Friday, February 28, 2014

A comment from the article   “It breaks my heart to see this nation that for decades welcomed refugees from other countries ripped apart and forced into exile itself,’ Guterres told the U.N. General Assembly. Just five years ago, Syria hosted the world's second-largest number of refugees, he said.” Assad allowed all people to worship there own religion. He may have been a dictator but I wonder whether the people of Syria were better of with him then they are now with Moslem State with all the barbaric laws that go with it? Cameron and Obama wanted to support the Rebels?

Syria's starving hordes: In a biblical picture of suffering, crowd stretching for as far as the eye can see gathers amid the rubble of Damascus for UN food hand-outs
  • Yarmouk, the Palestinian area of Damascus has been sealed to the outside world on and off since July
  • These photographs show the first food parcel arrival in Yarmouk for months, hundreds lining in the streets
  • Yarmouk may yet again cut off from humanitarian aid following clashes in Syria's capital, UN reports
  • Today, 175 rebel and foreign fighters were killed in a Syrian army ambush near Damascus

Thursday, February 27, 2014

TripAdvisor-Greedy Lawyers-Harman must go

Most of you know how I feel about the power and influence of just 1.5% of the population I refer to Gay Movement in this Country and other Western Countries. Yet the Ugandan Government have now outlawed Homosexuality and if caught practising this abnormal sexual act you could be imprisoned for a very long time it has led to Homosexuals being beaten and murdered in the street. There seems no logic to this as how can you eradicate Homosexuals, they are born that way it is not anyone fault. Back in the 1960’s when I was a young man “Queer Bashing” was quite normal not so much the physical side but other ways like preventing Homosexuals getting Jobs , my argument was what has their sexuality got to do with whether they are good at their job and what they do in private is their businesses. We have now gone from one extreme to another. The Prime Minister of Uganda blames the Gay Propaganda in the West saying that African countries will not tolerate Western immorality and he has used this justify his attack on Homosexuals. One must ask the question if the Gay mafia tone downed their demands for this very small minority would it not create a more tolerant World?

My article on Greedy Corrupt Lawyers is vindicated by the following article read on and sees who gains the most
Prisoners win compensation... for lost socks and broken stereos: How inmates are using taxpayers' cash to settle petty complaints over their property
  • Ombudsman warn public money squandered on settling complaints
  • More than half cases settled in favour of the inmate, figures show

Here is a novel idea a Doctor speaking English in England
  • Doctors from overseas wanting to practise in UK will need to achieve score of 7.5 out of 9 in the International English Language Testing System test 
  • If they fail to meet these requirements, they could be struck off
  • New plans would also allow the GMC to assess any doctor if language concerns arise during a fitness-to-practise investigation

This women and her Husband should resign, both of them knew they were there even if they were not personally involved, it has been said they never complained as they did not want to rock the boat and wanted to keep there very well paid jobs. RESIGN you disgusting pair

Labour's deputy leader Harriet Harman expresses 'regret' over links to paedophile lobby – but STILL won’t apologise

Should a daughter give up everything to care for the parents she thinks failed HER as a child? The dilemma faced by one woman when her ageing mother and father became frail and ill
  • When Carol Lee's parents Joan and Vic became ill she faced a dilemma over whether she should abandon her career to care for them
  • She still felt resentment for the loneliness she had felt as a child
  • Carol lived with her grandparents when her parents were working in Africa

Her Parents were like many today who put career above their children, send them to boarding school used to be the way now it is have a child minder from the early hours till late a night all encouraged by various government. A women who stays at home is considered lazy in to days society. I am 64 and was lucky I had parents who were married and had a mother who was at home when we got home from school. We had cooked meals not take away and sat down as a family for meals and my mother was the Boss in the home later she carved out a life as a Teacher. But that was in the Fifties and very old-fashioned thing called a married family unit was the norm

Trip Advisor can be a useful tool for businesses but it can also be a sight where you can lie through your back teeth to seek to wreck a persons business. The reason Facebook and Twitter you can write anonymously, what they need to do is make everyone sign up with their real name. Read this article it is hilarious 
  • Alex Scrivenor hit back when guests described their stay at his B&B
  • He accused them of getting drunk and failing to pay their £400 bill
  • Original review had warned guests not to stay at Crags Hotel
  • Owner even signed off his response as 'Basil', a reference to Fawlty Towers

  • Ben Stephenson is gay and called for more storylines which focus on homosexuality
  • Comments were made at BBC's Reflect and Represent talk
  • The controller said there is 'still a long way to go'

Where do these TV people live obviously not in the real world, most of the general public do not have a multitude of Gay People around them most do not have Gay friends. The Gay population in the UK according to the 2010 Government census was 1.5% of the population. The BBC and writers like this Gay one should try and create material that is based on what actually is happening in society rather then using the BBC as propaganda to promote their abnormal sexual preference and try convince the Public that the Gay community is actually bigger then it is. This is all about giving even extra rights and influence to the Gay Community

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ukraine-Silk-No Coalition

The President of Ukraine was obviously and evil corrupt man BUT he was voted in by a democratic system so had the backing of his Parliament so should he be just the one to be prosecuted? the people in power have taken over the Government by using violent means have they any more right to govern then the previous government? Investigation is in process by all account aided by British Police (WHY) to discover who killed protestors, one must asked will they be so diligent trying to capture the people who killed the Police Officers?

I like a lot of people believe that most Lawyers earn a fortune many on the discredited legal aid system yet TV and Films always portray them as Legal Angels. Last night in the new series of Silk proved my point, an 18 year old was accused of Manslaughter after killing a Police Officer in demonstration. The women lawyer was anti police and believed every copper was corrupt and sadly one of the Police Officers added to his statement. Then near the end of the trial the Lawyer is told the man did go berserk and attack the Police Officer by his girlfriend it then turns out the man had mental issues and heard voices telling him to do the violent act. Now would the Lawyer tell the court NO she wanted to win the case so she did  nothing and won. Because of here own corrupt attitude here was a killer who needed helped is released into Society and then congratulated by the rest of her staff. Now you will say, the same as the wife, it is only a programme, yet the story line is overseen by Lawyers and written by people who have been involved in the Legal system so the programme is based on real facts. People who write these TV programmes have a major influence on the Public it an be a useful piece of propaganda to promote their views

Some good news from David Cameron he has said that if voted in again he will not get involved in a Coalition Government again, even if it is a minority government. Can I say HOORAY working with those ridiculous LibDems has been a disaster hopefully we will get back to real Conservative Policies

Monday, February 24, 2014

New Cinema

I am led to believe we are to have a new Cinema on the Car Park opposite the Station where the Market is held. This seems a very strange place to put a Multiplex unless it is going to be a replica of the Odeon? If there is to be sufficient Parking the Cinema must be very small?

Seems SBC wants to put the Market in the lower part of the High Street much to the dismay of the Local Shop Keepers, why not use East Street not many people will be affected by that and it may add a bit colour to the rather drab end of the Town

Marcella and Martin she has been very ill lately but is on the road to recovery

A very poor Photo of me and Brenda Simpson with PM John Major at No 10 I wasDeputy Chairman of the Local Conservative Party at the time it is about 1992

Sunday, February 23, 2014

TV and TOP

I do like my TV but I am sick to death of all the Talent Shows, Jungle Shows and Big idiot (Brother) shows in fact I never watch them you so can imagine what it is like to stay in on a Saturday night. It has to be UK Gold or ITV3 or a Film. Accept now I have subscribed to Netflix and have been watching USA House of Cards sometimes we watch 4 episodes on the trot. This programme is made by Netflix which is not just giving you old movies and TV series but hopefully more homemade series.
I watched the latest Comedy "Edge of Heaven" which is based around a B&B in Margate, I am not sure but it looks like its written by the same people who wrote Gavin and Tracey. It is watchable but I can not understand the obsession TV writers have with Gay people considering that there is only 1.5% of the population who are that way inclined and the majority of us do not have Gay friends or acquaintances. Mind you the two in this series were very camp and funny but if I batted for the other side I doubt if I would want to be stereotyped like this

Had my weekly meal at the Taste of Portugal and thoroughly enjoyed a Feijoada Portuguese Bean Stew had one of these in Portugal but this one was better. TOP must be coming very popular as they have had a couple snide remarks on TripAdvisor. I sometimes wonder if rival restaurants send people in to make up complaints and boost there own facility up, because the majority of those who complained were shocked they had to eat Portuguese food! Now the test of a good restaurant is when you have a regular clientele and Friday/Saturday night are booked, which TOP is. Any rate I will recommend to anyone even those who sit by the door?

Friday, February 21, 2014


I do not understand fully what is happening in the Ukraine but it seems the Western Press are siding with the rioters because some of them have been shot. What do you expect when you throw bricks, Molotov Cocktails and fire Guns at the Security forces? It seem the elected Government did not want to join the EU (a sensible decision in my opinion) but the opposition with some supporters did hence the rioting. One has to ask the question were the EU and USA instigators of this?

Syria goes from bad to worse but I can not help wondering if the USA and UK could not have prevented this. When the revolution started the USA and UK supported the rebels thinking it would be like the rest of the Arab Spring over in a short period of time with the West's enemy the Syrian Government being defeated and a pro USA-UK Government installed. This has not happened on the contrary great sweeps of the Country is in the hands of Al Qaeda the World greatest evil terrorists organisation and Cameron and Obama wanted to support them with military aid?  These areas under their control are murdering the local for such trivial offences, as log into Facebook, many of these killers are from the UK you can imagine what they will do when they return. Under the Syrian Regime even though it was a dictatorship there was a lot more freedom then under these fanatics at least Syrians had the right to choose their religion. Christians are being massacred by rebel forces and nothing is done you very rarely see an article in the news. The UN should have talked and persuaded Syria and its allies to move to a more democratic state instead they condemned them, as a direct result there is carnage even if the rebels win, which I doubt, they will not bring Democracy they will impose an undemocratic Islamic state

You must read this article and tell me You do not agree with it

Rise of the me first mothers: Changing nappies in restaurants. Brazenly promoting their little darlings. CATHERINE OSTLER identifies an infuriating new breed of parent

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Government Right Church Leaders Wrong

Once again Church Leaders tell us that People are starving in GB and Food Banks have become a must for a lot of people on Radio 4 a vicar said he had homeless people sleeping in his church and he was feeding them. Very emotive statement but the question should be why are they homeless? A lot of the homeless have mental issues, many are alcoholics and drug addicts, and these are the type of people who cannot manage their lives. Here is a suggestion for those Priests; Bishops etc. who continual complain lets convert some of the Churches into Bedsits for the homeless. If you look at some of the Churches they are extremely big and most importantly they have a lot of height inside, extra floors could be put in to house accommodation a section could be left for those that wish to worship. The Government could help fund this but most of the Religious groups are very wealthy so they could fund at least 50%. Once these have been established the church could supervise all those in their care all Benefits would be looked after by the Vicar in charge they in turn could pay the dependants food, heating bills and clothing bills.  As this group of people cannot manage their finances or lives in general. They need a helping hand, benefit should not be there to subsidise their bad habits, plus with supervision they could eventually enter the normality of society. Part of the funding could go to maintaining the buildings and lets be honest nearly all the Churches have a restoration which the parishes have to fund it very rarely comes out the extensive coffers of the Church.
With regard to Food Banks one Bishop said that a women came to him and said I have not eaten for three days and as expected the Bishop used this to slate the Government BUT nobody questioned why had the women not eaten for three days? Was she a drug addict or a Alcoholic? Had a anyone investigated her background i.e. where she lived, did she live alone, did she rent a property and so on? Was the Bishop telling the truth did anyone question him about the name of this individual?
As someone who rents one bedroom flats and bedsits I do have several of my Tenants on benefits and I know two of them have taken advantage of the Food Bank System. Let me give you an example Tenant 1 is 62 years old been unemployed for a year, the Department of Employment recently decided to change his entitlement and because there was a change his benefit was suspended till the new one became operative so his weekly money went from £70 to £60 and all money including Housing benefit was stopped this lasted about 2 weeks. So he went to library and collected a Food Voucher. He was asked many questions but nobody came to his flat to see if his cupboards were bare? the food was supplied by ASDA and he showed me the box which contained about £70 of  various food items  and if he was on an electric key he would have got help with that as well. Now the point is he did have food although not a lot and when the Department of employment sorted his claim out he was reinstated and his money was backdated. So why was he not asked to pay back what he got on the Food Bank?
A true Christian would look after the very vulnerable in our society and the Homeless are a prime example but the rest of society should aim to get the dignity of being employed, it is not Christian to sponge of others and it is not Christian for others to encourage that behaviour.
I believe the government is on the right track

Martin Clarke