Thursday, July 30, 2015

Gender Identity Curriculum Angers Parents in Virginia

Immigrants and Baguette £8.50p

I decided to travel to St Mary’s Bay New Romney for a nostalgic visit. So I thought I would be careful where I travelled with all the problems on the M20 with regard to French Strikes and Illegal immigrants etc.
So I thought I would travel to Faversham take the Ashford Road turn off at Kennington then head along the road leading the Hospital then  across country to New Romney. Yet nothing ever goes as you want it , before you get to Faversham you have to go through Ospringe where there was massive traffic queue so I knew this and travelled a really obscure back way which led me into Faversham Town Centre which I could get to the Ashford Road. Taking the Kennington turn off as mentioned, I eventually got to a Round about on the Canterbury Road, which would take me to the Julia Rose Athletics Centre. There was a Traffic Jam from the Roundabout to the Junction of the M20 which was about 3 miles long all because of the troubles in France .
What annoyed me is that it is getting impossible to move in this part of Kent and all we hear from Cameron you cannot blame the French. WELL YES YOU CAN, they allow Union thugs to break the Law and refuse to arrest them, they allow Illegal immigrants to storm the Tunnel and if they bother to catch them they release them a few miles outside Calais so they can return. French Charities supply them with food as do charities in GB and some are funded with Tax Payers money. Lets also not forget the Human Rights Lawyers like Cherrie Blair who make Millions out of the ridiculous European Human Rights, I have just heard on the radio a Pro Immigrant Charity in the UK want to increase immigrants benefits what are they nuts.
THE CALL IS BRING IN THE TROOPS but that never going to happen, what we can do is cut immigrant benefits and stop funding charities that encourage them to come to the UK

On my way back I stopped at the Eastwell Manor Ashford Hotel/Spa for a coffee and baguette, the banquette was £8.50p it was nice but not that nice. 

What is the latest craze with motorists in putting their lights on during the day? As soon as it is a little overcast on come the lights, do they think I can’t see them?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Walk Naked

This is a rather interesting way to rid us of terrorist BUT I expect the terrorists will not look unlike nearly everyone else

Don't forget to mark your calendars.

As you may already know, it is a sin for a Muslim male to see any naked woman, other than his wife, and if he does, he must commit suicide.

So next Saturdayat 1 P.M. Eastern Time, all American women 
are asked to walk out of their house completely naked to help
weed out any neighborhood terrorists.

Circling your block for one hour is recommended for this anti-terrorism effort.

All patriotic men are to position themselves in lawn chairs in front of their houses to demonstrate their support for the women and to prove that they are not Muslim terrorist sympathizers.  Since Islam also does not approve of alcohol, a cold 6-pack of beer at your side is further proof of your patriotism.
The American government appreciates your efforts to root out terrorists and applauds your participation in this anti-terrorist activity.
God Bless  America !!

If you don't send this to at least 1 person, you're a terrorist-sympathizing, lily-livered coward and are possibly aiding and abetting terrorists.  

Monday, July 27, 2015

Am I allowed Mr Churchill

Mr Churchill am I allowed to reproduce the following which was sent to me

Comments From Readers

I have today looked in my Spam Folder had a problem downloading a programme and was told it could have gone straight to my Spam Folder, While looking I found I had some comments with regard to my Blog, I do not recognise either of them but was pleased to see that people not on my mailing list actually read my Blog.

As you know I have many friends in the USA and they send me a lot of emails many which I reproduce. Someone calling themselves Mr Churchill does not agree with a lot of the Blogs so I thought it was only fair to reproduce his comments and maybe some of my US readers can comment. Another is on a local issue and the comment made good sense

Mr Churchill <>
22 Jul (5 days ago)
to me
Mr Churchill has left a new comment on your post "OBAMA BANNED THIS VIDEO - GEE, I WONDER WHY!.flv":

Actually factually incorrect. Obama was forced to release his birth certificate in 2008. He is qualified by residency. You should not publish lies as you make it harder for the rest of us decent folks who filed accurate tax returns to make our voices heard 

Well US Friends is he right? mind you I do not know what it has to do with Tax returns

Mr Churchill <>
23 Jul (4 days ago)
to me
Mr Churchill has left a new comment on your post "Target Stores":

Target is publicly traded on the New York stock exchange under the ticker TGT. Furthermore it has its HQ in Minessota since being founded in 1902. You are abusing the free speech we fought for in the Second World War.

Do you have the courage to publish this statement and also publish your accounts since 1994, and explain how being a slum landlord that violates the law in their advertising gives an automatic right to broadcast falsehoods. 

Free Speech is exactly what its FREE SPEECH just because you do not agree with something does not give you the right to Ban it. In the UK we are having a big debate about what is Free Speech with the Islamic Crisis. With regard to the article is there part in it that advocates Violence NO. It asks people to boycott the store for reasons mentioned surely that is a democratic right in the US?

Mr Churchill <>
22 Jul (5 days ago)
to me
Mr Churchill has left a new comment on your post "Bikes Scooters":

Absolutely agree, until you add a really silly statement about your comment being a hate crime 

Mr Churchill <>
19 Jul (8 days ago)
to me
Mr Churchill has left a new comment on your post "Banned from Facebook":

I believe in free speech so am disappointed that Facebook have deactivated your account. However you did sign up a contract with them not to use sexist, racist and homophobic statements and unfortunately you broke the laws. 

Please quote me where I was Sexist, Racist or Homophobic? or better still tell me the definition of the 3 Items. 

Mr Churchill has left a new comment on your post "OBAMA to ban Christiananity":

Oh dear, you really don't have your facts straight. The American constitution establishes one nation 
under God, the founding fathers never intended this as an exclusively Christian God, in fact some of them
 believed in a supreme being that would make most Christians shudder. The National day of Prayer was 
never Christian - it appealed also to othe faiths and the sizeable Jewish population. It is quite obvious that 
you don't check facts and simply pass on untrue statements as if they were true because you got them from
 the Internet. I am far from a bleeding heart liberal but posting ignorant fascist statements undermines all 
reasonable conservatives in the country.   

I am forwarded these articles from 
Concerned friends in the USA and publish 
them because they are interesting and 
welcome comments. I  will not censor them 
to suit your personal ideology
15 Jul (12 days ago)

JamesMMcCann has left a new comment on your 
post "No to Mosque at Church":

I see where you're coming from, but to say 
We can't risk encouraging muslims, because they are
 mostly terrorists, or at least could be,' is the same as 
those lefty-students seeing your union flag and 
automatically assuming you're a homophobic racist.
If there is a building going spare, why not turn it into
 a homeless shelter to get people off the streets? 
As you've mentioned in a FaceBook comment, a big 
problem with this country today is that we appear to
care more about animals than people, so surely a 
good way to counter that would be to start putting 
people, not religions, first?
Churches in this country are tax-exempt, they've got 
their money, we don't need to worry about them. 
Homeless people, however, for the most part could 
do with the help.

Just my thoughts. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Target Stores

We in the UK do not have a Target Stores but if we did would you support this company especially as it is Pro Islamic yet supports Gay Pride but will not support Christians 

Target Stores 2013 - Surprising Read



Target Stores What a surprise! Wasn't it last Christmas that Target refused to let the Salvation Army ring their bells in front of their  stores?
Dick Forrey of the Vietnam Veterans Association  wrote:  Recently we asked the local TARGET store to be a proud sponsor of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial all during  ourSpring recognition event.    Remember, there are  also Canadians occupying space on these walls.

We received the following reply from the local TARGET  management:    "Veterans do not meet our Area of giving. We only  donate to the arts, social action groups, gay & lesbian causes, and education."
So I'm thinking, if the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, and Veterans in general, do not meet their donation criteria, then  something is really wrong at this TARGET store. We were not asking for  thousands of dollars, not even hundreds, just a small sponsorship for a memorial remembrance.
As a follow-up, I e-mailed the TARGET U.S. Corporate Headquarters and their response was the same...That's their National  policy!!!
Then I looked into the company further. They will not allow  the Marines to collect for 'Toys for Tots' at any of their Stores. And during the  recent Iraq deployment, they would not allow families of employees who were called  up for Active duty to continue their insurance coverage while they were on  military service..
Now, I'm thinking again.. If TARGET cannot support American  (or Canadian) Veterans, then why should my family and I support  their stores by spending our hard earned American or Canadian dollars in their stores??? and, have their profits sent to France to Support Muslim Organizations . 

Dick Forrey
Veterans Helping Veterans

 Please send this on to everyone you know, to let Target  know we don't need them either, we're all in a position to reduce sales to these stores as soon as this gets around....