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Ask where is the UN  Now where are all those who say this evil religion is a Religion of Peace?

God help this country if this lot end up running it

Sorry About the F Word but although I dislike Corbyn I doubt if there were T shirts like that in the 1970's. It always amazes me that people who put up fake news etc think it will enhance their cause

Friday, December 29, 2017

Christains most persecuted

What is a matter with this these people? Now we have  Hindus killing Christians? Christians are the most persecuted peoples in the World and what do our Government and UN do NOTHING, Church of England Bishops rather criticize Trump rather then face the face the fact of the Slaughter of Christians. Read the article Click and follow link 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

History of Islam and Muhammad by John Allembillah Azumah - FULL

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Ask the question is Free Speech just for the Lefty Snowflakes?

And the Lefties want to Ban a Democratic leader of the USA

Capital for over 3000 years for the Jewish people and remember control of the UN is in Islamic Countries Hands

A Devout Muslim who wants the whole conquered for the Muslim faith

Great Book I got for Christmas it also contains the Koran which I am reading

Jihad Bells - Merry Christmas Europe!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

My Christmas Past and presnt

Well Christmas was here but I could not get into the spirit as 2017 has not been a good year in terms of some ridiculous unnecessary business problems and last couple of months I have had bad Kidney stones (not sure if you can get good ones) and last 6 days I have had very painful infection from a Insect bite on my face which I had to have antibiotics and pain Killers. So I have always looked forward to meeting my Christmas Eve Club mates, we all turned up at the Coniston at 1pm only to be told the Bar doesn’t open till 3pm, then of to the Billet no seat available so we end up at the place we all started drinking when were youngsters, The Beauty of Bath. Managed to get a table here but it has changed into very much a family pub. Just Keith Jacobs, Johnny Elmer, Trevor Jordon, Trevor Waghorn and myself managed this year, an annual ritual we have done since 1966. Sadly the pain from my infection made me go home early after just 2 diet cokes.
Coming home early was a downer for me but I have never missed a Christmas Eve Club meeting since we started so I was not going to miss this one no matter how I felt. I slouched into my chair when I got home far from happy when Andre Rieu Christmas show came on the telly. This was something I would not normally watch but I am glad I did it really cheered me up and reminded me of Christmas past.

Two carols put a lump in my throat they were Silent Night and O Tannenbaum (O Christmas Tree) My Mother would break into tears when she heard these tunes at Christmas Time as would always remind her of her Parents in Germany, the only other tune that make her do that was O Mein Papa. Of course as an Englishman I could not shed a tear well not in public. I had a marvelous childhood and my mother brought from Germany many traditions with her:
1)   Four Candles of Advents, the start of four Sundays before Christmas Advent we would start celebrating the first Sunday we would light one Candle and so on till there were four Candles. Prayers were said; my mother was a devout Roman Catholic my father was also RC but far from devout at the end we would sing Christmas carols in English and German. My brother and myself then got Chocolate remember this was the 1950’ so that was quite a treat. I carried on this tradition with own children and was very successful. Tried with my Grandchildren but with out great success there only interest was getting a present from Nanny and Granddad so it had lost its Religious Context so we stopped, maybe when they have children they may rediscover this Family Tradition
2)   Advent Calendar, this is very popular today in GB with lots of variation but in the 1950’s no one in GB had heard of this and remember it was not long after WW2 so anything German was frowned upon, especially for us Jerry Kids as some would call us. It was strange I never heard my parents complain about that instead they would say ignore it and they were right by the 1960’s it had stopped. So we had to rely on my Grandparents send myself and my brother an Advent Calendar, it seems silly to day but the joy we got out of opening a window every day was unbelievable yet Germany had lost the War but my German grandparents would send Food Parcel could never understand that. Yet in that Food parcel we would get Lebkuchen, Stollen, German Mustard, Sauerkraut, Marzipan Chocolate, Strudel, Pumpernickel, Wurst
3)   In Germany they would celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve a tradition we would continue with my Mother. The evening meal was a Lavish affair with sometimes 8 courses it would consist of various Salads including Potato salad, Fish, Various meats Meat load of Veg all finished of Desert, Cakes, biscuits. Yet what me and my brother were waiting for was our main present which was always given to us on Christmas Eve
4)   Christmas Day was Dad’s day we would have our Christmas stocking then make a enough subtle noise so dad would wake up and light the fire in the front room so me and Norman could go downstairs for more presents, one pile for Norman one for me. Then dinner was traditional with exception we had Chicken not Turkey, remember Chicken in the 1950’s was a luxury
5)   When I got married Valerie would take care of the Christmas Dinner at our home, luckily enough she was a very good cook and she learn t some of the recipes of Mum and the Christmas Eve Dinner was a hard act to follow but she always succeed and her dinner also became a highlight of Christmas. Mind you that was not always the case. I had gone to meet my Father at the Beauty of Bath and promised to be home for Dinner at 1pm. well what women do not understand when you are having a few drinks and you meet friends you forget time. Well my Mother who rarely went into a Pub, stormed in saying in a very strong German accent “Martin I sink du must go home dien wife is sehr angry mit you” any way on my return I walked in the door just as my dinner was thrown in the bin. That was the last time I went for a Christmas day drink no way was I going to take a chance on missing Val’s Christmas Nosh
6)   Boxing Day would always go Val’s Parents where it would be Cold turkey, Mash Potatoes, Red Cabbage and Pickles a very typical English Boxing Day meal. Now I new that Val’s dad and her Brothers would always go the clubhouse and always get moaned out for being late. So I would meet my mates for a drink and always get back 15 minutes before them and can remember Val’s Mum saying to her Dad “Martin can get back in time why can not you” Mind you it was soon forgotten
Yet as the years go by things changed Val’s Parents died within months of each other my Dad died in 1990 mum made it to 2004 but in latter years Val would have to go up Christmas Eve early to help with the meal which was very important to her, she often said Val was the daughter she never had. Mum would come to us Christmas Day and Doug would look after at her home Christmas week. Most of my traditions have now passed yet Val still make a good Christmas Dinner followed by Bubble and Squeak on Boxing Day and I still go out with my Mates every Christmas Eve something we have done since 1966 and we call ourselves the Christmas Eve club

The one thing I found with the modern generation they seem to waste a lot of food and the case of Val buy to much. She will at least not waste food as I have mention we have Bubble and Squeak, yet we also have Curry, Kebabs, meat and rice/Potato dishes plus she will mince the meat add some tomatoes, Tomato soup, plus condiments and you have a lovely Bolognaise sauce ideal for Pasta. Sometime the meals after Christmas better then the main meal. Also have you noticed how of these lefty Snowflake group want to demean Christmas and how Islamic groups try to destroy it, Yet the Mass for Christ, Christmas is still the biggest religious festival in the world yet when you take way all the glitz the message JOY TO ALL MANKIND still hold fast

Anyway Hope you have a Good New Year

Doreen's Poem

You must take time to listen to this Poem A poet who talks sense

Also read about the Veteran Dying Soldier being charged while he was doing his duty in the 1970's ask how many IRA murderers have been re-investigated?  How many supporters of the IRA i.e McGuinness (thankfully he is dead and in Hell) Adams, Corbyn, Abbott, McDonald, Clinton when will they be investigated. This Country now appeases Terrorists groups like the IRA and Islamic groups and forgets the Serviceman who serve us and protect us even the Police are no longer independent they are the attack dogs for the Establishment. One  must ask are we heading for violent revolution so the ordinary person can take back power from a Corrupt Parliament and Establishment OR is their an Honest Politician waiting to bring back democracy to the people? 

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Few Memories

A couple of Past Photos

No 1 Trevor Roberts who I nicknamed the Bolton Iron Man visiting us in Sittingbourne late 1980's No it is not Switzerland

No 2 The British Judo Council Team photographed at Brenchely house before leaving for IBF Multi Nations I think it was 1974. The great majority of the Team were from the Young Judo Club Sittingbourne

No 3 Westlands School production of Treasure Island Martin was Long John Silver 1964 Mum told me I had rave revues and she would not lie, A budding Robert Newton I was told

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hoo-ha on Britain First

Because I am not frighten to air my views I am often called Right Wing mainly because I believe in Patriotism, the Christian Religion, the History of our Country, Brexit and most of all Free Speech. Yet Government/Establishment and social media organisations are eroding the latter. It seems to me that organisations considered Far Right should be banned even if they have not broken the Law yet Left-wing groups can continue with their Hate Bile against anyone who disagrees with them. As for Islam according to their Quran they want World Domination. I am in the process of reading the Quran so I can find out whether what has been said about this Religion is true and sadly nearly all the negative points are true. Yet does the Government/Establishment do anything about them NO in fact the Mayor of London promotes Terrorist organisation like HAMAS

My feeling about Far Right and Far left Organisations is that their behaviour often alienates Joe public because of their extreme views they vey rarely achieve anything and often come across as advocates of the policies of Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin. So when they cry Free Speech one has to reply did their hero’s allow free speech?

 With all hoo-ha about Britain First I decided to look at what they stand for or what they say they stand for. Read it tell me what you disagree with and maybe some of main stream Parties should look at their ideas

Britain First Official Policies


– Deport all illegal immigrants;

– Deport all foreign criminals;

– Offer generous grants to those of foreign descent resident here who wish to leave permanently;

– Completely halt any further immigration except in special cases such as genuine marriages where strict citizenship criteria has been met;

– Reject and deport all “asylum seekers” who do not originate from countries bordering Britain;

– Make it an act of treason to implement any policy or measure, or sign any agreement, that facilitates and / or results in significant numbers of foreigners entering the sovereign territory of the United Kingdom with the aim of settling.


– Abolish the hated “Human Rights Act” which is being widely abused and which was forced on the UK by the EU;

– Implement an American style “Bill of Rights” guaranteeing freedom of speech, assembly and expression. No exceptions;

– Give England its own national parliament to create parity of esteem within the UK;

– Withdraw from the European Union and create a new trade agreement;

– Introduce a “Treason & Sedition Bill” that prohibits British citizens from entering into any agreement that infringes upon the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, such as the transfer of sovereignty to any foreign institutions.

– Increase the penalties for corruption for those in public office and widen the scope for prosecution for those who benefit post-office from decisions while incumbent.

– Abolition of the corrupt system of parliamentary expenses.

- Invoke Article 50 immediately and without delay.

- Disbar followers of the Islamic ideology from holding public office.

- The extension of the Bill of Rights to apply to the unborn child.


– Introduce a comprehensive ban on the religion of “Islam” within the United Kingdom. This ban will include the prohibition of halal slaughter, sharia courts, religious publications (such as the Koran, Hadiths), the operation of mosques, madrasas and “cultural centres” and the public preaching and / or teaching of Islamic scriptures and doctrines.

– Introduce a prohibition on the use of Islamic face coverings in public, such as the Burka.

- Anyone found to be promoting the ideology of Islam will be subject to deportation or imprisonment.


– Take firm action to combat excessive NHS bureaucracy and replace “managers” and pen-pushers with front line doctors, nurses and dentists.

– End the scandal of foreign health tourism which drains our NHS.

– Recruit, train and pay British doctors, nurses and dentists instead of looting the Third World of these desperately needed skilled workers.

– Implement a national scheme to promote healthy ways of living to tackle the root causes of our poor health as a nation.

– Introduce an “NHS Protection Bill” that prohibits the privatisation of any part of the National Health Service and guarantees public ownership.

- Introduce a total ban on abortion like that in place in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

- A greatly increased level of assistance and counselling for the victims of sexual attacks. 


– We will implement a “back to basics” scheme in education focusing on discipline and traditional teaching methods (e.g maths, English and technical skills)

– The reintroduction of grammar schools;

– The reintroduction of competitive sports and Christian assemblies;

– The teaching of British history throughout all levels of education;

– The abolition of tuition fees for students who achieve high grades;

– A greater focus on real trades and skills as demanded by a modern, technological manufacturing economy and the removal of state indulgence in phoney “social” education subjects.

- Replace the present “multi faith” religious education curriculum with a new approach that focuses predominantly on Christianity.

- Greater influence of the Armed Forces in the education system, including day trips, training events and careers advise.


– Massive state support, funding and training for new business and industries.

– The protection of British companies from unfair foreign imports in certain areas where competition is not on an equal footing.

– Financial penalties on businesses that outsource their operations to foreign countries.

– A deep and meaningful campaign of tax cuts across the board to encourage and stimulate economic growth.

– The removal of “stealth taxes”, VAT and a whole raft of other taxes which drain the pockets of the British workforce.

– Prohibit the sale of domestic companies to foreign entities.

– Initiate a clamp down on the negative speculation of the banks and Introduce a national “Bank of Britain” to fund British economic growth with the use of generous grants.

– Transfer the sovereign power to create money away from the privately owned Bank of England to a new national “Bank of Britain” which shall be controlled by the UK government.

- Greater punishments for misconduct within the banking and financial sector, especially when it impacts on the economy.

- The prohibition on any further bail outs for the banking system.

- Cease any further trade or commerce with Islamic countries, at least until they institute fair rights for women, basic human rights and fair elections.


– Introduce a “Democracy & Freedom Bill” that makes it a criminal offence (that carries a prison sentence) to refuse services to constituted political parties and their office holders.

– Introduce a total ban on the word “racism” in the media. The word “racism” has for too long been a weapon to undermine debate and to suppress discussion on important matters of nationhood, immigration and political correctness.

- Employ greater use of binding referendums to implement the will of the people in important matters of sovereignty.

- Outlaw practises such as postal and proxy voting which are facilitating corruption and fraud in our democratic system.

- Replace the unfair system of “first past the post” with proportional representation.


– Scrap the entire “foreign aid” budget;

– Scrap all expenditure relating to immigration, such as translation costs, benefits etc;

– Halt all further payments to the European Union;

– Severely curtail spending on the “national debt” which has been built up by decades of government over-spending;

– Balance the national deficit in a decisive and effective manner.


– Introduce a strict and meaningful system of citizenship;

– Make all state benefits, housing and assistance available only to British citizens;

– Retain and expand the “right to buy” scheme for social tenants;

– Stamp out the national scandal of upwards of 15,000 pensioners freezing to death each winter;

– Take decisive and effective action to severely reduce welfare spending and dependency;

– Make benefits and entitlements only available to those who genuinely need it;

– Implementation of a genuine “workfare” scheme whereby work is needed in return for benefits.

- Decisive action to eradicate the scourge of homelessness that is blighting our country.

- Greater promotion of organisations such as the Boy’s Brigade, Scouts, Brownies and Cubs to alleviate the scourge of anti-social behaviour on our streets.

- Greater promotion of Church groups and organisations within our communities to promote Christianity and community cohesion.


– Britain and the wider Commonwealth should pursue its own defence and foreign policy.

– The re-focus of our foreign affairs away from European integration and back to our former Commonwealth sister nations.

– Britain should do all within its capabilities to oppose the European single currency.

– Britain should make its own trade deals with nations around the world.

– Withdraw from the United Nations which is being used by vested interests to undermine the western world.

– Replace the obsolete NATO alliance with a new defence arrangement that comprises nations of the “West” with the aim of protecting our joint interests around the world.


– Implement a radical reversal of the legal and policing focus on the “rights” of criminals and its replacement with the traditional focus on putting the victims of crime first;

– Greater use of National Service for habitual offenders;

– The restoration of Capital Punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers;

– Make prisons a place of hard labour rather than cosy holiday camps;

– Introduce the use of “chain gangs” to provide labour for national public works;

– Free the police from politically correct restrictions and unnecessary bureaucracy;

– Implement new laws guaranteeing citizens the right to protect their own homes.

- A major clamp down on Islamic grooming gangs which operate across the UK.

- Introduce castration for convicted rapists and sexual offenders.

- Reintroduce firearms for law enforcement and border agencies.

- Any person found to be performing illegal abortions to be charged with the crime of murder.

- A major clamp down on paedophilia in the UK, wherever it is found, including the implementation of a new national register that will be open to public inspection.


– Introduce new rules during election periods that guarantee equal and fair coverage to all candidates, not just a select few.

– Introduce new rules that guarantee that retractions and corrections are published with the same dimensions, space and prominence as the original false claims.

– Introduce a new system whereby if a journalist is found to be deliberately and conscientiously fabricating content, they will receive a lifetime ban from working in the media professions.

– Abolish the corrupt, bloated and politically biased BBC and scrap the hated licence fee.

- Introduce a ban on foreign ownership of UK media institutions and companies.

- Make it a criminal offence, with a guaranteed prison sentence, for workers of the media who knowingly publish or produce false and/or fabricated reports.


– Ring fence spending on the Armed Forces and reverse recent spending cuts;

– Rebuild and enlarge the Royal Navy back to previous levels;

– Bring back National Service and make it compulsory for 1 year for all citizens upon the completion of education;

– Bring back and secure the historic county regiment system;

– Invest heavily in new technologies and weapon systems to give the UK the edge in defence industries;

– Halt the sale of any military hardware to countries outside of the Commonwealth, North America and Europe.

(C) Britain First, PO Box 119, Swanley, Kent, BR8 9DY

Canadian Hell Hole

Canadian Government Mandates Employers Sign An Oath Of Loyalty In Support Of Homosexuality, Abortion, And Transgenderism Or Else Lose Funding

You must read the above Link and ask yourself are you do not glad you do not live in Canada. The country where the inmates have taken over the Asylum

Monday, December 18, 2017

Banned from Twitter

Is this fair? It seems you can be left Wing and Pro Islam and you can say what you want but if you a Right Wing Nationalist you get banned? Twitter and Facebook are organisations who have a left Wing slant can not wait for the day when we get a Fair Unbiased equivalent I no longer use twitter or Facebook. But it is not just Right wing organisations who get banned more and more individual are being suspended one person told me they have been banned because they called a Muslim Pedophile (nothing unusual in that) Muslim Scum it seem this is classified as Religious Hatred
I am not over keen on how this organisations goes about their business but I am more fed up with Establishment PC

Twitter has closed down the popular accounts of Britain First, Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen!

Islamic hate accounts or communists are left alone, but anyone speaking out against mass immigration and terrorism is closed down.

Today's purge by Twitter has made the headlines with coverage on the BBC, Sky News, the Metro, the Telegraph, the Independent, the Mirror, CNN and many others. 
Sign our petition and demand that Twitter reinstates our accounts immediately:
Yours sincerely,
Britain First
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance 1962

In 1962 I was a member of the ATC 2230 Squadron Judo Display Team we attended the Royal Albert Hall Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance organised by Ralph Reader. I was 12 years old can you spot me? One of that team Cliff Sphinx became RAF Air Marshal. The event was on BBC TV I wonder if anyone knows if the footage is still available 


Saturday, December 16, 2017

A Clarke Gathering

Friday all the Clarke family plus Valerie's Brother and his wife, Dennis and Jackie were invited to my son's John/Rebecca's  flat for Christmas drinks and nibbles. Oh and I must not forget Susan's Beau Brian and his two boys , there was one Clarke missing and that was Lewis, who has a more important Job of developing his career in the Navy

It was great evening and typical Clarke Fashion turned into a bit of a nutty night, all my family have the same sense of humor which for us can be great but not always understood by others. Needless to say I repeated my jokes about what do you call a Turkish Baby? plus the small girl on a farm trip. This was received with OH NO not that again, could not understand I had heard the Jokes before and still laughed. As you can see from the various photos things went Mad

To all my friends Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and to my enemies it is your turn to stand on your head

Martin Clarke 

Friday, December 15, 2017


Picked this up from FaceBook

Have you notice there is more anti Christian dialog by the establishment and Major companies just to appease the Islamist. I t seems that a few Muslims have complained that we use the words BC and AD to distinguish dates BC Before Christ AD Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord) The Muslims and PC Brigade want the wording changed to BCE Before Common Era and CE Common Era. Was any of us asked about this NO and Yet if you say 5 BCE it is is the same as 5 BC so they are still using Jesus Christ as the Bench Mark

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Religious Hate Crime and Britain First

I am pleased to say my MP obtained information on Religious  Hate Crime here is my reply also go to the bottom of this Blog and see a report from Britain First. Once again you do not need to support or like this group but the way they are being treated is like living in a Police State and we will have to wait for the trial to see what constitutes a Religious Hate Crime? Maybe our Police could spend as much time dealing with Religious Hate Crimes from Muslims as they do hounding this organisation. Why were members of the Terrorists group Hamas not arrested when they marched through London?

Thank you for the report. What disturbs me is that the report is based on Islamic hate crimes "religious hate crime recorded as a whole as opposed to Islamophobic hate crime specifically for which statistics are not provided. Home Office Hate Crime, England and Wales, 2016/17 statistical bulletin (p.7)" why are not all religious hate crimes not registered per religion?The question I asked  "can you tell me how many Islamic followers have been prosecuted  under the same Law" was not answered in this report what is the establishment trying to hide?

You asked how many how many hate crimes were reported in 2016/17 and how many were prosecuted.
Hate crime is defined as ‘any criminal offence which is perceived, by the victim or any other person, to be motivated by hostility or prejudice towards someone based on a personal characteristic.’ This common definition was agreed in 2007 by the police, Crown Prosecution Service, Prison Service (now the National Offender Management Service) and other agencies that make up the criminal justice system. (See Page 2 of the Home Office Hate Crime , England and Wales 2016/17 statistical bulletin)

The figure of 5,949 that you quoted for England and Wales in 2016/17 relates to religious hate crime recorded as a whole as opposed to Islamophobic hate crime specifically for which statistics are not provided. Home Office Hate Crime, England and Wales, 2016/17 statistical bulletin (p.7)

The Metropolitan police does have a database of monthly hate crimes recorded of an Islamophobic nature from October 2015. You can also search the number of Islamophobic hate crimes reported by London borough. Between April 2016 to March 2017 there were 1,266 Islamophobic hate crimes.

The Press Association following an Freedom of Information (FOI) request to 45 Police Forces in the UK of which 42 responded concerning the number of Islamophobic hate crimes directed at mosques discovered that:

·        Hate crimes targeting mosques and other Muslim places of worship across the UK more than doubled between 2016 and 2017.
·        110 hate crimes directed at mosques between March and July this year, up from just 47 over the same period in 2016
·        25 forces saw a year-on-year increase in hate crimes directed at mosques, with the biggest rise reported by Greater Manchester Police (9 crimes, up from 0) and London’s Metropolitan Police (17 crimes, up from 8).
·        Threats, harassment or other intimidating behaviour more than tripled, from 14 crimes in 2016 to 49 in 2017.
·        Violent crime against individuals more than doubled from 5 recorded crimes against worshippers at mosques in 2016 to 11 crimes in 2017.
·        Crimes recorded as vandalism or criminal damage increased from 12 in 2016 to 15 in 2017.

Due to differences in how police forces record their statistics and given that not all the police forces responded to the requests the figures are likely to be higher.

Tell Mama ( Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) records incidents of Islamophobia as well as providing support to its victims. Tell Mama takes and records reports from victims or witnesses of anti-Muslim incidents and crime as well as incidents of online Islamophobic abuse within and originating from the UK. The organisation also has an agreement with the National Police Chiefs Council allowing the sharing of “sanitised anti-Muslim hate crime data” from police forces in England, Wales  and Northern Ireland which includes partnership agreements with 18 separate UK police forces.

The methodology section of the Tell Mama 2016 Annual Report notes that there will always be a gap between reported incidents of hate crime and the actual number of incidents that occur as victims and witnesses may refrain from reporting incidents for a number of reasons such as a belief that nothing will happen as a result, institutional prejudice and avoiding potentially stressful and humiliating experiences. (p.26) 

The Key findings of the report regarding Islamophobic incidents were:

·        Data on Islamophobic hate crimes and incidents from 18 police forces in the UK recorded a total of 2,840 Islamophobic crimes and incidents from these police forces. The forces with the largest number of Islamophobic crimes or incidents was the Metropolitan Police Service (1,296), Greater Manchester Police (409) and the British Transport Police (230)
·        In 2016 Tell MAMA documented 642 verified anti-Muslim crimes or incidents that are classified as ‘offline’, meaning that they occurred in-person between a victim (or property) and a perpetrator. Tell MAMA has recorded a 47% increase in the number of offline incidents over the previous reporting period (2015: n=437).
·        Abusive Behaviour made up 54% (n=349) of total incidents (verbal and non-verbal abuse), 4% more than in 2015 (50%, n=219).
·        Physical Attacks made up 19% (n=120) of total incidents (including common assault, battery, as well as attempted and grievous bodily harm), 2% more than in 2015 (17%, n=74).
·        Threatening Behaviour made up 8% (n=49) of total incidents (verbal and non-verbal threats of violence), 0.5% more than in 2015 (7.5%, n=34).
·        We documented 340 anti-Muslim crimes or incidents that are classified as ‘online’, meaning they occurred on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, or other Internet-based platforms. Of these, 311 were verified. This is a 15% decrease over the previous reporting period (n=364).

(Please see pp.6 - 8  and pp. 27-47 in the report for more detailed statistics from the report.)


The Crown prosecution service has data on completed prosecutions by outcome for religiously aggravated offences from 2011-12 to 2016-17. The statistics do not distinguish between the different types of religiously aggravated crimes specifically those that are Islamophobic or anti-Jewish in nature.

The below chart shows the total number of completed prosecutions for religiously aggravated offences from 2010-11 to 2016-17.


Among the key statistics reported by the Crown Prosecution Services regarding religiously aggravated crimes:

·        In 2016–17, there was a slight decrease in police referrals compared to the previous year, from 573 to 508. There was a rise in proportion of cases charged from 78.2% in the previous year to 83.1%, resulting in 422 suspects charged (however this was a fall of 26 suspects from 2015–16).
·        The volume of religious hate crime prosecutions completed fell from 737 in 2015–16 to 593 in 2016–17. This represents a fall of 144 or 19.5%.
·        The volume of convictions fell by 18% from 583 in 2015–16 to 478 in 2016–17, with a steady conviction rate of 80.6% (79.1% in 2015–16).
·         70.3% of successful outcomes were due to guilty pleas and out of all prosecutions contested at trial (excluding mixed pleas), 61.6% were convicted.
·         In 2016–17, the proportion of unsuccessful cases due to acquittal after trial represented 31.3% (36) of all unsuccessful cases, a fall from 34.4% (53) in 2015–16.


(Please see The Crown Prosecution Service Hate Crime Data Report pp.13-14)

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you need anything else.

It would also be really useful if you could comment on how well you feel your question was answered by completing this short feedback form:

This could really help us to improve our service so that we can continue to support you as effectively as possible. Thanks.

Best wishes

Yago Zayed
Social & General Statistics
Research & Information Service, House of Commons Library

Today, Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen was due to appear before the Belfast courts for a bail hearing.

A Britain First team assembled for what was supposed to be a routine 20-minute hearing, when a group of detectives swooped and arrested me!

I was held all day in a Belfast police station, interrogated and charged with the same offence that Jayda was charged with a few weeks ago.

Then, once Jayda's bail hearing ended, she herself was arrested and carted off to the police station!

After my interrogation, I was released from the station and was able to meet with supporters and update our social media accounts.

Unfortunately, Jayda is still in custody and will probably be staying in overnight to appear in court in the morning!

The police tried to apply a blanket ban on me regarding social media use, but they backed down when I said I would fight it in court.

With Jayda, however, the police have stated they will put their foot down and force it on her.

She is refusing to sign her bail sheet, which means she will be in court first thing in the morning.

The situation with the police authorities is spiralling out of control!

They are desperate to destroy us before we get too big to manage.

They are throwing everything they can at us before we reach critical mass!

Just take a moment to digest what happened today: The police arrested the leader and deputy leader of a political party and charged them with making speeches!

It's an outrageous assault on free speech and we need to fight back with every drop of blood we can muster.

Surrender is not an option. 

Both Jayda and I need your unswerving support right now to fight the police bullies!

The commissars are hoping you will 'hang us out to dry' but we are British patriots and we will join forces and fight them to the death!