Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Democracy Movement

Twitter-Jane Austin-Immigrants-Boris

Twitter has once more come to the fore about its abusive use. I have yet to understand why people want to be in contact with each 24 – 7? What can you say? I tried it when it first came out thought like Facebook would be an extension to my email but No I was getting nothing but rubbish, do I really want to know where you are and what you are eating NO because I have a life. Unlike a Blog where you have to actively open the page these just pop up. No I use Facebook as an advertising tool which I find very useful as for twitter I will leave that to the numpties
 One of those being targeted by Twitter was the woman who led a campaign to get women on a banknote, the feminist Caroline Criado Perez, which she succeeded in doing. Why did they pick Jane Austin surely there are women that have done more for GB then write some books and in my opinion not particularly good ones. Even with Bank notes and feminists the Celebrity Culture outstrips the real hero’s of this country
Mary Bear was the other woman in the Twitter attack; she is a historian some of you may have watched thee programme last night on the Roman Emperor Caligula, which I found very disappointing. She is the women who said that Immigration had no effect on the Town of Boston Lincolnshire, I expect the Bulgarian and Romanian invasion due in January will also have no affect?

One of the rules of migrants from the EU is that they have to be self-supporting within 3 months on reaching this country. The Roma gypsies have now been operating a system where a couple of days before the 3 month time limit they go to France for a day then come back and the 3 months start all over again. When will this Government start to get rid of these immigrants legal and illegal? The only way forward is to leave the EU

More than 80,000 Bulgarians set sights on Britain: Poll finds 20% of those who are considering leaving the country want to come to the UK
Britain and Germany are favoured destinations, according to a poll
Tens of thousands of Romanians and Bulgarians 'poised to migrate'
Restrictions curbing citizens' jobs rights here must be lifted in 2014
Plausible projections suggest as many as 50,000 a year may come

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2381097/Poll-finds-20-Bulgarians-considering-leaving-want-come-UK.html#ixzz2aVrwvdpb 
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I am not a great lover of Boris Johnson like Cameron I find him a rich, Eton educated, toff who was spoilt as a boy who has no idea what ordinary people live like all feel. Admittedly far better then Ken Livingston but then that was not difficult. So I thought you would like the article written by mate John Elmer

Dear Sir,

I read the article by the Boris Johnsons’ so called aviation adviser in the publication City A.M. edition of 29 July.

The continued process whereby Heathrow has been previously promoted as the leading airport for London is ideally suited for business along with transport links appear to be have been conveniently forgotten by all parties who actively promoted this in previous years, by that I mean Governments, London politicians, business leaders, commentators and consultants.

However, now that the most viable and cheapest option is to expand Heathrow, revise/improve its transport links to existing infrastructure and where necessary add to current infrastructure is now being labelled as not acceptable by the same people who have bought and paid ludicrous amounts of money for property compared to normal UK property prices within an area surrounding one of worlds’ busiest airports and its approaches, combined with obviously no thoughts that this airport will ever expand. Whilst the politicians of all parties and their party members who currently live in the proposed enlarged expansion area are quite happy to promote spending  large amounts of public money or providing government backed private finance into blighting other areas and lives of people not affected by Heathrow expansion.

It is patently obvious that the most pro new airport commentators or their friends will be affected Heathrow expansion or have vested interest in promoting new airport East of London, if anyone who lives in the area which will be effected by the Boris ‘Bluster’ Johnson airport project or an airport East of London is labelled as a Nimby, by those affected by the Heathrow expansion lobby or frightened of losing their lucrative consultancy status.

The latest propaganda by B Johnson airport faction to be reported in the media, is that it will only effect 36,000 people which is a blatant misrepresentation of reality for those who will be affected by the noise and pollution of an airport with four runways East of London, previously the number quoted was 306, 000 but even this is figure is equally false.

Also the people who are currently employed at Heathrow will not be able to transfer to the new airport or are they expected to travel on an already the crowded road and rail infrastructure across London or are they just expected to move house and families from a current established local area with amenities, another piece of social engineering by London politicians, government and so called expert consultants.

Those who do not reside within London boroughs or vote for Mayor of London see this airport promotion East of London as complete arrogance by London authorities and associated vested interests along with a breakdown of elected government and continued unwarranted London expansion/ interference in to other geographical areas and peoples lives. 


John Elmer

Monday, July 29, 2013

Keith Whyman and another Church

My old mate Keith Whyman is out of Hospital he had a double Bye Pass. Keith has not been the luckiest of men when he was a teenager he had a bad car crash and for months his face was in a scaffold he has had to suffer countless operations over the years. Yet he continued to earn a living as a Plumber not for him to give up and moan. in recent years he has to retire on health reason but with the help of his wife Wendy I am sure he will make a full recover. Best of Luck Keith and I knew my prayer would work.

 I presume they take a vein out from the leg? If not its a funny place to have a heart

St Giles Wormshill

Yet another Church for you what gets me with these very old churches is how many there are in the smallest of Hamlets and Villages. These place were the centre of everything but they are all built the same was there some ancient planning officer who said it is decreed this what a Church should look like

St. Giles Church is the sole church in the village of Wormshill in Kent. The church is Anglican and is dedicated to Saint Giles. It forms part of the united benefice of Tunstall with Bredgar.[1] The other parishes are Milstead, Bicknor and Frinsted and Rodmersham. 
A church existed in 1086 and from the lack of change in value pre-conquest (TRE) to 1086 (as now) it is possible that no major building work had occurred in the intervening 20 years. In the south wall of the nave by the porch is what looks like an Anglo-Saxon double-splayed window.[5] The window had been covered up and was revealed in 1879. Tatton-Brown (1993) states that it is not possible to be certain that it is an Anglo-Saxon window, but it is possible it could be early Norman. The official listing record describes the church as "First half C11, C13 and C15, restored 1879–80 by Clarke" which agrees with Tatton-Brown's earlier date.[3]
The village itself has pagan roots as indicated by the toponomy of the name Wormshill (from the Anglo-Saxon god W┼Źden).[6] The church appears to have been built, at least in part, by Normans since it displays Norman architectural features. The church also contains a 13th-century chest, first discovered in the early 20th century.[7][8][9] The church register dates back to 1700.[2]
In January 2007, the interior of the church, exterior shots of the building and the churchyard and surroundings were used extensively as locations in the filming of an episode of EastEnders broadcast in the United Kingdom over the Easter 2007 holiday season.[10] Mock gravestones together with a temporary Victorian-style street lamp were added to the churchyard by the production crew.
In September 2010, a reward of £500 was offered for the return of a heavy brass altar cross and two brass candlesticks, which had been kept in the church for at least 150 years and were apparently stolen between 12 and 19 September 2010.[1

Urine Test

Who is going to tell Mr. Cameron & Co?
It seems the perfect solution to save a big fat wad of money.

The Urine test (This was written by a rig worker in the North Sea - What he says makes a lot of sense!)

I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit.
In order to earn that pay cheque, I work on a rig for a drilling contractor. I am required to pass a random urine test for drugs and alcohol, with which I have no problem.
What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test.
Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a benefits cheque because I have to pass one to earn it for them?
Please understand that I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet.
I do on the other hand have a problem with helping someone sit on their arse drinking beer and smoking dope.
Could you imagine how much money the government would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a benefit cheque?
Please pass this along if you agree or simply delete it if you don't.
Hope you will pass it along though, because something has to change in the UK , and soon!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Herne Bay-Graveney-Judo

These last couple of days have been quite busy. John was away in France for a few days so the wife and myself had his boys for the night that was Friday as Lewis was competing in Folkestone on the Saturday. They came round at 4pm Friday so I decided to take them for run down to Herne Bay for something to eat and a walk along the promenade. I knew the Pier Pavilion, the place where we had countless Judo and Sombo Competitions, had been demolished but the Pier does look really empty.  I wonder what they will do with it now? I like Herne Bay it is very much the quintessential seaside town, the Band Stand is a particular favourite spot of mine.

Harry or as we call him Nobby

On the way I annoyed them by stopping to photograph some Churches. Lewis is at present the only one of my 5 grandchildren doing Judo but hopefully 4-year-old George will take to the sport in a few months time when he is 5,he has definitely got the fighting Clarke instinct. Lewis gets very nervous before a competition as I used to before any major event I was like a bear with a sore head 3 days before the event but it is something he has got to control like I had to.

Naughty but Nice

The competition organised as a Spitfire Grappling Academy Fun Day was meant to be outside with other attractions like Tug Of War, Bouncy Castles, burger Bar etc. but the weather got the better of the event and us was staged in Capel Le Ferne Village Hall. Still a nice friendly event, Lewis had a good days competing only losing to his bogyman Jack. This time it was a closer match with the fight going to extra time and in extra time Lewis well in the lead but was caught with a throw with just 2 seconds to go. This should have not happened and showed he needs a lot more competitions to get experience but never the less a reasonable performance.



Saturday evening saw us at the Taste of Portugal for an excellent meal and to much Red Wine, we was only going to have a meal and go but John and Stuart Williams turned up so it would have been rude not to have accepted a drink or two. TOP is becoming very popular even our Illustrious Swale Borough Council Leader Cllr Andrew Bowles has been there pity I missed him he could have brought me a meal as well.

Graveny & Goodnestone Church

All Saints Graveney  

Goodnestone-next-Graveney comes from the Old English ‘tun’ meaning an ‘enclosure, a farmstead’ combined with a personal name; therefore, ‘Godwines farm/settlement’.

The now redundant Goodnestone parish church is a Grade: I listed building, dedicated to Saint Bartholomew. The Normans built it around 1100. The Victorians added a porch in 1837 and carried out minor restorations in 1876. The church ceased to be used for regular services in 1982 and in 1996 came under the protection of the Churches Conservation Trust, who carried out extensive repairs the following year. It remains consecrated and is a well-preserved example of a Norman church.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Idiot Cameron Democracy you must be joking

The Country is struggling to get us out of the Financial Mess labour left us in. So what does our Prime Minister Do pay a lot of civil servants to  travel the World extolling Gay Marriage. This idiot Prime Minister has to go

Cameron's on a mission to export gay marriage around the world. We might as well refer to him as 'Call Me Daffyd, the only gay in the global village'

The UK is a Democratic Country they tell us yet we have a situation where a Party with just 23% of the Vote is in Government. I refer to the LibDems and will be most probably be in power again after the next election. Time to change our election system:
1) Make it a legal requirement to vote
2) Only those with over 50% be elected. If not second election with the top two
3) On major issue MP's have to consult their constituency with a binding referendum
4) These ideas may be expensive but at least there will be people power as opposed to an elected dictatorship 
Most Lib Dems want to ditch Tories for a Labour coalition after the next Election
  • More than half of Lib Dems favour post-2015 deal with Ed Miliband
  • Leader Nick Clegg is under pressure to move party to the Left
  • Some 72 per cent expect another hung Parliament at next election

Militant Islam-Trayvon Martin USA

The Horrific Muslim Infiltration Of Britain - Luton 2012

Now compare that with what the Christian Archbishop of Canterbury is trying to do

Justin Welby has vowed to help grow Britain's 500 financial co-operatives
He met with Wonga's boss and challenged him over 5,853% APR

Although I agree with him in principle that these companies charge to much Interest but we have to be careful that by legislating we do not put them out of business putting thousands on the dole and forcing people into the hands of illegal money lenders

I put a Blog out the other day about the Trayvon Martin case in the USA, it seems I put the wrong photograph with it sorry about that it seems it was some Rapper. Rapping is so called singing about abusing women, using bad language including racial terms, condoning violence so obviously has nothing to with the case? but I would suggest you take a look at the video below and get to the facts  and see how Obama with some celebrities have turned this into a race issue for their own advancement

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Cameron the Moral Delinquent Must Go

I want to export gay marriage around the world, says Cameron as he speaks of personal pride at party to celebrate new legislation
    PM spoke at gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender bash in Downing Street
    He boasted Britain is now 'best place to be gay anywhere in Europe'
    Gay marriage bill passed despite fierce opposition from some Tories

There has got to be something wrong with this man? Why does he pander to 1.5% of the population with abnormal sexual habits? HOW CAN A BISEXUAL MARRY? Is Cameron going to change the Marriage Laws for that? I have supported our local MP Gordon Henderson because he is good local person with knowledge of Local Issues who still believes in Conservative values. Yet it is increasingly difficult for me to vote Conservative while this man David Cameron heads the Party, he is leading us into a Moral Abyss, he panders to this very small minority and why? is there something about his own sexuality he is not telling us? Just read the comments in the article to let you know how I feel


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Some of You may have been following the story of the Guy who was found not guilty of murder when he defended himself. Read below and make up your own mind

'Justice for Trayvon Martin' rallies taking place in 100 US cities - as it happened
• George Zimmerman acquittal fuelled demonstrations across US
• Obama: 'Trayvon Martin could have been me 35 years ago'
• Martin's parents attended rallies organised by Al Sharpton
The above was taken from the Guardian 

This says it all about, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN! 


 Recognize this guy?   Even Fox News doesn't use this photo

Do you know who this is?

 It is Little Trayvon Martin...!  At 17 yrs of age.

 For those of us who thought we were well informed and weren't.....quite the realty check.
That old adage applies here: "there are two sides to every story."

We don't always get the truth from the media.
One of my favorite rants - the liberal controlled media, television news, newspapers, magazines, radio; all continue to show 12 year old Trayvon; NOT 17 year old Trayvon.

In reality "little Trayvon" at the time of his death stood almost 6'2" tall and weighed 175 muscular pounds.  He had numerous run-ins with authorities (both at school and local police), had been stopped and almost arrested two days before his death for smacking a bus driver in the face, because the driver refused to let him ride for free.
He was released because the driver was told not to press charges by the bus company and to continue on his route.

When "little Trayvon" was suspended at school it was not only because he tried to bring a little marijuana in with him, he was in possession of wedding rings and other jewelry, watches, etc. that he said he "found" along with a large screwdriver while on the way to school that day.  The jewelry was turned over to the Police by the school.

I am not trying to say this was a good shooting.

I am not trying to say this kid deserved to die.
I am saying the media in the USA is controlled by liberals who twist and distort what you see and hear in order for you to see things their way.

Not a single paper has printed RECENT photos of this kid, because it would not keep your interest in this case.

Not a single paper will admit that this kid was a marijuana dealer.
His friends on Facebook all say he had the "best plants". Not a single paper will show you any of his recent photos where he shows off a mouthful of gold teeth and all of his tattoos. Not a single newspaper will tell the news like it really is ...and NOT how they want you to think it is... President Obama looked at the FIVE year old photo the media chose to show the Nation and said, "If I had a son...he would look like Trayvon.."  So from that comment should I assume you did
not bother to look for the facts in this shooting..
or should I assume you want a son who is a 17 year old drug dealing, gold teethed, tattooed thug whose name on one of his facebook profiles was "Wild Nigga" who 'finds" jewelry and burglary tools on the way to school? A fair and impartial news media in the USA ?  One that does not follow the preconceived liberal agenda?  One that is NOT looking to further divide this already fractured Nation?I didn't compose this.  I'm only passing it on.Never trust the news media for WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. 

Trayvon at 12 yrs of age.. how he was shown to us!