Thursday, June 28, 2007

Metric Martyrs

Can I bring to your attention about a petition calling for a “Royal Pardon for the Metric Martyrs” these were 4 men Steve Thoburn, Julian Harman, Colin Hunt and John Dove who were convicted in 2001 for selling fruit and veg in pounds on imperial scales instead of using metric? For more information

The BBC particularly try and convince us that our Imperial Weights and Measures are out dated and we should use the EU metric system but even they in times of crises or moments of great achievement and joy revert back to our traditional methods i.e.

The recent floods they reported how many inches of rain fell and rivers had risen by so many feet, they usually use centimetres and meters.
The very high winds some months ago were reported at speeds of miles per hour not in Kilometres.
When a celebrity’s baby is born it is announced in pounds and ounces.

Why? Because British People can Relate and Visualise our Traditional British Measurements.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Monday, June 25, 2007

Is Wyatt MP telling Porkies?

The Editor
Kent On Sunday
Via email Sunday 24th June 2007

Dear Sir
The protestations of innocence from the Labour MP for Sittingbourne & Sheppey, Derek Wyatt, in which he claimed that he voted against the cross party proposal to set up a "lifeboat fund" because he "questioned the legitimacy of seizing unclaimed assets" and because any such fund "could create a huge financial burden for the taxpayer" raises a number of interesting questions.

1) Why did Mr Wyatt sign the Early Day Motion in Parliament which supported setting up the lifeboat fund and using those very same unclaimed assets?

2) Why did Mr Wyatt in March this year present a bill to Parliament (with Labour colleague Frank Field) to, and I quote, "establish an Unclaimed Assets Agency; to confer powers on the Agency to obtain information from banks and building societies relating to unclaimed assets; to make provision for the transfer of a proportion of unclaimed assets to the Agency for distribution among certain members of occupational pension schemes; and for connected purposes"

3) If Mr Wyatt is so concerned about the poor old taxpayer then why recently did he vote himself an additional £10,000, each and every year, as a "communication allowance"? This decision is going to cost the taxpayer over £6 million a year, without any hope of a refund from unclaimed assets!

I really do hope that even at this late stage Mr Wyatt will change his mind and back the amendments to the Pensions Bill when it returns to the Commons in a few weeks time. If the amendments are passed it will ensure that the ASW pensioners, and many other people, get the justice they richly deserve.

Yours sincerely
Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman
Sittingbourne & Sheppey

Friday, June 22, 2007

Is Global Warming a myth

Once again reports are appearing in the Press about people may be fined and imprisoned if they put their rubbish in the wrong containers all in the name of “Saving the Planet”, we are told we will soon have a container for Glass, Paper, Plastic, Garden waste and Food Slops that 5 Bins to put out in front of your house. Why must we do this “because of Global Warming” because we evil Humans have ruined the Planet? Well I am not a scientist but I am also not stupid, Abraham Lincoln said "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time."
This Global Warning has divided the Worlds Scientists into two groups , the best funded group which are also supported by the three main political parties in the UK sate that man is evil and is causing Global Warning via mans carbon consumption. The second group think that Carbon consumption is not the cause of Global warning.
I have read both for and against. I have yet to be convinced either way. What I do know governments are making a lot of money in taxation with the excuse of Global Warning and recent surveys show that the majority of people think like me.

With regard to rubbish instead of making some abstract statement that Re-Cycling will save the World which no one believes, why not try the following

Tell people we are fast running out of Holes in the ground to put our waste, so recycling makes good practical sense and you can make money, for several year our Judo club has been collecting waste paper and drinks can which we get money for. Most sensible people want clean air, clean rivers, clean sea, clean everything, so why not convince people that what they are doing benefits them directly, rather then tell them a lot of Horror stories.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Strawberries unpicked

It seems our Farmers have so much soft fruit that they do not have enough pickers; this is all because the government is pandering to the public who have had enough of foreign workers and illegal immigrants, according to the farmers.

Some of these farmers have done extremely well out of having low cost foreign workers as have the public with very cheap seasonal fruit but surely now the “birds have come to roost” and all of us must pay more. Farmers must pay their workforce more money which will encourage a more local workforce, it was not that long ago that all frit picking was done by English people but over the years we have seen the Mother with her children being thrown off farms because of Health & safety edicts and a benefit system which pays the unemployed to much and discourages them from getting work. The latter can solved very easy if the unemployed refuse to work cut their benefit. Farmers tell the English are to lazy to work, I do not believe that they will not work for a pittance and I know of occasions where English people have been refused a job on farms with preference given to low paid Eastern European workers.. Foreign workers are starting to revolt, they want more money and they want better living condition not shanty towns so the press tell us. What I cannot understand is that Farmers knew they would not get the workforce so why grow so much ?

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

4 year old on TV Talent show

I never watch any of the so called reality shows, I am also not keen on these latest fad of talents show but by chance I sat down and watched the latest talent show “Britain got Talent” this seemed to be different from all the others as it had many different types of acts. I am not old enough to have visited an old fashioned MUSIC HALL but I should imagine this programme would be on the same lines.

Yet I was disgusted by seeing some children performing, one as young as 4 years, OH I hear you say but she is cute! My problem is that as a Judo and Martial Coach I have to attend along with most Coaches in the Combat Disciplines “Child Protection Courses” all club have to have a “Child Protection Officer” we are continually told Children are not Mini Adults and they must be allowed to develop as children. In the case of Judo and Sombo Wrestling the minimum age to participate is 5 years, special competitions are organised for the 5, 6, 7 year old. Judo and Sombo coaches are very aware that some parents try to fulfil their dreams through their children, pressuring their children to enter competition and win medals. Does this benefit the child or the ego of the parents? I am not against competition as I believe it can be character building but it must be handled responsibly.

Should this 4 year old be allowed to enter a Talent Show which is mainly for adults and very high profile? Is this a form of abuse by the parents and Talent show organisers? Or are the parents giving the child a helping hand for the future in what has become this countries New Religion “The Celebrity”?

I honestly do not know? Maybe some one from the high echelons of Child protection can enlighten me

Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Honda Stolen

I recently took my granddaughter and her bike on my truck into the country so she could get used to cycling on roads, she enjoyed the experience so I thought I would like to join her. Because of my hip and knee injury cycling is out of the question, so an electric cycle, no not man enough so I purchased an old Honda 90 on EBay. This turned out to be a boon, instead my truck I could help save the world by cutting down on pollution, save money on fuel and get round town a lot quicker. At 6ft 2inces and weighing 23 stone I did get some strange looks and comments when I was flying about on my little moped but no matter as it was an enjoyable experience until Thursday! I whizzed down to Nobby’s Gym on Milton Regis Playing Fields to do some training something I do on a daily basis and left my bike outside of the gym by the window and you guessed 1 ½ hours later it was gone, stolen by some young hoodlum in a Burberry cap. Using my brothers van I visited all the possible places this thieving fool could have gone, so now I am back to using my environmentally unfriendly 4x4, my cheery little Honda I expect by now is raced to death across some field by some low life. Eventually I will find out who stole my little fun machine these thieves do not have many brain cells so they will brag to someone and when I find out, then I will have to give the culprit a very good talking to and make him realise the error of his ways.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Brian Austin YJC Tribute

Most of you will have read in the local paper that former Councillor Brian Austin has died from Cancer, you can read in the local paper the good he has done for the community has a whole but I thought fitting that their should be some mention of his support for the Young Judo Club and the Clarke family.

The most important thing I found about Brian was that he never forgot his roots; he went to School in Sittingbourne, worked in Sittingbourne, lived in Sittingbourne and knew Sittingbourne. With Sittingbourne becoming more of a commuter town and with these new people becoming more involved in the community i.e. Councillors etc he never forgot the originals who put time and effort into the town long before it was fashionable. He had helped the Young Judo Club on numerous occasions and would often be guest of honour at Club events where he would spend a couple of hours, in my attempt to make the 1980 Moscow Olympics it was Brian and the late Ernie Madgwick who stood up in Council and asked the Swale Council to support me, they refused but I will not forget his help. I like Brian shared an interest in politics but we had different points of view but he never let that effect his judgement or friendship in fact when I told him I had been approached by the Conservative Party to stand as at the local elections he said “Good we need some Sittingbourne Originals on the Council”.

Brian Austin will not be forgotten he gave his all for Sittingbourne, I am often known as the Sittingbourne Big Man in the Martial Arts World but to me Brian is the Sittingbourne Giant and I am proud to say I have stood in his shadow.

My Families and Young Judo Club sympathises and respects go to his wife Valerie and his family.

Martin Clarke
On behalf of the Clarke family and Young Judo Club

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What is to be British

I am a Tory but not someone who favours David Cameron some of his policy statements have annoyed me intensely, yet today in the press he has come up with a policy I support totally, a future Conservative Government will introduce “Proper history should celebrate our nation's” this where children in Schools will be taught in a way that celebrated our positive achievements at home and abroad. Remember GB had the greatest Empire the World has ever seen and brought the rule of law, free speech, freedom of the individual, parliamentary democracy as well as tangible things like education, railways, better farming methods, medicine massive engineering projects and much more. The World would be a much worse place if Great Britain and its empire were not here, of course we have done some bad things you tell me of any nation that has done so in the past. but the good GB has done outweighs our bad by a massive amount. For the last Ten years we have seeing the sickening site of Government ministers apologising for our past, instead of saying to the World you should thank us. Knowing our Past and being Proud of our past makes us English and British any individual or religion who can not accept this should not be in this country we call GREAT BRITAIN.
One last point David Cameron also said a Conservative Government will insist that new immigrants learned to speak English to communicate with the rest of society. Nearly everyone in GB has been saying that for the last 20 years I suppose better late then never for a politician to listen to the people.
Martin Clarke East Street Sittingbourne