Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wyatt 4 nights a week

Dear Editor

I have written several articles with regard to Derek Wyatt MP none have been published so can I ask through your paper the following questions as Mr Wyatt MP no longer responds to my emails or letters

1) Mr Wyatt had admitted to spending "four nights a week" in his "flat near Westminster". Parliamentary rules say that the accommodation in which an MP spends the majority of his time must be considered his "main" home, against which no allowances can be claimed. 4 nights out of 7 is a majority in anybody's book so why is he claiming expenses against his "main" home.

2) Mr Wyatt says that he "spends every Friday in the Sittingbourne & Sheppey area". This infers that he no longer actually lives in the constituency, and that is backed up by the fact that his name does not appear on the electoral register for Sittingbourne & Sheppey. If he does NOT live in the constituency, why does he continue to claim a second home allowance, since this was designed to help those MPs who had to maintain a home both in their constituency and London?

3) If Mr Wyatt does have another home, other than his London flat, where is it located and why will he not tell?

4) If Mr Wyatt no longer lives in the constituency why should the people of Sittingbourne & Sheppey vote for a man who no longer chooses to live amongst them?

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne


The Rules are to be obeyed

The recent MP scandal over expenses and their excuse I was not doing anything wrong it was all in the rules, it seems bureaucrats can not help themselves when it comes to the rules.
Recently a company which collects discarded Cloths approached our Young Judo Club about having a 4ft x 4ft collection bin outside the Swale Martial Arts Club 20% of the proceeds was to go to air ambulance, the club was to receive a donation of £100 and we were helping recycling everyone was a winner. Well so we thought till we realised that we had to have planning permission and this was going to cost in access of £350 when I suggested to the council officials that this was bang out of order I got the reply “No! rules are there to be obeyed” common sense does not come into it. Obviously at that price the project was not financially viable but even though the Judo kids, the air ambulance and the business lose the rules have been obeyed. Mind you there was a little man with a silly moustache from Austria some 65 years ago had the same idea about Obeying ZA Rules.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Derek Wyatt MP and his Claims

Despite the recent furore over the level of expenses claimed by members of parliament, local Labour MP, Derek Wyatt, shows no signs of contrition, nor does he seem to understand the depth of anger felt by his constituents.

Mr Wyatt has made a virtue out of publishing his latest expenses on his website (, but far from showing that he is whiter than white, the entry demonstrates clearly a complete lack of judgement as to what he should, and should not, be claiming.

During the period 1st April 2009 to 14th May 2009 (about six weeks) Mr Wyatt has claimed a total of £2,820.81 in Second Home Allowance, consisting of mortgage interest (£1452.93), Council Tax (£85.52), House Insurance (£46.74), Gas (£39), Electricity (£27), TV Licence (£142.50), Food (£112.12), Window Cleaning (£40), Cleaning and Ironing (£200) and Repairs (to what he doesn’t reveal - £675).

Local Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Gordon Henderson commented:

‘I am sure that everything Mr Wyatt has claimed is within “the rules” but are some of those claims morally justified? For instance; why should the taxpayer pay for his gas and electricity? Surely if he is heating his second home, he doesn’t need to heat his first home, which he would have to pay for himself anyway.

‘Similarly, why on earth should we have to pay for somebody to clean his windows, or wash and iron his shirts? Why the hell can’t he do that himself like the rest of us?

‘But more importantly, this claim raises again a number of important questions, including: Where exactly is Mr Wyatt’s second home and how long does he spend in that home? Where is his first home and how long does he spend there?

‘Despite a number of requests for information, Mr Wyatt has refused to provide details of his living arrangements. Until he comes clean about where he lives there will be a suspicion in the minds of some people that he has something to hide.

‘If nothing else this continuing abuse of taxpayers’ money shows that like many other MPs, Mr Wyatt has no idea of what is happening to real people in the real world. He just doesn’t get it.’

Sunday, May 17, 2009


In Last Sunday's Kent on Sunday an article appeared about a GAY BAR and how homosexual activists are demanding a Special License from Canterbury City Council to open a place which thankfully the Council have refused.
I do not think homosexuality is normal and do not agree with legislation that allows them to marry, adopt children etc but I also do not see why a homosexual should be persecuted 30 years ago this was the case but the pendulum has now gone the other way where homosexual are getting and demanding special treatment over those of us who have a normal sexual tendencies.
The Gay bar is a perfect example Why do these people not just apply to run a pub/bar and make it known that they encourage Homosexuals to use it, people would vote with there feet even give it some name that homosexuals can relate to. It is not the job of the City Council to promote Homosexuality, it is the job of the Council to promote tourism and business for Canterbury, to make a precedent and make a special case for Homosexuals then you open the doors for Canterbury to become the Gay Capital of Kent. Now if the voters of Canterbury want that ask them with a referendum, but I for one would be uncomfortable visiting Canterbury if that happened

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Derek Wyatt MP Largest Claim in Kent

An article appeared in one of our local paper about our MP Derek Wyatt with reference to expenses I have asked Mr Wyatt whether he is still claiming a second home allowance, and if not, when he stopped claiming, bearing in mind, so I am told, that he no longer lives in the constituency, and presumably only has one home. DW's comments in the article seem to point to the fact that he still has two homes, but he refuses to give details of his "second home" because it is a "matter of privacy"....! This answer is exactly what the public are sick of, when he lived in the constituency we all knew he lived in village called Rodmersham and used a pub called the Fruiterers so why all the secrecy.
He goes on to say in the article that he doesn’t leave London till 10.40pm and has to return at 8am on a Monday and Tuesday on this occasion it make sense to stay over but book into a Travel Lodge why does he need to spend £23,000 on a second home when he only need to stay over when Parliament is sitting for two nights? Remember Parliament break 24 days at Christmas, 12 days in February, 17 days in Easter, 10 days at Whitsun and 82 day in the summer, 145 day a year or 5 months so 63 nights stay over, even at a £100 per night this would only be £6,300 per year a saving of £14,000 per year. Gordon Henderson hopefully our next MP has said that he will commute on a daily basis as do thousands of other people from Swale and one thing is for sure I will hold him to this, although Gordon is a friend of mine I have told him the day he goes native will be the day I will work to have him removed. DW lists his staff expenses at £91,000 his secretary certainly has a well paid job I never realised they were paid so much or is the pay for MP Secretaries only?

Derek Wyatt has been accused of claiming the most in Kent but lets be fair he is not the only one on the gravy train Conservatives and LibDems are there as well, for some years now I have been fed up with politics. The EU started this by being a Democratic Dictatorship never listening to the electorate and being totally corrupt and now our own Parliament which is subservient to the EU has become the same. Each Party is producing very young career MP’s who have no understanding of normal life and normal people, they see being an MP as career and the way to earn a living rather then a vocation a duty to serve your people and your country, it seems the only people they serve is their selves.

So how do we revolt? Norman Tebbit suggested not voting for any other of the major parties GREAT IDEA but people in Swale have a problem Daniel Hannan MEP is our Euro MP he worked as a reporter at the Daily Telegraph he is a great campaigner against corruption in the EU and has even suggested leaving the EU how can you not vote for him, the same must go for Gordon Henderson a man in his fifties worked all his life, has been a Borough Councillor and a County Councillor, plus he will be a new broom not tainted by the corrupt parliamentary system we have now, I expect the LibDems will be selecting mature local people . What we need is honest politicians who will fight for the rights of the electorate and listen to them no matter what political party they represent as we are moving fast to anarchy,

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Poem from Aus

Snort snort
I love a good rort
The part I hate is when I am caught.
I hope they don't take my expenses away
I may have to live on my pay.
Just let them try it that'll be the day.
Being an MP is such a wizard wheeze
Claiming expenses whenever I please.
I never pay for anything I get it all free
That's why I need you to vote for me.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Paying For Bin Collection

Can this Nu Labour government hit us any harder with everything else like the Credit Crunch, Mass unemployment, Uncontrolled immigration, now they are bringing back the idea of charging us £100 per year for your Dust Bin/Wheelie Bin even though the Public and Local councils are against. One thing is sure those MP’s are voting for this Dustbin Tax will not be paying they will put on their bins on expenses sheet, I will be interested see our local MP Derek Wyatt’s expenses when they are revealed, especially if he is claiming for a second house with Parliament just 1 ½ hours from Sittingbourne by train.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Friday, May 08, 2009

Politicians are Magicians

As you are aware I have been complaining about Council Tax on empty properties, I have just been informed that Business rates are no longer levied on empty businesses and local councils decide the rate on empty properties not Government, this is not just a problem in the UK but also in the USA below is an email sent by friend in the USA, I have highlighted the piece and ask could this happen in the UK or is it already happening!

Always great to hear from you. We have a lot of problems in the USA and they are very similar to the ones you have in GB. I have two rental properties in Florida and they have been vacant for 6 months. I still have to pay all taxes, electric, and water. Taxes for school and no one lives there. Doesn't make sense unless you are a politician. Politicians are one of the few who pay much more to become a politician than what they will make, but become richer than what they earn. Must be magicians. We just become poorer with them in office. Now they want us to share any money we do make with those who do not want to work, and give benefits that they have not earned or participated in. That does not give incentive to try to achieve. Quite and let others work and take care of you.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Is Swine Fever a Hoax

This article was sent to me by email a very interesting read

Already you see media stories admitted this whole swine flu pandemic is a hoax. On May 3 the press said it was "overblown." Congressman Dr. Larry McDonald said, "I think the swine flu program is a tailor-made hoax." This isn't new. Back in 1976 there was the original swine flu hoax. Congress said everyone was going to die, only the government could save them, and tried to vaccinate the entire country with a vaccine not even meant for swine flu. It was a hoax. One elderly person died possibly of swine flu. Twenty five people died directly from the effects of the government vaccine! Countless more got sick and had side effects from it. We told you this is a hoax. But it is a prelude! There have already been forced quarantines for no good reason. There is a threat of mandatory quarantine. There is a threat of forced vaccines. There is a threat of martial law. A state of national emergency was called for nothing. Californis called for a state emergency. WHO said it is a stage 5 pandemic on a scale of 1 to 6. Not one American has died. In our state of North Carolina only one person has been confirmed with swine flu out of eight million residents. As of May 4 WHO threatens to raise the alert to a full blown level 6 pandemic!!!Let's put this in persptective. Last year there were over 13,000 confirmed cases of tuberculosis. This is a rabidly infectious disease, and there have been real TB epidemics. Almost one thousand people died last year of TB, yet not one American has died from swine flu. 1,400 people die every day from coronary heart disease. That's 42,000 every month. That's news! Why is the government trying to practice medicine. Why is Home Land Insecurity trying to practice medi-cine? They're both too stupid to get out of their own way.

You cannot get swine flu from eating pork, even raw pork from infected pigs. It is biologically impossible. Yet, the American pork industry has been decimated by this. People are refusing to buy or eat pork. We are the largest pork exporter in the world, and many countries have banned our exports. This is just one more way the flu hoax is destroying the economy. Did you know the Egyptian government made the farmers kill all their pigs? Every one of them. There hasn't been one single case of swine flu in Egypt. Not one. You need to realize how this hoax devastates the entire world economy. Go to Google and type in "swine flu hoax", and you'll come up with lots of good information. Congressman Ron Paul has exposed the hoax. Our old friend Dr. Mercola ( shows that vaccines kill more people than the flu does. and expose this. Just type in "swine flu hoax" and you'll be overwhelmed.There is no swine flu vaccine. There will be. Don't get vaccinated when it is available. Tamiflu and Relenza just make you worse. No antiviral drugs work; please remember that. All antiviral drugs are a scam for money, like the much touted interferon family. Folks, aren't you tired of being lied to year after year about one false epidemic after another? Swine Flu 1976, SARS, Gulf War Syndrome, Hanta Virus, Antrax (not even Contagious!), Ebola, Listeria, E. Coli HO197, Mad Cow, flesh eating bacteria, Pfiesteria (red tide) and West Nile Virus. Aren't you tired of the government and media crying wolf when there never is a wolf?

This is a prelude, and it is a prelude to force vaccinations, forced quarantine, martial law, and more violations of your civil rights. Executive order 13375 allows for forced quarantine for no reason, and prison time and quarter million dollar fines for refusing. Land of the free?The only vaccine you want is smallpox, but that is not available.Why can't we get smallpox vaccine? Why has it been completely prohibited to us? This threat is due to politics and not health concerns. We face a serious threat of smallpox biowarfare. Read Demon in the Freezer if you want more information.Swine flu is a hoax and a prelude. Your freedom is at stake.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


When I left school in 1965 I became an agricultural apprentice after 3 years I went to Hadlow Agricultural College for year passing all my relevant exams but I was not suited to be in the Farming World and became a Professional Judo Coach in 1971. Although I never carried on with farming I still have kept an interest in what is happening, my main interest as a student was Sheep and two things have come to my attention in the last week which ultimately could see the destruction of the production of sheep in GB:

1) The European Union want to have every sheep electronically tagged, so they can monitor them. Most probably from some satellite can you imagine the work this will put on the farmer and more importantly the cost on an industry which has very tight profit margins. Farmers will either stop rearing sheep or pass on the cost to the consumer so another price increase because of EU interference. How long before us Human Beings are tagged by the EU with the excuse it will prevent terrorism or a Pan epidemic?
2) This rumour I heard has not been confirmed but I was told at an Agricultural Fair that a well known superstore (Tesco) have told sheep farmers that they will not purchase sheep that have been rounded up by a sheep dog. Why? Because a Sheep dog stresses the sheep too much have you heard of anything so barmy if this is true will they stop buying sheep from other countries? NO

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne