Friday, June 29, 2012


So in todays papers we see that various bankers have been cheating yet again but no one is to be prosecuted, we have America’s most prolific paedophile has not be deported because it effects his human rights, a Afghan terrorist who admits killing British Soldiers being allowed to stay in GB and receive benefits because of the Human Rights Act. The last Labour Government are to Blame for this stupid Human Rights act they signed up for it BUT they are not in Government the Conservatives are and they promised to get out of the Human Rights Act and what have they done NOTHING they rather spend time on Gay Marriage and creating some new House of Lords
Now when we start to see the rise of Vigilantly groups taking the law into their own hands, and there are a lot of ex soldiers who have lost comrades in Afghanistan as far I am concern this Afghan Terrorists is a legitimate target, the only people to blame for a future PAUL KERSEY (Death Wish) will David Cameron, Nick Clegg and this disgraced Coalition Government a their Cabinet

 Oh I forgot 2 young men were found guilty of ill treating 6 chickens it seem on a stag do they put these chickens into the Bride Grooms rooms as a drunken prank, later releasing them in to the wild later it seems one was killed. The RSPC Secret Police are on the hunt for this murderer, RSPCA have warned other chickens not to tackle this culprit his description is as follows has four legs, is mainly red in appearance, has a long bushy tail and blood on his lips. Human Rights Lawyers have advised the culprit who they have nicknamed Reynard to contact them immediately

Martin Clarke

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Housing Benefit

The Government stance on Housing Benefit I believe is the right one as a landlord I am for ever getting enquires from 17 /18/19 year olds to rent one of my flats on the majority of occasions their parents telephone for them, most are not working and most want to move in with their boyfriend, girlfriend and this with encouragement from their parents! I will not accept anyone under 30, my experience with youngsters have all been bad from late night parties to not paying rent, most of my tenants are 50 plus and working. Where has long engagement gone? Where has being married gone? Where has parental responsibility gone?
Yet after saying this by the time I was 25 I had three children that was in the 1970’s when there was full employment and luckily enough I did not need housing benefit and to be quite honest I did not know such a thing existed.
Today there is massive unemployment for British Subjects although there are plenty of jobs for foreign workers, so a young family under 25 may not be at fault about being unemployed so should they be penalised NO by all means a single person or a couple with out children should be told to look for cheaper accommodation rather the sponge of the tax payer as for single teenage mothers they should remain with their parents or live in hostels under the control of a warden (surrogate parent) the same goes for young couples who will not work and live of benefit.

Yet the real problem is we have a benefit system that pays too much and doesn’t encourage work, I believe the long time unemployed who refuse to work
 Should have most of their benefit taking away and replaced with Food and Clothing stamps, there should be regular visits by Dole Officers who would check on them and also notice if they are cheating the system. Before the do gooders say this is disgusting can I say what is disgusting is that they are cheating the rest of us who work and they are most probably bringing up children in the same dishonest way?

Before we can do this we have to get jobs for these people to take, at the moment we have none. I have said that we have a welfare system that is too generous but wecan not entirely blame those on welfare a lot has to with Employers who for to long have not bothered training Brits and used cheap foreign Labour, most who do not contribute to this country and actively take money out of the country by sending it to their home country also the unions are to blame they enforced employers to pay ridiculous wages to apprentices. When I was young it was taken for granted that an apprentice was paid a low wage while he or she learnt their trade, as their reward came when they qualified and could demand a much higher wage then an unskilled worker.

So the start is to get rid of Foreign workers and truly abide by the saying “British Jobs for British Workers” this will not be done straight away but one thing that can be done is impose a levy on an employers who hires foreign labour, this will give them the incentive to employ locals also reintroduce the YTS also make all companies produce figures on how British employers they have and how many Foreign workers, this may upset companies like Morrison’s but tough. The YTS scheme, frowned upon by the lefties, did give a lot of youngsters a trade or an introduction to work. Finally relax the Employment laws so companies do not have to use the disgraced and disgusting AGENCY system, a system that produced the film “On the Waterfront”

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Friday, June 22, 2012

Worth a read from Gordon Henderson MP

Date: 22nd June 2012
Release: Immediate

Gordon calls for action to secure farm labour


Gordon Henderson MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey held a House of Commons debate today on Seasonal Agricultural Workers in Westminster Hall.  The Rt. Hon James Paice, Minister of State for Agriculture, responded for the Government.

Mr Henderson called for:

·         A scheme to be launched in the UK allowing those on benefits to retain their entitlement whilst undertaking seasonal work on a daily call basis.  A comparable scheme is found in Spain with a so-called fixed discontinuous contract allowing workers to have an indefinite contract with a farmer, but is called to work only when there is a suitable job and receive benefit otherwise.

·         The employment of voluntary and properly supervised prisoners to work on farms on a seasonal basis as part of the Government’s plans to rehabilitate prisoners and prepare them to be released into society.

·         The replacement of the current Seasonal Agricultural Scheme, which is due to end in 2013, with a new scheme that recognises the continued need for a certain number of overseas workers, but also maximise the potential of utilising local labour  as supported by the National Union of Farmers

Mr Henderson said: 

“Agriculture, in my view will have an increasing strategic importance in the next few decades.  Basically our country’s food security is a major issue and Briton has to grow more of its own produce.  Agriculture is increasingly important to the economy of my constituency and the county of Kent as a whole being the Garden of England.

“Farmers need a well trained and willing workforce to help harvest the crops and I held the debate today to look into how this can be achieved.   It is ironic that with unemployment often high in rural area’s farmers need to employ workers from overseas.   We need to work out how to change this.”

The full Westminster Hall debate is attached.

Contact Information
Gordon Henderson - MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Telephone: 0207 219 7144
Mobile: 07866 719923

Constituency Office
Top Floor, Unit 10 Periwinkle Court
Church Street, Milton Regis
Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 2JZ
Telephone: 01795 423199

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Magpies, Tapes to CD, Darling Buds

Does anyone know anything about magpies I have a couple in my garden and they do not stop making the most awful noise it stops you sitting in the garden, do they eventually fly of or do I take my air gun to them?

How do I transfere tapes to CD?

Date for your diaries! Following last year's fantastic event ....

The Darling Buds of Bredgar is BACK!

When: Sunday 1st July 
Time: 12-4pm
Where: The Paddock, Gordon Cottages courtesy of Maestro Andy Whitnell

Stocks and sponges, stalls and skittles! Good honest family fun for all! ALL WELCOME!

All money raised will go towards new projects for John the Baptist Church, Bredgar

Please feel free to pass this email on to friends and family.

Thank you! Sian and Andy

Sian 07595 333 686
Andy 07734 561 136

If Cameron pushed Gay Marriage it will be time to leave the Conservative Party

I have been against the plan for Homosexual being able to marry for some time, if the Conservative Party pushed this through Parliament it will be the issue that breaks the camels back and I will leave the Conservative Party. The only reason I have stayed so long is because I have a lot of time for our local MP Gordon Henderson and our local party and councillors who I will continue to support. You may say this hypocritical but I feel there is now two Conservative Parties a Local one and a National one, the local one alongside our MP still is the nearest political party to my beliefs, the national one of government is a party of rich, privately educated nobs who have no concept of what the ordinary person in the street thinks or feels or they are lawyers another section of the community who do not live in the real world government who is still corrupt and sleazy the same applies to LibDems and New Labour. What has happened to a Party who had a grocer’s daughter and grammar school boy as leader instead the Conservatives have returned to the 19th Century where the aristocrats are in charge. The only thing I am please about is when I voted for a leader of the Conservative Party I voted for David Davies at least he came from an ordinary background.

UKIP: Marriage belongs to religion, not government
UKIP has accused the government of ‘picking a fight’ with religious people in Britain over plans for equal civil marriage saying the issue is ‘in the domain of the church and other faiths’.
It has also claimed that “any criticism” of gay marriage on religious grounds could risk being designated a hate crime under the government’s proposed equal civil marriage rights.
Party spokesman David Coburn said it supported civil partnerships but that the prime minister “seems to be saying that marriage is something else”.
“If so, it is clearly in the domain of the church and other faiths – and it is none of government’s business to meddle with it.”
UKIP has two seats at Westminster in the House of Lords as a result of Tory defections but none in the House of Commons. It has 12 MEPs.
Coburn continued: “It seems that, through some kind of political correctness, David Cameron is picking a fight with the millions of people whose religious faiths do not recognise same-sex marriages. That, in our view, is an aggressive attack on people of faith, and an act of intolerance in itself.
“In addition, if the government does legislate in this way, we believe that any criticism of same-sex marriage which may be expressed by someone on the basis of their faith could be classified as a ‘hate crime’. That would be a grotesque assault on people’s freedom of conscience.”
The Prime Minister remains committed to the introduction of civil marriage equality in this Parliament.
UKIP welcomed Roger Helmper MEP’s defection from the Conservatives last week. Helmer made headlines after a blog post praising the “brilliant” comments by Scottish Catholic leader Cardinal O’Brien at the weekend that gay marriage was a “grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right” and questioning whether incestuous marriages would follow.
Helmer, who once described the Catholic church as ‘systematically paedophile’ wrote on his blog: “Archbishop Keith O’Brien also makes the point, quite reasonably, that once you start to tamper with the institution of marriage, you get into some very murky water indeed. If two men can be married, why not three men? Or a two men and a woman?
“He could have gone further. Why not a commune? If two men have a right to marry, how can we deny the same right to two siblings? Are we to authorise incest?”
UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage said Helmer’s defection “sends a message that people are taking UKIP very seriously”.

Weather getting old and rear end

Was meant to go away to a nice little campsite near Goudhurst at the weekend but made the fatal mistake of listening to the Weather men on TV who predicted gales, thunderstorms etc. so cancelled the trip. Needless to say none of it happened and we missed a weekend away. In one way I was annoyed with the science of Meteorology surely with all the gizmos they have they can at least get that right but then again I thought “Thank God that man does not control everything in this world” Stayed in and saw repeats on BBC why they have the cheek to make us pay for a license is beyond me.

As you get older you obviously aware of people you know getting older but what amuses me when someone get older and starts to look old and a bit decrepit people start feeling sorry for them and make allowances for their behaviour. Yet some of these people in there younger days were bullies, drunks, thieves, con men, would not work and lived on the dole, well have to be honest I know quite a few of them and believe they deserve everything that God gives them. What concerns me those who have led a good wholesome Christian life who have to suffer in old age. Those kids we went to school with who were bullies, sly and devious do not change they just know how to control these things or more importantly no how to hide it

If I hear one more person on TV saying Homosexuals Sex act is normal I will scream, how can it be normal to poke anything up the rear end. I dread the time when I go for my annual check up and the Doctor says drop your trousers and get on the couch and bring your knees up to your chest, what’s worse is when he puts on the rubber gloves and then smiles at you! Those who watched last weeks Silk will know not what I mean. Certainly not my Armageddon.