Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Told you so

One in 66 Britons is gay or bisexual - NOT one in ten, as previously thought

This was one of the headlines today, something I have been saying for years and of course the PC brigade have called me Homophobic (fear of Homosexuals), I am supposed to be suppressing my own Homosexual feelings (rubbish), trying to outlaw Homosexuality, depriving a substantial minority of choice and being anti democratic Why,? Because I have been saying that an extremely small minority i.e. Homosexuals have to much power and say in the running of this country and when you get a small clique of individuals having to much power and influence we are on the verge of a Dictatorship. Rubbish I hear you say well already they have been given preferential treatment in lots of area by law for example there is positive discrimination in employment, they have a civil partnership which is for people of the same sex only, they have had rulings against the church with regarding to adoption forcing the closure of many Religious adoption agency (children suffering because of their dictat), Hoteliers being sued because they have moral objections to unmarried couple sleeping together. Basically the Gay Mafia want to abolish freedom of choice.

I have to admit I do have not Homosexual Friends and only know two homosexuals who use the gym both seem OK so I do not have anything against the individual but I do not believe they should not be able to marry, adopt children or have preferable treatment. Yet I do believe they should not be discriminate against because they were born that way, I have always said what difference does it make what you are as long as you can do the job but I want to see the discrimination against heterosexual (normal sexed males) males stopped

The article quite surprised me as the Media, Press and entertainment industries seem to have extremely high proportion of Homosexuals whose aim is to convince what they are is normal Well sorry it may now be acceptable but far from normal

Friday, September 28, 2012

Rape Gangs

Who'll take the blame over rape gangs? Not a single social worker sacked over teenage grooming scandal

That was the headline in today’s paper but before we trying blaming Social Workers, Police and Schools surely society and the rest of us should look at ourselves. Political Correctness has gone mad over recent years hence the reason why these Pakistani got away with this horrendous crime, every one is frightened to say anything that may offend one Ethnic or religious group in fear of being punished for saying anything take the case of John Terry found not guilty in a court of law yet found guilty in the FA Kangaroo court the same has happened in Judo, What of the old adage “Sticks and stone may break my bones but names will never hurt me” some what simplistic I know as some words can hurt but my point is sometimes it pays to ignore

Also societies attitude to sex has change massively in the last 40 years as has parental control. Sex 40 years ago was considered mainly confined to the marital bed and having a baby out of wedlock let alone being a single mother was considered disgraceful. The Church still had an influence on our moral code of behavior but when the birth pill was introduced it led to what some considered a greater freedom for women to express themselves what actually happened was that sex instead of being seen as a bond between loving couples it now became a pleasurable past time the same as going for a drink down the pub. With this so-called freedom came more and more explicit film and TV programme encouraging the populace to treat sex as a game. Now some may agree with that and some may not but what the real outcome was the sexulisation of every aspect of our lives. How many times have you heard that an object is really sexy, a great many of adds have used sex to sell something. So with this new freedom we have a rise in Sexually Transmitted disease and young girls having baby’s outside marriage and without any support from the father.

My point is that Children and mainly girls are being sexualized at a very young age, recently there was a pageant with girls as young as 6 being made up to look like adults some had false breasts, our clothing companies design clothes and under wear for young girls that should be for adults only, Schools are told to teach young children pre teen every explicit part of sex and even teach deviant sexual behavior, how many girls made pregnant under 16 are ever charged or the father of the child, next to none society says poor girl give her a flat and hopes she gets on. So when we blame the above so easily lets look at ourselves first and maybe time has come to take a step back to revaluate what our Morals are
Marin Clarke

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Immigration a reply

Cllr Martin McCusker views on immigration are rather simplistic, obviously everyone wants a good neighbour irrelevant of ethnicity or religion but immigration is a massive problem in this country brought on by the last Labour Government and European Union legislation. This country is in a recession and has millions unemployed, legal and illegal immigrants are taking jobs from British people not because British people are lazy but because many of these immigrants work for a substantially lower wage and is this saving passed on the consumer NO just more profits for the employer, the NHS needs to cut back on its finances yet the burden put on them by the influx of immigration has been massive, it is becoming increasingly difficult to rent a house because there are non available because all of sudden there several more million immigrants coming to this country. Plus immigrants are favourably treated when it come to housing, that’s rubbish I hear you say. Well let put it another way, it is the duty of a council to house the homeless and what section is the biggest Yes Illegal Immigrants and legal immigrants how many of them arrange a rental before they leave their country. There is also a burden on the Benefit system as most illegal immigrants are not allowed to work so therefor sponge of us tax payers as for those that do work most do not pay tax because they are low paid or only stay in this country for a short period of time

Yes there is a need for certain types of foreign labour but only when there is not enough indigenous people i.e Brits to do the work because organisation like the NF and English League are gathering momentum there membership is on the increase and no longer do they see themselves as white only organisations they are also 3rd generation Asians and Black people who rightly believe they are Brits and see that they are fast becoming victims. I am not so sure whether they will use the democratic process or will be allowed to take part in democracy.

Apart from what politicians tell you immigration does not benefit the country go ask the unemployed or those living in cramped housing.

Go to for informed information

Martin Clarke


Some times it pays to complain

I recently got a parking fine, something I contested as I thought I was legally parked. My first port of call was the Council to say I wish to contest the fine and was told to write to the Enforcement Office, I then asked under what traffic act had I broken and was told in a rather brisk manner that was not the job of the Council to forward that information. After putting a written appeal forward I got basically the same reply with a little more detail but no detail of any act. Having decided to pay the £35 I wrote a letter to the Enforcement Office, Leader of the Council and MP Gordon Henderson MP and suggested in future when awarding a Penalty Charge they include the Traffic Act that was violated.

Well this week I received a very courteous informative letter from Mrs Wilson Civil Enforcement Team Leader, she went through the exact legislation in details and yes I had parked illegally but on this exceptional occasion she returned my cheque

Mrs Wilson made a point of being informative rather then brushing me to one side, this I believe shows she is a shinning example of what a Council Employee should be TO HELP NOT HINDER Well done SBC for employing people like her

Martin Clarke

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bredgar Choir

The AMAZING Boys of Canterbury Cathedral Choir are coming to Bredgar! A delightful 75 min programme from Purcell to Lloyd Webber. Limited tickets! Don't miss out! Reply to reserve. ** Saturday 3rd November @ 7pm **

A lovely intimate concert at the Church. £8 per ticket. All proceeds to St John the Baptist fabric fund. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Honey Pot

Arrogant Cameron

Most us know that the Over Seas Aid Budget is riddled with corruption only the other day the Daily Telegraph wrote a piece entitled British still giving hundreds of millions of pounds in aid to wealthy countries. Yet this toff Prime Ministers till ignores the wishes of MP’s and the Public as a whole, we all know that the government can not afford it our own people are suffering in a recession and of course this Prime Minister with his cabinet of Millionaires do not know what it is to be hard up, nor do the Millionaire MP’s in the Labour and LibDem Party

By all means help the real poor and hungry across the World but stop giving money to rich countries like China and India, plus route out corruption. Aid Money should not be making people Millionaires and making companies Millions of pounds worth of profit.

Will things change NO because the entire major political parties friends have their fingers in the Honey Jar