Thursday, August 30, 2012

J Graham Newington supports Immigration?

Dear Editor

I have to take issue with J Graham letter stating that MP Gordon Henderson was a promoting Decrepit hysteria over immigration control,.  It seems that J Graham does not think that immigration is out of control; well for your information he/she has got it wrong every political party agree that there is to much immigration, Migration Watch has proved time and time again that we need to put a stop on immigration. As for the rather pathetic reference to the Olympic games all competitors competing for GB had to have a British Passport and where did the two-mentioned train GB, who sponsored them GB Tax payers, the governing body was British. Using the racist card to promote an argument is wrong just because they are Black does not make them less British. Immigration is not just about a person’s colour or religion
J. Graham claims immigrants represent 13% of the work force how does he/she know that when the government admit they do not know how many illegal immigrants are in the country and how many are working. Then only 7% claim benefit, well in my eyes that 7% to many, our benefit system is subsidised by British Tax payers and should be for British Subjects only. The 7% should be subsidised by the United Nations that way the whole world contributes to their welfare.
I do agree that most immigrant workers are in this country to work hard and earn money but do they all contribute to the British Society NO many do not stay in the country long enough to pay National Insurance and Taxes, they come and go from there original countries of birth. Those that do stay send a lot of their wages back to their home countries to support families and that is to their credit, something some Brits can learn from Family Responsibility but the money they send back is not going into the local economy.
Yes some work in this country needs seasonal workers Farm Work is such an example but why is that most farmers will not employ British Labour? A lot of immigrant workers are paid low wages and limit there living costs by sharing houses and bills as there intention is not to reside here on a permanent basis and as there wages are low their tax contributions will be low.
So who gains by the immigrants obviously they do, the employer does as they have a cheap work force and if they are using the very discredited AGENCY SYSTEM they have little or none of the responsibility of an employer.
Before you start calling British people lazy j Graham, we have a benefit system that pays people not to work and Family man first duty is to support his family and if that means getting more money on the dole then working so be it, a system I might add I am not happy with
Foreign workers because of reasons I have mention often under cut our own work force and on many occasion do not have the equivalent qualifications
To finalise before J Graham accuses me of racism I have many friends who have come to GB from ex Soviet Union Countries (this is because of my involvement with the Russian Sport of Sambo) and all of them have become British Subjects and pay their taxes, National Insurance, Council Taxes etc. and have become part of British Society. This is the type of person this country wants not the spongers and opportunists

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Free Ink Jet Cartridges

Have any of you a use for the following Ink Jet Cartridges I have no use for them they are all unopened

Its a Free Just collect or send a SAE

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Silent Witness/Accused

I recently watched a couple of TV programmes, which I found disturbing

1)   Silent Witness was about a group of Pakistani Moslems taking School Girls for sex and eventually prostitution. It was quite brave for the BBC to do this because the establishment does everything in its power not to offend this group of people. The grooming could be done by any race but according to recent reports it is more common in the Pakistani Community. This made really angry watching  but a couple off other thing that was brought to my attention was the Moslem Leader when question by one of his gang He just said they are nothing but white whores and animals, it was their up bringing that made them the way they are. Is this what Moslems think of us the Christian White British? And is there some truth in what they say? I do not know maybe someone can supply me with an answer? Another interesting point was when it came to arrest them they asked an Asian Officer to accompany them so not to offend other Pakistani’s. Since when does a Police Officer Race, Colour, Religion comes in to it when making an arrest? They are all Police Officers and they represent the law of the land unless we are moving to the situation where every ethnic group has its own Police Force.
2)   Accused was about a Mother, Grandmother protecting their 17-year-old son/grandson from the Police after he shot a friend and killed him. This was located on a Housing estate, which was rife with gangs, the boy was ordered to shoot his friend or his mother would be killed. The leader of this gang was only in his twenties; you saw these young hooded thugs riding around on their drug bikes intimidating everyone. What has this country come to when these young thugs can terrorise a whole housing estate and the Justice system does nothing?  We still have that ridiculous Ken Clarke still saying we should be lenient with these thugs as society has let them down. Rubbish they are scum and should be treated as violent criminals. The Boy got 16 years with good behaviour he will be out in 8 years

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Olympic Honours and Plastic Brits

Dear Editor

In response to Mr Richard Vanlint article according to the newspapers and Wikipedia there were 61 plastic Brits that’s 11% of the British Team. This includes people born of British parents born outside UK. 8 of them have competed for other countries in the past. Cuban Borne Triple Jumper Yamile Aldama and Wrestler Olga Butkevych from Ukraine only got their passports a couple of months ago
My point was that
1)   Athletes compete to win an Olympic Medals for themselves and to do that you have to be completely selfish. This may not be what you want to hear but it is the truth my own experience and my experience with many other Olympic and World Class Athletes know that to be a fact
2)   The Olympics is no longer a Festival of Amateur Sports people gathering to together once every 4 years to celebrate the purity of sport and the perfection of the Human body
3)   The Modern Olympics is about a cooperate organisation I.O.C. putting on a entertaining spectacle that will capture the World s imagination, which it does
4)    Athletes are paid professionals today how else can you attend more then one Olympics, some have done 4 or 5. I was a reserve for the Moscow Olympics 1980, I spent 4 years trying to get there what money I earned went on me, the wife worked to keep the family. If I had another 4 years I would go to the next Olympics but it was financially impossible, that was the norm in those days.
5)   The Olympics is a show and the athletes performers if that is the case why not take athletes from any country to compete for GB
6)   How long before there will be no countries in the Olympics only Athletes who are sponsored by major companies? Would that be such a bad idea?

I was also extremely dismayed by the fact that an un elected Civil Servant Sir Bob Kerslake has decide that all medallist will be mentioned in the New Years honour
The following says exactly what I feel:

I share the enthusiasm for the outstanding Olympic performance of Team GB. I don't, however, see why they would expect 'a gong' at all. Surely their medals - that’s what they competed for with such outstanding results, rewarded them. Awarding to civil servants who are paid well for doing their jobs and who often enjoy pensions that the private sector can only dream about is entirely outdated and ludicrous. These people are essentially achieving for themselves either because they are well rewarded or to fulfill personal ambitions - that should be enough. If we are to keep the awards systems at all they should go to people who are motivated to help others - the unrecognized charity workers, fund raisers, researchers, people who devote their lives to careers to help their communities despite rather than because of their meager pay. We could also do an awful lot more for our servicemen and women - they are our real heroes.”
How many Service men and women, have died for this Country, how many have lost limbs. Lets put into perspective the Olympics was an extremely well organised and spectacular Sports event but it was ONLY SPORT

Yours Truly

Martin Clarke

Monday, August 20, 2012

Put X Factor in the bin

At long last people are starting to agree with me this X Factor is at best Poor Kareoke. It has given the idea to many young people that being famous is the only way forward in life rather then hard work

X Factor sinks to new low as 2m viewers turn off, and those who do watch see reject's foul rant

Read more:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Nelson & Pusey Riot

Nelson Mandela was a militant anti-apartheid activist, and the leader and co-founder of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC). In 1962 he was arrested and convicted of sabotage and other charges, and sentenced to life imprisonment. Mandela went on to serve 27 years in 1990 because of International Pressure he was released and became President a few Years later The world told us that South Africa would change form being a one party state being run by white people and things would change. Mandela the terrorist who orchestrated many murders in the name of his cause, was moved to Saint Hood by the World Leaders,
So have things changed well yes now you have a Black Corrupt One party State, the shantytowns are still there, the poor are still there but now they are managed by Black people, the Police are still shooting people but now it is an ANC Government who controls them. One thing that has changed South Africa has the highest Murder rate in the World.
So would I want to be a Black person in South Africa YES if I was a member of the ANC government?

Pusey Riot the Russian Punk group have been sentenced to 2 years GOOD not because the criticised Putin but because they performed in a Cathedral. All our lefties are moaning saying they should be allowed to protest YES but what has PUTIN got to do a Cathedral?  Our Government should take a leaf out of the Russian and USA book start punishing criminals instead of making excuses for them and they can start by getting rid of that softy Ken Clark

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lady Anne Middleton Hotel York


In a Months time I am off to Scotland for a Sombo Competition, so like a good husband that I am I asked the wife to come with me and said on the Sunday we would travel to York to visit York Minister. So I book the Lady Anne Middleton’s Hotel in York a very plush Hotel costing in access of £80 per night. Well now the wife cannot come so I decided to cancel the booking only to be told NO I can’t? Yes you guessed there is a clause stating that I can cancel but there is no refund, which according to one of the Desk Staff I should have read. Yet this was over month in advance that I was cancelling I retorted surely you could get some else to book the room in that time I suggested? Irrelevant I was told by this rather authoritarian voice you should have read the booking form

Well lesson learn.t read the small print but that does not stop me feeling like Lady Anne Middleton’s Hotel is ripping me of. Will I cancel the booking NO not if I am paying but told them I will not get there till 10 pm and not to rebook my room!!

Would I recommend this Hotel certainly not their idea of Customer Relations leaves a lot to be desired

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Olympics is over

So the Olympics have finished I have to admit it was a great success not just in medals but in organisation as well. Still think it was not worth the money but it has put a bounce into the country and we have seen a big increase in interest in the Martial Arts at our Club so there may be some future legacy, The Opening ceremony was spectacular but as I have said before the idea that we got our wealth from the Industrial revolution is some what suspect, becoming the Biggest and Great Empire the World has ever seen would have been the main contribution to our wealth and influence. As for the CND tribute well if we had listened to them the Soviet Union would be still inexistence it was the arms race that made them collapse. Did not see the closing ceremony soon as I heard it was about 60 years of pop music and 60 years of pop culture I thought NO but I saw in the paper the following day the Band of the Coldstream Guards done their bit and Churchill appeared so maybe they did honour part of our very long heritage.

Cameron has said the athletes will continued to be helped in their funding which in some cases is good but is was quoted in the paper some of the Medal winners can expect to earn up to £3 million next year I would be little bit peeved if they got Tax payers money. Another point is I trained for nearly 4 years to make the Moscow Olympics sadly I only made reserve yet if I carried on for another 4 years I am sure I would have gone in 1984 but having a wife and 3 children the sacrifice would have to great especially as the wife went out to work to support my 4 year bid. Not complaining, as there was not loads of money floating about for what was supposed to be Amateur Olympics well it was for the British. Yet today some athletes are complaining about resources if this true who has been paying for some of them to attend 4 or more Olympics?

Team UK medal haul will inspire youngster and get them away from thinking they can become famous by going to rubbish like X Factor. Our Athletes have shown by hard work you can achieve not by winning a sub standard talent show

Cameron has said he wants to encourage more sport in school so we can have more Olympic Champions what concerns me will all government subsidised sport be just the Olympic Sports? There are 34 Olympic Sports according to I.O.C. web site yet SportEngland has 148 recognised sports and there are many other sports which are not recognised or yet to be invented. So by all means get people doing Sport but throw the net wide and do not restricted it just the Olympics

Many have suggested certain Athletes get Knighthoods and every medal winner an MBE but what about the other who never got medals or never made the team surely they trained as hard? My impression of the honours awards was or people who gave up their time and energy selflessly, if you want to an International Athlete the person you should think about is yourself. What we need is a Queens Award to Sport for those that Coach, Officiate, Participate and for our World Class athletes.

To finish can I congratulate all those who were involved in the Greatest Olympics ever (LONDON 2012)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Your Local paper

I have been involved in Judo, Sombo and other Martial Arts since 1955 and have been quite successful on a World basis but when I walk down Sittingbourne High Street people stop and ask not about any of this but what I put in your letters page, it still staggers me the amount of people who read this local paper. Some of the things I write are somewhat controversial and I get attacked with subsequent letter and rightly so we still live in a Democratic Country in spite of the Politburo of the European Union but I have never been berated in the street on every occasion I have been congratulated on telling it as it is, why have I written this in response to Colin Davis letter in the opinion page where he mentioned me and can I say to him keep the letters coming from ordinary people and not just politicians. If enough people write in with their views the Politicians will listen to our needs not what they think we need.

Oh just as a last remark we do not need any more social housing in East Street so do something else with the Ship Inn 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Archers a Story of Country Folk


Why is that people who write soaps are obsessed with Homosexualls, every soap you watch and listen to has a couple of Homosexualls or Lesbians as if every person in the country has and know some people who have deviant sexual tendancies. Well I must be the only Straight in the Village because I do not have homosexuall or Lesbian friends and to be quite honest I only know a couple from the Gym. One can only asume that these writers Bat for the other side and think if they promote it enough people will accept it as normal. Take the only soap I listen to The Archers for some time one of The Archers is gay and lives with an Irish Chef and are accepted by the Village community. Well I worked on a Farm when I left school and know what village life is like and they thought me strange because I lived in the town can you imagine what they thought of two blokes living together going around saying they were married to each other! The story moves on it seems the pickers who Adam(he is the gay Archer) employees are Polish, yes you guessed it one of them is GAY and of course Adam cheats on his Boyfriend. There is more Harry the milkman we have just found out has had a boyfriend as well but he also likes women, so now we have a Bisexual I can not wait for the Village to have its first Cross Dresser which could be followed by a Transexual or better still how about a Lady Boy. They tried to put something normal in by having a husband and wife having a baby, well I say normal she is 45 and he is 60 couple all this with arson, witness intimidation is just other day in the life of country folk

Friday, August 10, 2012

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Clegg throws toys out of pram

I once wasted my vote on the LibDems or Liberal Party as was then called, my father I believe was a Liberal maybe that is why and the Candidate was an old school teacher of mine who’s main claim to fame was he complained about smoking in Council Chamber so he started eating oranges as a protest. At 18 you can do stupid things luckily enough he did not get voted in.
This Coalition is no better then the last government and how can it be Democratic when a party with little or no support from the electorate has so much power i.e. LibDems

Nick Clegg has once again thrown his toys out of the pram because he can not get his own way, the Country needs to get rid of this Coalition Government and the Conservative Party need to get rid of Cameron and not replace him with that fool Boris who is just another Rich Boy playing with politics because he has nothing better to do lets have some one who understand s the British people bring on David Davies

What are the boundary changes?
The Coalition has pledged to cut the number of seats for MPs in the House of Commons from 650 to 600, arguing this will  save around £12million a year, and will be fairer.
Under the change, the vast majority of Parliamentary seats would contain the same number of eligible voters within a margin of 5 per cent. It is controversial because it currently takes far more votes to elect a Tory MP in a rural seat than an urban Labour member.
The Lib Dems agreed to support the reforms in return for a referendum on the introduction of the Alternative Vote system. This was held in 2011 and was roundly rejected by voters.
How will the parties be affected? Labour is likely to sustain the biggest losses, but proportionately the Lib Dems would be hit hardest. Some experts believe the reforms will hand the Tories an extra   20 seats at the next general election and put several senior Lib Dems at risk.
What has this to do with Lords reform? Lib Dems regard Lords reform and Boundary Commission changes as a package, although they are not explicitly linked in the Coalition deal. The party has threatened to vote down the boundary changes if Lords reforms are dumped. David Laws, a Lib Dem MP, has warned of a ‘chain reaction’ which would threaten the rest of the Coalition’s programme.
What happens next? David Cameron is pressing ahead with the changes. The blueprint will have to be approved in a Commons vote as early as the end of 2013 to be in place for the next General Election in 2015.
What will Nick Clegg do? He may use the threat of voting down the package to try to extract policy commitments to shore up his grassroots support.
What do the Tories think?Furious backbenchers say they fulfilled their side of the bargain by agreeing to the AV poll. They also mutter that any Lib Dem backsliding could finish the Coalition.

Plastic Brits

I may be old fashioned but I get no joy out seeing women smash each other in the face I refer to Women’s Boxing. In this day and age we are supposed to be equal but surely men and women are different neither being superior to the other just different. So why do women try emulating what men do?

Plastic Brits:
This is the title of sports people who just come here to compete for GB. At first I was disgusted that we pump money into another group of foreigners but then again the whole of the country are jumping and down because GB is winning so many medals so maybe they are entitled to the money as they are giving a return on the investment. Yet to call this a true British Team is not truly accurate a better wording would be Great Britain Establishment Team. How long before Countries import players regardless of nationality? The International Olympic Committee is just another corporation and its raison de’tra is to offer Spectators a spectacular sporting event.

The idea that a sportsman/women wins a medal for their country is rubbish a sportsman/women firstly wins a medal for them selves once they have won the medal they my be thankful to their parents, coach, country etc. The Plastic Brits prove that winning the medal is more important then any Nationalist fervour. The supporters may be nationalistic they want their Brit to win because they represent us and our way of life.

Cry Baby:
This I know will upset many of you it did the wife, I believe it is alright for Johnny Foreigner to cry and have hysterics but us Brits should still have the stiff upper lip and control our emotions that what we a famous for SELF CONTROL. I can remember only once being over come with exuberance and that was in the 1978 English Championship I threw a chap named Arthur Map (Olympic Bronze medallist) for Ippon (Total Victory) with Uchi Mata (a throw). The audience jumped out of their seats and cheered me and I responded by running around the mat with my hands in the air. The following day I felt thoroughly ashamed of myself and it never happened again

Monday, August 06, 2012

Thank you Certificate

Well done Gordon a Good idea

Date:  6th August 2012
Release:  Immediate

MP Honours Charitable Constituents

Three members of the Link Mother and Toddler Group, held at Holy Trinity church in Sittingbourne, were delighted to be honoured with a certificate from their local MP, Gordon Henderson, commending their dedication to the group.

Pauline Grant, Christine Roberts and Jan Holdstock were presented with certificates of appreciation by John Burke, on behalf of Mr Henderson. The families that attend the group regularly wished to thank the ladies of Link playgroup, particularly Pauline Grant, who had been committed to running the playgroup for 36 years!

Mr Henderson said:

“It is important for people to realise how much they are appreciated and valued in this community and raise community spirit.

“I created the certificate of appreciation after being approached by families of the Link Group, but I would now like to start presenting more of these certificates to other deserving citizens of Sittingbourne and Sheppey.”

If you know of somebody in Sittingbourne and Sheppey who deserves a certificate of appreciation, please get in touch with Mr Henderson’s constituency office by phone on 01795 423199 or by


Contact Information
Gordon Henderson - MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Telephone: 0207 219 7144
Mobile: 07866 719923

Constituency Office
Top Floor, Unit 10 Periwinkle Court
Church Street, Milton Regis
Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 2JZ
Telephone: 01795 423199

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Is It Over

The Olympics have been on for a week and I already fed up with it, the Judo was abysmal and boring, thank God it finished yesterday. Must admit the TV coverage on TV, Internet has been great being able to watch any sport when you like is fantastic. What I do not like is the commentators who scream and shout at the end of a race as if they are having an organism, then there is this punching the air and general hoe ha by the winners, this I find nauseating and in bad taste. A winner should respect his opponent not add to his pain of losing, this after all is sport not a war "magnanimous in victory gracious in defeat."

With all Athletes being professional why do reporter continue to say it was hard path when talking about a winner and they had to give up so much. I never heard them saying that to a Rugby, Football or Tennis Player so why say it to professional athlete, Some of them have had 3 to 4 Olympics under their belt that 16 years of training who paid for that? I am told the only true amateurs are the Boxers and they always give a good account of themselves.

Next we are told that there will be knighthoods for several Athletes who won Gold for there dedication and endeavours in their chosen sport, if that is the criteria what about the thousands of others who trained just as hard but never made a medal position. I believe the honours system should be for those who have helped others of course their should be a sporting honour for exceptional athletes, maybe the Queens Award for Sporting Excellence

Any way said I am bored with it just realised the Wrestling starts soon can not wait maybe they are right the Olympics has something for every one pity I am not young enough to try again