Monday, June 29, 2015

Shane Jordan Speaks for Straight Pride

Author Shane Jordan 

When a heterosexual posts a picture declaring their “straight pride” it’s not effective. It may tell the world that you’re not gay, but it also tells the world that you’re an asshole.
So being proud of your heterosexuality makes you an asshole? That seems a tad bit intolerant. I think calling someone an asshole for being proud of what they are makes you an asshole. And speaking of being an asshole, check out this complete lack of self-awareness:
It says that you are so insecure with your own sexuality that you have to label yourself.
Isn’t that what gay people do? In fact, homosexuals are the most one-dimensional group of people on the planet, being solely defined by their sexuality. Strip away the gay and they’re left with nothing that makes a person an individual.
It is obvious to everyone that this anti-straight pride rant is terribly hypocritical, but the author has an explanation:
Is it a double standard that I should be able to post pride images and you can’t? No.
Why not?
You don’t have to.
That explains it all. Gay people have to flaunt their gayness, but straight people shouldn’t feel the need to assert their straightness.
This is part of the political correctness logic void that says it is fine to be proud of being black but white pride is racism. Female pride is empowering but male pride is misogyny. Being proud of your sexual deviancy makes you courageous, while straight pride is homophobia.
Will homophobic and bigoted heterosexuals still post their “straight pride” meme’s? Probably, but it doesn’t shock a world to find out you’re heterosexual, as its likely they already assume that.
I don’t think straight people are posting pride pictures to shock the world, but at least he stopped calling us assholes.
It will, however, surprise them to find out what an asshole you are.
Oops, I spoke too soon.
If you want equality, treat others equally. If you want to be accepted, just be a decent human being, not a needy attention grabber that tries to force your beliefs on others. This piece proves that gays aren’t interested in equality. If you are preaching one thing but doing another, you’re the asshole, not everybody else.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

WILL muslims attack Gay Pride

I think Gay pride and its March is am abomination BUT I would not stop them having the right to parade no matter how offended I am BUT news is being spread by Muslims that being Gay is an offence to God and they should be obliterated They are already Murdering Gay men in Iraq by throwing them of Tall  buildings. Mind you those who will be attending Gay Pride meetings and putting the Gay Flag on Facebook must be worried about the rumours that these meetings are the target of Muslim Militants. It is one thing disagreeing with something and another wanting to murder people because they do not believe in what you do

Patriotic Songs at Whitstable

Back from France and this week I am in our Caravan. I wasn't to keen about going to one sight for a season but Val wanted to do it "She who is to be obeyed” Any rate she was right, yes sometimes I can be wrong! The Seaveiw Holiday Park Whitstable is the idea place, small swimming pool, right by the sea, club house, shop etc and only 40 minutes from Sittingbourne.

With the atrocities in Tunisia and the warnings of attacks in Morocco and Turkey, Holidaying in England could be the future. The entertainment on the Saturday was Cockney Pride Band it seemed really appropriate after the deaths of the Brits in Tunisia to have some stirring English Tunes like “There always be an England” “Land of Hope and Glory” “There be Bluebirds over the White Cliffs of Dover” “Bless them all” etc. The Band had everyone waving Union Jack Flags it was like going back to the 1950's when the UK was Christian, Proud, with people speaking English and not a Militant Muslim to be seen, where government listened to the Majority and up held there wishes, where the only flag flown was the Union Jack

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Is same sex marriage about equality

So the USA is to recognise same sex marriage. No surprise there but like the UK the people of the USA never got a say on the matter, at least the Irish had a referendum. Yet if the USA and UK had a referendum I doubt if the those against same sex marriage would have won. The Irish referendum had so much propaganda in favour and nearly every Politician , Media outlet and the Celebrity class in favour there was little hope of those opposed getting a fair hearing and the same would happen in the UK and USA. As you can tell I am against same sex marriage BUT I have to accept the fact that this debauched ceremony is now legal and as people have said I will have to get over it.

Yet I still wonder how a minority just 1.5% of the population has so much influence even allowing a Gay flag to be flown over public buildings, well I did until I heard a report that Politicians, Media and the Entertainment Industry have a considerable higher percentage of Homosexuals, Lesbians and Bisexual then the rest of society. Mind you I sometimes wonder how these surveys come to the conclusion
My main beef is that the supporters of Same Se Marriage and the Gay flag continual to say it is about equality. Well it is not it is about a minority having more and more influence over the rest of us:

Example 1
Although David Cameron argued that same-sex marriage is an issue of equality, the ban on opposite-sex civil partnerships remains. Straight couples continue to be prohibited from having a civil partnership, even though the government’s own public consultation on equal marriage found that 61 per cent of respondents supported the right of heterosexual couples to have a civil partnership if they want one. Only 24 per cent disagreed. In the Netherlands, two-thirds of civil partnerships are between male-female couples. A similar take up is likely in the UK if civil partnerships were available to heterosexuals.

Guess who wrote this the Gay Militant Peter Tatchell, even he agrees it is not about equality

Example 2

You can annul a marriage if: it wasn't consummated - you haven't had sex with the person you married since the wedding (doesn't apply for same sex couples) you didn't properly consent to the marriage 

So why was the Consummated section with regard to sex not withdrawn? Was it because even this Gay leaning Government recognise that normal marriage is different to Gay Marriage. As sex is not part of a same sex marriage why can not members of the same family of the same sex not allowed to marry? Before you say disgusting and what is the point here are three reasons 1) Tax 2) Death Duties 3) Pension entitlement. Nothing in same sex marriage says you have to have physical relationship. Below is part of the service for a same sex marriage now everything in this can be for a family member

The expression of intent
(Partner 1) you have chosen (Partner 2) to be your life partner. Will you love and respect him/her? Will you be honest with him/her always? Will you stand by him/her through whatever may come? (Answer: "I will")
(Partner 2) you have chosen Partner 1) to be your life partner. Will you love and respect him/her? Will you be honest with him/her always? Will you stand by him/her through what ever may come? (Answer: "I will")
And do you both promise to make the necessary adjustments in your personal lives in order that you may live in a harmonious relationship together? (Answer: "We do")
Now (Partner 2), please repeat after me: In the presence of our family and friends, I (Partner 2) choose you (Partner 1) to be my life partner, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, to love and to cherish, and to be faithful to you alone. This is my solemn vow.

Lastly what about religions or cults that allow one person to have many wives or husbands why are they discriminated against? Of course we must not forget those Bi-Sexual who can love both sexes why are they discriminated against? In the last election the Greens even suggested that marriage should be allowed for three people.

Now I do not agree with any of my suggestions I believe in marriage being for a Man and Women but the same sex marriage is a Pandora's Box and I will guarantee more alterations to marriage will come. Some one needs to come up with a name for Traditional Marriage so there can be a differential between the two.
Can not happen? Well the word Gay was stolen from the English language. A word that used to mean happy, frivolous and joyful now means Homosexual or Lesbian.

How do you address some one who has had a same sex marriage if they are Male are they Both Husband? Female both Wife? And does one of them take the name of the other like in normal marriage where the women takes the man's name. Mind you the latter may soon be against the law as someone has suggested it contravenes the Human Rights act as it demeanours women
I hope the pro Gay movement recognise that Same Sex Marriage is not about equality so stop using this to condone the Law

Val in Accident

Val is moan down by Poppy

I am at my Caravan am I prude thinking letting a 3 year girl run around naked is wrong?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I was at Calais

So my holiday has finished the initial return drive was good mind you at a cost of £70 for toll fees for the week it should be, even round Paris my Satnav directed us well but I have never seen so many vehicles on the road as in Paris took us over ¾ hour to get round it like a huge moving Traffic Jam. Got to near the Tunnel and that’s when the problems started. First the approach road was shut for resurfacing; no diversion signs so we had to find a way round by driving many miles down the motorway to find another way to the tunnel. Which everyone did so we were in 3-mile queue it seems those loony French workers were yet on strike again at the Port so everyone was trying the tunnel. The French strikers got to hear about this and set light to the railway tracks burning all the electric cable there was a possibility of being stranded at the Tunnel overnight, thankfully that never happened but we were delayed for about 4 hours. French Police were as useful as Chocolate Teapot or an ashtray on a motorbike doing absolutely nothing. France needs a Maggie Thatcher to bring these unions into line also in a lot of ways the country is like the UK was in the 1960's/70's.
Do these look undernourished Refugees??

To top it all we were harassed by immigrants )see photo and video clip). The bleeding heart brigade keep telling us that these people are fleeing persecution and starvation. Well let me tell you that all these immigrants were healthy, well fed, well dressed young men, with telephones and smoking there was not one women, child or elderly person amongst them. They openly were trying to get into lorries and threatening people in cars especially when the TV cameras were on them. These people who were all African are not to be pitied they are criminals trying to take advantage of our benefit system. Yes Criminals if they enter the UK illegally they are criminals, if they vandalise a lorry they are criminals, if they cross the Channel without paying they are criminals. If they do get to England they are not allowed to work because they have no National Insurance Number so if they are working it is illegal and anyone who is employing them its is illegal and I for one would report anyone doing this.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Swimming with fishes

Val uses the Swimming Pool while Martin Swims with the Fishes

Looks like Fatty needs a 60 inch Bra

Longest Canal and Yorkshire Man buying a Round

Yesterday visited and took a boat ride up the Famous Briare Canal Bridge it is the only one of its kind in the World. It was opened in 1896 and took five years to build. It is also the longest Canal Bridge in the World 725 yards long.

My holiday in France has been enjoyable they have some great Chateaus and every Village and Town has a beautiful Church. 
Blois Church

Price of wine is really cheep a Bottle of Rose can cost as little as a Euro. There opening hours a very dated something out of the 1950's If you want to eat during the day you have between 12 noon and 2pm and then at 7pm ended up eating a Kebab at 6pm, as for shops I have yet to find some consistency of when they open. There is no rush when getting served sometimes you have to wait while the Cashier finishes a conversation, this part of France has the same attitude as the English if you cannot understand my language TOUGH. I understood the French banned the disgusting Burka yet I saw some wearing that mediaeval garment.
Lake at site

The site we were on was very good the Chalet was adequate although the bed was extremely uncomfortable and it had no entertainment system luckily enough I brought a small TV with a DVD so I could watch my SOPRANOS and of course could not forget my laptop. I had a good deal with 3 and my mobile Broadband same price structure as the UK but with all, the modern technology I could not keep a regular Radio programme it keep breaking up so as like to listen to early morning news so I had to sit in the car and listen on Long Wave.
Beuvron Village 

No matter where you travel there is always some religious icon whether it be a Cross or Statue or Shrine on the road side. This I find interesting in a Country where they are legally Secular (Non Religious) but still have a very strong Catholic involvement so at least in France there is a strong Christian focus 
Chris and Michelle 

Not so steady but he has bought a round

Did meet a nice Yorkshire couple Chris and Michelle, got on well with Chris as we had the same political out look on life including Gay Marriage, so obviously if he'd agreed with me he must have been alright. Mind you I did get a photo of a Yorkshire man buying a round.

Well back to tomorrow will have to face the African hordes at Calais

And the birds are very friendly

Has Obama an Islamic Agenda

A lot of my Friends in the USA have voiced concern about Obamas agenda I was recently sent the following article

Obama Tells Senior UN Official “The United States Will be a Muslim Country by 2016″

Posted by sharia unveiled on June 2, 2013
Islam in America 1
by, Victor Mordechai | Israel Today

At a meeting of the David Allen Lewis “Eschatology Club” a year ago in Springfield, Missouri, where I was the featured speaker, I was told by the organizers that in the previous monthly meeting, Pastor Don Jones made a disturbing statement about President Barack Obama’s plan to Islamicize America.

Jones went to one of his orphanages in Haiti after the massive earthquake there and met with a senior UN official, who said Obama had told him that the US would be a Muslim country by 2016, or by the end of his second term in office.

While that may seem far-fetched, it is not beyond the realm of possibility. First, Obama’s biological father was a Muslim—which makes the President a Muslim. His stepfather was an Indonesian Muslim who raised Obama as a Muslim in a mosque and madrassa (Islamic religious school) in Indonesia until age 11. His halfbrothers in Kenya are Muslims.

My wife Rachel, who is a radio and TV monitor in the Arabic language for Israel Radio in Jerusalem, has picked up many broadcasts indicating that the Arabs see Obama as a Muslim. In one broadcast prior to the 2008 elections, the Saudis claimed that “we will have a Muslim in the White House.”

Another Saudi broadcast said: “Obama’s job is to terminate the Shiite threat [Iran] and the Jewish threat [Israel]. And if he cannot do this, he should pack his bags and go home.”

America has always been a Judeo-Christian nation, but demographically at least, this is no longer true. While there are more than 250 million Christians in the US, the 6 million Jews are now outnumbered by Muslims who total about 20 million (9 million Iranians who fled after the fall of the Shah, 7 million Arabs and at least 3 million black Muslims, with the remainder being from Somalia and the former Yugoslavia).

Numerically, the Jews are now no. 3 or 4 along with the Hindus in the US, whose population is about the same as the Jews. According to Obama’s Inauguration Day speech, America is a “Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu” country. Numerically, he is right. So much for Judeo-Christian America.

In the June edition of Israel Today, I wrote about the worsening conditions of the Christians in Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. International investment in Egypt has all but dried up since the Revolution. What international (Christian) corporation will invest in a country which is killing and ethnically cleansing its Christians? So the Egyptian economy appears doomed to collapse, which would create fertile ground for a takeover by the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

This would leave 70 million Muslims in Egypt in dire poverty.

The same applies to other countries in the Middle East that could be taken over by Islamic militants. In the case of Syria, the ruling Muslim Alawite sect will probably share the same fate as the Christians. This could lead to a flood of Arab Muslims to greener pastures in the West.

The Bible says Egypt will be a desolation and Egyptians will flee to other countries because the nation will be uninhabitable for 40 years (Ezekiel 29). If the official Syrian newspaper Tishrin is correct in saying that 600,000 Palestinian refugees and Syrians will march on the Golan Heights to reclaim their land, then a war with Syria is inevitable, which means that Syria will be a desolation as well (Isaiah 17).

The result could be tens of millions of Muslims fleeing to the US and Europe. President Obama would welcome these “brethren” on humanitarian grounds, and in effect, America would become a Muslim country.

I was just convicted and given a three-year jail sentence in Switzerland for helping defeat a plan to build minarets at the nation’s mosques by a 57 percent majority.

But the Muslims in Switzerland are already returning with a new minaret initiative. They are tenacious in their plans to Islamicize Switzerland and Europe. Why not the US?


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Brand and illegals

Russell Brand and that Charlotte Church Women were leading a Left Wing rabble on a March about anti-austerity have they not realised him and his like lost the election. The people want to get rid of this countries debt and stop the benefit gravy train. Can I make a suggestion they state what is a reasonable amount of money to live on, then they can alter their life style to that and donate their money to a homeless charity both are typical champagne lefty luvvies. Brand bragged he was on the dole for eight years learning how to become a comedian, so he sponged of the Tax Payers as well why did he not work and learn? Hypocrite

More and more illegals are getting into the country mainly from Africa and these are not refugees they are young men wanted to take advantage of our benefit system. I can not understand how they get here if Customs searched every Lorry, Van, Caravan, Car, Camper in France how would they get in. Before they say the cost would be to great and we would need more custom officials, how much is it costing this country in housing these immigrant criminals. In the short term use the Army

I have no sympathy for these people what so ever, they are leaving countries which need their help in rebuilding just so they pursue their own selfish ambitions. They should look at what happened after the Second World War where all the devastated countries rebuilt, this did not happened by running away. My Father was stationed in Germany and he told me he saw people cleaning bricks from bombed houses and stacking them so when the time came they could rebuild, I expect the same happened in London and other places in GB.

Since the 1950's we have been told about the starving war torn Africans well surely it is about time they started looking after them themselves, maybe stopping corrupt officials getting money for food aid will help and educating them to farm properly and run their countries efficiently would help. The West throwing money at the problem for the last 65 years has not worked no matter how good it makes the bleeding hearts feel

1 in 35 men

750,000 UK men want child sex, say crime chiefs: Astonishing figures from UK's 'FBI' reveal that 'one in 35 men may be child abuser'

  • One in 35 men pose a risk of being a child abuser, Government was warned
  • As many as 250,000 may be sexually attracted to pre-pubescent children 
  • So many paedophiles that we are all living near one, top crime official says
  • Home Office Minister says this is a watershed moment for British society



Friday, June 19, 2015

Orleans Cathedral

I have just visited Orleans Cathedral and lit a Candle in the Catholic Tradition for Russell

Beautiful Cathedral and well worth a visit but try and tell my SatNav that? getting out of the place was a nightmare

Martin Val

Great to see Trams