Thursday, May 29, 2014

More News From EU

More News FROM EU. How can anyone want to be a members of the this undemocratic club

Brussels ignores anger at EU and demands Britain pays ANOTHER £500million despite damning election results, saying it needs it for Ukraine and youth unemployment

  • European Commission accused of 'living on another planet' with demand 
  • Comes after Herman van Rompuy said voters 'sent a strong message'
  • Extra cash would help Ukraine and fund youth unemployment projects

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Now EU rules threaten future of Chanel No 5: Popular perfumes under threat from ingredient bans and labelling regulations branded 'absurd' by manufacturers

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One Direction

Now One Direction faces race storm: Fans' anger after video apparently shows Louis Tomlinson using shortened version of the N-word

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I do not have a clue who these people are but I wonder if it is a newsworthy article , this type of things has been happening in the Celebrity, Pop star culture for the last 70 years. Plus what do you expect when you give young people so much money and publicity, mind you if they supposed to be such an Icon of virtue to young people why not retain the myth rather than the truth.

What shocked me was the following tweet which says its alright to take drugs but to call someone a name is very bad? Now I wonder what is going to cause more damage name calling or Drug abuse?

 i am going to allow comments on my site now I have rid myself of childish individuals with their bad language 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

English Literature

There is a lot of complaints from teachers etc. to Michael Gove’s indict that the school curriculum should read Books from English authors as part of the English Literature course. One would have thought that was obvious as the course is “English Literature” . I have heard and read a lot from the Middle Class and their academic friends saying that books like “for Mice and Men” and American authors like Steinbeck are the bees knees and they seem to suggest the only way for a child to get to university is by reading these books.

What annoys me is this obsession with youngsters going to University and if you do not go you are considered a failure, yet the whole exam system has been dumbed down so that more people go to Uni and lets face it going to Uni is more about Middle Class parents bragging to their friends. This country needs tradesman who in reality will be more successful and financially sound then a lot of youngsters with useless degrees who like their parents will want to keep up with the Jones. Obviously this does not apply across the board but you get my drift and we could do with a lot more Doctors and other Professionals being English 

When I left school in 1965 at 15 I only knew one of my friends who went to University the rest went into Apprenticeships or jobs where they were taught a skill. Most have had a successful life in their chosen career and some have become Millionaires. I left Westland’s with a good basic knowledge of the 3 R’s and what I have learnt since is lot down to that, interesting enough I spent fro the age of 15 to 21 as an agricultural Apprentice, then went to Hadlow College spent two years in the farming industry then I spent most of my life coaching and administering Martial Arts/Judo. This had nothing to do with my education it was a pastime that became my living.

I can only remember having to read one book at school and that was “Cider with Rosie” it had such an affect on me that I can remember nothing about it. Yet I was a prolific reader as a child and still am, my books of choice then were Sherlock Holmes, Father Brown, Just William, Jennings, Agatha Christie, and Dickens. I tried Shakespeare but found the language to dated for my taste, a friend of mine said he thought Shakespeare were scripts for plays rather then a novel that seemed to make sense to me.

Things have certainly changed in Education from my days, when teachers taught the 3 r’s and never tried to indoctrinate you. Can you say that of todays education?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It has started

The UKIP success has caused some confusion in the Political Establishment and the BBC. So the Pro EU Propaganda has started with the BBC leading the way with this morning on Radio 4 they interviewed 2 politicians asking what has happened with the upsurge of anti EU feeling. One would have thought they would have thought they would have had a pro and anti interviewee NO, who did they get was Ken Clark MP the Conservatives most Pro European MP he and the interviewer chatted away enjoying a laugh and a joke all the time condemning UKIP and promoting the EU, compare that with the interviews Nigel Farage had with the BBC which was extremely hostile. Tony Blair, the man responsible for the immigration, financial problem and Iraq war, followed this, he went on to smear people who voted for UKIP and said Immigration was a good thing. What planet do these two live on?
I wager money will pour in from the EU for propaganda to promote there cause. The EU is a corrupt and undemocratic organisation not run by its so called Parliament but by unelected Commissioners a system vey like the ex Soviet Union.  If we have a referendum it will be very difficult to win an OUT vote as billions will be given to the Pro EU group and the establishment want to remain in the EU not for the benefit of the Country but for their own benefit

The Conservatives and UKIP should have to have local pacts to beat Labour. Finally a bet James O’Brian the LBC presenter who was responsible for that vicious attack Nigel Farage ref Car Crash, feels a fool. His interview gave UKIP even more votes

Monday, May 26, 2014

Double Standards

 I wonder what Harriet Harman the Labour PC Guru makes of this video clip?

Well Done UKIP but at the General Election I vote for Gordon

I am glad that UKIP has had such a resounding victory and had hoped the Political elite along with the Press and Media establishment would listen.? Yet if you read and listen to the political parties nothing has changed each one has some excuse.. The LibDems see their results as a victory for integrity because they want to keep us in the EU, NO they are completely out of step with what the British People want, they are EU patriots and traitors to the UK. Labour say they done extremely well NO as the main opposition party they should have been streets ahead, now they have the same amount of MEP’s as the Conservatives. As for Cameron our useless PM he does not have answers to anything. Let be honest all three party leaders should be sacked.

The ridiculous voting system used in these elections doe not allow you to vote for an individual you have to vote a party and they decided who should be elected, not particularly democratic. I bet none of you knew all the candidates who were standing in your region, I know I did not, mind you I never received any literature from any of the parties. I bring this to your attention as I a big fan of Conservative MEP Dan Hannan he is Euro Sceptic and talks a lot of sense. If I had the choice of voting for him direct I would have done in spite of him being Conservative but the system did not allow me to do this so my vote went to UKIP but I am pleased to see he is back in that undemocratic body called the EU.

With the EU Parliament being just a talking shop with most of the power being with unelected Commissioners the vote was a protest vote and it will be sadly be very hard to get UKIP people into Parliament mores the pity. So I hope UKIP target seats where one there is chance of winning and against pro European candidates, it would be ridiculous for them to put up a candidate against my MP Gordon Henderson who is a good local MP and arch Euro sceptic. It would turn me totally against UKIP if they split the vote and Gordon lost as it would achieve nothing , just to let the Pro European Labour Party in. Just remember the mess our last MP Derek Wyatt and his government made of the county

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Susan Cartwheel

My daughter Susan will be 40 in August when asked to do a Cart Wheel by her Kids this is the result

George Whitby

George Whitby age 5

Our Grandson May Bank holiday 2014 at 118 East Street sittingbourne Kent

Saturday, May 24, 2014

2 men with abnormal sexual preferences to Adopt 2 Roma children

I am pleased that UKIP has done so well, now maybe the political parties will listen; well at least the Conservatives should listen. Cannot agree with many that UKIP and Conservatives should come together as it would do a lot of harm to both parties. Especially UKIP in Labour/LibDem heartlands. What should happen is UKIP should not contest Constituencies’ where there are MP’s who want to see us out of Europe, they should focus their energy on those who are Pro EU no matter what Party. My own MP, Gordon Henderson, is one such MP who wants us out of the EU and we all should back him if you believe Britain should be free of the EU Dictatorship. The likelihood of UKIP getting many MP’s is remote so at the next election we all have to vote tactically remember neither Labour or the LibDems want a referendum.

A Romanian Roma family living in the UK have had to have two of their children adopted because they were incapable of looking after them, KCC have decided to let a Gay Couple adopt them. The parents have argued, and failed, that their children should be brought up in a Traditional family with in the Catholic religion. Of course he KCC have answered that the children would be off in a Loving family sounds very creditable but bringing up two children from a totally different culture, different religion and certainly in an abnormal relationship is not doing the children any favours. As they get older they will soon realise that being brought up in this abnormal household will lead to all sorts of bullying. Can you imagine when they turn round to Dad and Dad and say I have normal sexual urges remember only 1.5% of the population are Gay so that is quite likely. Mind you they could turn Gay, as some believe it is Nurture not Nature that makes you Gay. It is proven fact that the best way to bring up children is in a hetro sexual marriage, so when you have the chance to direct a child in the direction they should be brought up, surely you would pick the best way to do that? One final point a few years ago a white couple where not allowed to adopt a Black Moslem child because it was not the same race or religion and it was felt that they would miss out on their cultural identity?

The EU is producing Far Right Political Thugs the only way to stop them is for the EU to break up or just becoming a trading block

March of Europe's Far Right: Failing economies, mass immigration and contempt for politicians has fuelled support for nationalist parties which make Ukip look moderate

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The Press, Media and Politicians were all calling Farage a liar! So who was right

The TRUTH revealed about Romanian and Bulgarian migrants: Nearly 50,000 applied to work in Britain in first three months of year
·       34,904 Romanians and 10,445 Bulgarians registered for National Insurance numbers in January, February and March
·       New statistics severely undermine claims made last week that number of Romanians and Bulgarian workers in Britain fell in first months of this year