Tuesday, April 24, 2018

20 Questions For Burka Wearers

20 Questions For Muslims

Syrian Christians

Syrian Christians Tell The West: Please Stay Out Of Our Country

After years of war in Syria wages by western powers, Christians throughout Syria are sick of intervention and are asking for the West to stay out:
The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch John X, Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch Ignatius Aphrem II, and Joseph Absi, Melkite-Greek Catholic Patriarch of Antioch, Alexandria, and Jerusalem, released a scathing response to the air strikes by the US, the UK, and France, calling them “unjustified…brutal aggression” and stating that the evidence of chemical weapon use was insufficient. The heads of all three major churches also called on Christians worldwide to stand up against war in the Middle East.
Now, the National Evangelical Synod in Syria and Lebanon has joined other Christian leaders in their condemnation, echoing the accusation that the charges being leveled against the Syrian regime with “fabricated” and “without legal justification,” and that the Western involvement in Syria was “in contradiction to the desire of the Syrian people.” The Presbyterians then asked churches in the West to “exert maximum pressure on their governments and diplomacy not to repeat those adventures that undermine the chances of stability awaiting our country.” The statement closes by saying, “As we declare this, we ask God Almighty to give our leadership, government and National Army all wisdom and steadfastness in the face of evil forces. We lift our prayers for a strong Syria that upholds the values of peace, human dignity and peaceful co-existence among all its components.”
These statements should make those banging the drum for war in Syria stop and consider the situation more seriously for a moment. It is often Christian communities in the Middle East that suffer horribly or are even wiped out when the West decides to spread democracy. They speak from sad experience—I spoke with a Syrian refugee several weeks ago who believes the instability and chaos now are far worse than anything that could be experienced under the Assad regime. In fact, nobody seems to have any idea who would replace the tyrannical Assad if he was successfully removed—it seems likely that an Islamist would take his place, which is hardly an improvement.
It is becoming increasingly clear that the Bush Doctrine, while well-meaning, was fundamentally flawed in a very important way: It presumed that all people, everywhere, yearn for American-style democracy and freedom. It turns out that in many places, people do not see democracy as a priority. They value their tribe, or their religious sect or faith, or their family, or their ethnic group far more highly. They see the world differently, and thus trying to impose a distinctly Western ideal on nations with radically different cultures is, as the Iraq adventure proved, a sure way of bringing misery and social collapse to other nations.
Syrian Christians are speaking with a united voice: Stay out of our country. I do not pretend to be an expert on Middle Eastern geopolitics, and I do not pretend to understand all of the complexities of what is going on in Syria right now. I’m afraid that many of those who seem eager to dump bombs onto the country don’t understand them, either. But I can listen to the voices of people who have lived in that country their entire lives, and seem to be rather resolutely telling us that our warplanes will only make things worse for them. (source)

Friday, April 20, 2018

Police State

Everyone who is concerned about our ridiculous PC Police and our move to a Police state should listen to this


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hate Filled Koran

I am reading the Koran it is the most evil,hate filed, murderous book I have ever read


Monday, April 16, 2018

Mark Robinson addresses Greensboro City Council on gun show ban

Nasir Muhsen Muslim Thug

Read the article and you can see the type of person our Government is allowing into the Country and it is no surprise he is a Muslim. When will the Politicians start to listen to the people and stop this invasion from Islam
As I am sure you will remember Paul Golding the leader of our movement was recently attacked whilst imprisoned. It has now come to the attention of Britain First HQ that the perpetrator of this attack has been charged for his crime.
This attack was clearly permitted by the authorities as they were warned beforehand that it was going to take place.
The attacker whose name is Nasir Muhsen is a notorious criminal who has contributed nothing to this country except extreme criminality and violence.
Muhsen pictured third from left.

In 2011 he and his family were given a £6,000-a-month basement flat in a Victorian mansion block near Earls Court from the council.
After being put up in the luxurious apartment having taken asylum in the UK from Iraq, the family reportedly trashed their home and were evicted at Christmas for not paying their subsidised rent.
Muhsen, who was among those who turned over a supersave shop, was jailed for six and a half years for conspiracy to commit violent disorder and robbery.
The 16 men started a campaign of violence and disorder at in the Queensway shopping centre.
Judge Usha Karu said the two gangs had "put aside their differences in order to get together to perpetrate the more serious disorder which happened that night."
"The object was to take to the streets to cause chaos and damage and to loot," she said.
They looted a Gala casino, a branch of the shoe shop Office and a restaurant called Bumpkin before moving on to Mr. Haroon's shop and later, The Ledbury restaurant.
The raid at the two Michelin starred restaurant was captured on CCTV as a chef, armed with a rolling pin, tried to defend customers from the masked rioters.
After serving his sentence of six and a half years for his part in the crime he jumped bail during his trial for the prison officer attack at Maidstone Crown Court and a warrant for his arrest was issued.
CCTV footage of the attack on July 17, 2015, showed the prison officer leaning into Muhsen’s cell and then being propelled backward before collapsing on the floor.
“My hands had just made contact with his shoulder,” he told the jury.
“I got knocked back a fraction and then I pushed back.
“The last thing I can remember is being knocked unconscious.”
He suffered facial fractures and needed metal plates inserted.
Mr. Forster, who said he ran the prison for the governor during the day, said Muhsen, of Northolt, Middlesex, threatened other prisoners and spat at them.
He denied the charge but was convicted.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Tommy Robinson "London Is Falling Under Sadiq Khan"

Time to regulate Facebook

With the Founder of Facebook under investigation and him admitting they ban people with right wing views but encourage Left wing views by admitting the majority of people in silicon valley are Lefties surely the time has come to regulate Facebook to stop their Left Wing Propaganda the story below highlights the problem. Wonder how long it will be before I am banned?
Facebooks double standards.
What is it with social media, why do they not wish our voices to be heard, why do they not want the truth to be heard, why do they allow lies and evil to thrive while restricting the truth?
A team of Britain First Activists have been doing an experiment over the past couple of weeks.
We were axed from the platform for alleged breaches of Facebook’s community standards.
So, we thought we should put Facebook’s ‘Community Standards’ to the test. Are these standards applied equally or are they simply a tool, used to silence criticism of a certain religion?
We wanted to know if the same harsh penalties would be applied when dealing with offensive posts which glorify terrorism, mock Christians and other religions.
Our team of activists have been busy reporting all the pages and posts which we found offensive, over 100 posts and pages have now been reported.
The post below was published by one of these faceless ‘Troll’ pages, it is just one of a number of posts which references the resurrection of Jesus having been hammered (drunk) on Good Friday.
This is grossly offensive yet does not violate community standards!
You compare this to patriots who have received 30 day bans for quoting scriptures of the Quran, it is totally absurd!
On every occasion that we reported offensive content to Facebook, they replied to say that the mockery of our lord and saviour, the one true king is not against their community standard.
We have also reported numerous leftist pages claiming to be Britain First, using our logo and other official Britain First material.
We would like to make it clear to all our supporters: we do not have any Facebook pages at the moment, all pages in the movement’s name are completely fake!
Facebook have given Leftist trolls free reign to attack and slander the movement knowing we have no right of reply.
I’m sorry, but evil has prevailed over good for too long, the media and political establishment are pumping out the narrative that anyone who questions Islam is a ‘racist’, this is far from the truth!
Facebook cannot continue to trample on our rights and allow these ungodly trolls to win.
We need your help! We need to fight against the ‘Silicone Valley’ companies and their censorship of conservative views.
Its clear these social media giants, just like the mainstream media, have an agenda to silence all criticism of Islam, labeling everyone with concerns as ‘racists and fascists’.
On Paul and Jayda’s release they face even more charges, this time in relation to speeches they made in Belfast.
They are also set to fight the ‘Halal Food Authority’, we must fight these cases tooth and nail!
Martin, can we rely on your unwavering support to see this fight right through to the very end?
We must fight the injustices against our people, in true Britain First fashion we will confront those who are the enemy of the beleaguered British people.
Please keep our leaders in your prayers as they continue to be held as political prisoners. Locked-up 24 hours a day in segregation, unable to mix with the general population, because our prisons are jam-packed with Muslim criminals.
13,200 Muslims means Muslims are 15 percent of all prisoners but five percent of the British population.
The persecution of our leaders has failed, our activists are counting down the days until our leaders return to th

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Do we want War

I have been a Big Fan of Donald Trump he is doing a marvelous Job in the USA BUT this rhetoric he is doing with Russia and Syria is mind blowing and putting us on a possible World War 3 footing and he is supported by our ridiculous PM May. Now when Trump came into power I thought all this war mongering would stop but he may not be as bad as Obama, Clinton, Blair etc. but why is he and the UK getting involved in a Foreign conflict that is not our business, the previous Presidents and Tony Blair were all for Regime change and look what a disaster that was. This will not be like Iraq and Libya the Russians will retaliate.
What I find interesting most of the politicians, media, press are blaming Russia for the poisoning in Salisbury and now the Chemical attack in Syria but as of yet I have not seen any proof but I am one of those ignorant people who can not see the truth so I am told oh I also voted Brexit so of course I do not understand.
One thing is for sure it will not be the politicians children who go to war and get killed and for what? To brag about how tough they are, we do not back down. I hope the politicians listen to the people because we do not want a war

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