Friday, April 30, 2010

Today's Headlines

Some of the things in today's headlines that make me fume

Filming animals in the wild 'is a breach of their privacy'


Couples 'up to £200 a MONTH worse off than single mothers'


Wives of terrorist suspects 'CAN claim benefits', say European judges


Freedom! Grandmother forced to wear a tag for selling a goldfish has sentence quashed


Judge rules Christians have NO special rights as he throws out case of sex therapist who refused to work with gay couples


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gordon supports Pubs

Gordon Henderson, local Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC) for the Sittingbourne and Sheppey constituency has today committed to:

• Promote the interests of Britain’s pub goers
• Champion well-run community pubs
• Press for reform of beer tie to deliver a fair deal for consumers
• Support the role of well-run pubs as solutions to alcohol misuse

These commitments are based on a campaign being run by CAMRA, The Campaign for Real Ale which is asking all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates whether they are willing to speak up for Beer Drinkers and Pub Goers. CAMRA’s new Beer Drinkers and Pub Goers Charter sets out a series of options for supporting well-run community pubs, local brewers and consumer rights.

Mike Benner, CAMRA’s Chief Executive welcomed Gordon Henderson’s support for the Charter, saying:

“We are delighted that Gordon Henderson has promised to work to promote the interests of beer drinkers and pub goers. Well-run pubs make a huge contribution to community life, each of which injects £80,000 into their local economy every year. Amid growing concern over the loss of more than 5 pubs a day, it is now more important than ever to support well-run community pubs, to promote local brewers and to protect the interests of consumers.”

Speaking after signing up to CAMRA’s Beer Drinkers and Pub Goers Charter, Gordon Henderson said:

“I am proud to be speaking up for community pubs, local brewers and consumers. Well-run pubs are the bedrock of community life – they are part of the solution to the problem of alcohol misuse and not part of the problem. They deserve our support.”

Nick Clegg is a Hypocrite

Nick Clegg has been accused of hypocrisy after it emerged that he made more than £312,000 profit when he sold his house in Brussels.
The Lib Dem leader received nearly £140,000 from taxpayers for living away from home as an MEP for the East Midlands.
Although he maintains that he did not rely on the expenses to fund the home, the profit he pocketed undermines his insistence that parliamentarians should pay back capital gains they make from state subsidies.

Nick Clegg yesterday: He was accused of hypocrisy over his expenses policy
Mr Clegg has said all MPs should pay back profits for homes funded by Commons allowances to the taxpayers.
He lectured his political rivals during the leaders’ debate last week, saying: ‘Politicians who sell their houses and pocket the money still haven’t

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Conservative Party candidate has been suspended after making "deeply offensive" comments about homosexuality on his website

I see nothing wrong in what Philip Larder has said about Homosexuals he has echoed the voice of the great majority of British. Nobody wants to return to the bad old days of Homosexuals being persecuted but the rest of us must be allowed our opinion. The Pre Occupation of all political parties with homosexuals is nauseating; the Homosexual lobby is so powerful it now influences political policy and has gone beyond equal rights it now has gained preferential treatment over normal sexed people. The country need the best it can get irrelevant of sexual preference the question should not even be asked
I will still vote Conservative because I still think they are the best of a very bad bunch

Philip Lardner was standing in the Scottish constituency of North Ayrshire and Arran.
On the website, Mr Lardner said he would tolerate "common sense equality and respect" for gay people but "will not accept that their behaviour is 'normal' or encourage children to indulge in it."
He also supported the law known as Section 28 which was repealed in 2003.
"The promotion of homosexuality by public bodies...was correctly outlawed by Mrs Thatcher's government. Toleration and understanding is one thing, but state-promotion of homosexuality is quite another," he wrote.
His comments, entitled "what do I believe in?" continued: "Christians (and most of the population) believe homosexuality to be somewhere between 'unfortunate' and simply 'wrong' and they should not be penalised for politely saying so - good manners count too, of course.
"The current 'law' is wrong and must be overturned in the interests of freedom as well as Christian values."
Andrew Fulton, the party's chairman in Scotland, said: "The views expressed by Philip Lardner, the candidate for North Ayrshire and Arran, are deeply offensive and unacceptable and as a result he has been suspended as a member of the Conservative party.
"We therefore do not support Mr Lardner's candidacy in the North Ayrshire and

Gordon Brown to be returned

GORDON BROWN. (British Prime Minister).
Gordon Brown goes on a state visit to Israel .
While he is on a tour of Jerusalem he suffers a heart attack and passes away.

The undertaker tells the British Diplomats accompanying him, 'You can have him shipped home for £5,000,000, or you can bury him here, in the Holy Land , for just £100.'

The British Diplomats go into a corner and discuss for a minute. They come back to the undertaker and tell him they want Gordon shipped home.

The undertaker is puzzled and asks, 'Why would you spend £5,000,000 to ship him home, when it would be wonderful to be buried here and you would spend only £100?
With the money you save you could help pay back some of the deficit, help pay for the Olympic Games or help the elderly'.

The British Diplomats replied, 'Long ago a man died here, was buried here,
and three days later he rose from the dead.

'We just can't take the risk.'

Blair Peach died 30 years ago

Blair Peach was killed 30 years whilst participating in an anti National Front demo. They claim he was killed by a Police Officer who hit him on the head. If this true it is a terrable thing but surely the demonstrators must take some of the blame themselves. Of course the anti NF demonstrators went there as a peaceful demonstraion so they say but they must all been aware that this type of demo would end in violence and I am sorry to have to say this so did Blair Peach. What of the Police who were trying to keep the two demos apart, they were faced with violent, hated filled mob content on hurting someone even if that was a Policeman. A peaceful demonstration would have dispursed when the Police asked them. It seems to me these demonstrators do not want a Police presence they want free range to intimidate and hurt anyone who does not agree with their aims and they maintain that is democracy?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

No to a Hung Parliament

I hope above anything we do not get a hung Parliament this would be the worst thing possible for the UK all that secret meetings between Political Parties without us even having a say. If the LibDems get their way we will have a proportional representation system like they have for the European Elections which will allow all the Small parties who have no real Voter representation to be the Power Brokers can you imagine having the BNP or even worse the Greens in the Cabinet.

We should have a new voting system as the present one is to unjust and is bias in favour of the Labour Party you could get the situation where the biggest percentage of votes could go to the Conservative party but the Labour party could still have the most MP's. The proportional system I would like would be where in every constituency each Candidate would have to gain 50% of the vote cast if they do not get this they go another vote where only the top two go forward and then it would be first past the post (I believe this is what the Labour Party want).

As for the LibDems idea of Proportional representation, well do away with the House of Lords and create a Second Chamber with the same sort of powers of the Lords and us the system where you elect parties i.e. if their is a 100 seats to be won the Conservatives get 40% they get 40 seats, Labour 30% 30 Seats if the BNP get 1% they get 1 seat and so on.

The main government would be still be run by the 1st house and secondly make it a legal requirement for people to Vote.

Friday, April 23, 2010

St Georges Day Who are the English?

We English should celebrate being English and do not let people say who are the English, they are not Britons. The word England come from the land of the Angles Angleland. The Angles, Saxons and Jutes were Germanic tribes who conquered parts of Britain's pushing the native Britons and what was left of the Roman Empire up to the South and West of the British Isles. The English became the most powerful country in the World and the most influential, when we united with the Scots and the Welsh we had the Biggest Empire the World has ever seen, remember the saying "The Sun never sets over the British Empire"

we may have lost our empire but our language and customs are still all around the World, although I welcome people from the old British Empire now the Commonwealth, they hold a British Passsport and that means something, they become British Citizens but to be a true English you need the blood of the Angles, Jutes and Saxons in you and they were White Tribes

Remember you are English before the LibDems and Labour take even that from us

NICK CLEGG is a con

David Cameron had a much better debate last night I thought he had the edge over the other two, I did expect a lot more from Nick Clegg but he looked haggered and tired.It seems that his bubble is beginning to burst with more inforamtion coming out about his policies, recieving suspect money, accusing GB of being more giulty then Germany for WW11. What outstanded me in the first debate how this complete political novice done so well in the first debate but I now found out he is not a novice, he has been a politcal lobbyist, a MEP and most importantly and PR man. Yes a PR man no wonder he was good on the TV that once was his job. His persona of creating a new Political world is rubbish he is part of the establishment especially as his party is older then the Labour Party.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cleggs Immigration Policy

Hard as it may be to believe, the Lib Dems are even more determined than Labour to dismantle our borders. The Liberal Democrat leader continually boasts about his 'honesty', but by far the most dishonest moment in last Thursday's debate was when Clegg talked tough about immigration.
With frightening hypocrisy, he spoke of a crackdown and more rigorous frontier controls, while also accusing Brown of presiding over 'chaos'.

But Clegg's words were hollow. For in its advocacy of an extraordinarily lenient policy on migration, his party's manifesto represents a huge blow to Britain's social cohesion and national identity. For too long already under Labour, immigration has been out of control, with 5.4 million people settling here since 1997.
During recent years the annual number of arrivals has been running at more than 500,000, and that doesn't include the countless number of illegal immigrants. Even in 2009, after all Labour's noisy rhetoric about new restrictions, the immigrant total was still 518,000.
Never in our history has this nation been through such a dramatic demographic change, and the trend is speeding up. No fewer than a quarter of all births in Britain are to foreign- born mothers, with the figure rising to an astonishing 55 per cent in London.
For the Lib Dems want to institute a full amnesty for illegal immigrants living in Britain, meaning such law- breakers could work, demand benefits and gain British citizenship.
The party's manifesto asserts that this would not only boost our economy by turning illegals into taxpayers, but also free up the police to concentrate on real crimes.
But such claims insult the intelligence. The truth is that, once granted, an amnesty would act as a magnet for migrants from all over the world, as others would quickly realise that they would almost certainly be treated with the same welcoming leniency if they were to come here illegally.
Human trafficking would rocket. Relatives of illegals, from spouses to distant uncles, would pour into the country. The Government admits that it 'doesn't have a clue' how many illegal migrants there are in Britain, but reliable estimates point to at least 750,000.
If an amnesty were implemented, that number could be more than trebled by the subsequent, completely legal arrival of all their dependants. An amnesty would stretch our overly generous welfare system to breaking point.
The great myth of the pro-immigration lobby is to pretend that newcomers have been the engine of economic prosperity. True, many have made a wonderful contribution to this country.
But the fact is that any economic gains have been outweighed by the colossal costs to the public sector in housing, education, healthcare and social security. As a host of authoritative studies shows, migrants are more likely to be in receipt of benefits than the British-born population.
It is one of the reasons why our public finances have sunk into massive deficits during a period of unprecedented immigration. Moreover, there is a terrible injustice about an amnesty, in that it both makes a mockery of the law by rewarding criminals and is grossly unfair on those who settled here legally.
And the modern history of the western world is that amnesties do not work. Since 1980, Italy has had 20 of them and Spain six, as a result of which immigration in both countries has soared.
Similarly, the U.S. instituted an amnesty in 1986 when the number of illegals stood at 3.5 million. Today, that figure is thought to have reached 20 million. Far from serving as a symbol of decency, an amnesty represents a surrender to illegality. Such a move is a sign that a country has given up trying to maintain its borders.
But that is the entire thrust of the Lib Dems' policy. This is a party that no longer believes in the integrity of the United Kingdom. An 'EU-wide asylum system' is called for in the party's manifesto - meaning we have to surrender some of our border controls to bureaucrats in Brussels.
In the same undemocratic vein, the Lib Dems want to take power away from the Home Office and set up an 'Independent Agency For Asylum', as if Britain were not already drowning in state bureaucracy. At least the Home Secretary is answerable to Parliament and the electorate.
This quango, no doubt packed with the politically correct brigade, will be a law to itself, a honey-pot for Left-wing lawyers. In an even more unworkable measure, Clegg wants to introduce a 'regional points-based' system for the awarding of work permits, by which migrants would be encouraged to go 'to parts of the country which are short of workers'.
With more than five million Britons of working age living on benefits, the idea that there are any genuine shortages of workers is absurd. We should be pushing our own people into jobs, not importing yet more foreign labour by dishing out permits like confetti.
Furthermore, the regional basis of Clegg's plans is also hopelessly flawed - there is nothing to stop migrants gaining a permit for one area, then bringing in their family and moving to another area, where a full range of benefits can be claimed.
The Lib Dems' other policies in this area are similarly ill thought through. Everything about the Lib Dems is soft. They urge an 'end to the detention of children in immigration detention centres,' which, while sounding humane, in practice means yet more families being freed to live on the dole, since someone will have to look after these children.
They want to go easy on the deportation of failed asylum-seekers, another recipe for an explosion in bogus claims. In addition, they call for the abolition of the ban on asylum-seekers being allowed to work.
Given that a huge majority of refugees are economic migrants, this proposal amounts to a further incentive for more foreigners to arrive here, reciting their empty mantras about 'persecution'. In practice, the ban will just end up as another form of amnesty.
Yes, the British are a tolerant people but this small island and its social structure cannot cope with those numbers. The public is crying out for toughness on immigration, not more laxity and definitely not Clegg's scheme for even greater expansion of foreign incomers.

Read more:

Gary Barlow with Conservative Leader

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Keith Nevols said...
Just to clarify. The proposed amnesty would not apply to any illegal immigrant with a criminal record.

It would only apply to anyone who has been here ten years, speaks English, has a clean record and is willing to earn citizenship.

We have to get on top of immigration after the shambles it is at the moment and must give priority to rounding up and deporting the criminals.

this obviously come from a LibDem I have printed it for balance but lets us look at what he has said "The proposed amnesty would not apply to any illegal immigrant with a criminal record." nearly all illegals enter this country and destroy their passports and Immigration can not find where they from so how can anyone tell if they have a criminal record? If they have entered this country illegally they have a committed a crime so all illegal immigrants are criminals. If they have been here Ten years who has been supporting them? They are not allowed to work without the relevant documentation so if the have been working they a have been breaking the law!
What about all those immigrants who have gone through the legal process should not they be honoured for doing the correct thing
Not all immigrants should be thrown out only those who entered the country illegally and all parties should do there best to round them up and send an example to the World England welcomes law abiding people only

Children thrive in marriage

Why children thrive with married parents
By Steve Doughty
Last updated at 9:02 AM on 20th April 2010

Read more:

I have been married 40 years and since the 1970's I have seen the slow breakdown of the Traditional family unit and since labour took over in 1997 it has got worse Young women be openly encouraged to become single mothers, men fathers countless children by different women and not being held responsible and now people with unnatural sexual habits IE Homosexuals can adopt children etc etc it will come as no surprise to us who believe in marriage that old fashioned concept where a child has a mother and father who live together, believe that it is no surprise that the breakdown of our society coincides with Labour and Libdems haste to outlaw the Natural Family Unit

Paedophile and LiDems

Pakistani Paedophile who abducted underage girls for sex can't be deported... because of HIS human rights which that he has a wife and child in this country

So this thing can rape young girls and claim Human Rights what about the Human rights of the Victims?

Of course the Labour Party and the LibDems support the Human Rights and the LIBDEMS want give ½ million illegal immigrants amnesty

Monday, April 19, 2010

CIB Agree local UKIP are wrong

Dear Mr Clarke

As a cross-party organization, Campaign for an Independent Britain has long argued against the insanity of no-hope 'eurosceptic' candidates standing against established anti-EU MPs, regardless of their party political label - and on occasion we have been successful in knocking some sense into them.

We therefore welcome the move made by Lord Pearson (who is, after all, one of our Vice Presidents) although as you rightly say it appears the message has not got through to some candidates, who are evidently either living in a fantasy world and/or are on some sort of ego trip. Sadly, UKIP will lose and lose badly in Sittingbourne so their candidate's stance is ludicrous.

Stuart Notholt

Vice Chairman, CIB

Saturday, April 17, 2010

LIBDEM Policies

Pulled this of the internet what one guy thought of LibDem Policies makes interesting reading

Do you really reallywant to join the Euro and join Greece as a basket case economy?
Do you really want your country to be undefended in an uncertain world because we can not afford to defend ourselves or naively think we can guarantee a nuclear power may never threaten us in the future?
Do you really want to give amnesty to between 500,000 and I,000,000 (yes that's I million) illegal immigrants?
Do you really believe that the Liberals are right to bribe the electorate with £17BN when that money could be used to reduce the defecit?
Do you really want to see the pound get a hammering after the election in a hung parliament?
Do you really want another 5 years of Gordon Brown? Do you really believe the Liberal Party are the goody two shoes of this shameful parliament when they have yet to repay a donation of £2.4M from a convicted fraudster and some of their MP's have been up to their necks in the trough?
If you can answer YES to these questions you are ready to vote Liberal!

Nick Clegg helps a Labour Victory

Well I watched the Leaders Debate and found the whole thing uninspiring, I totally agree that Nick Clegg performed the best but do we want some one who looks like an X factor winner or do we want someone who can be Prime Minister? Both David Cameron and Gordon Brown look like Prime Minister the latter looking tired and worn out the former had a lot of vigour and energy but he did come across as wooden and of course Nick Clegg will never be Prime Minister no matter what the Polls say. Yet a vote for him and his Party could put Labour Party back in power. A poll commissioned by the Sun put Conservatives on 33% LibDems 30% Labour 28% you would have thought that puts Labour out of the race on the contrary Labour would still have the most seats in Parliament followed by the Conservatives and LibDems would have approx 100 seats. Now if that ever happened how any one suggest we live in a Democratic Country when the Majority of the Country voted against the Labour Party and they become the 3rd party in terms of people voting for them.
The one thing we must all be aware of is a Vote for the Conservative will help this country get rid of Gordon Brown and the Labour Party a vote for any other party will let the Labour Party continue to run this country that is fact. The first past the post election system is no linger a fair democratic system and a system I supported for many years must be replaced by Proportionate Representation

Friday, April 16, 2010

Do you support Brown?

Subject: Please pass this one on...

I'm sure you'll want to add your name to the list!!!!!!

As a rule, I don't pass on these "add your name" lists that appear in emails,

BUT this one is important. It has been circulating for some time now and it is estimated that it has reached over 20 million people so far.

We don't want to lose any names on the list so once you have added your name PLEASE send it on to keep it going.

To show your support for Gordon Brown please go to the end of the list and add your name.

1. Mrs. Brown.


UKIP Traitors

UKIP President tell Local party to withdraw from election

On Radio 4 last week Lord Pearson stated that his party UKIP would not stand in Constituency that had an Anti EU candidate standing I thought great, then they will withdraw their Sittingbourne & Sheppey Candidate and give euro Realist a straight run. There reply was this was only for Candidates who signed up for the Britain out of Europe campaign, good because candidate Gordon Henderson has signed up to this.
Lord Pearson went on to say "It would be a mistake for UKIP to keep genuine and determined Euro-sceptics out of the House of Commons in a seat where we cannot win."He had proposed withdrawing from Sittingbourne and Sheppey but the local party had disagreed
I spoke to the UKIP Parliamentary candidate for Sittingbourne and Sheppey and asked why he is going against the advice of his President and why he is standing against a Candidate who has very similar views on Europe. It was brought to his attention that he could stop Gordon Henderson winning this seat and let in a Pro Europe Candidate, UKIP were responsible at the last election in letting the Pro European Derek Wyatt in 2005. Wyatt beat Gordon Henderson by 79 votes UKIP polled 926 votes if UKIP had withdrawn from that election the Anti EU Candidate Gordon Henderson would have been voted in.
So why are they standing they tell me they believe they can win yes they reckon they can increase their vote by 17,000 if they believe that then they are what the Pro Europeans call them the CRANKY Party. There is obviously some ulterior motive behind there doggedness to stand knowing full well they will not win, is maybe because their group has some disenfranchised Tories who have an axe to grind or is it just an ego trip for a few of their committee who knows but one thing is for sure they are not for Getting out of Europe like Gordon Henderson

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Are all women just money grabbers?

Why do I ask the question well look at the article about the Armed Forces. This is the way that this Country is going since the Labour Deputy Leader Harriet Harman(better known as as Hateman) has been forcing through her legislation on preferential treatment for women or do most women feel disgust by this latest excuse for women hood who it seems got deliberately pregnant to drain money from men who are fighting for their country. Hopefully I will not meet her and I hope all that meet her ostracize her and I hope she has to pay tax on the compensation. She disgust me

£7600 to pay

In our local paper last week a Christopher Shrubsall was prosecuted for claiming Housing Benefit Fraudulently, he claimed £7,600 according to the paper he was punished by having to pay £200 in costs and given 60 hours Community Service something it highly unlikely he will complete if he doesn’t have to pay back the benefit his hourly rate will be approx £126. That is not a bad exchange and they say crime doesn't pay? But thankfully this is not the case he has to pay the full ammount he claimed back to the Council
Also in the paper Stephen Silk was jailed for 3 ½ years for counterfeiting £1 pond coins if he was such a good tradesman why did he not do a legitimate job plus why does he get 3 ½ years and the benefit cheat only get 60 hours Community Service? why wasn't he made to pay back what he had earn't that would be a harder job then going to Prison and we the tax payer would get something back in return

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

People Power

The Conservatives come up with a great idea People Power us tax payers actually having the power to improve our environment, schools and Police by being able start our own schools, sack Chief Constables etc. This not unique in some parts of the USA it has been going for several years. How many times have you heard people say "I do not Vote its a waste of time" or "once elected they ignore you" well now we have the chance to do something. Yet what do the Left wing Guardian, Observer say Oh No we do not have the time what they really means is "How dare the Conservatives let the people think for themselves, the peasants get the chance every 5 years" and of course the Headteachers association is against it, they know if there is people power some will be out of a job.

Do not miss this opportunity vote Conservative

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PC and the Weather

The Royal Commission for Political Correctness,

announced today that the local climate in the

UK should no longer be referred to as.......

“British Weather…”

Rather than offend a sizeable portion of the population, it will now be referred to as

“Muslim Weather…”

In other words - 'partly Sunni, but mostly Shi'ite'

Sunday, April 11, 2010

PC Madness

3 peoples lives have been destroyed by the Labour Government Political Correctness regime led by Harriet Harman fondly known as Harriet Hateman.
Roy Amore literately lost his life because of a PC Informers these people are like in the old days of Communism where the government encouraged people to spy on their neighbours
So what was it that he done so wrong He suggested to a black colleague that he ‘better hide’ when they noticed immigration officers outside their clinic, it was not his black mate who reported him, in fact he laughed it off, it was someone else who was ear wigging. He was so upset about the accusation he shot himself, I hope the ear winger feels good about himself. Read the article below

Read more:

Next two experienced marines were Court Martialed for hitting a Bomber with a Wellington Boot. Yes, this Marine with 18 years’ service hit a Taliban bomber suspect, cutting his lip. When the accusation went to a Court Martial the bomber had escaped and could not give evidence has this country gone mad?

Read more:

How can anyone in their right mind vote Labour

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Read about Cambridge

The Labour Government have open the doors to immigration without a thought to how the British people will be effected It was pointed out that since 1997 when Labour came into power 93% of all new jobs went to Foreigners. Of course Greedy Farmers and builders want these low paid workers who will work very long hours for less money then there British counter part and before you say well British Workers will have to take lower wages British workers have families, mortgages, rent, Council tax, Road tax and insurance compare that with foreign workers who share houses 4 to a room, share food, very rarely pay Council Tax as for cars all they need to do is bring one from say Poland for 6 months then return to Poland and get another one no Road Tax and no record on our National Computer.Lets not forget a lot of these foreign workers are in the EU and are entitled to collect our benefits it is not unusual for these workers to collect Child Allowance in both countries and it is not unusual for them to claim for non existent children and we can not check.
A recent TV programme showed some out of work English people being taken on for a trial work period obviously the BBC picked a bunch of English losers with the exception of three Carpenter and two middle aged guys who were forced into redundancy. the carpenter came up trumps as did the other guys. What struck was the attitude of the Fat Red Faced Farmer who given three the chance to earn money digging up Asparagus because they had never done it before they were painfully slow. The Fat Farmers reaction was you are know good to me asked if he could give them some training his reaction was that would cost me money! So where do British Workers get trained? Two guys went to a packing station and they fared well after day they kept up with all others and told if they applied for a job they would be considered they applied and guess what there was no place for British Workers, What was interesting with these two they were expected work a minimum of 5 x 12 hour shifts 60 hour week, how long did the Unions fight for a 40 hour week so where are the Unions now when they are needed?
The Labour loves these immigrants because guess who they vote for yes Labour so we could have the scenario that we have a labour government voted in on the back of foreign immigrants.

What to do throw them all out those who want to work re apply with details that can be checked, those who have entered the country illegally and refused to give identity must be imprison as they have deliberately broken the law.

Why have I brought this up because the experimental jobs were done Cambridge shire and article appeared in the Mail about this subject

Migrant city's cry for help: Anguished letter to Brown and Cameron reveals devastating toll of immigration on schools, housing and hospitals

Read more:

Friday, April 09, 2010

Local Man for the local people

For the sake of balance can I reply to Terry Parker who tell your readers to “Vote Labour” There are many things about this Government I detest mishandling of the economy, increase in crime, increase in drug and alcohol abuse, massive immigration with 93% all new jobs going to foreigners since 1997 (Government Figures), massive unemployment for British Workers, how they spent more time debating Fox hunting and Homosexual rights then they did our soldiers going to war and then not equipping them properly etc. The Government of the day are judged on what they have done.
The last Parliament saw many MP’s from all parties being exposed as cheats even our last MP Derek Wyatt came under the magnifying Glass for expenses and where he lived and what he was claiming for? And it seems unjust that he takes the credit for Sheppey Bridge considering the hard work done by councillors form all parties on the local Council, mind you it doesn’t say a lot about Derek Wyatt that he can only boast two things that he has done in 13 years, I can understand him deciding to leave just before an election I feel sorry for the Labour Candidate Angela Harrison who had to be put in as last minute Stop Gap, So the time has come for some new brooms in Parliament to sweep out the rot of the last lot and that includes all parties. I have known Gordon for over 20 years I found him to be honest and his own man a local man, even the Troy hierarchy tried to fly in one of their special candidates but us local Tories stopped them and we had chosen a man we new and trusted. Dennis Grover complains he is to much of his own man and should be an independent, rubbish he like me believes the Conservative Party is the Political Party that hold most of his views not all and he will be great asset to the people of Swale and the Conservative Party because he is no a Lap Dog of the party that may be hard for the Labour Supporters to understand, remember the guy who was thrown out of the Labour Party Conference for heckling not much freedom there. In the 13 years Derek Wyatt has been MP for this Constituency he has never visited one of our International Martial Arts Tournaments we have held at the Swallows he has never visited any of the Martial arts Clubs dotted round the Town, Gordon has been to many and Sir Roger Moate was a regular visitor as were past Labour Mayors and LibDems Mayors like Brian Austin even though he was not a Conservative he was well respected and I am pleased to say a friend of myself and our Club If he were alive today and stood for Parliament Gordon would have a match on, two well liked respected men in battle sadly not to be. You can not blame Wyatt he was not a local man so did not know the people or the area and after 13 years he still doesn’t except for a few areas on Sheppey where they had Labour Councillors.
So I say do not just vote Conservative vote Gordon Henderson a “Local Man for Local needs”
Sorry I did not mention the LibDems candidates I am not sure they have chosen one yet

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


A few day ago I wrote a letter to the press stating that I thought the fuss caused by the Homosexuals regarding being refused a B&B. I thought this was a set up by one of the Homo’s Jack Mr Morgan, 56, leader of the Liberal Democrats on Huntingdon council in Cambridgeshire, as a gimmick as we were near an election. Moving on I saw an article that said some Hotel and guest houses cater purely for Homosexuals, after Googling I found a sight which cater purely for Homo’s and found lots of sights that were Homosexual Friendly (They use the slang word Gay) but was interesting I did find some which catered purely for Lesbian and Women only, Now does that break the law? Plus it did not take me long to find a Hotel for Gays only it is “GUYZ HOTEL Blackpool” On their website there openly say the following “This Hotel is run by Gay People for Gay People” it goes on to warn Homosexuals about other hotels are trying to get in on the Pink Pound who not totally GAY “ If you are looking for a specifically Gay Hotel be sure to ask if it is exclusively Gay when booking to avoid disappointment” Now I wonder what the Labour party, Liberal Party and Mr Morgan say about that? Or is just Christians who can be persecuted?

The Militant Homosexual continue to bleat on about how they are normal yet they want extra rights, yet they still have reputation for Sexual promiscuity and sexual deviation, a reputation surely they would want to lose, thing like Gay Pride Marches promote this reputation but what I found interesting was the following advert on the net at a site Kent’s Gay Bed and Breakfast

Please note the Grey square which advertise Cruising grounds in Kent when you click on a link comes up to all the places you can pick up men for sex.
Well what do you think

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne Kent

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Do you feel better in 2010

On Radio 4 they asked do we as individuals feel better in 2010 then we did in 1997 Well for one as Conservative felt fed up with Conservative Government of the Day I obviously hoped we would get back in Power rather the New Labour. Yet when Tony Blair got in everyone said he was a Tory in Labour clothing I thought are well give it a go. How wrong I was the last 13 years have been the worst in my life for me, my family and friends. I will quote my own details as we build up to the election

Revealed: Hospital has staff from 70 countries as nurses who don't even understand 'nil by mouth' forced to take English lessons
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This article just highlights one of the problems in this country far to many foreigners who British Workers pay down. The argument in 1997 that we need foreign Nurses Doctors etc may have been justified but why in 13 years have we not trained enough Doctors and Nurses from our own Country? To say we can not afford better pay for trained staff is rubbish cut right back on the bureaucracy

My own experience with Medway hospital when it came to my two operation Replacement Knee 2009 Replacement hip 2010 was excellent my Surgeon Mr Samsami was top class as was his staff. The build up was a different matter 5 year wait for my knee with two cancelled Operations, appointments 3 hours late, 1 1/2 wait for a blood test was appalling but again this was an admin problem bad management
My own experience in have

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Le Pond

How Eurocrats want to spend £1.1m changing the English Channel's name to 'Le Pond'

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This article appeared in the Daily Mail how on earth can people and the Political parties continue to support our membership of the EU people in this country are losing their jobs and these idiots want want to spend a Million Pound

Cambridge Homo a plant

Monday, April 05, 2010
Cambridge Homo a plant
In my article about the Homo's and Bed Breakfast I mentioned that theses two same sex lovers could be a plant to cause trouble before the election and it seems I was right. It seems Jack Mr Morgan, 56, is leader of the Liberal Democrats on Huntingdon council in Cambridgeshire, so we are near an election a good chance for one of these wet LibDems who believe in anything bar the Married Family Unit and who believe the abnormal sexual act between people of the same sex is normal
No wonder they will never become a party in Government
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Englishmans Home is his castle or is it?

Englishman Home is his Castle or is it?
Part 1
Since the age of 17 I have been active in International Judo and Sombo Wrestling from 17 to 51, I competed as an International Player plus I have been very active in the Admin side at home and on the International scene, in this period I have had to share rooms with other Male Athletes why because we were on a limited budget. In all that time I was never asked if I was Homosexual (I a not I might hasten to add) and that was in a time when Hotels would turn away normal couples if there were not married.
So the present fuss over two Homosexual being refused accommodation in a Guest House does make me wonder whether the owners of the guest house were set up by Gay Militant activist.
Maybe the time has come to look into the background of Michael Black and John Morgan did they know about this Guest house and did they deliberately tell the owners they were Homosexual, If they did, what for and why?

Part 2

I own Flats and Bed sits and I ask my tenants many questions:
1) Are they British, do they hold a British passport
2) Do they have a criminal record
3) Would they object to having a CRB check
4) References from Employers, previous landlords
Etc. What I do not ask is whether they are Homosexual or normal sexed, I also do not ask what race or religion they are, I feel that it is there own private affair.
Would I refuse to rent a room to a Homosexual Couple, as I would not ask I would not know? If they were trying to make a point by telling me I would have to reconsider because the question would be “Why are they telling me this, I never asked, have they some alliterative motive”
With regard to my Bed Sits I have had Homosexuals (I knew them as they worked for me) rent rooms but would not let them share a room as the Bed sits are in my house.
Some years ago I managed a Bar and Function Hall for my mother and had a booking for a reception after a Civil Partnership, my first reaction was take the booking after all business is business but I would get extra staff in, as the thought of men smooching etc did not appeal to me. When I told my mother, a devout Catholic, she said NO way. When I said there could be trouble she said God is my Judge not a Labour Government”
So well done Chris Grayling for telling people the obvious you have who you want in your own house.

Part 2

In amateur sports if you want a grant you have to fill in forms, in fact if you want to be a member of a governing body you have to fill an array of forms. Most of which has nothing do with my you want money but about Government survey.
They ask questions such as
1) What race are your members and you and they give you about 20 different varieties
2) What Religion are your members
3) Are your members Heterosexual, Bisexual or homosexual

There are many more questions but these are the objectionable ones plus the one that insist you have people from ethnic minorities on your committee even though you may not have any ethnic minorities in your club.

I forgot to mention ours is a Judo club and since it was formed in 1957 we have had a policy of welcoming everyone. So what has any of the questions above got to do with participating in JUDO?
In fact we have put into our constitution that the above three should not be asked as infringes there right to privacy.

This Government is obsessed with Control and it far to influenced by minority groups just because the media and Showbiz have a high percentage of Homosexuals and Bisexual does not mean the whole of the country is the same, Politician should get out of London and meet real people

Finally you may not agree with Homosexuals living together but you can say it is a life style but how can you say that about Bisexuals that is just a perversion

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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Saturday, April 03, 2010
Legalise Drugs?
I have just been listening to a debate on Question Time about legalising Drugs the main thrust of the debate was that we are losing the War against Drugs and it should be legalised.

Those “For” quoted the amount of money spent and how we are criminalising people because of their habit and those who want to keep it illegal say we should get the main suppliers

Well I detest drugs and if I were in charge anyone caught with drugs would be jailed yes I would need more jails yes it would upset the Professional Classes whose offspring would be jailed and have a criminal record but everyone would think twice about starting on drugs as for those already hooked, collateral damage they had a choice after all.
Choice is the most important thing stop making excuses for addict etc treat them with disdain in the Great depression there was not the drug taking like today.

Yet after spouting of, what I have suggested will not happen the Politicians will not have the guts to do it, the Professional Classes who run the Politicians will not allow it and the do gooders who earn millions trying to cure these pathetic people will not give up there lucrative trade.
So eventually it will be legalised, and it will be taxed and instead of Gangsters making money from this evil trade the Government will! Those who want it legalised say usage will go down and more money will be available to cure addicts? The Government takes money from a substance that makes people ill then pays it back to cure them? instead of less people using more people will use because it is legal it must be harmless No government would intentionally give you something that is harmful not knowingly? Since the Licensing laws were relaxed there has been a steady increase in the sales of alcohol and alcohol abuse is common Moe youngster are drinking so much so by the time they are 14 it is a natural occurrence at weekends.
What of the work place will an employer be able to stop a worker using drugs? would they be infringing there human rights if they tried stopping them?
Final point why do you need to take drugs? are individuals that weak they have to say yes to drugs? Could all drug takers stand up and say Ba Ba

Martin Clarke
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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Student Brats

8,000 British students descend on a Spanish family holiday resort and go on drunken spree.
Yes Students those spoilt Brats who mummy and daddy say have got no money and when the finish Uni they are massively in debt. No wonder they are in debt they spend most of their money on Booze, sex and drugs. When they finish Uni they must have their Gap year this is a year where they swan of round the World at mummy and daddy's expense but we are told it is very important for their personal development and extending their life skills. Can you imagine a youngster on a Council estate being able to swan of round the world or what about the Kid who leaves school and get a job in Mcdonalds. If mummy and daddy want pay for them all well and good but stop whinging about how much it cost.

What they should do is stop grants altogether and put a percentage on the students tax when they leave Uni and gets a job he/she pays this for the full period of his working life before you start complaining, the reason they went to uni is to get a good job with good money so they can afford it. For those who enter a career such as teaching which compared to some jobs is low payed and it is a Vocation they could be exempt from the extra tax. Why should those on low wage help contribute to a Uni education which help them get rich.

They should cut down students Holidays to three x two week holidys this could then reduce Uni Course by a 1/3 saving everyone money

Finally do we the Tax Payer get value for money from those who have a Uni education???

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Council Job's Worth

We need to get rid of these Jobs Worth's who work for the Council, take the women who sold the Goldfish and was tagged it seems you get a higher sentence for upsetting a Council Jobs worth then if you committed a burglary.

Have a read of Richard Littlejohns article

If this is justice, I'm a goldfishast updated at 8:06 AM on 01st April 2010
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