Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I need furniture

Can any of you help I need some furniture for a studio Flat I need a Bed with Mattress, Wardrobe, A cheap welsh dresser style unit, an armchair or sofa. Table top cooker, Micro wave I am prepared to pay a sensible price not to much as I will not be living there.

Just to let you know I have a large one bedroom flat to let. Unfurnished, Tenant must be working be over 30 and be a British Subject, References will be required Rent £490 pcm Deposit and admin fee

Monday, November 28, 2011

Aid, Beer, Xfactor and Drugs

Had to put this article on the blog we still give aid to India, China and Zimbabwe, now the mega rich South Africa  is to get aid do you wonder sometimes if some official or MP is taking a back hander

The only reality TV programme I watch is strictly mainly because I can see the skill and advancement of the contestants still think it is to long winded. As for the corrupt X Factor that is where Karaoke singer gets together for a sing song, well past its sell by date. Now if you are someone who watches the ridiculous Get me out the Jungle, you have the same mentality as those women who used to knit round the Guillotine during the French Revolution. What is gained by these forgotten celebrities taking their stupid tasks and then get an audience to watch them suffer, DISGUSTING. Lets return to the days when TV produced Drama programs and good comedy but the reality programmers are cheap to watch and cater for the lower masses.

If the Euro crashes why will it be catastrophic for GB? Now I genuinely ask the question because I cannot see it, because we will trade with the same countries but just in different currencies. Its collapse will eventually lead the fall of the EU saving us £Billions in memberships fees, if you are a politicians or economist please let me know

2 youngsters die from taking dodgy drugs at a party and many are seriously ill, did anyone make them take drugs? What a waste of life just because someone wanted to reach a high, this is a time when I am glad to be in my 60’s and never got involved in that ridiculous fad in my teens it was a job to afford a pint of mild. While on the subject of drinking, on Saturday Val did some babysitting so I went out for couple of drinks with my brother Norman. What a culture shock, went into Bunters a proper pub but the lads in there must have been drinking for some hours because they were all pi@@ed, the language and the shouting was too much plus I knew most of them so wanted shake hands with me and kiss me UGH, walked up to see John in the Ypres and the amount of people outside the Vineyard shouting and swearing and been general abusive was beyond belief, I can understand why decent people do not want to use the High Street on a Friday and Saturday night. Mind you the last business you want to be in today is the Pub game, it is that bad pubs now put on entertainment on a Saturday to get people to drink and beer is going up next year. Ended up in the Sun at Bredgar where at least you could hear yourself talk but was only half full.

Anger at aid to help Africa cope with climate change: As UK faces economic meltdown, ministers hand over £330m

Read more:

How to get to the Dorchester

I have a meeting at the Dorchester Hotel one evening at 7pm next week can anyone of you advise me what tube to get from Victoria or the rough cost of a Taxi to the Hotel


Sunday, November 27, 2011

£8 an hour for a tradesman?

If 745 youngsters are out of work in my town, why can't I find a recruit?

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He pays £8 an hour as a qualified Cabinet Maker you must be joking by all means pay a low wage while they are learning but its no incentive to spend years on low wages learning a trade then come out to £8 an hour that £64 a day. Or is this a proper apprenticeship or just another scam to pay low wages; did this Kid come away with all the correct City and Guilds? In 1988 I was building my gym and I had to pay the going rate for a tradesman £120 t0 £150 a day (mind you we had Maggie at the helm in those days) now they will work for £80 a day now understand why when Eastern Europeans undercut and greedy employers make a bigger profit

Saturday, November 26, 2011

IPad 2 I need help

Just purchased an Ipad 2 trouble is they come with no instructions I have bought the adapter for SD card and USB put photos on SD card up loaded straight away but ill not do the same for video and yes I have put it into MP4 can any one help


Public Sector Strike

I think the strike by the Public Sector workers is wrong not necessarily because of their grievance. Although after reading details of the pension scheme it seems better for the lower paid but thy do not count for much when it comes to the Unions. No it is the fact that they do not have a mandate to strike with only 25% voting in favour. Surely it must have at least 51% of its membership in favour. Now if someone doesn’t vote that must be seen as a No vote and if the Unions put up such a bad case to their members the majority do not vote that is the fault of the Unions.

The hypocrisy comes from David Cameron Pseudo Libdem government, they say this undemocratic because the majority did not vote for it yet when the majority of the people want a referendum on Europe it was rejected. They threatened to rush through parliament laws to stop the unions striking on such a low turnout, yet they can not rush through laws to stop immigration which is killing this country or laws to stop squatters.

The one day strike will not effect the general public a great deal it will be a one day inconvenience that is all, this is about the left wing Unions having a battle with Conservative led government. Something I thought I saw the last of in the 1970’s and 80’s both are wrong and both do not care about the public.

Father of 7/7 victim snubs the

press inquiry 'hijacked by celebrities'

Totally agree with him it seems these celebs like the publicity when it suits them

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Miles is moved after accident

some of you may know that Miles Loscombe, one of our Judo Kids, was involved in a serious accident some weeks ago his head was hit by a speeding car. Since then he has been in intensive care at Great Ormand Street. It has traumatic time for his parents but we are pleased to say that there is a little light at the end of the tunnel, His father George has told us that Miles has received funding to be moved the rehab centre at Tadworth. Miles recover will take a very long time so I am sure all of you will say a little prayer for him to aid his recovery.

Border Control and EU

Two things caught my eye in the paper today the first was the Civil Servants Strike. Sorry I do not have a lot time for these well cosseted workers who work in a protected environment not known to workers in the real world but they may have a point in that if they signed a contract when they started work which states they can retire before any other worker and get a handsome pension in the bargain, that contract must be honoured no matter how bad it is. Yet after saying that is this strike really necessary? It seems we are drifting back to the Union dominated 1970's. With only 25% of the Union voting for a strike how can they validate strike action? The Union also show scant regard for the security of this country when they insist their Immigration Staff strike leaving our borders open to terrorists. Border Control Office should not be allowed to strike, like the Police, for national security sake.
Secondly read the piece about Europe when will the Political Establishment realise the EU is an undemocratic dictatorship and is no use to the British people

Civil servants brought in to man Britain's border as staff go on strike

  • Emergency cover needed for next week's public sector walkout

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2065535/Civil-servants-asked-man-Britains-border-posts-usual-staff-strike.html#ixzz1ebxIGCqs

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Murder Cover Up

I knew Carl he was a lodger at my son's house he was also a regular member at Nobbys Gym, I new him well enough to speak to and as was said in the article he was an extremely fit young man plus he had that little bit of extra exuberance all ex elite troops have i,e Marines and Para's. It must have taken more then one to take him down. I hope they find the people who were responsible and know his Marine colleagues would like a few names. Yet already the cover up has started like his father said he need British Detective out there to find these scum who murdered a man who put his life on the line for his country.
Carl My prayers go out to you

Murder 'cover-up' over ex-Marine's tropical isle death

  • Initial tests suggested he died falling into a ravine
  • Credit card, cash and mobile were all found with him
  • Authorities now believe he was stabbed repeatedly

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2063290/Carl-Davies-Murder-cover-ex-Marines-tropical-isle-death.html#ixzz1eWF6CU8V

Monday, November 21, 2011

Val's Birthday 65

Valerie is 65 today, happy birthday have treated her and the rest of the family to a lovely Chinese at the George Teynham Had a brilliant night out, all the Grand Children were present , John was their with is young lady, Susan was their alone, her husband has cleared of with some Grandmother, so I am told (must keep my hands to myself) and Donna is still not talking to her mother, maybe when have gone she will realise what a friend her mother was.

So as you can see this getting old is not all it is cracked up to be, but at least Val and I are still together and I know it sounds soppy I love more now then I did when I married her. I know! stop being sick one of the side effects of getting old is you start getting emotional. So she has had the meal she wanted, next I will take her to Bruges in a couple of weeks time for the Christmas Market plus I gave her a cash bonus on her retirement. That was a joke!  all the time I am about she can not retie, it was bad enough going to Lithuania last weekend and having to pack my suitcase for the return journey

Mind you she is in good nick she went for a check up because she has reached 65 Blood Pressure 120 /75 Blood Suger 6.5 Cholesteral 3.5 Pulse 67 that something some 20 year olds wouldlike I know I would want them figures Oh and she lost 7lbs. Thanks to the Wee I bought her last Christmas she is on it 5 days a week plus she uses a vibrating board

Yet sometimes life throws up little gems this was an article that appeared in the Daily Mail on her birthday

Sex and the over-65s: The secret to a happy retirement can be found between the sheets Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2064056/Secret-happy-retirement-sheets.html#ixzz1eNDl4kdM


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I am in a bad mood

I had to go to Vilnius Lithuania for the World Sambo Championships; the journey was horrendous first the M25 and M1 with its road works an mad Lorry Drivers. You are told to travel at 50 mph yet theses juggernaught monster are just a few feet behind you with all their light on trying to push you on, no wonder there are accidents. Yes and most were foreign, to top it all some were on the phone other were lighting up fags or drinking. Then arrive at Luton airport (we no longer use the correct term aeroport) where about 80% are foreign national and nearly all eastern European, not that I minded as they are going back to their own country, departure gate was like a cattle herding station where we waited stacked together for boarding. Had a good seat on the plane till some one brought a 6 month baby on board and sat behind and cried continually for 2 ½ hours. Return was not better on the Monday had another baby behind me and the plane was full with more Lithuanians taking English jobs, then into passport control where the queue was nearly 400 yards the equivalent of going around a running track, their excuse for this was it is always busy on a Monday as all Johnny Foreigner returns from a weekend break, nothing to do with the fact got a bol**cking for not doing their job properly.

As a lot of us said the EU was doomed to failure and the Euro crisis we are proved right but the Europhiles want to keep it alive so they can enjoy luxurious life style. Now my cousins in Germany are ordering us to do as we are told and that quisling Nick Clegg or that Boy as I call him agrees with him. Our mate Dave Cameron talks a good talk about the EU but he can not do the walk. Can not wait to see the film “IRON LADY” watch a Prime Minister who had bottle.

So all the Irish Tinkers are going to move back on Dale Farm after their holiday in Ireland its about time this scum were put in their place lock up and destroy their caravans if they continue to break the law.

So poor litter Rich kid David Gilmore son of some one in Pink Floyd is released after doing a ¼ of his sentence? I bet he is having a good laugh at our expense, he is no better then them Irish Tinker Scum

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Martin Awarded CDM

I had a nice compliment given to me the other day; an old friend of my parents stopped and said she had read about the government reintroducing the British Empire Medal for people who help others. She suggested that I deserve one for all I have done for the Town, I was extremely touched whether others agree with her is another matter. I said someone who is as vocal as me with my views do not get awards I had offended to many people especially the people who recommend you for these awards. It was a nice thought though and I said the only thing I would get was the CDM (Cadbury Diary Milk)

This made me think what are the honours awards? Lets be honest most are not for ordinary people no matter how hard they work for the Community or for there various organisation, yes I know they are thrown the odd morsel like an MBE or OBE etc but the real awards go to the upper crust or people with money. Knighthoods are practically guaranteed to top Civil Servants who are paid extremely well to do a job of work and receive a good pension, well if staying in one job all your life is criteria for a Knighthood what about all those who work for one company all their working life? Money is the easy way to buy an honour you gives a massive donation to any political party and you get your knighthood etc recently a multi millionaire tried to donate money to the Conservative Party they refused so he approached the Labour party and they accepted, so the politics did not matter just the getting the gong did. Alternatively you get some Pop star being awarded gong who private life style is a disgrace, surely a gong is something that people respect or is just another out dated medieval tradition?

For some time I have realised we do not really live in a Democracy where the people of this country decide their future we have to rely on Representative Democracy where we select a person to represent our views and opinions. Yet once selected they can and most often do ignore our wishes, the recent vote in parliament proved that. If we want a true democracy we must have referendums on all major subjects which affect us the people and maybe a vote on who gets a gong

Yet I have an idea why not make an award called the British Volunteers Medal this can awarded to anyone who has spent a least 30 consecutive years in the Voluntary sector or can be awarded for exceptional service and I mean exceptional . It need not be an expensive medal but the award would be a method of appreciation for all the years of dedication they have put into their chosen path

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Ruth Davidson Who does she think she is kidding

Ruth Davidson, the openly gay new leader of the Scottish Conservatives, believes grassroots Tories would be relaxed if she chose to marry her vegetarian atheist girlfriend

Who does she think she is kidding?

Tories in Scotland must be desperate in picking her not for disgusting sexual habits but the fact she has only been in the Tory party for a couple of years. With her at the top you can practically guarantee Scotland will become independent with a labour and SNP in power not such a bad thing. Remember if we did not have any Scottish MP's we would not have a coalition government

Bredgar Lower Halstow Fireworks

Interesting weekend on the local scene on Friday night we popped up to Bredgar Village Shop and café, for some months they have being doing a take away Friday for Curry and Fish and chips. Both I and Val thought we would pop in and have a sit down curry and was great. The curry was what I call an English version of curry rice on a plate with the curry in the middle, spicy but not over the top great. Met Drew and his wife there and had a good old chin wag with a glass of wine. There is talk that they will open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for food, drinks and a chat. Let face it we could do with something like that in the area as we have plenty of restaurants where you eat and go most do not want you sitting their all night, as for Pubs they are either gloried restaurants or have these massive TV’s, with loud music and loud people, So Bredgar café open up and get back to what a pub used to be somewhere to meet and talk.

Saturday I grandkids wife and son visited the newly rebuilt Thames Barge the Edith May at Lower Halstow; during winter months it’s a small café. Really great going into an old barge seeing the work they have done in restoring it to its previous glory. The barge is heated by a long burner so you get the smell of the burning wood, also you can smell the reclaimed timber not everyone taste but it added to the authenticity of the Craft. In the summer it takes people out for cruises maximum of 12 people cost for a days trip is £720 bring your own food i.e. £60 a head, I think that is reasonable do I have any takers?

Bonfire Night always bring back memories from child, getting a pipe and aiming rockets at Trevor Jordan’s house which was 6 doors away, lifting the pipe and thinking I can use it like a bazooka but forgetting that the one end should be blocked, the rocket falling out the back and whizzing across the ground. Did you get up the following morning to see how many dead rockets you could find? More importantly can you remember why you done it? Can you remember the naughty boys? I remember one boy I knew who put a banger down a Red Pile Box will not mention his name as became a Policeman. Me being taken to court because of a Firework, some of you may remember the old town hall (where NatWest is now) well there used to be an alley way there. I walking one way and a school chum, Dennis Roper, was coming the other way he threw a banger at me which landed at my feet and exploded. For two 14 year olds this was hilarious but to women nearby with a child did not think so she started screaming and before I knew it was grabbed by a Copper. I was hauled up to the nick I think it was still in Park Road then and charged with something or other. My next step was magistrate’s court, where I said it was not my firework but someone else, The beak said they had heard that one before and fined me 17/6D, as he done this he looked up at my father and said “Nobby make sure he pays it not you” I found out that dad had done several judo demo’s at Fetes for the Magistrate. That did not help me I still had to pay and got a whack in the process.

Needless to say I am no longer keen on fireworks

Martin McCuskar, Secretary of the local Labour Party. out burst in the EKG last week about Gordon Henderson MP not getting up to speak on the debate on the EU referendum and then suggesting  he should join UKIP tells me he must be a new boy on the block. The Conservative Party locally has always been EU Sceptic as far back as when   Roger Moate was our MP he voted against us becoming members of the Common Market now called the EU, this vote affected his rise to become a minister but he like Gordon was a man of honour. Gordon has never shied away for his conviction on being EU sceptic but he is a good local MP extremely active in the constituency and he lives and has lived in the constituency for decades can that be said of our last Labour MP NO. Unlike our last MP who was flown in Gordon was selected by his local members much to the dismay of Conservative central office why? Because he is not a YES man his first thought is for his constituency

 I personally detest this Coalition Government and believe Cameron has become their poodle forgetting lots of Conservative policies but I can not  blame them for the awful mess this country is in because of Martin McCuskar Labour Party but I do not blame him for clutching at straws trying to convince people that the Labour party is any use in a modern Free Great Britain. Two other points several labours MP’s voted for a referendum and did not Gordon get the largest swing to the Conservatives in the Country?

I am not a Conservative because of David Cameron I am a Conservative because of Gordon Henderson and our local Councillors

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Friday, November 04, 2011

EU Dictatorship-Lesbians-TV in Kids rooms

Merkel threat to Greece: We'll kick you out of EU if you hold referendum
Greece is going through turmoil most of it is of there own making and they have  to make some drastic cuts which will affect every individual in Greece. So rightly so the President of the home of Democracy says he will consult the people and have a Referendum. This does not suit the Political Elite in the European Union so they threaten Greece who now looks like giving in to the European Union Dictatorship. This is led by the German Leader, hopefully the German people will not be fooled by another dictator wanting to be the Empress of Europe but we must beware did we not have some one in GB recently who wanted to stop a referendum  of course it was that EU quisling David Cameron

Got told of yesterday I was in the company of two other chaps and referred to Lesbians as Dykes I am told Lesbian and Homosexuals can call each other Dykes and Poofs   but the rest of the population 98.5% are not. I am told that Lesbians are referred to” as Ladies who wear sensible shoes” Good Job we have Freedom of Speech in GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Floella Benjamin: Why we must take TV sets and computers out of

children’s bedrooms
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2057360/Floella-Benjamin-Why-TV-sets-childrens-bedrooms.html#ixzz1cj6D3UmM

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Hotel advertises for foreign labour While Brits languish on the Dole

With Millions unemployed why is this Hotel advertising for Foreign Staff and will the Government do anything to stop it

Message Body

The Management of Brunel Hotel London, proudly announce to the general Public
that job vacancies space is open in our firm, we need able Men and women who
can work and reside here in United Kingdom, we will be Responsible for your
flight ticket, visa fee from your country of resident, interested applicant
should send his/her Resume/cv to the Brunel Hotel administrative desk office
for application and job description details,

Email: brunelhotel.brunel@yahoo.co.uk

Contact person
Mrs. Elizabeth Griffiths
HR. Manager
Announcer Brunel Hotel Management

Tuesday, November 01, 2011


I have been moaning about Morrison’s employing nearly all eastern Europeans instead of local labour and I would continually quote the fact they said they would only employ 20% Foreign Labour. No w I thought this was part of their planning consent but I was wrong there is nothing in their planning permission to say they have to they have to employ local labour So where did this rumour start from and why did not Morrison’s or Swale B C not deny this and say “Martin Clarke why do you not get your facts right?”  WHY because it suited both of them to continue the rumour

So Should the Council have put in a clause in Planning stating they want at least 80% local Labour? Would they have been allowed to ask the question?

With nearly all Farms in the district employing Foreign Cheap labour and with more and more medium size businesses on Trading estates employing cheap foreign labour we will soon have most of the British people in Swale unemployed, shops will soon all become eastern European owned and English people will be expected to learn a foreign language to get served.

I recently signed a petition to get Parliamentary hearing on the fact we are heading for a country of 70 million which is unsustainable. The interesting thing was that the figures for Foreigners in this country are only 20% are from the European Union. If this case and we got rid of the other 80% there would be enough work for both the British and the EU citizens. EU workers could be spread out through the UK and I would not have to walk down Sittingbourne High Street and here a multitude of foreign languages and wonder if I am in a foreign country

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne