Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Friut and Botany Bay

Been quite a week first a drive around the Kent Countryside to saw how much apples are on the trees a bumper year even the self seeded trees in the hedge row and dykes are full of fruit

Decided to go to Broadstairs Wednesday big mistake could not find a place to park, so of to Joss Bay even there parking was impossible.

Joss Bay Pub on Cliff
 So we headed for the Captain Digby Pub at the top of the cliff mind you tow options for parking £10 or spend £10 in Pub and parking was free, so coffee and a snack . Very nice Pub and snack and then for a walk to Botany Bay
Botany Bay

This fort was near Botany Bay Do you know anything about it

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

John Apps Grandson

Valerie's Brother John Apps brought his grandson to Homing Park for a swim , nice to see John in a new light as a doting Grandfather

Friday, August 26, 2016

Seasalter Cafe

I spend most of time at Homing Caravan Park Seasalter so I often pop down to Poppets Café & Tea Room. Seasalter is unspoilt Beach no frills just pebbles and sea. 
Val with staff at Poppets

Val advertising the Cafe Sunday Lunch

Well I say sea just lately when I go there the tide is out. 

Tide miles out

It was interesting watching kids on the beach, here is a beach with no fun fair, no machines, no internet and they still found something to do. Like building sand castles, looking for crabs, collecting shells and sea weed, just proves given the chance kids can do away with the Tab etc for a few hours.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Obama and Hilary

 If you like it,   This is what we will get more of with Hillary !!!!!!!
Thought you might like to see what the years of Obama and Hillary did to our country.
Obama years in 9 charts 
This is from the Feds themselves.................... ....send this to all those you know. 
Obama years in 9 charts
Here is the real story of America 's decline right from their own Fed web sites. 
Obama’s Recovery In Just 9 Charts

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Record total of gay athletes at Olympics

Once again the Gay Mafia this time led by Gay Magazine Outsports have tried their best to twist the Olympics into a Gay Propaganda event. When you watched the Olympics did any of you say “I wonder if they have abnormal sexual desires” No of course not all you saw was an elite athlete, so why do Magazines like to try and suggest Gay athletes are superior? They brag that this the largest amount of Gay Athletes competing How do they know? To my knowledge nobody has asked in the past. Did you know 11544 athletes competed in the Olympics so with just 49 Gay athletes this is just 0.43%
This report is insulting to Gay People as they are being separated from the rest of the athletes just because of the Political desires of the Gay Lobby.
The Olympics Games used to be about Elite Athletes irrelevant of Ethnic origin, Religion, and Sexual Orientation that now has ceased to be .

Record total of gay athletes at Olympics boosts Brazil’s homosexual community
With the largest total of openly gay athletes participating, 49 according to Outsports magazine

The only comment about Homosexuals in the Games was made against Tom Daly who bombed out, a tweet was circulated because he became a Homosexual made him fail. My own personal opinion is that is ridiculous I cannot see having an abnormal sexual relationship with man can affect his performance. What I do believe when he came out as a Homosexual he became the focus of the media and took on celebrity status and his concentration on his Celebrity image and career took precedent over his training but that could have happened if he was heterosexual

This article on Olympics is spot on

This article is spot on

Warning that medal obsession is harming grassroots sport: Critics say officials have done little to improve chances for ordinary people since London 2012

  • Despite promises of a ‘legacy’ and a million people being inspired to take up sport after 2012, there was a decrease in participation 
  • Labour politician Lee Waters said sports clubs had been ‘brought to the brink’ by funding cuts while top athletes were ‘prioritised’ 
  • He said: 'An obsession with medals risks the future of grassroots sports'

Sunday, August 21, 2016

who is to blame for Syria?

Tragic victims of our deal with the devil 
Who can fail to be moved and grieved by the sight of a small child in distress? But please do not let your emotions stop you thinking.
The picture of the shocked Aleppo survivor, Omran Daqneesh, like that of the drowned child Alan Kurdi last year, should not be allowed to enforce a conformist opinion on the world.
The death of Alan Kurdi did not mean that it was wise to fling wide the borders of Europe (as Germany’s Angela Merkel now well knows).

The rescue of Omran Daqneesh should not make us side with the bloody and merciless Syrian rebels.
Why is Aleppo a war zone in the first place? Do you know? I will tell you. Syria was a peaceful country until it was deliberately destabilised by Saudi Arabia and its fanatical, sectarian Gulf allies, consumed with hatred for the Assad government and, above all, its ally Iran.
Worse, this monstrous intervention was supported by the USA, Britain and France, all sucking up to the Saudis for oil, money and arms contracts.
In the hope of bringing down Assad, we made a devil’s bargain with some of the worst fanatics in the Middle East, people who make Anjem Choudary look like the Vicar of Dibley.
We know of Britain’s role for certain because of the very strange case of Bherlin Gildo, a Swedish man accused by British authorities of attending a terror training camp in Syria. His trial collapsed in June 2015 because his defence lawyers argued that the terror groups he was accused of supporting had been helped by British intelligence.
The Assad state, as you might expect, defended itself against its attackers, helped in the end by Iran and Russia.
And the war which followed was the ruin of Syria, whose innocent people found their peaceful cities and landscape turned into a screaming battlefield, as it still is.
If you are truly grieved by the picture of poor little Omran, just be careful who you blame.