Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Global Warning & THE PLAN

2008 is the global 10th coldest year since records began in 1850 (source WMO).

Why do I make that statement? I believe GLOBAL WARMING is an excuse to Tax the hilt out of all us and politicians along side their bureaucrats refuse to tell us the truth. Roger Helmer MEP has written alternative article in the “The European Journal” (http://www.europeanfoundation.org/) he brings up the problem of Wind Electricity which will be 14% dearer, its environmental benefits are debatable and in some cases where they dig up peat bogs to erect these monstrosities they release more carbon so that any net carbon benefit from the wind farm is lost. If you go to his web site you will find video speech he gives on the subject which is well worth a look.

My main thrust is one Politicians very rarely, if ever, listen to the voters if they did three things would have happened 1) Hanging would be brought back 2) we would have left the EU 3) There would be more prisons with longer sentences, I personally do not agree with hanging but on every occasion they have a survey a large % vote for its return. Our Government and Parliament treat us like retarded children who do not understand anything, when I was a councillor many years ago I asked a leading politician “was it his job to represent the views of his constituents” his answer was “NO” he maintained it was his duty to do what was best for his constituents. What arrogance best meant what he considered best is that democracy?

Democracy to me is when the Majority decide our destiny. So how can our system of Government be called a Democracy? At the last election 47% of the population voted from that 47%, 37% voted Nu Labour the government of today, a government who has overall majority and can not be voted down. That is to say approx 17% of the population voted for our present Government to me that is a dictatorship, what if we changed to Proportional Representation or made voting compulsory that may make Parliament look different but it still puts total power in the hands of MP’s for a maximum of 5 years with the people having no say in between and the EU is the Ultimate Democratic Dictatorship instead of our Leaders getting power via the Gun they get it by the voting system either way the ordinary man is powerless.

I have but given up on this country and resigned myself that the UK had Europe had slipped into a Kid Glove dictatorship which will eventually implode either by violent revolution or by the corruption of the system itself, that has already started with the credit crunch but I had some cheer when I purchased a book The Plan: Twelve months to renew Britain
by Douglas CarswellDaniel Hannan
The British state is failing. The government has taken more than £1.2 trillion in additional taxation since 1997, yet still fails to discharge its primary functions competently. Our schoolchildren compare dismally with their contemporaries in other countries; our healthcare system is likelier to kill its charges than any other in the EU; we have the highest prison population in Europe and one of the highest crime rates; we have lost control of our borders; our transport infrastructure is overloaded. The current financial crisis, exacerbated by Britain's indebtedness and by the high spending of the quango state, is just the latest manifestation of a deeper malfunction.
The book goes on to suggest the following:

Scrapping all MPs' expenses except those relating to running an office and travel from the constituency

Selecting candidates through open primaries

Local and national referendums

"People's Bills", to be placed before Parliament if they attract a certain number of signatures

Placing the police under locally elected Sheriffs, who would also set local sentencing guidelines (I wrote suggesting the same thing many months ago)

Appointing heads of quangos, senior judges and ambassadors through open hearings rather than prime ministerial patronage

Devolving to English counties and cities all the powers which were devolved to Edinburgh under the 1998 Scotland Act

Placing social security, too, under local authorities

Making councils self-financing by scrapping VAT and replacing it with a Local Sales Tax

Allowing people to pay their contributions into personal healthcare accounts, with a mandatory insurance component

Letting parents opt out of their Local Education Authority, carrying to any school the financial allocation that would have been spent on their child

Replacing EU membership with a Swiss-style bilateral free trade accord

Requiring all foreign treaties to be ratified by Parliament

Scrapping the Human Rights Act withdrawing from the ECHR and guaranteeing parliamentary legislation against judicial activism

A "Great Repeal Bill" to annul unnecessary and burdensome laws

Now this looks like democracy “For the People by the People” the book can be purchased on Amazon, I hope you all read it but more importantly I hope our Politicians read it

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is Prof David Gilborn a Racist?

Last Sunday ( December 28th) there was a programme on Radio 4 where Henry Bonsu investigates current debates about class and poverty in education policy, in the light of calls by Trevor Phillips, head of the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights, for Britain's white working class children to receive special educational funding, alongside other underachieving minorities. The programme was quite enlightening as I expected a diatribe about racist white people and we must feel sorry for our ethnic brothers. This was not the case it was interesting programme about trying to get children to achieve, although race was mentioned on the whole it was not in a racist manner until we heard from Professor David Gilborn who said the following “White identity has only been destructive and violent” he went on to say that to encourage Whiteness is a time bomb, a disaster waiting to happen. This Professor racist views about white people is a disgrace, his views on the Police Force left a lot to be desired as well, it seems that the BBC pander to these extremist and never give an alternative view.

Listen to the programme go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00fzw11


Good Bye 2008 Thank God

I can honestly say that 2008 has been the worst year I have ever experienced why?
1) Lost my wallet losing several hundreds of pounds
2) Turned my Caravan over on the motorway nearly losing my life along side my wife
3) Insurance company refusing to pay out because they maintain I did not inform them of a change of Address.
4) Complained to Ombudsman in July still waiting for a decision
5) Damage to car £4700 Insurance paid approx £600 still awaiting a further £1700 some hope
6) Joint Replacement operation cancelled in May 24 hours before operation 2nd cancellation in 3
Years have been waiting nearly 6 years for operation,
7) New appointment given to see consultant in October agrees to do operation Pre assessment
Check 19th November cancelled till 28th November cancelled again till early part of December
Eventually given December 30th
8) Had flu jab but still got Flu
9) Can not walk more the 20 yards with out Knee pain and now keeps me awake at night


Monday, December 22, 2008

Fat Cats Banker, City Spivs and Nu Labour

Who wants to live in Nu Labour UK

My wife runs a small HMO 4 Bedsits over the year she earns approx £9000 plus £1455 Senior Citizen Pension obviously out of this she has to pay expenses Gas, water, electric plus sundries. Not a massive amount, yet she has just been clobbered with a £1451.55p tax bill so all her pension has gone to fund Gordon Browns Coffers. One wonders why she bothers with the Bedsits she just as well shut down 2 make the occupants homeless and not pay any Tax, this will not happen because she has a conscience. Something Gordon Brown does not have , will he be bailing out all those who will lose their houses because they can no longer afford the mortgages NO but he is happy to Bail out Banks who along with him and his government are responsible for the mess we are in, the same Bank executives who earn in a week what my wife does in a year and will Gordon and his ministers plus all the MP’s suffer because of the credit crunch NO they will still get their salaries, their perks, their expenses and when they retire they will get their index linked pensions, oh and we must not forget all those Civil Servants who have guaranteed jobs for life at inflated pay. I was returning from St Petersburg Russia I had attended the World Sambo Championships (paid for by myself) and I overheard some Civil servants who had been to the City for a fact finding mission boasting because of the credit crunch they going to have a cheap Christmas. Next year you will see more and more people homeless, there will be more family break ups, crime will increase, more suicides all because of greedy incompetent bankers and a Government who was not prepared and did not save for the future.
Maybe I can make a suggestion every homeowner who can not afford the mortgage repayments should be allowed to hand back their house to the Mortgage Company with no penalty and then the mortgage company will allow them to stay at a reasonable rent. This will allow the occupants to live in a house they have built up, plus prevent a family breakdown, the mortgage company would be a winner because they now own the house and are collecting an income on the property and in 5 or 6 years time when the value of the house goes to what is owed they can sell it back to the owner. The original owner becomes a tenant and could be illegible for Housing Benefit which would be paid for by National Government not local Councils at least this way Nu Labour could be helping the ordinary working man rather then lining the pockets of Banking and City Spivs.

Martin Clarke East Street Sittingbourne

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home Information Packs a Waste of Time


Date: 15th December 2008
Release date: Immediate
Subject: Swale’s property market hit even harder

Local Conservative Candidate, Gordon Henderson, says he is worried that Government action is harming Swale’s already seriously depressed housing market.

Mr Henderson’s comments follow an announcement by the Government that Home Information Pack (HIPs) regulations will be tightened, pushing up the costs for those Swale’s residents who are trying to sell their home. This will include forcing town halls to become more aggressive in issuing fines for breaching the burdensome rules. Home Information Packs became compulsory for all homes on 14 December 2007.

Government research into HIPs has recently found that there is minimal public knowledge and interest in HIPs; that the industry thinks they are a waste of time; that they duplicate costs and that buyers are not bothering to consult HIPs; yet bizarrely the Government has announced the following changes:-

· Heavy-handed fines: Town halls will be instructed to “identify specific cases of non-compliance and enforce the requirements”. This raises the prospect that Kent County Council will be forced to start fining Swale home owners £200 a time if they do not follow the rules.

· Making it more difficult to advertise your home: From April 2009, the Government is cancelling the “first day marketing” provisions. These allow sellers to place their home on the market if a HIP has been ordered, but has not yet been completed. The cancellation will be mean that sellers will have to wait longer before they can put their home on the market. They will be fined if they advertise their property without a HIP.

· Gold-plating the Packs: The time to complete a Pack will increase, as sellers must personally fill out a detailed new ‘Property Information Questionnaire’ as part of the Home Information Pack. Yet this will be of little interest to buyers, who will instinctively treat information provided by the seller with a touch of scepticism.

Mr Henderson said:
‘I am deeply worried about the local housing market. You only have to look in our local newspapers to see the crisis engulfing Swale. There are fewer houses for sale than I can ever remember and the value has plummeted for those that are advertised.

‘Not only are home owners being hit, but estate agents and local newspapers, who rely on property advertising for their survival, are going through a really tough time.

‘Information Packs have already harmed the market and discouraged sellers. The last thing Swale needs is the prospect of heavy-handed fines being levied on home owners.

‘The housing market is on its knees and Labour’s response is to make it more difficult and expensive to sell your home. That is absolute madness.

‘I honestly believe ministers should suspend HIPs. Such action would provide a shot in the arm to Swale’s ailing market, which is why I welcome the commitment by David Cameron that he will scrap Home Information Packs altogether if he becomes Prime Minister.’

Notes to Editors

Home Information Packs became compulsory for all homes in England & Wales on 14 December 2007. The Government’s latest plans for Home Information Packs were announced on 8 December 2008.


Parliamentary Questions have compelled Ministers to publish opinion research into Home Information Packs provided by polling firm GFK NOP, at a cost of £60,000. Almost 4,000 buyers, sellers and estate agents across the country were surveyed. It shows:

Alarm over the worsening economy and rising cost of living: The report reveals:
· “Uncertainty and lack of confidence in economy and housing market was top of mind for buyers and sellers” (p.6).
· “Economic concern felt across South, Midlands and North: Caution – fear of negative equity; concern over ability to repay; Concern regarding economic climate, impact now being felt; recession anticipated; cost of everyday living increasing” (p.8).

Minimal public knowledge and interest in HIPs:
· “Amongst buyers and sellers: awareness, knowledge and understanding of HIPs poor; lack of engagement, experience and interest in the HIPs process” (p.6).
· “Superficial awareness of HIPS; minimal knowledge and understanding; not sufficiently aware / interested enough to ask to see HIP; rarely shown HIP; not seeing advantages of seller paying; In London, concern over HIP cost when selling property in future” (p.11).
· “Dismissive: don’t see purpose… Neither buyers or sellers are proactively enquiring about HIPs” (p.13).

Packs are a waste of time:
· “[Amongst estate agents] Attitude: resigned… Majority perceive no benefit / tend to be negative / waste of time” (p.15).
· “Estate agents struggled to think of positive comments about HIPS” (p.17).

Buyers not consulting HIPs:
· “First time buyers: Little knowledge / indifferent… Buyers and sellers: More knowledge / dismissive… Estate agents: High understanding / resigned” (p.19).
· “Buyers/first time buyers: Majority not offered to see HIP; majority not asked to look at HIP; seen as … long, boring, technical” (p.21).

Duplicating costs
· “Estate agents… Concern over houses being on market for an extended length of time and HIP becoming out of date before sale agreed” (p.26).
· “Portability of HIPs raises potential problems… Sellers may have to pay for multiple HIPs, if they change estate agents” (p.34).

Full HIPs presentation: http://www.conservatives.com/pdf/SecretHIPsResearch.pdf


· The independent Carsberg Review in June warned that HIPs were the “worst of both worlds”, adding to red tape and costs, but not providing reliable information. It warned that they were duplicating costs, since “a substantial number of conveyancers ignore its existence and recommission searches on receiving instructions from their buyer client”.

RICS, Sir Bryan Carsberg’s Review of Residential Property, June 2008, p.42.

· In May, property firm MDA estimated that over half of all buyers' solicitors ignore the HIPs searches and commission their own “to maintain due diligence for their client” and make up for the deficiencies in the HIP – much of the search information is voluntary, meaning the seller has no financial incentive to pay to include potentially negative information about the property.

MDA Press Release, 22 May 2008.

· The Council of Mortgage Lenders requires mortgage lenders to ensure that a search is not more than six months old at completion. Hence, any search in a HIP practically has an extremely short shelf-life, requiring buyers to commission their own, even if they did trust the selective information in the HIP. In a falling market, when it is takes longer to sell a home, this is a particular problem.

· Analysis of the Government's own ‘area trials’ of the Packs, shows that a mere 8% of home buyers felt that HIPs had sped up the home buying process. Three-quarters of buyers felt that the Pack had no effect on their decision on what home to buy. The research by Ipsos-MORI reveals that buyers' solicitors felt that HIPs' “quality could not be trusted” and failed to offer buyers “sufficient protection”. This survey research was suppressed by embarrassed Government Ministers for months.

DCLG, Home Information Pack Area Trials - Research Report, March 2008.

· HIPs increase the cost of moving home, acting as a disincentive to sell. Ministers were warned by Oxford Economic Forecasting back in 2006 that HIPs would deter sellers and curtail the number of housing transactions, harming the economy (OEF, The Impact of Home Information Packs, 27 June 2006).


IS Womens Hour Propaganda for Womens Lib?

I quite often listen to the Radio, I like current affairs programmes and telephone call in programs like the A.M production of TalkSport , mind you the latter programme has become really tame now that presenter John Gaunt was sacked for voicing his opinion so much for free speech. On Saturday I switched on a Review of the weeks “Women’s Hour” my first thought I can not listen to this but am glad I did.

First we had a Top American lady who was on John McCain’s Presidential Team a Carly Feriman (not sure of the spelling) she was asked whether women still had an up hill struggle when it cam to top jobs, she replied yes but instead of making excuses and condemning men she went on to say “So I had to work harder” Her best reply was “You want the best people for the job no matter what packaging it comes in” now there is a women to respect but I must add caveat: Could it be that some women are not good enough for the job? One thing she mentioned that business deals are done in Lap dancing Clubs and she felt it degrading that as women she was expected to attend clients at these venues, I think it is degrading for anyone to attend a place like this and the tax man she should not allow this type of cooperate entertainment as a legitimate tax deduction

Next came a piece featuring Rachel Cooke a reporter from the Observer, she was beside herself that 30% of women between 15 & 30 thought that women should stay at home and look after their home worse still 40% of all women said the same thing she felt flummoxed! I personally thought the figure would have or should have been higher. Then some other women complained it was taken for granted that women should look after children, she then inferred why men could not do it instead. Maybe she has never heard of the bond between Mother and Child something a man will never replace, a child needs it mother at those young years not a nanny. What annoyed me most was that I took this as insult to my own wife, I have been married for 38 years in that time we have had 3 children, 5 grandchildren, a nice house, a good business renting property and all of this has been done as a partnership (not the soppy name for people who live together and will not marry) a true partnership. The strength of our partnership was we both worked to our strengths my wife is an excellent home maker, mother and grandmother while I have a better eye for business, without the others strength we would not have succeeded. On many occasions her skills in being a homemaker has helped in the business.

The next was the funniest they had some of the Greenham Common women on, for those who can not remember them they were a bunch of women who lived in make do shelters for years around USA Cruise missile base at Greenham Common 25 years ago, their idea was to stop the Cruise Missiles with the hope that war would stop and mankind could live in peace. A worthy ideal and peaceful protest is a good thing but to stay for years and having the ignominy of failing is something else. Cruise Missiles were eventually removed from Greenham because of the collapse of the Soviet Union and Communism, the threat of the missiles helped do that, whether the collapse of the Soviet Union and all the problems that have gone with it, is for the betterment of mankind is for history to decide. Policing these women cost millions of pounds money which could have been spent on far better things. The funny part was when an archaeologist came on stating that they were excavating the site? after only 25 years. I expect they have even got a government grant for this important fact finding mission into our history so they can understanding the people of that era? Dare I make a suggestion that they look at TV reports, listen to archive radio talk to the people who were there. Yet they did have one interesting find it seems this strange tribe of women had different camps and one was for vegans, at the vegan camp they found an empty milk bottle! Could it have left by the Vegan Tribe or could it have been tossed out of a car window? Finally one of the Greenham Common women bragged how she stopped there for 5 years, where did she get the money to eat? THE DOLE who knows and to bring up children in those conditions was at best irresponsible, where were the Social Services when they are really needed
It was interesting to listen but once again a typical BBC programme with no balance

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Thursday, December 11, 2008

common sense

So the German Treasury Minister now agrees with David Cameron that when your in debt you pay of your debt by not spending COMMON SENSE one would have thought

Yet Gordon Brown tells us that we should spend spend IDIOT Of course he then tells the Germans they do not know what they are doing and the rest of the countries agree with him. Is that the rest of these countries who supposedly got us into this mess in the first place so their record is far from sound! Time for a change around.

Why is that Switzerland which is independent from all the various groups i.e. EU & USA and is very small country yet their economy grew by 3.1% last year and is expected to grow even more next year. So why Cannot GB and island Nation do exactly the same some hope their are to many people who are on the EU gravy train for that to happen

Monday, December 08, 2008

Pubs can Claim


Date: 7th December 2008
Release date: Immediate
Subject: Swale’s pubs could claim rate relief – but don’t know it!

Local Parliamentary Candidate, Gordon Henderson, this week warned that local pubs are being denied business rate cuts by the Government. Pub landlords could be paying thousands of pounds over the odds in tax, but are being kept in the dark by Government tax inspectors who want to avoid paying out tax refunds.

Mr Henderson’s warning follows a revelation earlier this year that tax inspectors were hiding the fact that hundreds of thousands of homes could be paying too much council tax. The tax officials kept quiet about the information to save money and save face.

· Five pubs closing every day: The British Beer & Pub Association has estimated that pubs are now closing at the rate of 36 a week - five a day and a number of local licensees have complained about a dramatic fall in income. Pubs are paying a heavy price for the smoking ban, fragile consumer confidence, higher beer taxes and increased competition from supermarkets.

· Government guidance on taxing pubs: Parliamentary Questions have brought to light unpublished internal guidance by the Valuation Office Agency (an arm of HM Revenue & Customs) on how local firms should be charged business rates. It admits that they have been giving out the wrong advice to firms on the effect of the smoking ban. Until recently, tax inspectors refused to give any business rate reduction for the loss of custom due to the ban. Their latest guidance now admits – thanks to advice from top lawyers – that the smoking ban represents a ‘material change’. Pubs can use this to make a claim for a lower ‘rateable value’ and so cut their yearly rates bill. For example, a £5,000 reduction in rateable value would save publicans £2,300 a year in tax.

· Local firms kept in the dark: Pubs can only apply for this tax cut if they make an appeal and fill out complex paperwork. The Government has made no announcement about potential refunds to local pubs across England and Wales.

Mr Henderson said:
‘Local pubs are a vital part of our social fabric and community life. Whilst big pub chains may be making money out of Labour’s new drinking laws, small everyday pubs are suffering from the combined onslaught of higher beer taxes, a weakening economy, supermarkets selling alcohol below cost price and the smoking ban.

‘Whatever people’s views on the smoking ban, it has had a major impact on many pubs. The Government’s own tax inspectors have now admitted that pubs may be eligible for refunds on their business rates, but Swale’s pub owners are being intentionally kept in the dark about this U-turn. This is yet another tax cover-up from the same inspectors who have conspired to hide council tax errors.

‘The least the Government could do is let people know when they can legitimately claim rate relief. Business rates are the third biggest cost to local firms after rent and staff costs. ’

Any local publican who wants more information can contact Mr Henderson on 01795 665251.
Notes to Editors – see below


Parliamentary Questions by Conservatives have forced the Government to publish its previously secret guidance on the effect of the smoking ban, and how premises should be rated for business rates.

“Mr. Pickles: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer if he will place in the Library a copy of the Valuation Office Agency’s non-domestic rating guidance, RAT IA, as amended to include advice on the smoking ban.

Mr. Timms: A copy of the Valuation Office Agency’s Rating Instruction and Advice reference 260106, which was updated to include advice on the Smoking Ban in June 2008, has been placed in the Library.”

Hansard, 28 October 2008, col. 888W.

Full document: http://www.parliament.uk/deposits/depositedpapers/2008/DEP2008-2542.pdf

Unlike council tax, business rates are based on the ‘rateable value’ of the property. For every pound that this rateable value is increased, the final business rates bill will be increased by 46% (the ‘multiplier’).

The Valuation Office Agency will consider a change in a firm’s rateable value if there has been a ‘material change of circumstance’. This guidance outlines to what extent the smoking ban constitutes such a material change:

“It was not considered that this change [the smoking ban] could constitute a MCC [material change of circumstance] and earlier versions of this advice reflected this. Advice from counsel now shows this view to be wrong that the ban on smoking can be a matter affecting the physical enjoyment of a hereditament” (Valuation Office Agency, MCCs and physical manifest, para 5.14)

“The previous CEO advice was that the ban does not represent a matter affecting the physical enjoyment of the public house because it can still be physically enjoyed as a public house. Smoking being merely an incidential activity by customers and not something which went to the heart of the beneficial use of a public house which would be the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises. However counsel advises that this is not the test.” (para 5.16)

“Given the ban affects the physical enjoyment of the premises, it would seem to follow that whilst it does not affect the physical state of other properties, i.e. those in the locality, it must, as if affects the physical enjoyment of the premises also be physically manifest there. In considering smoking ban proposals, VOs [valuation officers] need to envisage what rent would be have been paid for the hereditament at the AVD [original valuation date] assuming the ban was then in place affecting both the subject premises and other premises “ (para 5.18).

“Proposals citing the ban on smoking should be re-examined to see if they satisfy the general requirement for validity (including sufficient wording to identify the nature and date of the change, and, if so, it is recommended invalidity notices should now be withdrawn allowing discussions to proceed with a view to resolving the proposals” (para 5.19)

Hence, if a pub’s rateable value was decreased by, say, £5,000 due to the effect of the smoking ban, then the business rates bill would fall by £2,300 a year.

The British Beer & Pub Association has warned that pubs are now closing at the rate of 36 a week (BBPA press release, 8 September 2008).


Earlier this year, it was revealed that Labour Ministers and the Valuation Office Agency were intentionally hiding council tax banding errors to save money and save face. The delayed council tax revaluation exercise flagged up that many homes were currently wrongly banded and are paying over the odds (so-called ‘consequentials’). These errors could be corrected without a revaluation (as already happens if someone actively makes a council tax appeal).

Yet Ministers covered up this information – as the Government would lose money and have to pay tax refunds, and since it would generate “adverse press coverage” for Labour “in the current climate”. Blacked-out minutes, uncovered by Conservatives, explained:

“MJ questioned what action should be taken by Groups on consequentials identified following data enhancement. Concern was expressed about the possible knock on implications for billing authorities and adverse press coverage this could generate in the current climate. Action Point – TE to establish potential numbers involved with GVOs. Action will then be agreed with ODPM and Ministers”. (This item has been redacted, as it remains an ongoing policy issue).

Valuation Office Agency's Council Tax Revaluation Programme Board (England) of 22 November 2005.

Obtained via Hansard, 19 February 2008, col. 613W.


There must be an election soon as the NUlabour government have just announced 2 policy statements which make sense. Jack Straw the person who brought us the HUMAN RIGHTS act has now realised it doesn’t work and has decided to try and change it to incorporate a HUMAN RESPONSIBILITY clause and they also have decided to clamp down on giving Council house to immigrants, they will have to wait 10 years. When will these reforms be introduced your guess is as good as mine NEVER I expect.

We are in recession due to two factors 1) The government did not put enough by for a rainy day 2) It is global problem. If we accept the latter why are there rumours flying about instigated by government sources that we are going into the Euro and accepting the EU Constitution. Surely the lesson learnt has been that we have been too reliant on outsiders i.e. USA and EU, to get out of this mess we must look to ourselves start becoming more self sufficient, start clawing back our utilities from foreign ownership etc Yes put GB before any other country.

The Banking crisis is built on greed and inefficiency and what do Government throughout the World do Reward those who started the Problem , you will not see One banker, Government Minister, MP, MEP or civil servant go with out this Christmas, the public should think of that when they sit down for the Christmas Dinner some for the last time in the house they are in.