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Islamic extremism in Britain

 Interesting Item taken from Social Media

The situation with regards to Islamic extremism in Britain is terrifying and getting worse.
Britain has the third-largest Muslim population in the EU, after France, then Germany.
The growth of Britain's Muslim population is due to immigration, high birth rates and conversions to Islam.
Sharia Courts administering Islamic justice in Britain are run by clerics who believe some offenders should have their hands chopped off.
More than 100,000 British Muslims sympathise with suicide bombers and people who commit other terrorist acts, according to a recent 615-page survey.
Only one in three British Muslims (34%) would contact the police if they believed that somebody close to them had become involved with radical Islam.
In addition, 23% of British Muslims said Islamic Sharia law should replace British law in areas with large Muslim populations.
Belmarsh maximum-security prison in London has become ‘like a jihadi training camp,’ according to testimony from a former inmate.
The government was recently accused of burying a report on prison extremism, which warned that staff have been reluctant to tackle Islamist behaviour for fear of being labelled ‘racist.’
Residents in Manchester recently received leaflets in their mailboxes from a Muslim group called ‘Public Purity’ calling for a public ban on dogs.
Voter fraud has been deliberately overlooked in Muslim communities because of ‘political correctness,’ according to a government report.
Reports of links between Islamic charities and terrorism or extremism surged to a record high, according to the Charity Commission.
Azad Ali, an Islamist who has said that he supports killing British soldiers, was named a director of Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend), a controversial Muslim pressure group which advises the British government.
Ali said that the jihadist attack at Westminster on March 22, 2017 was not an act of terrorism.
These recent events are just the tip of the iceberg.
Islamic extremism in Britain is reaching horrific proportions!

Muslim outside Parliament want to behead Geert

I have reported the Hate Crime to the following Agency

The first Clip shows a group of Muslim Men outside Parliament demanding the Dutchman Geert Wilders be sent out of Parliament so they can deal with him, they have said they want to behead him because he is Anti Islam.
They next is a Blackman who has been threatend Tommy Morrison and his Family he wants to knife Tommy and kill his family

I doubt whether anything will be done simply because both these men are so called right-wingers who continually warn us against the threat of Islam. Our Politically Correct Police and Political elite in the House of Commons and unelected House of Lords want to avoid upsetting the Muslim Community which accounts for just 5 million in GB the other 60 million are not Muslim. It seems Right wing personnel who are making us aware of the dangers of Islam and they not just white Christian men they are people of all religions and faiths are Collateral damage. It is time the establishment woke up to the fact that everyone should be treated equally

Tommy Robinson added a new video.
Ask yourselves why the police never arrest anyone for threatening to kill me or my family. Yet people are arrested everyday under hate speech laws if they say Anything remotely racist. Being “islamophobic” warrants arrest yet Muslims threatening to kill children doesn’t . The police have literally given people free reign to promote hate & attacks against me & my family .

Married 48 years today

Married Valerie at the RC Church of the Sacred Heart January 31st 1970

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Transgender/Lesbian/Homosexual Clubs now at School

I recently spoke to a friend of mine about his daughter; she is about 12 years old. It seems that in her school they have a club for Youngsters who think they are Homosexual, Lesbian transgender, his daughter is sensible and her parents are the same. So when she comes in says her mate has issues about what sex she is her parents say “If you have a Penis you are male if you have vagina you are Female” quite a logical answer one would have thought but NO our Left wing Snowflake teachers believe it is more fundamental then that and any child must decide their Gender no matter what nature has decided? One wonders if they understand the children they are teaching do they not realise the bodily change from Child to Adult is a very difficult one especially with the hormone imbalance. These clubs can do a lot of damage by trying to convince children they are something they are not.  Every week one of her friends changes her mind about being a lesbian I will be honest at 12 years of age I did not know there was such a thing like Lesbians and Homosexual, I thought everyone was like my Mum and Dad. I am told we have moved on to a modern World leaving the 1950/60’s behind us not to sure it is an advancement especially when you here about a 5 year old boy in the Town being dressed as a girls because his mother thinks he should have been born a girl and what about those parents who are taking their children through a sex change stating their young child wanted it. Well what does a 9 year old really know? What if when they become adults they realise it was a mistake and they wanted to be the sex nature intended, will they then sue their parents. One thing is for sure there will be a lot of Young Adults with psychological problems and all because of a Snowflake Fad.

Interestingly a man in the USA claims age transfer he is a 49-year-old man but he feel like a 13 years old and believe it his human right to be considered a 13 years old, Trans man to women are preparing to have a womb transplant (wonder where they get the womb from) it seems they are having problems making the Trans Women to Man new Penis becoming a sexual organ mind you could they not transplant the Men who want to become women Penis to a Women who want s become a man? That’s an idea could a Women who wants to become a man not transplant her Womb? I have no objections to Adult wanting to change sex that is their choice BUT Children NO it is interesting that according to figures 50 children a week are seeking the possibility of changing sex NOW is it their choice or their parents making the decision? Another interesting fact is that just 0.03% is transgender in the UK and Just 2% are Homosexual, Lesbian or Bisexual it is marvellous that such a small minority can have such an effect on our Parliament and Establishment. Modern Day Doctors are becoming like Frankenstein one wonders where it will end will we soon be doing away with Men and Women and just have a human being that is one sex that can reproduce itself like the Amoeba?

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Tommy Robinson asks anti-Brexit marchers "easy" questions

Tommy Robinson: Ali Dawah Doxing Me Risks Innocent Lives

Jayda Fransen Guilty

Jayda Fransen Guilty: Britain First Deputy Leader Convicted Of Religiously Aggravated Harassment
Jayda Fransen has been found guilty of wearing a uniform with political objectives and religiously aggravated harassment. A court in Luton heard how the deputy leader of Britain First hurled abuse at a Muslim woman wearing a hijab while brandishing a white cross in front of the woman’s four young children. Facebook Jayda Fransen speaking in front of footage of herself brandishing a cross Fransen escaped a possible six-month jail term but was ordered to pay a total of £1,920 in fines and court costs and was issued a restraining order against the main witness in the case.

This result pleased all the Political Establishment and Left Wing Snowflakes justice has been served against those horrible Anti Islamic Britain First BUT has it? Jayda is not a particular nice women in my opinion she very aggressive, loud and opinionated. Instead of screaming at these women with all the insults she should have just quoted the Quran, which would substantiate all her points. There used to be a saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” not quite true because some words are very painful BUT we getting to the point where you can't say a derogatory remark about anything and if you do you will be taken to court. Interestingly at this particular incident many Muslims were shouting Raciest remarks about White people and anti Christian remarks yet none were arrested? The other thing with this case is there is another saying “let the punishment fit the crime” British woman Natasha Simpkins along with her boyfriend Michael Bowes were told by the court that Van Hasselt was personally involved in setting fire bombs which destroyed sports cars and other vehicles belonging to employees of companies linked to Cambridge-based Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), which runs Europe’s largest animal-testing laboratory. Their aim was to put HLS out of business by harassing supply companies into cutting ties with it. The campaign also included the desecration of a grave and theft of an urn belonging to the mother of one employee, she got a 2 year suspended sentence? So was Jayda sentence fair?
Lets be honest our Judicial System, Police service and Parliament are in a mess, the Police now do not attend burglaries on many occasions just give you a crime number, Senior Police office said today that Shop Lifting is a problem for the shop keeper not the Police. As for MP's there was democratic vote for us to leave the EU yet our MP's are actively trying to reverse the decision of the people
Piers Morgan referred to Britain First as "a bunch of racists [and] fascists" as he asked the US president why he shared three of her tweets in November in an interview for Good Morning Britain. This was complete lie Britain First are not racist they accept anyone into their organisation but are they Fascist a term used readily by the Media and people like Morgan? so here is the definition of the word
A fascist is a follower of a political philosophy characterized by authoritarian views and a strong central government — and no tolerance for opposing opinions. Fascist traces to the Italian word fascio, meaning "group, bundle." Under fascist rule, the emphasis is on the group — the nation — with few individual rights. Is That Britain First that’s for you to decide to me it sounds more like the EU

People will say I support Britain First? Well I don’t I think their antagonistic methods just alienate themselves what is more important that they alienate the message that Islam can be a threat to this Country, our freedom and Democracy. Britain First are the result of the Political Class and establishment Press/Media not acknowledging the dangers of Islam, if they continue with their denial organisation like Britain First will continue to grow and that is not good for our country

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Meet the REAL Housewives of ISIS

Tommy Robinson Responds to Lily Allen

Reply to Polatician/ Death threats to Tommy Robinson

At the bottom I sent an email to all of you and various Politicians as expected most did not reply accept one and his reply is below. I have not named him simply because this is not about an individual it is about the system he and others support. He insults Tommy Robinson but says nothing about the fact he has had Hundreds of Death threats and the Police do nothing have a look at this video clip and then read on
It’s about time Bedfordshire police done something about threats to kill my children

Politicians reply

In my view Tommy Robinson is a deeply unpleasant individual with a long history of inciting racial hatred. Whilst the video seems to show him acting innocently in the restaurant, it does not make clear what led up to the police being called in the first place. I thought the police acted politely and with respect. With regards to making a complaint, my only suggestion would be to write to the chief constable of Bedfordshire police.

Whilst writing, I should point out that I think that Britain First and the English Defence League are dangerous racist groups that deserve only our contempt. 

My reply
Like the rest of the Political Establishments you make the mistake of calling these organisation and this individual Racist which they are not. They are against Islam which is a religion not a race Britain First has people from many Races in its organisation as for Tommy Robinson he also has many friends from different races. Also Tommy Robinson is no longer associated with the EDL. Of Course you make the excuse I do not know what happened before the Tommy Robinson Video but ask yourself what can he do with his very young children with him? As for the Police they were intimidating and threatening and did he need that amount of Police to chase them out of town? The Police are the instrument of the Political Class who are hounding this organisations and individual it seems free speech is allowed for the Left and Islamic groups. Tommy Robinson particular is warning the People of the UK of the dangers of Islam something you and the Political class are not doing but what is more important is he is showing that we are moving to a Police state where the wishes of the people are being ignored a prime example of this is Brexit where the Political Elite are trying their best to stop us leaving. I intend putting this on my blog as I believe the Country needs to see the opinion of our elected representatives. Finally before I am investigated by the Police for being Racist and anti Islam I do not belong to Britain First and I do not particularly believe in some of their confrontational methods but I do have a lot of respect for Tommy Robinson as he brings out into the Open what the establishment wants to hide, you really must read his book "Why Muslims Kill for Islam" and does either of these two encourage violence or Death to their adversary NO can that be said of other religious and political groups?

Watch this video and tell me we are living in a Police state Look how many Police Officers are there to Harass One man and his family, They claim he being asked to leave because he might cause violence what with his children? Even the Manager of the Pub said he and his family have been no trouble, then when he does leave they intimidate him by following him not one Copper but many when ask why he is being followed he is told it was for his own safety yet earlier on he was accused of maybe being violent. I have lost all faith in the Police they are bullies and lackeys of the Political Class. Can you blame Tommy for getting angry with them and why are they harassing him? He has been a leading critic of the Islamic Culture taking over the Political Elite

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Evil Islam

A Friend sent me this link just Listen to this evil Islamic scholar and then see how two people are being prosecuted in this country  because they belong to a Right Wing Party who opposes Islam yet they are a legal political party and why are the PC Police prosecuting? Its for 'harassing' a gang of convicted migrant child rapists in Ramsgate. You may not like the organisation but what an excuse to bring them to courts and you can put money on the fact the Establishment will win and I expect they will be imprisoned along side the rapist. There is certainty something wrong with country as more and more we are becoming an authoritarian country like the old USSR



Facebook Jan 24

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Lords Again Struggle With A Simple Question On Islam

This an interesting article worth a read

WATCH: Noble Lords Again Struggle With A Simple Question On Islam

Lord Ahmed of Wimbledon responding to Lord Pearson in House of Lords
Lord Ahmed of Wimbledon responding to Lord Pearson in House of Lords

Once again the almost sole voice of reason in the UK’s House of Lords on Islam, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, has been annoying everybody with a simple question.
This edition of How Many People Can Avoid Answering A Simple Question™ dates from the 21st December. This Simple Question™ is, as simple questions go, a pretty simple one. To wit it is:
“To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether, as part of their antiterrorism strategy, they will encourage leaders of the United Kingdom’s Muslim communities to identify, confront and expose their violent co-religionists.”
Does the noble Lord agree that our Muslim leaders also face the problem that there are more than 100 verses in the Koran which order violence towards non-Muslims and so give theological justification to the jihadists? What does the noble Lord have to say about those verses, not to mention the bellicose example of Muhammad himself, which all Muslims are supposed to follow and which therefore undermine the Government’s strategy?
The bile and vitriol directed at Lord Pearson (in such an insufferably polite way) is pretty barbed. They’re all clinging desperately to the “Religion of Peace™” delusion instead of facing up to some pretty stark conclusions.
Lord Lamont, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer, delivered this gem stemming from talking to one, friendly Imam (who must clearly speak for all branches of Sunni And Shia Islam and must be considered by Lord Lamont to be the last word in Islamic studies):
… where it was explained to me that, contrary to what he has said, the word “infidel” or “kafir” does not mean non-Muslims—Christians and Jews—but people who do not act according to God’s will and can apply to Muslims as well.
And which version of “God’s will” is that Mr Imam? Why, of course, it’s the version laid out in the Koran and not the Torah or the Christian Bible. The version of “God’s will” that often contains some fairly repugnant commands as far as Jews and Christians are concerned.
And, yes, that’s exactly the argument ISIS use to behead people who think of themselves as Muslims but are not quite Muslim enough for the ISIS throat slitters. It really is very easy to pull the wool over the eyes of those who so desperately want to be deceived.
If you missed the last episode of this game show, WATCH: House Of Avoiding The Question.
And of course this comes as the press is reporting:
Prevent programme ‘lacking referrals from Muslim community’
Only a fraction of referrals to the government’s anti-terror scheme are coming from Muslims, leading to distrust and threats of a boycott, according to reports

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