Friday, February 27, 2015

Tell Islam straight

Now some organisation called Cage are 

telling us we the British are responsable for

the actions of Jihad John and those stupid 

girls who went to Syria. The BBC and Sky 

actually allowed them air space. When will 

this country realise that our enemy is Islam 

until they can prove they are not. It seems 

every politician, Newspaper and TV program 

are to frightened to upset Moslem. No need 

to lie just tell it as is it is. I know a few 

muslims and they seem to be nice people but 

that does not alter the fact that it is muslims 

behind all these atrocities. Read the repot 

below here is a reporter saying what the 

majority of us think

Thursday, February 26, 2015

WHY are British Troops in Ukraine

Can some one please tell me what the problems in Ukraine have to do with British and USA Government?  Because Cameron is sending Military advisors to Ukraine and the Yanks what to send weapons

Let us remind ourselves of what has happened in Ukraine. The original democratically elected government in Ukraine were offered a trading agreement with Russian and the EU; the government accepted the Russian agreement. This did not sit well with the EU, USA or UK and protest were orchestrated with right wing organisation. This mob attacked the democratically elected government who had to flee for their lives in any other country this would be described as a Coup but according to the EU, UK and USA this a legitimate way to overthrow an unpopular government. One wonder what would happen if this happened in the UK or USA.
Subsequently a new Government was formed form the Mob and their first act was to ban the Russian language and make other changes concerning the ethnic Russians who were a large minority in Ukraine. This led to Crimea leaving Ukraine and the Russian Ethnic Majority in Eastern Ukraine also wanted self-autonomy but the Ukrainian government did not want this and tried to take this province by military force, the Russian ethnic minority would not accept this and the freedom fighters rose up against them and so the destruction of Eastern Ukraine cities and the death of innocent people began all with the backing of the EU, USA, UK.
Putin did not want to see fellow Russian people ethnically cleansed from the region so assisted them in their defence, of course now the Western Press, UK, USA, EU Propaganda machine has labelled him as a second Hitler wanting to conquer the world. Yet the UK done the same in the Falklands they went to the rescue of British Subjects rightly so.

There is just two ways to settle the problem in Ukraine:
First The Ukrainian army bombing and killing everyone in Eastern Ukraine this obviously will not happened even if USA UK EU want it
Second allowing the people of Eastern Ukraine a referendum supervised by the UN, with simple question do you want to remain part of Ukraine or do you wish to become a separate state this could be done with out any bloodshed. If Scotland can have a referendum on Devolution why can’t the people of Eastern Ukraine?

The UK and USA made a bad mistake in Iraq and surrounding countries and the reason Isis exits is because of their meddling

NO UK Soldier should be in Ukraine and rue the day if any of our soldiers get killed. Our enemy is Isis, they are attacking our people and our Countries they must be defeated, the rest of the World must put Boots on the ground to defeat them

Sunday, February 22, 2015

What are the Polls

Ireland is to have a referendum on Gay Marriage and the Polls suggest that 70% will vote in favour this is roughly what polls are telling us in GB. Yet two questions?
1)   Why were the British never allowed a referendum Not only were they not allowed a referendum NO political party even mentioned it in their manifesto!
2)   I had a look at these so-called polls and it turns out that they use approx. 1200 people views. Now how can that be a genuine poll? 
3)   Who do they poll I would suggest if they went to Brighton the Gay Capital of the UK they would get a high proportion in favour of Gay Marriage
4)   If you look at the rhetoric used by those favouring Gay Marriage it is a threat that if you vote against then you are not modern and will not be accepted in the Modern World
5)   It obviously to late to do anything about in this country but just watch out what theses so called Liberal Moderniser will want next

The Political Elite and the Liberal Modernising no longer cater for the majority, they cater for active powerful minority groups, which there are many. When you look at the next election manifestos of the various parties ask how you the majority are catered for .If we get a Coalition the minority groups with their views will have the balance of powers. Let me predict two things if we get a Coalition government many so called recreation drugs  will be legalised and the age of consent will be lowered to 14 or even 12

Saturday, February 14, 2015

I am out of Hospital/Left wing rubbish from 38 Degrees

I am now out of Hospital after having my left knee replaced, so I now have 2 replacement Knees and replacement hip. Judo/Sambo has been good to me as the wife’s says God doesn’t pay his debts in money. Would I do Judo/Sambo all over again? YES, I have travelled to 40 different countries won World-class medals, where would I have done that if it weren’t for Judo/Sambo. Have to admit this knee was a lot more painful then the last one I had done about 6 years ago, 6 days on I am still in pain. John reckons it is because I am getting old and have become soft

Yet I do get annoyed when the left wing organisations like 38 Degrees who try and pretend they are an independent body and start the normal rant  about how the Government doesn’t care about the NHS and their only answer is to throw more money at this Cash Cow. What the NHS needs is be more efficient, he needs to cut back on non medical staff i.e. the men and women in suits, it needs to look at wages of these people and senior Doctors and consultants, it needs to look NHS tourists i.e. people coming from other counties using our system and then not paying. The NHS needs a good overhaul and if that means privatising some parts of it so be it, Left wing dinosaurs like 38 Degrees need stop thinking we are in the 1950's, if we listen to them and their socialist nonsense  the NHS will collapse.

My own experience is an example of how inefficient the NHS is in September 2014 I was told I would require a knee replacement and this would be done in January 2015 so I prepared my whole year around that that date, I am President of Two Grappling organisation and needed to travel for Events. Remember you should not fly for three months after a major operation. Soon after seeing the surgeon I received a letter confirming what he said, then in early November I received another letter stating that surgeon had left and would I mind a locum which I agreed to. By the end of December I received no communication from the NHS so then the phone calls started and all I got was an answer machine by now we are in to January it was only when I made a formal complaint that I got answers. It seems the locum was not starting till January 18th and had to see 80 people before me and the had arranged a Pre opp session on February 24th, I then asked the obvious question when will it be I was told there 80 people before me and they only do 3 a week if that was the case, I would have to wait till July

So my only other option was to go private which I did at the Spire Alexander Walderslade. This was a marvellous hospital, kind nurses and staff, senior medical staff that actually talked to you as a human being rather then a slab of meat, no wards here you had your own room. Obviously this comes at a cost £10,500 to be exact and as someone who saved all his life and paid Income Tax and NI I resented having to pay but it was something I needed to do. Interestingly enough the Hospital was doing some refurbishment, I complained to a Manager that I was unhappy about the drilling etc. with in ½ hour I was given £1000 compensation. NOW WOULD THAT HAVE Happened in  the NHS NO!

 Below is some propaganda from 38 Degrees they continue to send this rubbish

Dear Martin,

At 11am on Saturday 28th February, thousands of 38 Degrees members are coming together in town centres across England to stand up for our NHS. 

This government has pushed our NHS to breaking point: selling parts off to private companies and cutting funding in important areas. [1]

NHS doctors and experts over the last few weeks have made one thing clear: if we want an NHS after May’s general election, we need to be campaigning now. [2] Together, we can run a huge campaign over the next two months - with a simple message to MP candidates everywhere: ‘Save our NHS’.

In two weeks' time, 38 Degrees members are meeting on high streets to gather thousands of signatures on local ‘Save our NHS’ petitions. We'll remind people that our NHS is a precious, life-saving service - and ask them to join us in saying no to cuts and privatisation.

Once you RSVP you’ll be able to chat to other 38 Degrees members in Sittingbourne and Sheppey, and talk about your plans for the day. You’ll also be sent a parcel with everything you need to make the day a success - petition sheets, leaflets and more!

Can you come along and help gather signatures for your local ‘Save our NHS' petition? 

As the election draws near, your local petition will be delivered to each and every candidate who wants to win our votes. Together we can make sure every politician in every constituency knows that if they intend to run down or sell off our health service, they've got a fight on their hands.

Click here to RSVP and register for your pack: 

We need the NHS at our best and worst moments in life. It belongs to all of us and we’re all proud of it. Helping get more signatures on the petition in Sittingbourne and Sheppey would be a massive boost to our nationwide push to protect our NHS for future generations.

Please RSVP today, so 38 Degrees members in Sittingbourne and Sheppey can collect as many signatures as possible: 

Thanks for being involved and see you on the streets,

Rachel, Nat, Blanche and the 38 Degrees team

PS: There’s a lot going on at the moment, 38 Degrees members are meeting up in our communities like never before! Following on from our big election survey, we’re meeting up to discuss the results and plan actions together. If you’d like to see if there’s an election event near you click here: 

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Anniversary Meal at TOP

Val gets emotional when I asked her to pay the bill
Myself and Valerie celebrated our 45th Anniversary with a meal for the family and a couple of friends at the Taste of Portugal . We decided on a Tapas which consisted of cheese, ham, bread, chicken, salad, calamari, garlic mushrooms, chicken livers, olives, sardines, kebabs all this with drinks came to £18 a head. A real tasty bargain and there was more then we could eat

I have been complaining about to many Gays on TV now it is spreading to TOP

Clarke Males

Clarke Females and me 

Nutty Grandchildren do not know where they get from

Saturday, February 07, 2015

USA the Bully

It has been reported that the USA will supply arms to Ukraine and accuse Russia of bullying. Yet before the EU, USA and UK orchestrated the overthrow of the democratically elected Government in Ukraine with a leader who was a head of a Fascist mob, Ukraine was one Country with no war.  Why did this happen because the EU wanted Ukraine as part of the EU and USA wanted them part of NAT Because the Democratic Government did not want this, civil unrest was orchestrated and the litigate Government were forced out of office in fear of their lives .

So the EU, UK, USA and the Fascist leader won and the first thing this government done was to turn on the ethnic Russians living in Ukraine. Thankfully Russia wanted to protect its people, Crimea was given the vote to leave Ukraine, which they did, and peace remains in that new Country.  The ethnic Russians who were in the East wanted the same chance to determine their destiny.

This did not fit well with the EU, USA, UK and Fascist Government and the war started. Much to the dismay of those outside of Eastern Ukrainian the Ethnic Russians did not give into what was looking like ethnic cleansing and so the war continues. Remember it is the Ukrainian Government that is shelling the ethnic Russians and what does Obama want? A bigger War, he wants to support the Ukrainian Government with US weaponry so they can kill more Soldiers and Civilians. Will the Russians take this lying down? Of course not they will fight back tooth and nail and put us on the brink of a World War of course Obama will not care as the USA is well away from Europe

Obama needs to keep out of other countries affairs especially when it does not affect the people of the USA. The way forward is to give the people of Ukraine the right to decide their own future. Let them have a vote with the following questions

1)   Do I want to remain part of Ukraine
2)   Do I want to form my own country

If we in the UK can have a vote on Scottish Independence without a war why cannot Ukraine do the same thing?

OBAMA-CAMERON-MERKEL  mind your own business and do not force us into WW3 which no one can win