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Twitter Removed Me Forever

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Britain First attacked

You may not like Britain First and I have to admit I wasn't a Fan of their methods but no one can deny that they are not Political prisoners. The establishment forces have their orders and it seems one is not to protect them against the evils of Islam.Once again the Establishment and Government lackeys have made a mistake. The have made some Prisons Muslim extremist enclaves instead of separating them and they have  have made the Britain First Leaders into Martyrs with their membership growing. I expecting the growth of really extreme anti muslim groups and they will do no one any good BUT if it does happen it will be the Governments fault for not listening to the people

Nearly three weeks have passed since Paul’s unjust incarceration.
In this time, he has been attacked by Muslims in prison; this brutal assault was facilitated by the establishment.
On duty prison officers who have a duty of care to all prisoners in their custody were informed on two occasions before the attack that it was imminent.
The individuals involved had planned this attack, yet the people responsible for Paul’s safety sat idly by even though they were fully aware of the situation that was about to unfold.
Fortunately, Paul was not seriously injured or worse as his attackers had intended!
He has now been moved back into segregation for his own protection, where he has recovered well and is safe.
Paul’s safety comes at a price though as he is now being treated as if he is being punished for the attack on him, he has no access to T.V, etc. which other prisoners do.
On the plus side, this is giving Paul time to reflect and make plans for Britain First to further the progress of our movement.
His spirit is unbroken, and his heart is still on fire!
Paul’s unjust imprisonment and unfair treatment is not having the effect the state had planned.
Once again, they have massively underestimated the endurance and determination of Britain First!

Meeting The World's Most Notorious Imam

Meeting The World's Most Notorious Imam

IS Russia safe

I have just been on LBC Radio the reason why was that a Youth Band from London were to visit Moscow in August and asked peoples opinion on whether it is safe to go. My answer was YES I have been travelling to Russia since the late 1980’s participating, coaching in Russian Sambo in later years as President British Sambo Federation. In that time I have never met any hostility from Russian Samboist or Russian people in fact I felt safer in Moscow and St Petersburg then in London. In the Soviet Union Days things were somewhat restricted but since Russia has become a Democratic Country there has been a massive change, I have never been restricted where I went in fact Russia is not a lot different to other Western Countries accept they have less crime and are restrictive who enters the country which is not a problem for the genuine traveller.

The present situation could affect the travel arrangements of the British Team and could restrict Russian Players competing in the President Cup to be held in Northern Ireland in September. I like most people in the country including the Government do not really know who planted the Gas to injure the Russian Traitors. Yet I find it difficult to believe that if Putin wanted to Kill these people he would have been more subtle and more efficient. One thing is for sure we will never find out the truth If Putin done it, which I doubt he will never admit to it and May, is wrong she will never admit to it. So the Anti Russian Rhetoric will continue putting us at the very least in a Cold War at worst a real war and for What? The unsuccessful murder of Two Russian Traitors, could the real reason be to take our eye of Brexit? Or am I stretching that to far maybe but no bigger stretch then to accuse Putin with out substantial proof just conjecture

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