Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Make no Mistake Tommy is a Political Prisoner

Just Listened to Nick Ferrari on LBC where Tommy Robinson was mentioned. He was announced as Far Right (it seems if you are patriotic you are far right) he went on to mention his prison sentence and then add he was making Racist remarks? Well I watched the live Stream he mentioned the word Muslim many times but nothing about race it seems Nick thinks being a Muslim is a race? Obviously the Court tried to say his actions could force a retrial I like many do not believe this will happen BUT we will wait and see if it doesn’t happen will he be released? The reason he is being hounded is

1) the media, establishment, politicians, and judiciary perceive him as Far Right along side Britain First so must be stopped at all costs no free speech for them.

2) While on the subject of Free Speech the demonstrations a few weeks ago   attracted thousands of people yet the few press reports that followed it said there were few hundred Right Wing extremist present the same happened last Saturday about the Free Tommy Demo where there were over Thousand protester they were label as a few hundred Right Wing extremists

3) Did Nick mention that he was arrested for breach of the peace and that it took 7 Police Officers to do it

4) You have to ask yourself the question - why would one reporter outside a court case reading a charge sheet already publicly available across a number of sources suddenly risk collapsing the case?

5) Did Nick mention that the solicitor offered plea bargaining that why he entered a Guilty plea.

6) Did he mentioned the PC Police Stasi have hounded him for years because of his Anti Islam points of view

Make no mistake Tommy Robinson is a Political Prisoner if he is killed while in Prison it will be on the head f the Establishment and Police

Here is a very good article from Facebook

Have you read the spin in the papers today, the judge stated that Tommy reading the names of the defendants was contempt of court and risked the trial collapsing.

Tommy read the list in the livestream from a BBC article which was already out in the public domain. The list of defendants is publicly available on the court bloody website! If you search google for that particular case you will find pictures and details of the suspects already printed by nearly every national UK newspaper. So what did Tommy do exactly that nearly every other reporter has not already done?

You have to ask yourself the question - why would one reporter outside a court case reading a charge sheet already publicly available across a number of sources suddenly risk collapsing the case?

Every single other case across England is public and reported on. You will never hear a judge stating that by the newspapers reporting on it they are in some way prejudicing the case.

Look at the pictures below of Max Clifford and Rolf Harris fighting their way through hundreds of reporters going into court on their sex charges. None of those reporters were arrested and there were no judges commenting to the press that the case will collapse. This just highlights Tommy’s sham conviction.

The BBC even worked alongside the police to get a helicopter above Cliff Richards house when they went to arrest him, he had not even been charged at the time! No outcry from judges then though?

Do not be fooled by the corrupt ruling elite and instead ask yourself why are these type of cases shrouded in secrecy when no other cases across the UK are? The answer is simple, the establishment do not want the public to know the full extent and horror going on across this country facilitated by that very same establishment for decades due to a fear of being called racist.

Tommy is exposing areas that the state would rather were swept under the carpet and for that they are trying to have him silenced or preferably murdered in prison by Islamic gangs.

Have you ever heard of another case where someone was arrested, tried, sentenced and transferred to prison all within the space of 3 hours? No, because it has never happened before.

To top it all off they then tried to cover it up and impose state censorship report restrictions so that no one would know what they had done. This just made the story global with thousands protesting over the weekend. They were left with no other option but to lift the restriction as it had caused outrage.

People who swallow this crap that the ruling elites and media trot out need to wake up and smell the coffee. It is time to make a stand. Whitehall, London June 9th 3pm. #FreeTommy

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

UKUnity Stop the Betrayal

The story of Tommy Robinson's arrest is now all over the Mainstream Media, within the law we were reporting on the events as soon as they happened and kept people up to date with what is really going on.
The media and the politicians and the establishment sneer at us, the everyday hardworking people of the UK. They mock our concerns over mass immigration and the erosion of British Culture and that we were 'brainwashed' into voting for Brexit. 
Well we have had enough! That is why a week today we will be outside Parliament with many of our supporters and friends telling them that enough is enough and they must STOP THE BETRAYAL!
What we need you to do is keep liking, sharing and commenting on our social media. The Mainstream media will continue to ignore us but they are dinosaurs and ready for extinction.
If you are not already you could become a member as we go on our journey to renew Britain. You could also help, if you can afford to, by chipping in to our crowdfund or making a donation. George Soros says the campaign for a second EU referendum starts tomorrow and he has pumped MILLIONS into Best for Britain.
The other thing you can do is keep speaking with people, if we just make sure the 17.4 million stay firm then they will not shake us from our new destiny of hope outside the corrupt EU!
You can become a member by Clicking Here Now
If you don't want to become a member you can support our crowdfund for our "Stop The Betrayal" demonstration outside Parliament on the 5th of June by Clicking Here Now
You can donate using a number of easy methods by Clicking Here Now
Visit our news site by Clicking Here for all the updates on Tommy's story and what else is going on in the UK.
Kind Regards,

David Clews

Facebook Pic May 28

People Need To See This... This Is Why People Dislike Justin Trudeau

People Need To See This... This Is Why People Dislike Justin Trudeau

People Need To See This... This Is Why People Dislike Justin Trudeau


Dear Martin Clarke,

*Tommy Robinson is in prison.*

It’s an emergency — *we need your help. *

But there’s a court-ordered publication ban over the circumstances of his

*That gag order only applies to the UK, though* — and I'm writing to you
from North America, where there is still some freedom of the press left.

*Please read this e-mail carefully, as it has information that the British
media are prohibited from publishing.*

On Friday, Tommy was reporting from outside the court house in Leeds, where
an accused Muslim rape gang was on trial for repeatedly raping British
girls as young as eleven years old. Tommy was broadcasting on Facebook,
from his cell phone.

Tommy was very careful:

   - He did not set foot on the court precinct.
   - He did not call the men “rapists”, but rather called them “accused
   - In no way did he interfere with the trial, which was on its final day.
   - When Tommy mentioned the names of the accused rapists, he was reading
   from a BBC website — so the names were clearly public information, on the
   state broadcaster.

*Tommy did nothing wrong.*

But suddenly, seven police officers swarmed Tommy and threw him in the back
of a police van. You can *watch that shocking footage here*


They said he was causing a disturbance, which is absurd — he was by himself
on the street, with only a cameraman and a friend.

*But it got worse. Much worse.*

Within hours, Tommy was summoned before the judge. Tommy’s long-time lawyer
was not informed of this. Rather, the court appointed a lawyer who didn’t
know Tommy and wasn’t an expert in the specialized law of contempt of court.

In a matter of minutes, Tommy was sent to prison — *with a 13-month
sentence.* He is now in HM Prison Hull, a brutal facility near Leeds.

*A 13-month prison sentence for Tommy is tantamount to a death sentence* —
every Muslim criminal in prison will be trying to murder him. They’ve tried

The only alternative is for Tommy to request to be put into solitary
confinement — but no-one can live that way, locked up without any human
contact for 23 hours a day. Not for a year straight.

Tommy worked for us at The Rebel until this spring — we got him started in
journalism, and we parted ways amicably when Tommy went independent.

*And we still support him. *

*The day he was arrested, I spoke with Tommy’s wife and his lawyer, and
offered to help in any way.*

Last year, when Tommy worked for us, he was arrested outside of the court
in Canterbury. Back then, we crowdfunded a top-notch legal team, and we
were able to keep Tommy out of prison.

I offered to help again, and Tommy’s family and lawyer were grateful, but
they have asked that we hold off doing anything (including crowdfunding)
until they can have a proper conversation with Tommy.

Obviously we will respect the wishes of Tommy’s family and lawyer.

*But there is something else very important that we can do,  on our own: we
can go to court to have the ga
----- Message truncated -----

Nigel Farage response to Tommy Robinson

Thank you for your reply the only Politician to do so but the one thing I question you on is where you say was he was in breach of his suspended sentence? Yet do you know what his restrictions were because if you do please tell us. If he was in breach why was his 3 months suspended sentence increase from 3 months to 15 months? The Judge and Police were political motivated. This Tommy Robinson Political arrest has gone Viral with demonstration in Australia, USA as well as London. Your programme last week complained about Facebook barring right  of Centre Reports yet our Government and Police do the same but you do not complain. On a positive note well done on Brexit

Monday, May 28, 2018

Does the Establishment take notice?

It is interesting I have wrote to Daily Mirror, The Sun, Daily Mirror, The Telegraph, LBC asking why they are not reporting on the Tommy Robinson Case no reply. Some have made some small articles where they say there were few hundred Right Wing demonstrator on Saturday.1) when I saw the video link there was much more then a few hundred 2) why are people right wing when they demonstrating about Free Speech 3) If there is a gagging order why do they not say this
Interesting on the Nigel Farage show last week he complained about Zuckerberg Facebook saying that it banns right of centre political articles yet we have a Stasi Police, Judiciary and Politicians making an arrest on Tommy who was using his right to free speech he is now a Political Prisoner.
I have also contacted many MP’s including my local MP Gordon Henderson and apart from the automated reply have not received a reply Jacob Rees-Mogg says he always replies by letter so I am waiting his letter
Although they did not mention Tommy, Sky with Nick Farrari did have a discussion on the Grooming gangs and LBC Presenter Maajid Nawaz stated that Muslim population was just 2% of the population was Muslim (I think you will find it is 5%) yet 84% of grooming gangs are Muslim and mainly Pakistani
I listened to a Scottish Presenter George Galloway on Talk Radio (they at least had the guts to speak on Tommy something LBC has refused to do) He went on to say basically that Tommy deserved what he got and why didn’t he target White Groomers. Interesting that he thought it right to target Non Muslims. Well the reason Tommy targeted these Muslim Grooming gangs is because for over 20 years the Establishment had ignored the problem because of their religion and the fact that 85% of grooming gangs were Muslim. What was interesting was when White People like Rolf Harrison was excused of grooming etc. the Press were there in abundance and what about the False allegations about Cliff Richard the BBC even had Helicopters. Yet at the trial of the Muslim Grooming gangs in Leeds the Press apart from Tommy were nowhere to be seen?
The Establishment, Politicians are ignoring the people, the PC police and Judges are led by Left Wing Senior Officials if we do not change this attitude we will thrown into the abyss. One report on Social Media suggested we are heading to where N Ireland was 40 years ago a country divided by religion which will lead to violence

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Political Arrest by Stasi Police

The Political Arrest of Tommy Robinson has caused outrage on Social Media. This Trumped up charge by the PC Police GB equivalent of the Stasi has attracted over ten of thousands of Hits yet the Establishment Press Media and Politicians are not answering any questions. My main problem is the Police is now led by Left Wing senior Officers and lets remember the Police should not be involved in Politics. If you have seen the video clips on Tommy Robinson you will see he asks why is he being arrested the Stasi Police say for disturbing the peace when asked how has he disturbed the peace they refuse to answer. Everyone must watch out for this PC Police