Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Holiday in Turkey

Hotel Aliza Oludeniz Turkey October 2013

Once again Myself  and Val have have had our holiday in Turkey this time it was at the Alize Hotel Oludeniz Turkey. This was only our second time in an all inclusive and was pleasantly surprised by the hotel, although after looking at some nearby hotels it was not the best. After saying that it was clean, comfortable and the staff were very good an ideal family holiday venue. I found the food substantial and of a reasonable quality, although others who do this sort of holiday on a regular basis said it was not up to standard The drinks were included up to midnight then you had to pay, fast food and ice creams were available all day, only Gin, Vodka, Wine, Beer were part of the package. I love red wine but it does not love me after one bottle I get tremendous hangovers which last 24 hours but I had to try the Turkish red wine which I found delicious and I did not get the hangover. Now was this was this because I was in a warm climate or as some have said it it because of the grape variety? 

Blue Lagoon

Turkey is a wonderful place with beautiful scenery, blue seas which even in October were warm and certainly warmer then the pool although the kids did not seem to mind. In October the nights get quite cold so the next time I come in will be in Late September. For those who love history the sites in Turkey are unlimited. One of the beaches we visited was the Blue Lagoon a World Heritage site, this as brilliant with small fish swimming around you as you swim, some of the tourist were even feeding the fish from their hands and to have a 6 inch fish eating from your hand is some experience. Many people come here because smoking is allowed every where and I mean every where including behind the bar and in restaurants, with us in GB being mainly in a smoke free environment this was a bit disconcerting. Yet on Turkish TV any film with some smoking the cigarette/Cigar is pixel-led out Strange? This disadvantage was by far outweighed by the advantages of a Turkish Holiday.

 Local AZDA?

 Val at Fethiye Fethiye

It is practically obligatory to visit the market in and it is well worth the visit apart from seeing massive of fruit and veg, there are some excellent bargains to be picked with regard to clothing and leather wear. Turkish law is very relaxed hen it comes to copyright, so the traders shout out "genuine fakes" and of-course some a pretty poor copies but for a £5 you get a good quality copy. Haggling is essential in Turkey no matter where you shop, we went to high class jewelry shop as part of a tour and Val showed an interest in a rather unusual ring the price started at £685 and I brought him down to £360 a bargain but I am pleased to say Val changed her mind. Not everything is cheap most of the bars we visited were priced little below English prices, one really caught us when we visited an Elvis tribute £11 for a Vodka/Coke and a Whiskey/Coke

This part of Turkey is very popular with paragliders and the week we were there was a paraglider festival seeing up to 40 paragliders in the sky, some motorized was exciting but see them doing acrobatic in the sky was awesome. One was involved in an accident his lines got entangled and he fell in the water, not to sure what the outcome was but it is certainly a dangerous sport. It is can be dangerous for onlookers to because when they come into land they blow a whistle and if you do not move you get knocked over.

Drinking alcohol at sea how decadent can you get

 Boats come along side and try a sell you products this one was making pancakes

Clear water notice NO yellow water

 I very rarely wear shorts now you can see why

Val still tasty at 66

We went on a boat trip around 8 islands not only was this brilliant trip but very inexpensive £10 that included an extremely good lunch. The boat stopped 4 times and we went swimming and there is nothing better then diving into a warm blue sea. Excellent trip will recommend it to anyone.

Those Turks could not keep their hands of my misses

The best food of the week was in a family run restaurant in Fethiye where we had a traditional lamb dish in a clay pot this was brought to the table in a fanfare of music and waiters in traditional dress, for those who think they have had Turkish Delight in England just try proper Turkish Delight in Turkey completely different an of course seeing Turkish Delight being made is even a better experience 

Is this art?

What surprised me was the amount of extremely overweight people that were here especially women and when I say overweight I mean over 15 stone overweight. I have a bit of a paunch which I am not particular proud of so I wear a shirt most of the time but one thing I can say my chest is bigger then my waist. This not the case with a lot of the men over 40, it seems the norm for these is to have a massive belly carry a beer in one hand and a fag in the other oh and I forgot you must have loads of tattoos. It is bad enough seeing men covered in tattoos or so I am told it is now called body art but to see women women covered in them made me look in amazement. It was not just youngsters it was women in their 50's, 60's and 70's who were covered in them. It seems myself and Val are the odd balls because we do not have any I do wonder what they will all feel like in 20 years times when the fashioned has changed?

This was great holiday and I met some very interesting and friendly people who's company I throughly enjoyed and I would certainly visit Oludeniz again. In fact I hope to treat the family to a week in 2015 when I am 65 

I have made such a big thing of my Blog I thought I had to include a few people I met 

Dick and Jean

Val with Carrie 

Steve,the picture does not do him justice He can smile

This young Couple were from Bristol, the wife was convinced that she in the South my Luvley 

Nazi Salute

One wonders why politicians and lefty want to spend so much time on a hand gesture? The so called Nazi salute could have been anything for example I was organising an international tournament Sittingbourne and one of the countries was Germany. As I looked up from the arena I saw one of my pupils and his wife so I raised my arm to acknowledge him. He was devastated that I used a Nazi salute   in his mind but all I had done was raised my arm, he saw something that was not there, would he have thought that if there were no Germans present I doubt it. So this raising of arms could have been any thing or maybe it was a Nazi salute which was meant a rebuke to an officious official? how many times have you called someone a little Hitler or even raised your arm which was meant as an insult? Even if it  was a Nazi salute surely at most is a rebuke from a senior officer. This obsession with the Nazi is a smoke screen to cover the antics of Milatent Moslems and Milatent left wing secularist
Shameful: UK soldiers under investigation after they were photographed performing Nazi salute in Helmand
  • MPs' anger that gesture could be dismissed as 'Loyalist tribute'
  • Picture believed to have been taken at an Army base in Helmand Province
  • It shows serving British soldiers two of which are giving Nazi-style salutes 
  • They are standing in front of a Union Flag and the flag of Northern Ireland,
  • 'Invicta Loyal' is the name of a Glasgow Rangers supporters' club in Kent
  • MoD spokesman says the two soldiers seen saluting 'have been spoken to'

Sunday, October 20, 2013

John's 40th

John's 40th

Well John has made it to 40 without being strangled by yours truly, to be fair he has not been a bad son a very successful Judoka and Samboist and has a good Job, been a good father to his two boys with regard to his private life that has been a bit patchy to say the least but overall I am quite proud of him

He held his party at Function Hall at the Ypres on Saturday and it was a great success what I particularly enjoyed that all my family was there


Clarke Brood

Many people from all over turned up and some we have not seen for 18 years like Steve Merritt and his wife, Steve a 6th Dan Karate used to head the IBF Karate section

John's Latest girlfriend Rebecca made him a really unusual Birthday Cake which really surprised him

Many people from the Young Judo Club and Warriors Grappling Academy were present as you can see from the photo some like George got extremely hungry

It was good to see John's 3 best mates there Stuart, Dave and Neil,they are very supportive of everything John does a couple are God Fathers to Johns boys and John is Godfather to Stuart girls, very close knit

John doing his things

Susan, Donna, John my three Children

Plenty Pic below I have of on the Web. I am on holiday in Turkey so may spare you my Blogs


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Foreign Lorry Driver watch Films while driving WE need the Bible

I was in my favourite Restaurant Taste of Portugal last night and got talking to a long distant lorry driver, what he told me about foreign lorry drivers was unbelievable. It seems they have their laptops perched on the dashboard to watch films and read books while driving and on occasion they will put their feet up on the dash. My first response was that this was a load of rubbish I had never seen a case like this and why don’t the Police pull them over? The answer was quite logical “How can you or the Police see into a cab? They are to high” as he said the only people who can see into a cab are other Lorry Drivers. Maybe the Police and Politicians should look into this?

Why is it we put so much store into the opinions of Celebrities, the latest assault is by someone called Morrissey? I am told he is some sort of singer, I have never heard of him but it seems he wrote a song about praising the death of Maggie. He then goes on to spout on about his own political bile but why should we listen or why should the press report his opinions on subjects he knows nothing about.

10% PRICE RISE BY BRITISHGAS. Once I heard I was straight on the Dog and Bone to complain and to change my supplier but I was pleasantly surprised. As a business customer the rise did not apply to me and I have a contract till 2015 based on the price I arranged a year ago

Well Done Chris Grayling MP now get us out of the Human Rights Fiasco have a look at the article below

Civil legal aid banned for foreigners by next year to help stop Britain being seen as a soft touch

Best of Luck rebel Adam Afriyie but it will not happen see article below

If we lose the bible, we lose our conscience

Can you believe this you pay your taxes for a lifetime, you pay NI for a lifetime and they still want to steal your house? Now if that had been a private insurance company you had signed a contract for, they could have been sued for breach of contract NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Of course the excuse is that we do not have the money well stop spending £Billions on corrupt Foreign Aid

Councils spy on parents who sign over house to children: Blitz on families who 'avoid' care home fees
·       Councils investigating residents who try to conceal property wealth
·       Inspectors with councils have legal power to go after suspects
·       Signing over a home to a child see parents avoid care home fees
·       Parents who are caught by inspectors risk having to sell up

Bomb suspect can have his passport back, judge rules: Iraqi who was stripped of nationality after plotting atrocities against coalition forces could return to Britain
    Explosives expert Hilal Al-Jedda was given asylum in 1992 but his British passport was withdrawn after returned to Iraq where he was accused of plotting atrocities against coalition forces
    But Supreme Court judges have ruled the move was unlawful as it left him 'stateless' without a home country

    Father-of-eight may now be allowed to return to Britain with his family
    He has already won more than £50,000 in compensation and legal costs from the European Court of Human Rights over his detention in Iraq

How I'm going to force PM to hold the referendum on Europe NOW: An incendiary intervention on Euro vote by leading Cameron rebel Adam Afriyie

Friday, October 18, 2013

martin having a rant

There has been some interesting articles in the DM just recently before I move on to them I have to say I am getting sick and tired of all these Political Quiz shows, Talk shows, Question time slagging of the readers of the DM as Ian Hyslop editor of Private Eye ( A leftie mag)in answer to some leftie Comedian Marcus Brigstock (I doubt if you have heard of him) on “Have I got news for you” If you do like what they say do not buy the paper. The figures for the DM readership speak for themselves notice where all the Leftie Academic Newspaper are! Yes at the bottom of the list and did you know the DM Web site is the most read Web Newspaper in the World that must make the lefties groan.

A lot has been said about press freedom and how government and celebrities want to curtail them, although I am not happy sometimes with what newspapers print, I wonder if these people are doing it to hide some of their sordid secrets but also local newspapers can also blacklist people from have genuine legal views that has happen to me with regard to our own local paper. So all I can say to Newspapers practice what you preach

Some years ago I had a Facebook page, which I debated some of my views with people I knew in academia, I stopped for a couple of reasons for people who were supposed to be intelligent, they were very snobbish in their attitude to people who did not have a degree in some Ology, also they were extremely rude to people who had religious beliefs most were radical secularist the modern day evil. Yet the one thing all these people agree on was the legalizing of cannabis and other drugs and if anyone who spoke against it they were treated as stupid, let them tell that to the mother in the article below. Yet my main reason for coming of it was the fact they were so predicable in their Reponses and this became Boring

Although I do not agree with Teachers striking especially as they are reasonable well paid I know of one women teacher who teachers primary school kids who is on £30,000 pa but they have a point that if you start a job, your employer should honour your pension agreement. So on this occasion Cameron is wrong again
The article about the English Stiff upper lip being lost to cry babies has my full attention well done to Quentin Letts bringing the subject up and Stephen Glover article is also worth a read
Finally Labour now want to punish Pensioners for saving and paying their taxes all their life, GB by all account cannot afford them but we can afford Millions of Foreigners and Spongers. Have taken some of the comments form the DM they say what I feel

So let me get this straight. I, who have paid into the system since I was 16, and still paying 49 years later, and because I will be working until 2016, will by then have contributed 52 years, will be expected to fund those, like the Jeremy Kyle fodder who have never contributed, or those countless numbers who have washed up on our shores and claim (and sometimes fiddle) vast amounts, even though they have never contributed? I am now convinced that this so called democracy has utterly totally and completely failed my generation.

Shandley1, We are in the same situation, saved a little towards a private Pension as I am sure thousands more have only to be penalised by Gordon Brown. Labour messed up this Countries finances big time, Gordon Brown threw money at the feckless and penalised the savers, Stole from the Pension pot of the private sector but not from the public sector.Under Labour it certainly pays extremely well being a scrounger, a Single Parent, having several Children by different men.People have paid into the OAP pot for years so how can that be classed as a benefit. People on benefits who have paid nothing in are getting far more out of it than Pensioners who have. People on Gordon Browns Pension Credits with savings of £16,000 can get free Council Tax, Free Dental Treatment which opens the door to many more freebies. It's madness.Only the very needy should be entitled to benefits, not the workshy or the irresponsible single Parents with numerous Children who are milking the system.

Think cannabis is harmless? It drove this grammar school boy insane - then killed him
    Matthew was a bright young boy who excelled at maths and science
    But he started smoking cannabis and the 'harmless' drug took its toll
    He began having hallucinations and became incredibly paranoid
    Matthew's erratic behaviour turned violent, he started speaking of suicide
    His parents put him in hospital but once there he tragically hanged himself
    Matthew's doctors believe his suicide was triggered by smoking cannabis

Blub, blub, blub! These TV cry babies make me want to weep, says QUENTIN LETTS

STEPHEN GLOVER: For years the Left crushed debate on fatherless families. Now one man's dared to tell the truth

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