Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Police State

The UK is slowly but surely becoming a Police State, we now have CCTV everywhere, we have secret Courts where ordinary people can be convicted of looking after their parents I refer to the recent case where women took her father from a care home because he was ill treated, a Welsh women was fined for calling someone an English Cow in anger, a drunken Englishman called some Welshman Sheep Shaggers and was fined, a 17 year old girl was subject to a Police enquire because she use offensive language on Facebook, have these people never heard of the saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”, unmarked Police Cars in abundance in Major Cities, even Police Officers dress in Military style uniforms.

Yet Government figures say that crime is on the decrease well it would be when Police let off more than 10,000 seriously violent criminals because they said 'sorry' to their victims.
The Standard of Police Officer has dropped considerably over the years mainly because of Positive Discrimination in favour of Women, Ethnic minorities and Homosexual Men and Women, Rubbish I hear you say NO, Why do I say what I have said is because the Police no longer select on ability only! As soon as you put in any form of Positive Discrimination you lower standards. The Police should be the best person for the Job nothing more or less. On occasions the Police need officers who are capable of using physical force i.e. crowd violence etc. yet what do we see men and women 5 foot nothing weighing maybe 7 stone in the firing line. Let us have less of the Police State and more Police capable of doing the job

Lets get rid of the silly Police Commissioners like Anne Barnes in this country next to no one voted for them and bring local Borough Sheriffs who are voted in by local people. Local businesses and Council sponsor sheriffs who actually get in a Police Car and apprehend lawbreakers.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Benefits and Ken Clark

I listened to a programme this morning on the new all in one benefit; I am basically all for them with the exception of one thing that is Housing Benefit. At present a Tenant can opt to have their housing benefit paid to me direct which insures I get the rent. If they are sent all the money direct then some will stop paying the rent and will be evicted. One of those on the radio was someone on benefit who said he needed £350 a week to live he was living on his own, he also said he needed a three bedroom house because his children stopped over twice in one month. Lets analyse where his cost come from:

Rent £650 pcm
TV license £12.08 pcm
Council Tax pcm £67.04 (this includes his single person allowance)
 This comes to £168 .25 per week he has left £181.75 to pay everything else
My tenants in a one bedroom flat pay £100 gas in a year Electric £520 Water £200 so services per week £15 .76
So his out goings before food etc. is £184.01 per week leaving him £165.99 per week this is what he expects to get from us Taxpayers?
At present all his rent and Council Tax is paid for he says he is on invalidity benefit, which is much higher, the Job seekers allowance. If he is put into a one bedroom flat the Council will pay up to £470 pcm saving the taxpayer £180 pcm. If you are on benefit you live in subsidised housing if you want a bigger property then you GET A JOB

Kenneth Clark really ought to get his head out of his backside when he makes statements like the following “ UKIP voters are racists, says Clark: Minister in 'clowns' jibe as Tories declare war on Farage's party” With the Conservative Party hemorrhaging votes to UKIP they need to bring back Conservative voters not insult them. I also believe if we want to prevent Labour Government we should cut a deal with UKIP. I am far from pleased with KCC Council especially their attitude on people using the Rubbish Tip. Yet I was still going to vote Conservative well I am not now and it is because of Clark and his pathetic outburst, time for him to go, along with his pro EU mates. I hope UKIP win a lot of seats this may wake Cameron up and bring a vote for a Withdrawal from the EU sooner then later. As for Clark he has never been a true Conservative his proper place is in with the LibDems. Just another point have you had any literature from any of the Parties? Have you had anyone knock the door? Well if you have your lucky I have had none

Murder at Taste of Portugal

Another Success at the Taste of Portugal

I know I keep on about TOP but it has been years since I have been comfortable in either a Restaurant or Pub. English Restaurants want you in and out as quick as possible so they can get another booking in as for Pubs they consist of several Televisions with Football or other junk you want to get away from and the behaviour of the customers leaves a lot to be desired but as my children say that what young people want to do. So I have drink in doors, but no longer I have found a Pub/Café, which has good food pleasant company in an atmosphere where you can talk, yes it does have a TV but with no volume, yes there is the occasional Karaoke and yes there are other theme nights but they are performed in a family atmosphere and not in a drunken, raucous manner

This Saturday TOP had a Murder Mystery evening something I have never experienced but what a great evening, I was given the position of Mr Fu Man Chu, how they thought a bloke my size looks Chinese was strange  but I made the mistake of speaking Chinese at the beginning of the evening. Any way I could not resist the chance to act as the wife says I like to be the centre of attraction (At my size that is not hard). So I borrowed some eye liner gave my self a Chinese moustache etc. and when I had to give my speech I spoke like a China man but some how every now and then it 

sounded like I came from India, I explained that I was Chinese but had lived in India. My son John was to be a Italian Mafia man he obviously announced himself as the Italian Stud (with his pink jumper. I wonder stud for whom) what was most annoying was his character was the murderer and he worked out all the clues and won the £25 prise, we will never hear the end of that.

Everyone paid £25 a head which included the Murder, Mystery and a 3 course meal, my only complaint was there was to much food, the starter tapas alone filled me up as john said we should have asked for a doggy bag. Carlos everyone call him Carlosh darts about and is on the go all the time like a machine gun so I have nickname Kalashnikov. A great Night go and give TOP a trial and look out members of SMAC we will be running a similar night at TOP to raise money for the club

John is wearing the lovely Pink Top Doesn't he look lovely Darling

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gang Fights at Sittingbourne Station

John Clarke wrote

So one of my lads I teach at school a nice lad who keeps him self to him self got beat up last night for no reason had to go to the hospital the lot. I was there to help him calm him down and ring his parents the police were called 3 times and did not bother turning up what a joke I real disgrace. I found out who done it and found the lad who is a year 10 at Westland when I asked him why he did the the reply was he looked at me. I would have loved to have done the same to him but common sense prevailed however I am sure that lad and his make will not like it next year when I am a Westland teacher I HATE bully's. the lad who was beat up was Jack Rawlinson nice lad I was pleased he came and found me to help him.

I am told when this incident happened on Friday at 7.30pm near Sittingbourne Station there was just one Police Patrol Car for Faversham, Sittingbourne and Sheppey and that was at an incident Faversham. Why not get rid of that over paid Police Commissioner Ann Barnes and the rest of the hangers on and put the money into more Police Patrols. 

This is even more reason why we need locally elected Sheriffs who can get firms to sponsor vehicles we need true local accountability

Another interesting point was that this gang of 15 year olds have been on the rampage for some time recently there was a gang of them waiting at the railway station for a gang from Sheppey to have a punch up luckily they were dispersed, I thought this type of thing was relegated to the 1960's? Did anyone see if this was reported in the local paper.

TV Ad-Drones-Anti Racism-Train

My most annoying TV Advert is “Peoples Choice” this is a magazine of short stories and it has some middle aged middle class women reading from it. I feel like throwing something at the TV.

I had to go to a meeting in London taking the car was completely out of the question with the cost of diesel, parking and Boris Tax I would have been looking at £70 t0 £80 so the train it was it has been over 30 years since I travelled on a train so when putting a £5 for on the counter for a ticket and having the attendant laugh and asked for a further £12 I was a little shocked and then paying a further £20 for Cab fares (I did tip) I now realise why my mate John, who is always complaining about rail fares, has gone grey. It was still cheaper then the Car and much more comfortable, they have buffet trolley mind you at £3.75 for a sandwich it is a treat. On occasions like this I always put my phone on silent not so other people in the carriage and the continually ringing was to say the least annoying and why do they have to shout when answering and some of the conversations are pathetic like “ Will be come home at 7pm lets have a pizza” another one was a guy answers the phone with a big smile and says ”I am on the train” as if he was on a trip to the moon. This was at 10 am in the morning. Sadly I have to go again a couple of week’s time. Oh and I forgot it always finished with that pathetic phrase “Love You”

I heard on the radio today that there is to be a protest against unmanned drones, what is a matter with these people they are like the Green Common Lesbians who tried to stop Cruise Missiles and failed. They have no concept of the real world these drones are safer for our pilots and more accurate, yes there will be mistakes but that is war and do not tell me manned planes are any more  accurate. The best thing these nut cases can do is to go to Afghanistan and demonstrate out side the Taliban HQ or the Pakistan Parliament (if they have such a thing) These Drones would be obsolete if we did not have terrorists 

How anti-racism lessons INCREASE pupil intolerance by 'causing animosity to other cultures'
Dutch study finds discussing sensitive ethnic concerns can be counter-productive
Education Secretary Michael Gove under fire over plans to stop teaching teenagers about multicultural topics

At long last we have an Education Secretary who is taking on the Left wing and the PC brigade. Have listed a couple of comments from the article

During my teaching career I learned this about children. They have a natural sense of justice and fairness when young. They learn by adult example. They are naturally friendly unless those people hurt or frighten them in some way. In other words, they are natural humanists. They also form their own opinions quite early on based on their own experiences and understandings but as soon as they learn that what adults do is different from what they say, everything changes- they become angry, contrary, disillusioned, disappointed or depressed at the realization they've been betrayed. Teaching children to think for themselves must be the primary purpose of school, not "right thinking" of the ideology in charge. They need to navigate the world with creative and flexible thought, not forced "tolerance" of intolerable and unjust things. Teach truth, justice, fairness, what makes humans good, and how to contribute. Teach critical thinking. Teaching differences divides, that's it's purpose -it's evil.
- ME , Canberra, Australia, 27/4/2013 02:38

This study strengthens my long-held conviction that multiculturalism never has, and never will, work. In over 10000 years of civilization, the only process that has effectively worked is integration. Immigrants either integrate into local society, or they become so polarized that they have to migrate to some other place. All that multiculturalism does is highlight the differences, which inevitably leads to resentment or ridicule, resulting in animosity and aggression.
- Ken , Brisbane, Australia, 27/4/2013 02:23

Well a lot of the time you'd get the impression that only 'whites' are racist from our liberal media and public service, when in fact each and *every* culture and ethnicity that has its own share of the ignorant, fearful and idiotic. Racism is ignorance, fear and stupidity and it is a sad truth that we'll never be rid of it until we are rid of those first.
- Andrew , Broken Britain, 27/4/2013 01:51

Friday, April 26, 2013

Complaint to BBC

Some of you may remember I lodged a complaint against the BBC this is their reply with my answer at the bottom

The following was at the bottom of the email seems nothing is easy when complaining

NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform quoting any case number we provided.

Dear Mr Clarke

Reference CAS-2054655-GFVKWF

Thank you for contacting us about the edition of ‘The Big Questions’ broadcast on 14 April.

Your concerns, that the programme displayed left-wing bias, were raised with the programme’s editor, who responded as follows:

“The two sides of the debate, Is it ever right to celebrate someone’s death?, were set up to be evenly matched. On the YES side we had invited to take part in this debate:

Prof Chris Knight, a political activist who was one of those who had taken part in the event in Trafalgar Square.

Two women who had been affected by the miners’ strike and the programme of pit closures that followed– Jean Lane, who edited a magazine called Women’s Fightback during the years 1984-85, which was covering the strike and its effect on communities from the inside. And Karen Waddington, a miner’s wife, and a mother at the time of the strike, who became part of Women Against Pit Closures.

Benjamin Zephaniah, the poet, who wrote many poems about this political period and also had strong views on Mrs Thatcher’s approach to South Africa.

In addition, Prof Noel Sharkey (Sheffield University, a scientist and an ethicist), whom we had invited to speak in the second debate on drones, chose to speak on this topic too.
On the NO side we had invited:

Canon Dr Alan Billings, who was part of the Church of England’s commission set up during the Thatcher years which published Faith in the City. He also served as a deputy leader on Sheffield Council. So he is a man of the left as well as the cloth but he was absolutely opposed to people celebrating someone’s death. He said our thoughts should be more about the deceased’s relationship with God than the individual’s political triumphs or personal failings.

We also invited Nadine Dorries, the Conservative MP for Mid-Bedfordshire.

Dr Tim Stanley, who is also on the right and, as well as being a Leader Writer on the Telegraph, is also a journalist and an author of books on US foreign policy.

In addition, we knew that two people we had booked for two other debates also wished to speak on this also:

Clive Aslet, former editor and now Editor-at-Large on Country Life, again from the right.

Andrew Brookes, who was actually Mrs Thatcher’s nuclear release officer (when he worked with her directly), and then Commander of RAF Greenham Common. We cannot judge his politics but he told us that he had liked her and was very opposed to anyone celebrating her or anybody else’s death.

In total, the team booked four voices on the Yes side and five on the No side, the debate was evened up on the front rows by the addition of Prof Sharkey.

In terms of the audience on The Big Questions: it is booked to reflect the area in which we happen to be each week. We are required to reflect the religious and ethnic make-up of each area and not its political composition because after all, the programme is commissioned by BBC Religion & Ethics and not BBC News.

We think it is worth adding that any other audience members who spoke were chosen at random by Nicky, who had no pre-knowledge of their views. We cannot tell in advance how passionately someone will speak once a live debate takes off – the more passionately someone speaks the more impact they seem to have on the viewer, it weights their contribution. In this case one side (NO) had people who were more used to speaking in public debate. On the other, we had two people who had never done anything like this before (Karen and Jean) and who did get rather carried away by the force of their emotions during the debate, but this was because they felt they were two of the few people present who had suffered directly from policies enacted by Mrs Thatcher’s government.

We’re confident Nicky did his best to keep order, and to keep the debate on track. The YES side felt it was right to celebrate Mrs Thatcher’s death because of what they saw as the effect of her policies on people like them and others. It was not a place to discuss whether the policies were right or not, as Nadine tried to do, but to discuss whether it was right to celebrate someone’s death whether you agreed with them or not – which we did”.

We hope we have been able to address your concerns, nevertheless, I acknowledge the strength of your complaint and I can assure you that I've registered your comments on our audience log.

This is the internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily for all programme makers and commissioning executives within the BBC, and also their senior management. It ensures that your points, and all other comments we receive, are made available across the BBC.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact us.

Kind Regards

Patrick Clyde
BBC Complaints

NB This is sent from an outgoing account only which is not monitored. You cannot reply to this email address but if necessary please contact us via our webform quoting any case number we provided.

Thank you for replying you did miss the point although you may have equal numbers for and against, those anti Maggie supporters had most of the say which should have been sorted by your presenter and to make the following excuse for these women to take over the show was wrong. Quote "On the other, we had two people who had never done anything like this before (Karen and Jean) and who did get rather carried away by the force of their emotions during the debate, but this was because they felt they were two of the few people present who had suffered directly from policies enacted by Mrs. Thatcher’s government." Had any one found out that they had suffered directly? Was what they were saying actually true? Were they members of any political party, were they actively involved in anti Government protest? These questions should have been put to them to try and get some balance. For two women who had never done anything like this, they seemed well rehearsed.

M Clarke