Friday, March 27, 2015

More Blasts from the past

Here a few items from the past. For 9 years I worked as a Judo Coach for the KEC avery enjoyable job. In 1980 all Judo Coaching was stopped and my most successful school Towers Ashford Kent awarded me a certificate for what I had done for the school. Maybe not the most prestigious award but one I have treasured reminding me of the hey days of Judo. When I started coaching Judo at the Schools at the age of 21, I got involved in running tournaments. The badge below is an example of a 1974 event I organised in Sittingbourne it attracted 200 seniors, can you imagine that to day. The photograph is of the officials at the Margret Clarke Memorial Championships in 2004

Can not let you go with out a bit of Politics, in the 1990's I was Vice Chairman of the local Conservative Party, I was also a Councillor for a short while. The photograph (not a very good one) of myself, Brenda Simpson Chairman (Deceased) and Prime Minister John Major at 10 Downing Street

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Out of Hospital

Well I am out of Hospital it seems the key hole surgery worked and they have got rid of the infection, lets hope it stays that way. The surgeon gave me some photos of the infection which are below. Hope he doesn't think I am going to frame them. I may still go to the Europeans in May 50/50 chance if he gives me permission but still have to wear those horrible surgical stocking which I hate as the suspender belt cuts into me and high heels do not suit me

I have to admit I have felt very down good job I had Val running round for me, she is the only one who really knows me. So I have included a video for you to remind you and myself that one time in my life I did have knees that worked


Monday, March 23, 2015

Like Nigel but will vote Conservative

The only different political party who now stands up for the working man is UKIP and Nigel Farage who I have lot of respect. Will I vote UKIP? NO Why? Because I want a referendum on Europe and the only party who can make a government and offer that is the Conservatives so they will get my vote. Mind you if Labour/SNP get into power that will not happen both of them want to entrench us more into the EU and if rumours are true they will make it illegal for us to leave the Corrupt EU

As I said I admire Nigel Farage so I bought his book not the most riveting read but some interesting facts. He asked the Question:
“If you were asked to join the EU now, would you join a club that charges £55 million a day as a membership fee? Would you join a club that would impose thousands of new laws over which your own Parliament, nor you had any say? Would you join a club that would open your borders to 485 million people who can live in your country, bring their families and do as they wish?

Can we remind ourselves that the Labour Government who opened the door to immigration said only 13,000 Eastern Europeans would come to the UK even Nick Clegg said it would be a “wee trickle” 7.5 million immigrants now live in the UK thats the legals ones ask yourself how many more can we take?

If the Polls are right we will get a Labour Government supported by the Scottish Nationalists and this will be a ultra Left wing government similar to the old Soviet Union. According to SNP Salmon they will decide the finances and defence strategy God help us! With Labour in power the doors will open even wider for immigration, benefits will sore, minority groups like the Gay organisation StoneWall, RSPCA etc will get even more power and influence without being elected.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

KeyHole Surgery

Well here I am in the Spire Alexander Hospital for the 3rd time as my replacement knee is infected.
Yesterday after starving myself for 14 hours I had my Key Hole surgery, the surgeon told me that their was not as much in infection as he had anticipated which was good for me. So the knee was washed out and loads of antibiotics were put into the joint, this will be followed for between 3 or 5 days of antibiotics being given intravenously and hopefully this will be the end of the problem, will know tomorrow if my blood counts goes down. This was the first time I have had an operation and been fully awake, they give you a spinal anaesthetic which freezes everything below your waste for about 5 hours. This was quite a unique occasion for me and not an unpleasant one, spending hour talking to nurses and looking at Laptop. The big advantage is you do not have after effects as you do if you are put under but I not sure I would like it if they were using saws and hammers.
As I mentioned I paid £10,500 on this operation and I am glad I did I would not have got the follow up treatment as I did here on the NHS, the hospital and staff were excellent .

It was interesting to note my NHS treatment was meant to be in January and because of typical NHS incompetence I was told my appointment with the New Surgeon would be at the end of March and then there would be a 15 week wait. This was not a case of lack of money but a case of inefficiency  

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Muslim Women given Top Job by Obama

I had another email from a friend in the USA. It seems that Obama has appointed a Muslim as ASST DIRECTOR FOR US CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION*. One must ask the question WHY now? This man and the same will happen in the UK continue to want appease the minority Muslim group in their country. Yet can you see any Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh, Secularist being given a high profile Job in any Muslim Country? I doubt it.
Not only has he appointed a Female Muslim who has little or no experience in the job she has been given, he has appointed one that is a radical Muslim. Why have I said that ? because she is wearing head covering which makes a pronounced statement and that is I am a Muslim look at me and I believe in the literal word of the Quran.

I am quite sure not every Muslim is a terrorists BUT those that are terrorists are MUSLIM so we should not appease the people of Islam until they  accept our laws and customs plus we must approach every muslim with caution

Is this what our country is accepting?     Just open the doors, no check on anyone coming or leaving the USA.   Just take us over, make us learn another country's language and customs and forget our history and customs.   We bow down to anyone who hates America, but wants to live here as long as we support them and take care of them at our expense.   Not for me.  Get back to obeying the US Constitution and our laws.  Our politicians need to work and represent the people who voted them into office and stop trying to save the World and every other country.  What happened to background checks.and congressional approval?  


   Meet Fatima Noor, President Obama's latest appointment to a high level position in the Department of Homeland Security, the post of Assistant Director for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration.

    Ms. Noor has little if any experience in the compliance or enforcement fields. Her total experience in government related work is limited to
volunteer work with World Relief Memphis and as activities coordinator the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition.

    She majored in psychology with minors in Spanish and Arabic international relations. She recently completed a month-long research fellowship in
Muslim psychology hosted by Carnegie-Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh ; her research will be ongoing as part of her work the DHS.

This is not a joke. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Good News Taste of Portugal & Bad News back in Hospital

Well Good News and Bad News

Good News:

Went to my favourite restaurant last night Taste of Portugal for a Paella night. Have a look at the menu and can you get a meal any where else at that price? Taste of Portugal will be moving to Halfway Minster Isle of Sheppey in Mid April Sittingbourne's Loss Islands Gain

Bad News

Back in hospital tommorrow for Key Hole on my knee seems the infection is not going away. So total Knee replacement 6 weeks ago, back in for 3 days for Intravenous antibiotics 2 weeks ago now back in for another 3 days key hole to clean joint and put antibiotics straight in then 3 days intravenous. My fear is that I will have  knee removed a block put in for 3 months then another knee. Just a 1% chance of this happening lets hope my luck holds out as I did win the Lottery this week £25
 8 years ago I had a knee replacement was walking with out stick the difference is I now have diabetes which they think is responsable for me not being able to heal. This has to be a warning to you all watch what you eat, cut back on the sugar and watch your weight and do not think you will stay young forever

Birthday Song-Pineapple-Message from Clint

You can hear what the “ Number 1” song was on the day you
were born.  (even when you were conceived).
the #1 Song on the Day You Were Born

 P I N E A P P L E

The pineapple is a member of the bromeliad family.
It is extremely rare that bromeliads produce edible fruit.   The pineapple is the only available edible bromeliad today.

It is a multiple fruit. One pineapple is actually made up of dozens of  individual floweret's that grow together to form the entire fruit. Each scale on a pineapple is evidence of a separate flower.

Pineapples stop ripening the minute they are picked.  No special way of storing them will help ripen them further.
Color is relatively unimportant in determining ripeness.
Choose your pineapple by smell.If it smells fresh, tropical and
 sweet, it will be a good fruit.

The more scales on the pineapple, the sweeter and juicier the taste.

After you cut off the top, you can plant it.  It should grow much like a sweet potato will.

This delicious fruit is not only sweet and tropical; it also offers many  benefits to our health.  Pineapple is a remarkable fruit.

We find it enjoyable because of its lush, sweet and exotic flavor, but it  may also be one of the most healthful foods available today.
If we take a more detailed look at it, we will find that pineapple is valuable for easing indigestion, arthritis or sinusitis.

The juice has an anthelmintic effect; it helps get rid of intestinal worms.

Let's look at how pineapple affects other conditions.

Pineapple is high in manganese, a mineral that is critical to development of strong bones and connective tissue. A cup of fresh pineapple will give you nearly 75% of the recommended daily amount.

It is particularly helpful to older adults, whose bones tend to become brittle with age.

Bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme, is the key to pineapple's value.
Proteolytic means "breaks down protein", which is why pineapple is known to be a digestive aid. It helps the body digest proteins more efficiently.
Bromelain is also considered an effective anti-inflammatory.

Regular ingestion of at least one half cup of fresh pineapple daily is  purported to relieve painful joints common to osteoarthritis. It also produces mild pain relief.

In Germany, bromelain is approved as a post-injury medication because it is thought to reduce inflammation and swelling.

Orange juice is a popular liquid for those suffering from a cold because it is high in Vitamin C. Fresh pineapple is not only high in this vitamin, but
 because of the Bromelain, it has the ability to reduce mucous in the throat.
If you have a cold with a productive cough, add pineapple to your diet.
It is commonly used in Europe as a post-operative measure to cut mucous  after certain sinus and throat operations.

Those individuals who eat fresh pineapple daily report fewer sinus problems related to allergies. In and of itself, pineapple has a very low risk for allergies.

Pineapple is also known to discourage blood clot development. This makesit a valuable dietary addition for frequent fliers and others who may be at risk for blood clots.

An old folk remedy for morning sickness is fresh pineapple juice.
it really works! Fresh juice and some nuts first thing in the morning often make a difference.

It's also good for a healthier mouth. The fresh juice discourages plaque growth.


My Twilight Years ~ Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood at 84...GOT TO LOVE THIS

As I enjoy my twilight years, I am often struck by the inevitability that the party must end. 

There will be a clear, cold morning when there isn't any "more."
    No more hugs, no more special moments to celebrate together,
no more phone calls just to chat.  It seems to me that one of the important things
to do before that morning comes, is to let every one of your family and friends 
know that you care for them by finding simple ways to let them know your heartfelt beliefs
and the guiding principles of your life so they can always say,
"He was my friend, and I know where he stood."

So, just in case I'm gone tomorrow, please know this:

I voted against that incompetent, lying,
flip-flopping, insincere, double-talking, radical socialist, terrorist excusing,
bleeding heart, narcissistic,  scientific and economic moron currently in the White House!

Participating in a gun buy-back program because you think that criminals have too

many guns is like having yourself castrated because you think  your neighbors have too many kids.

Regards, Clint 

Make my day    ”Pass it on!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Obama Video-Votes at 16-Apes-Brits in Ukraine

Have a look at Youtube then exchange the word Obama for Milliband and thats what we will get if he becomes Prime  Minister with the help of the SNP

The Today Programme had some School Girl interviewing 16 year olds in Scotland about getting them the vote. They obviously picked the most intelligent students as they spoke well, but do they represent most 16 year olds NO. How can anyone in their right mind have 16 year old school kids voting?  apart from the fact that their age is such that they do not have sufficient knowledge of the World, what have they contributed to Society as a whole by definition they contribute nothing but take everything. At this age that would apply to everyone in this country, can I amend that at 65 I started work at 15 and started paying Tax. No one should be allowed the Vote until they contribute something to the UK either in Tax or charitable work
I know why Labour wants them to vote at 16 because most 16 year old who can be bothered to think about politics will have a Socialist ideal but it is only when they get older, pay taxes and not live of their parents that they realise that Socialism doesn't work as nearly all Labour Governments have proved

So scientists are now studying Apes on how they use sounds to communicate and this may help us understand how Humans learnt to speak. Very interesting but I hope Taxpayers money is not going into fund this as we have much important things to do.

The UK have sent Military Advisors to Ukraine WHY? Is the Ukraine anything to do with us NO will we get paid for the service NO and we cutting back on military spending? Now when Russia responds by officially putting Military Advisors into Eastern Ukraine all the Western Media and Politicians will be up in arms saying how evil Putin is! IS the UK government deliberately trying to antagonise the Russians and cause a war?

Our Enemy is ISIS and a lot of the followers of Islam. All we keep hearing is Islam is a religion of peace so why does their book have so much violence in it and why are Muslims cutting people heads of and throwing gays of roofs?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Bad Landlords

Us Landlords do come under a lot of criticism most unjustified but recently I came across some cases, which do not enhance the reputation of us Landlords


This is a deposit scheme, which is run by the Council it is for people who need to rent but cannot afford a deposit. The Council guarantee the Landlord any reparation when the tenant leaves i.e. a Deposit. When renting everyone has to pay a deposit which by law has to be deposited into something like the Deposit Protection Scheme.. Yet what better guarantee then having the Council on board well according to many Estate Agents and Landlords NO? It seems people on a BOND are seen as being on Benefit and we all no Landlords do not like people on Benefit. This sometimes is expected, as there have been incidents when people on Benefit do not pay their rent. Yet I have several Tenants on Benefit and most have their Housing Benefit paid direct to me convenient for them and I am guaranteed the rent.  As for the Bond I have one tenant who used this system many years ago and he now works and has never been late with his rent. One person went rent a property that was £650 p.c.m but had to find £2000 up front. HOW CAN SOMEONE WHO HAS VERY LITTLE INCOME AFFORD THIS? In my time as a landlord I have only had one problem Tenant and that was a woman, she spent her housing benefit in the pub. I complained to the Council and the Police that this was surely fraud, they said no and continued to pay. She left owing 4 months rent


Some times it the landlord with one house who can be the problem recent a young women with 3 children came to me telling me that her landlady had given her 2 months notice as she wanted to sell the house. She had nowhere to go and because she could not get her deposit till she vacated she could not afford to rent somewhere else. She had a caring mother took her in; she was a good tenant always paying her rent. It now transpires that the property next to her was sold and the rent was increased to substantially for a small 3-bedroom house so we are told. It seems that the Landlady no longer wants to sell now instead she is renting for a substantial increase, one must ask the question did she know about the rent increase?


Another case was how a Family rented a property paid the deposit loaded up a lorry arrived at the property only to be told by the company they had rented to some else

Bad Tenants are a real pain and the law needs to change so us landlords can evict easier BUT also bad Landlords are a pain as well. Surely when you rent a property both the Landlord and Tenant have a duty of care to each other if not a moral one

Martin Clarke Landlord Sittingbourne

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bar B Q Cabin

Just had our Bar B Q Cabin installed another present for Val 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This man should not be a Father

I totally disagree with Gay Marriage and I disagree with Gays adopting children but I also disagree with single people of any sexual orientation adopting children because I believe that children are best brought up with a Mum and Dad. Below is an article by Amanda Platell it is certainly worth a read but for those who do not have the time to read in all I have taken certain pieces out which are relavent

Sorry, this man DOESN'T have a right to be a
 dad: It's a deeply emotive subject. But
 AMANDA PLATELL, who knows the agony of being childless, gives her personal view of
 the man who used his own mum as a surrogate
What is so disturbing is Kyle's sense of entitlement. Why should his 'right to be a parent' be inalienable? What about the rights of an unborn child and its future happiness?
Just imagine the effect on the poor little kid when Kyle one day explains to his son the unique 'family' arrangement into which he has been born. 'So you see, Miles,' dad will explain, 'you're not only my son, you were my brother too. And as for granny, she's also your mum.'
Becoming a parent comes with profound and arduous responsibilities. A baby is not something to be bought like a designer handbag or a comfy companion to enhance one's lonely life. That's what Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is for.
Academic research has overwhelmingly demonstrated that children brought up in a happy marriage by both their biological parents tend to do better in every way than those who aren't.
Yet over the decades, bit by bit, we have unpicked the institution of marriage to suit the convenience of individuals and their 'rights'.
Under attack by feminists, minority groups, divorce lawyers, 'progressive' politicians and all manner of other self-interested parties, marriage is so degraded that it is no longer regarded as a bedrock of society.
The combination of this vandalism with the great strides in IVF and the science of fertility has pushed us further and further into the unknown, as ethical and moral considerations are brushed aside where the family is concerned, along with self-restraint.
We have opened a Pandora's box in which people make demands for babies without considering the effect of unconventional family arrangements on the child.
In the past, it seems that ethical dilemmas posed by such 'progress' would have been the subject of lengthy consideration and Parliamentary debate. Yet in our modern-day free-for-all, precedents have been broken without any of us hearing about it.
But as I have said, all the recent research shows that children have the best life outcomes if they are raised by two parents in a traditional marriage, with a mother and father. And the farther away from that ideal we move, the more risk to the child it inevitably entails.
The conclusion of a study by the Centre For Family Research in 2013 was that surrogate-born children were more likely to suffer from behavioural and emotional problems, and depression, than those carried by their biological mother.
They struggle to cope with the idea that they were carried by a woman other than their mother.

Monday, March 09, 2015

Knee 3 days without food

My Knee infection is on the mend so hopefully I will be out today

While I was in this Private Hospital I noticed how organised the staff has to be, several times a day you are given medication, have blood sugar checked, Blood pressure checked etc over a 24 hour period winch the staff at Spire Alexander done perfectly. As I have mentioned I went private at a cost of £10,500 because once again the NHS cocked up, they promised me Knee replacement in January this was changed to July. I had made arrangements for 2015 especially in my position as President of BSF, I obviously was annoyed after paying income tax and National Insurance since I was 15.
Did I do the right thing YES especially as I got an infection and the response I got was immediate would that happened in the NHS NO.

Left wing organisation such as 38 Degrees keep bleating on how the NHS is in turmoil all because we do not pour enough money into it they want to return to a Marxist system Yet the main thing with the NHS is its in adequacies in organisation ability. There has been many examples in the press recently but let me give you just two examples:

  1. A friend of mine relation was very fat (oops sorry Obese) she went to her local Doctor about a problem she had and was told nothing could be done until she lost weight if she did not lose weight she would be dead by the time she was 40. Which due credit to her in short period of time she lost 9 stone, she then had to have a visit to a hospital for examination for another problem. Like me she was told there were some complication and she was admitted into hospital. After 3 days a new ward sister (what ever they are called today) asked how she was? She replied when am I allowed to eat? She had not eaten for 3 days it seems nobody had registered her for meals and she thought it was something to do with her treatment. Now this had nothing to with money or privatisation it was all to inadequate care and supervision of staff, one must wonder how many Doctors, Nurses had passed her bed and no one had thought to ask basic caring questions. I expect my article will get bad revenues and people will start saying everyone in the NHS is over worked and I am a horrible man for complaining BUT how can anyone justify what has happened to this women.
  2. Some time ago a friend of mine was admitted into Hospital he had to have rebore on his John Thomas (penis) I went to visit him and No I did not asked to see his operation. He had the same problem he had to ask for his meals as he had not been registered. While there a Tea Lady came round and offered my friend a cup of tea, I asked could I have one? The answer was a very curt NO. She then told me in a rather authoritarian manner that the NHS could not afford to give any Tom Dick and Harry Tea. This what I feel symbolises the NHS in that they are quite prepared to save pennies but those at the top do not want to save the pounds

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Victor McLaglen

I have always been a great fan of John 

Wayne especially films like She Wore a

 Yellow Ribbon and the Quiet Man. I a lot of 

films appearing along side of him was Victor

 Mclaglen so I was surprised to read the

 article that he was born in Kent

You think I have problems? Romanian Doctor

Have a read of what Steve Rowe had to go through so you can understand why I was worried

Steve Rowe And severed 6 quadriceps in a 

subsequent fall, 2 more 5 hour attempted and

 failed rebuilds an MRSA infection, a 

debridement surgery, a 3rd knee replacement

 with antibiotic spacer and cement and 3

 months of intravenous antibiotics. It was hell

 and has left me crippled and on crutches. 

I feel for you - very unpleasant. Get well soon,

 they need you back on the mats!

Most of you know that I believe that the EU is an undemocratic dictatorship and is just a version of the old Soviet Union. I also want to see immigration stopped, yet we all take it for granted that all EU  workers in the UK like the the EU. Well I was in for a shock one of the doctors at the hospital I am in is Romanian, she works a week in GB then returns home for a week. She also thinks the EU is a bad thing for Romania, it seems under the Communist regime the country was self sufficient it had industry and Agriculture. Since its freedom from Communism and entry into the EU this has all changed. The biggest problem is the freedom of movement and now they have no industry and what I feel is astonishing is their Agriculture has collapsed. They now import most of their food including basics like potatoes at a very high cost. So the freedom of movement may suit the individuals but not the country as a whole and the people who cannot leave which is mainly the elderly. SO ANOTHER GOOD REASON TO LEAVE THE EU