic fox hat for my daughter the price started at £300 I eventually got it for £80. Moscow has an addiction to cars the more the expensive the better, I have never seen so many cars in a city and they drive like maniacs, two of out team came back to the hotel by taxi and the driver was clocking 100 mph on parts of the 5 way carriage. A car out in Moscow is more important then where you live and they still are building more of those Tower Blocks which were so popular in the Communist era but now they have a prettier design.

The good point was the women they were very pretty, slim and well dressed. I spoke some Russians and they said when a Moscow women goes out she makes sure she looks good no matter when or what time it is, most wear figure hugging clothes and high heels they look and behave feminine. It is consider unfeminine for a women to drink or eat to access and to behave badly in public. I am sorry to say that is not the case in the UK in fact it reminded me of the UK in the 1950's and 1960's when British women could wear pencil skirts etc and behaved like ladies. It will change in Moscow once the feminist get to them and say if men can behave in such a manner why can not we as we are all equal, lets all start swearing, farting, eating kebabs after getting drunk have sex with anything with two legs, that must be equality at its best. Yet I can never understand when women move into a Male world they lower them selves to some of the worst parts of a Male psyche instead they should impose some of the female values which are far superior.  Lastly I saw no young women pushing prams I am told when rarely a girl gets pregnant she has to live in her parents apartment and the parents have to pay for her and the babies up keep what a marvellous idea

AI (artificial Insemination) for the over 40's

AI has played an important part for married couples who can not have children but now what the government is allowing absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. They are allowing people who are not married, homosexuals and single people to have children for the rich and famous children will become a fashion accessory. It is now proven fact that the best way to bring up children is within marriage so why when we have an aspect of Parenting which can be controlled they allow any Tom, Dick and Harriet to have a child. A child needs a Mother and Father, not a Father and Father, not a Mother and Mother or Just a Father or Mother. The Liberal elite which runs this country is producing a Country of Misfits

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dog wins talent contest and the Archers

Britain’s Got Talent

So the best talent GB has to offer is a Women with a trained Dog WOW is that great someone who has trained dog to entertain! Next you have dogs sniffing out drugs, rounding up sheep, capturing villains, tracking people and much more! Mind you it just shows how poor the quality was in this show. Let hope someone can produce a howling cat for the next Karaoke Factor (sorry should have said X Factor) and people paid to vote! Now all those people who do not want to work because they are convinced they will win one of these moronic shows, will now all go out and buy a dog and pubs instead of having Karaoke nights will have Animal Performance nights

Do any of you follow the Archers? Well sorry to say I have got addicted to it. The Archers for some years been written by left leaning writers so you can imagine the storylines so you can see why I call myself an addict because to listen to a programme that goes against most of what I believe in so I must be mentally retarded or an addict.

Here are some of the story lines one is where one of the Archers women some years ago meets a gamekeeper moves in with him then he commits suicide, years later she has a yearning to have a child but she does not go the conventional way get a man has sex and then conceive with the child being brought up with a Mother and Father NO she has to have AI (artificial insemination) to produce an off spring. When I was at Agricultural College we used to have a guy come in to AI pigs, he always used to rub the backs of the pigs and making grunting noises while applying the treatment. I asked why? He replied it is always easier when they think it is natural and enjoyable, makes you think. I digress the father of the Women Tony disagrees and says its unnatural everyone thinks he is a disgrace but he comes around when the baby is born and of course this is happening in Farming Communities throughout GB?

There is the mandatory Homosexual this time it is another Archer who appeared out of no where some years ago has taken over the running of a very successful family farm. He came out and announced to the Ambridge Community he was GAY and of course every one said isn’t that marvellous having someone with a sexual defect in their midst. He has to have a partner so they write in a GAY Chef who happens to be Irish and of course they have to be lovers. Sorry but I cannot handle the love bits between two men, it makes me cringe thank God I am not on real friendly terms with any Homosexuals, mind why should I be according to the last Government Survey only 1.5% of the UK claim to be that way inclined. You wait when this disgusting Government vote in Gay Marriage the first thing they programme will do is to have a Gay Wedding

The one story line that is really bugging me is where the local CoE vicar who is married to a Hindu women, that is quite controversial in it self but lets move on. His daughter from his first wife who died is living with them and works as a Midwife, Oh I forgot his first wife was Black, could not understand what that had to do with the programme maybe they were not diverse enough, the thought of a village farming community in England being predominantly white is ridiculous? His daughter has a relationship with this Black Guy (I didn’t realise his colour till it appeared in the newspaper claiming racial stereotyping) A weekend away is planned and what does our Vicar father say about his unmarried daughter sleeping with this new guy she has only known for a few months, he encourages her and says have a good weekend wink wink. Meanwhile the vicars wife finds out he is married and is frightened to say anything and yes you have guessed the relationship folds up the girl and her father are distraught but their anger turns on the Vicar wife because she knew he was married. Hence she is too blame for everything, you can see where this going the wife will leave. Yet go back to the beginning the Vicar should be one of our Moral Guardians if he had said to his daughter sex outside of marriage is wrong your relationship has not been long enough for such an intimate moment none of this would have happened. This is typical of the Church of England instead of their vicars offering moral guidance in accordance with their beliefs they fall in line with modern trends. You can understand why the Church of England haemorrhaging members to the Catholic faith

As you can gather I have some time on my hands will bore you later with other facts

Friday, May 11, 2012

Death of April

The Death of April George was a tragedy a young women taken from us any parent will realise the heart ache to lose a child in an accident but to lose one in unnecessary accident well I do not know what to say

What does need to be said is
1)   Why was this Polish driver only give 2 ½ years for driving a dangerous vehicle in a dangerous manner who then absconded from the accident what was he hiding. Had he been drinking?
2)   This in my opinion was Manslaughter 2 ½ years and he will be out in just over a year. Some punishment so much for Aprils Life
3)   Why is he not being deported?
4)   Was he driving a Polish car with Polish Insurance

Editor I am not sure whether you should print this as I do not want cause anymore grief to the family but I needed to vent my anger at a system who look after the criminal but not the victim

Rest in Peace April my prayers will go out for you and your family

Martin Clarke


I was convinced I would die Wednesday I was suffering from the worst bout of Man Flu known to man warned Valerie held my rosary and Crucifix even thought I saw Mum and Dad telling me not worry A Miracle happened after a very difficult night I woke up in my bed not in heaven, must have been my parents pushing me back or could it be I was of the Male species?

Have my sleep apna machine Valerie says I look like something out of  Doctor Who wonder if that turns her on? nothing else does this getting old is not all its cracked up to be. My memory must be going because I look into a mirror and sees thirty year I look back and I see this old man wonder who he is

Other good news since my miracle Mobiles are to be banned from schools and the WI Amateur Talent Show is finishing Saturday I refer to that ridiculous "Britain got talent" a contradiction in itself

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Immigration Watch Newsletter

David Davies should be Prime Minister

Senior backbenchers demand tax cuts and Euro referendums in their 'Alternative Queen's Speech'

Read more:

Read this on Immigration and be shocked

Monday, May 07, 2012

What standard is TV now

We have a multitude of TV stations but lets be honest the most watched are BBC1 and ITV1. These two stations are now doing things on the cheap I refer to those terrible Talent shows like X Factor, the programme that try’s to find the best Karaoke Singer and now we have something similar on the other side. Now we have Britain’s got talent, the only time that is worth watching is in the beginning when there are lot of bad acts and you can have a laugh and as soon as these are finished we will move on to Celebrity Dancing and Ice skating. Then we will finish with the most idiotic programme of all ‘Get me out of the Jungle: how boring and crass is that. On top of all this we have quiz show popping up everywhere, mind you I am addicted to “The Chase”.
Everything is audience participation or so-called reality shows where are all the costume Drama’s, good comedy shows? I do not mean the ones of today where comedians use bad language, talk about sexual organs and talk about all other bodily functions. Getting audience participation and reality shows is TV on the cheap; thank God we have ITV3 and UKGOLD

 While I am on the subject why do they have put Football on main time TV surely it can go on ITV4 or BBC4 everyone has Digital TV now.

In the past I have moaned about positive discrimination i.e. women, ethnics and homosexuals/lesbians getting preferable treatment. The worst cases of this are in the Police and Civil Service and this can be seen also on TV in Police Programmes. Yet I have to admit I quite enjoy Vera and Scott and Bailey, two programmes that put women in charge with the story line making the women look like the ultimate Detectives and their male colleagues being a hindrance. It is still entertaining but why is it that when women enter a male dominated environment, they take on all the bad parts of the male environment, heavy drinking, swearing, bad manners, bragging about sexual conquest. Why do they not bring with the best of females qualities. My brother an ex Police Sargent tells me it was the same in the real Police, Women belching, f@@ting, using crude language he would tell them off but one wonders how many Senior officers did. You know the ones with pips on their shoulder who are more interested in promotion, Politically Correctness then Policing.

Martin Clarke