Monday, June 25, 2018

Paid to Demonstrate

This why you can not trust the treacherous 
remoaners they will lie, cheat do any thing to 
stop us leaving the EU. Once again big money 

Underage Marriage

UK Mosques Agree to perform underage marriages

Is this allowed under UK Law?

Muslim Clerics might agree to perform under age marriages but they are not recognised in UK Law. The legal age in the UK is the same for sexual consent which is 16

Can a man marrying and under age child be prosecuted?

From 2014 underage marriage became a criminal offence so the parents of the child and the man entering into the marriage would be prosecuted

Folly of Multiculturalism

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Facebook pic June 24th

Brexit Rally not a few hundred as reported far more then the Pro EU March

Friday, June 22, 2018

Air Bus

Air Bus says they want to quit the UK because of Brexit

Well first of all they are led by Remainers and supported by the EU but lets look at the financial implication if they left:

1)   14,000 workers would lose their jobs so the company would have to be paid redundancy, which at the very least would cost £14 million
2)    They would have to pay of off those firms who are subsidiary who I expect under contract
3)   Would they be able to sell of their empty factories Doubtful
4)   They would have to pay to retrain new staff in foreign country
5)   They would have to purchase new factories if they are available If not they will have to build them at considerable cost
6)   There would be a massive cost in moving machinery or purchasing new machinery
7)   Would they close GB Factories before they have established new Factories abroad if so there would be a massive period with no income or would they continue using UK why building in abroad
This would cost billion and if you were Share Holders would you be happy