Monday, February 19, 2007


In October of last year I wrote a piece about being refused advertising space in a local newspaper because I wanted to advertise my Flats to Let for British Subjects only, I have reproduced below. At the same time I sent a copy to the East Kent Gazette which printed it some 3 months later, I have for over two decades been writing letters to local and national newspapers but this one proved to be the most popular of all. Telephone calls, letters, emails and people stopping me in the street to congratulate me on the letter I felt quite a celebrity and only because I put into words what most people were thinking.
Since that letter I have found out This government has also introduced a law - the empty dwelling management order - that allows homes which have been uninhabited for six months or more to be taken over by the local authority and leased out to someone else. Do I hear the sound of Communist and Fascist Jack Boots, can you hear the Council Officials saying, as they tear down your property door “ I am only obeying orders”
Next I had a telephone call from a Polish Lady who asked to rent a flat I told her I had none and would only rent out to British Subjects, she asked why? Firstly I said that is what I want and secondly I said I required a CRB check, she maintained that she had to have one for her present employer as had permanent residence for three years! So was I wrong only British Subject could get a CRB check the answer is yes I was or was I?
It seems that you can get a CRB if you are permanent resident in the UK but only from the time you were first granted residency so in the case of the Polish lady this would only go back three years, before that you have to go their embassy who will tell you if they are good citizen as the majority of these countries do not have a CRB equivalent there can be no guarantees.
I wonder how many organisations, schools and businesses have people working for them who have an inadequate CRB check, I think you will agree that it brings the whole CRB into question. I will continue to ask for a British Passport and check how long they have lived in this country for safety sake.

Martin Clarke East Street Sittingbourne

To Whom it may concernAs a owner of flats and bedsits I am very particular who I allow to rent my properties so I phrase my adverts in such away that I only get the right tenant. This sometimes takes time but most of my tenants become long-term residentsWith a big shortfall in housing I decided to invest in converting part of my Martial Arts Centre, the centre is a large old church, these flats are now finished so I approached the local newspapers to advertise. Part of my advert was “British Subjects Only” I was told to include this would be illegal as it was considered racist and I was quoted the following from the Race Relations Act.:HousingIt is unlawful for anyone selling, letting or managing property (including business premises) to discriminate in any of the following ways:in the terms on which a person are offered the premisesby refusing to let a person buy the premisesby treating a person differently from others who want to buy or rentby refusing to transfer a lease to someoneby refusing access to any benefits or facilities at the premisesby evicting you or subjecting a person to other disadvantagesMy first question was how am I being racist? A British Subject can be someone of any colour or race!Why would I want to put restrictions on who I want?1) I do not want any criminals in my property someone who has entered this country illegally is a criminal.2) I am looking for tenants who will be long term, these foreign workers, so we are told by the government, will only be here for a short term a transient work force.3) I do not want potential terrorists renting my accommodation, if the government cannot keep a check on people entering this country how can I?4) As by law I have to give them a rental agreement they will have to read English5) But most importantly of all as I have a Martial Arts Club in part of the building, so I have a duty of care if not a legal duty to the children who use the Club. So if I have doubts on anyone I can ask for a Criminal Records Bureaux check to see if they have any criminal records or if they are a threat to the children. How can I make a CRB check on some one who is not a British Subject? Since this government came into power in 1997 immigration has spiralled out of control but more importantly there is no check on the status of people who enter this country legally or illegally so murderers, paedophiles etc are coming into this country in there thousands.Whether it is legal or not I intend to keep on making stringent checks on my tenants, the safety of the children is much more important then some Politically Correct law.I wonder what ever happened to the English’s freedom of speech, association and choice. These are my flats I receive no government aid only hindrance, I should have who I like in my property, if this was a free country I would.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


LOCAL Tory spokesman, Gordon Henderson, has hit back at suggestions that Swale Borough Council intends fining people for not using their rubbish bins properly.

Gordon said:
‘I am not a councillor and don’t normally stand up for Swale Borough Council, however, certain mischievous people, for their own political ends, have inferred that Conservative members on the Council want to set up some sort of “dustbin police”. That is nonsense and I would like to make clear the local Conservative policy.’

‘The truth is that it is our Labour Government that is the villain on this occasion. They plan to introduce new rubbish taxes, on top of council tax. Indeed, it was revealed this week that Downing Street is actively considering introducing additional ‘user charges’ for household rubbish collection.

‘I would like to assure local residents that ALL Conservatives in Swale will oppose these charges. There are some who will distort the truth for their own ends, but let me assure you local Tories will do all we can to stop these retrograde charges.’

It has been revealed that:-

· Under the clandestine plans for new bin taxes, hidden microchips will be used to weigh the contents of each household’s rubbish bin and then allow the town hall to levy a weekly or monthly bill based on its weight. Locks would have to be installed on every bin, and wheelie bins would be compulsory. We will oppose this measure.

· New municipal ‘bin inspectors’ would be employed to police the system, fining those who do not use their wheelie bins or who leave rubbish bags outside the bin. We will oppose this measure.

· The Keep Britain Tidy Campaign has warned that rubbish taxes would cause a surge in fly-tipping, with families being hit the hardest. Such taxes are also expected to cause a surge in ‘backyard burning’; in the Republic of Ireland where such controversial taxes have already been introduced, one in ten households now burn their rubbish in their back garden to avoid paying, filling the air with toxic chemicals.

Gordon went on to say:
‘There is already massive public resentment at the way working families and pensioners are being punished by punitive levels of council tax – thanks to the Labour Government. Now every household in Swale faces the prospect of new rubbish taxes on top. I fear poorest families will be hit the hardest. If it happens we cannot blame our Conservative councillors, because, despite what you have heard from our political opponents, they oppose these charges.

‘Such bin taxes threaten to damage the local environment by causing a surge in fly-tipping and backyard burning in local neighbourhoods. No-one believes that Gordon Brown would cut council taxes if top-up charges were introduced. This threatens to become yet another Labour stealth tax.’

Notes to Editors


Documents being drawn up by 10 Downing Street have revealed plans to levy new rubbish taxes on homes of up to £120 a year (Daily Telegraph, 11 February 2007).


More flytipping: The Keep Britain Tidy Campaign has warned, “the so-called, ‘pay as you throw’ scheme – which involves placing micro chips in bins to assess the amount of rubbish each home creates – may result in people simply dumping their garbage illegally in a bid to avoid paying up… It is a real challenge for a large family to keep their rubbish down to a minimum – especially if they are given poor recycling facilities and only have their bin collected once a fortnight. Faced with a fine, some are bound to take the easy option and simply fly-tip their rubbish” (Encams press release, 5 October 2006).

Backyard burning: The Republic of Ireland has already introduced bin taxes, which have caused a surge in illegal burning of household waste, which releases toxic chemicals and dioxins into the atmosphere. One in ten adults now admit to burning household waste; 80 per cent of local authorities in the Republic identify ‘backyard burning’ as a significant and growing issue (Republic of Ireland Environmental Protection Agency Press Release, 23 October 2006),10974,en.html


Examples of the bin tax technology, including the microchips in wheelie bins, can be found at:

The documents explain:

“Data Capture: An electronic identification tag, containing a unique code, is mounted under the lip of each bin. Antennas situated on the lifter comb interrogate the tags during the emptying cycle. Bins are identified and weighed automatically during the normal emptying cycle without adding to cycle times. Data, concerning the identity and weight of the contents of each lifted bin, is recorded on the vehicle system and transferred securely to the base computer system either directly or through telephone links.

“ID Tags: A data tag incorporates a very small microchip and antenna coil. Tags are available in Read Only and
Read/Write versions. They do not require batteries, relying merely on the energy field generated by the antenna fitted to each lift mechanism. Data is read when the antenna is within range of the tag, and is transferred by radio frequency (RF) to the truck antenna. During the manufacturing process the tag is inserted into a ‘nest’ under the lip of the bin. The tag is resistant to UV, wide temperature ranges, shock and vibrations and most chemicals. Tags can be retrofitted to most existing wheeled bin types.”

“Before PM BinWeigh™ can be used, the binchips need to be linked with the householder’s address. Then an account can be correctly set up for each individual bin. This is done by scanning the chip, which has a unique RFID code and then scanning the bar code relating to an address that is attached to the wheeled bin container. These two pieces of information are then electronically tied together and the account can be successfully set up.

“Pay-by-Weight: By using our approved for trade weighing system, precise weight data means customer utility invoices can be raised to suit the operators charging policy. It allows daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly invoices to be raised as and when required. Alternatively, if preferred, the information gathered can be transferred into a separate invoicing program.”


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is Labour like Nazi Germany?

Dear Editor

Most small local papers try to keep their focus on local issues unless a national event happens in their area but sometimes an issue is so big it transcends this ideology. I refer to the recent “GAY ADOPTION” the Labour party are besotted with the idea of making Homosexuals a superior being but this issue is not just about “GAY RIGHTS” it actually attacks religious beliefs on conscience, Catholics especially are being told a Government (MAN) what they should believe in, how long will catholic doctors be told that it is their legal duty to perform an abortion even though it is against what they believe and it could stretch to other religions beliefs. Will it soon be a legal requirement to have no religion to become a politician? Rocco Butiglione was vetoed as Italian European commissioner by a militant alliance of gay activist and pro abortionist and why because he held mainstream Christian views, how long will be before you are not allowed to read books which don’t promote homosexuality as the norm? How long before school are closed because they promote marriage as the norm? Far fetched it is happening already in Sweden Lutheran Pastor Akor Green was imprisoned for a month because he proclaimed that Homosexuality according to the Bible was wrong.
This Labour Government has opened up a can of worms which goes to the very soul of our right to free speech and our right to worship in freedom, Christians and Christianity is under attack the forces of evil are hard at work and do not think it will just stop at the Catholic Church all religions will soon come under this governments heel. We head fast to a regime like Nazi Germany and Communist Russia.

My question is what does our Local MP Derek Wyatt have to say and what does any potential MP have say regardless of Political persuasion come to that let even ask our local councillors there opinion.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Friday, February 09, 2007

Labour Enthusiasm fo Homosexuals

Below is a snippet from the Spectator February 7th go to if you want to read the full version
The Spectator's Notes
Charles Moore
Will we look back on the last quarter of the 20th century as the only time since the Reformation when Roman Catholics have really been tolerated in Britain? During the long period in which Cardinal Basil Hume was Archbishop of Westminster, the Catholic Church came out of the ghetto. The row about gay adoption shows that this process is now going into reverse. The New Labour enthusiasm for homosexuality is so great that anyone who does not share it is to be prevented by law from full participation in the life of society.


As someone who believes that “CLIMATE CHANGE” has become an excuse to TAX the people and give more power and control to the executive (Government) I am always interested in hearing opinions from the fringe as the Government, EU, United Nations, Green Lobby are absolutely convinced that “CLIMATE CHANGE” is down to the Human Race. I included a couple of little snippet from the EUROPEAN JOURNAL:

Several years ago I was privileged to meet Bjorn Lomborg, who came to the world's attention as "The Sceptical Environmentalist"( Starting out as a green, he set out to debunk the work of climate change sceptics -- and managed to convince himself that he'd been wrong, and that they were right. The key insight I took away from that meeting was this: it is estimated that if Kyoto were fully implemented (clearly it won't be), then the impact on average global temperatures in a century's time would be a mere 0.2°C -- almost too small to measure.

Is climate change happening? The world has got somewhat warmer in recent decades, though it is still cooler than it was in 1200 AD, in the Mediaeval Warm Period. It is not clear whether the warming is a long-term trend, or is in some respects cyclical, influenced by solar changes. Forty years ago, scientists were predicting an imminent ice-age.

If you want to read the complete article go to

Friday, February 02, 2007

EURO on the ru

An occasional Euro-briefing from Daniel Hannan

A distinct case of the wobbles

Enjoy your moment, all you apostles of the euro: this is as good as it’s doing to get. The accession of Slovenia last month brought membership of the single currency to 13, and I’m willing to bet that that’s as high as it’ll ever go.

A survey in the Financial Times this week showed that, throughout the euro-zone, large majorites hanker after their old currencies. The nostalgia is keenest at the Union’s core: nearly two thirds of Germans oppose the euro. The FT made no attempt to disguise its contempt for the doltishness of the common man. Its report began: “The euro-zone economy may be growing robustly, but its citizens appear not to expect significant financial gains as a result. They give scant credit to the eight-year-old euro for improving their national performances, an FT/Harris poll shows…”

But it’s not just the polls. Millions are simply opting out. A chunk of Bavaria is issuing its own money, while shops from Italy to the Netherlands have started to accept their former currencies, to the delight of their customers. Suddenly, the question is not who will be the next to join, but who will be the first to leave. In anticipation of a collapse, Germans are being advised to hang on to euro notes beginning with serial number “X” (which, apparently, indicates that they’re issued in Germany) and to ditch those beginning with “S” (issued in Italy).

Amazing how quickly something can go from being inevitable to being unthinkable. Eight years ago, most commentators assumed that the three recalcitrants – Britain, Sweden and Denmark – would have to join sooner or later. But guess which of the then 15 EU states have since enjoyed the highest growth rates? That’s right: Britain, Sweden and Denmark. As the Americans say, go figure.

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Thursday, February 01, 2007


Will there be a Bloody Revolution in England

This to some maybe a stupid a provocative question but I fear for the future of my grand children WHY because we Englishman and I do not mean just the Anglo Saxon tribe but those people of different coloured skin who also consider England to be their home land are becoming nothing but serf to the political classes. Can you wonder why people do not want to Vote when our Government and Parliament never listen to what the people want, we are considered to ignorant and stupid to understand what is good for us, an MP know longer represents the views of his or her constituents on being voted in they become God like figures and their heaven is Parliament and it little village. The recent Gay Adoption was further proof that they no longer listen go down to any pub, café and street corner and the majority will tell you their disgust at the fact this law is to be passed, the government now consider themselves more then Human Beings they have taken on the mantle of God despising 2000 years of Christianity.
Law and Order is on the verge of collapse as is our Health Service, there are now law and regulations of where you can walk to what rubbish you put in your bin every aspect of Englishman life is becoming under the control of Government and I say Englishman for it seems the flow of legal and illegal immigrants are a law unto themselves.

What can be done? Make voting compulsory? Introduce Proportional representation, do away with all the top bureaucrats and make their positions political one so if they do not do the job they will go in 5 years?

The problem is not just the British Parliament but the even worse dictatorship of the European Union most probably the most corrupt organisation in the World hiding under the disguise of a Democratic Institution. A proposed European Constitution was soundly rejected by the people of France and Holland but NO the EU President has decided that NO actually means the people of the EU do not understand and once again only the Politicians know what is for the best and they will do anything to get their own even if means cheating an example of this was at a recent EU Parliament Monthly Voting session acting President Antonios Traketellis called for a vote on an amendment he supported after studying the 600 hands raised he declared the amendment approved when some MEP’s challenged his decision and asked for an electronic vote they found the amendment had been rejected by a massive 502 votes by all counts this is a common occurrence.

So will a new Government make any difference well I hope so but its seems David Cameron enjoys the favour of the Political elite maybe he should try to gain the favour of the people first and become a leader rather then another Dictator like the one we have at present.

So will there be Bloody Revolution If Parliament continues to ignore the Public Will, then the only other alternative is revolution and all the disasters that entails.

Martin Clarke