Monday, June 30, 2014

Carlos and Kim tie the knot

 Kim & Carlos Marry

Last Friday I attended the wedding of Taste of Portugal Proprietors Kim and Carlos’s Wedding. He obviously listened to me and made honest women of her. The wedding was held at the Methodist Church followed by the reception at the Taste of Portugal

The Church Wedding for me as a Catholic was totally different type of service. The Methodist Church is a very light and airy place; the service was very joyful and sometimes humorous. First order of the day was not a Hymn but the song “Lord of the Dance” this was great and I had a real good sing along with the rest of the guests, the second was a hymn “The Lord is My Shepherd” again I opened up my lungs in spite of the digs in the ribs from Valerie. The service was not a solemn as a RC Service but you felt the presence of the Big Man Upstairs and it was very enjoyable which a Wedding is all about. The one thing I was pleased about that during the service the words “Marriage is a Union between a Man and a Women” and I thank God for those few words.

Marriage is starting to become more popular yet again, by the end of the year I will have attend three maybe not as many as I would have attended in the 1970’s/80’s but maybe now people see a true commitment to a relationship is marriage. There are many words of today that have had there meaning changed or twisted and one is PARTNER. This now refers to people living together, now to me a Partner was when you signed up a legal document in a proper partnership. In reality the only people who can call each other a Partner is those that are married or in a Civil Partnership

Any way back to the fun after the ceremony it was back to the Taste of Portugal for the reception and what a feast there was to be. Several tables filled with Portuguese food my favourite was the Suckling Pig, and the Prawns and the Chicken and the Paella, well everything actually. 

Then there was free booze all night plus a live band how could you want for anything more, mind you I suffered the following day. The thing with a live band they get everyone up dancing obviously this was down to the music not the excessive amount of alcohol. It was a great day and night and big thank you to Carlos and Kim for allowing us to come it will be a day I will not forget and I wish them years of happiness

John and Martin say thank you to Taste of Portugal Head and Shoulders above the rest

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Connie Prom 2014

My oldest Granddaughter Connie 16 in August attended her School prom this weekend and suddenly a Girl turns into a Women, I have no idea where she gets her height from

With her Mum Donna is she on tip toe?

Kiss from Grandad

With Nanny Clarke



How does the BBC get away with its blatantly racialist plan to ensure that one in every seven actors or presenters is black, Asian or from an ethnic minority within three years?
When are we going to judge people not by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character, as Martin Luther King said we should?
Anyway, if it’s diversity the BBC wants, it could start by employing any journalists at all who aren’t fanatically Green or Left-wing.

BBC spends £500k to ask 33,000 Asians 5,000 miles from UK what they think of climate change: Corporation savaged for 'astonishing' campaign survey on global warming
·       BBC under fire after spending hundreds of thousands on survey in Asia
·       Taxpayers' money used to ask 33,000 people their views on climate change
·       More than £500,000 spent by little-known BBC Media Action for survey

·       Diane Coyle tipped to become the next chairman of the BBC Trust
·       As it is claimed she allowed vital facts to remain hidden from the public
·       Culture Secretary urged to investigate whether she is fit to be chairman

Below is an excerpt from article by Dan Hannan MEP Read on. Do we really want to be run by Germany?

At teatime on Friday, it became clear that Britain could no longer remain a member of the EU. Any hope that we might change  its nature – make it looser,  more flexible, more attuned to its nation states – was coldly extinguished. Knocking British objections aside, EU leaders entrusted the top slot to a man who has never hidden his support for a United States of Europe.
Jean-Claude Juncker, the former Luxembourg leader who has just been chosen to run the world’s most powerful bureaucracy, wants a common EU citizenship, with reciprocal voting rights at national elections.
He wants to merge the various foreign offices into a European diplomatic corps. He wants a pan-European minimum wage,  a federal police force and army, and harmonised taxes.

Look at this and tell me they are not a load of Perverts
·       Austrian drag queen headline act for this year's festival celebrating rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
·       Sir Ian McKellen will introduce Eurovision winner, other celebrities including Graham Norton supporting the event
·       Thousands of people paraded from Baker Street to Trafalgar Square in fancy dress with empowering posters

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Letter to Nigel Farage

Dear Mr Farage

I recently voted for UKIP in the European Elections because I believe in leaving the EU  and the Establishment needed a bloody nose. Now we have returned to practicalities and the Fact is that the Conservatives are the only ones offering an In Out Referendum, although I support your ideal the truth is you will not make the next Government. My ideal would be a Coalition of UKIP and The Conservatives, this will not happen if you target Conservative marginals, the irony could be your success in taking several Conservatives seats would stop us getting a Referendum by allowing either a Labour Government in or worse a LibLab Coalition

Your Sittingbourne/Sheppey branch has said according to the Sun they could take this seat, this highly unlikely but what they could do is split the Conservative vote and allow Labour back in. Yet Gordon Henderson is an extremely good Conservative MP well liked and well known  who like yourself backs EU Referendum in fact he wants out of the EU. So why target a friend and someone with the same ideals? UKIP will no doubt get a lot of votes in the Constituency but as you are aware General Elections also rely on the Local People knowing their candidate and it has to be said your UKIP representative here, although I expect very nice chap, is not known

The Country will never forgive UKIP if they cost the only Party prepared to offer a Referendum a defeat with the result we have a Pro EU Government who will allow laws that that takes us to a United States of Europe which will eventually make it illegal for GB to  leave. If the other parties agree to a referendum that would be a different situation altogether

IF we get a Conservative Government IF we get a Referendum, us EURO realists will need as many friends as we can get because the EU and their lap dogs like Ken Clark will put billions into false propaganda

My vote will be for Gordon Henderson and I will campaign for him and you should be targeting the Enemies of GB the Labour and LibDems

Martin Clarke

Friday, June 27, 2014

Christians-Gays-Hedge Bumpers

Sometimes you wonder what side the Police on, These Hedge Bumpers were illegally on a park, the residents block the entrance to stop more of this low life coming on. They never stopped anyone leaving plus each one of these Hedge Bumpers could have walked off, HOW CAN YOU FALSE IMPRISON A CAR OR CARAVAN? The Police are there to up hold the law they are not Social Workers can you wonder why people have less faith in the Police Force oops sorry Police Service

Victory for villagers as they chase travellers off their green... but police warn them they could be charged with FALSE IMPRISONMENT during stand-off
·       Group of travellers descended on Nepcote, West Sussex, at 2pm yesterday
·       Residents blocked access to village green so no more could set up camp
·       Police eventually handed travellers an eviction order - and they moved on
·       But officers are said to have told residents during stand-off they could have been charged with false imprisonment
·       Comes two weeks after residents in nearby village also fought off travellers
·       Group of eight tried to take over Horsdean Recreation Ground, Brighton
·       Were moved on their way within hours following stand-off with locals

Christians are being killed and mistreated all over the World and what do our Politicians do NOTHING? God help us if a Muslim or Gay is insulted

Christian beauty worker sacked from job at Heathrow Airport 'after fundamentalist colleagues accused her of being anti-Islam'

·       Nohad Halawi says she was unlawfully dismissed from T3 duty-free shop
·       Claims she and other Christian staff were systematic harassment victims 
·       49-year-old alleges friend was even reduced to tears for wearing a cross
·       Noticed 'significant rise in Islamic fundamentalism at Heathrow Airport'

Why is it wrong to use the word GAY once again we have to bow down to the 1.5% and their perverted supporters here is the Dictionary definition of the word Gay see below. You will notice that it is only since 1960 the word has been used for people with abnormal sexual habits and because of 1.5% of the population a beautiful word has now been changed to a derogatory term

School with just 13 pupils - all white - is accused by Ofsted of racist bullying: Governor attacks report after village primary is put in special measures over incident

·       Ravenstonedale Endowed School in Cumbria was put in special measures
·       Ofsted inspectors reported incidents of racist or homophobic bullying and serious acts of violence
·       Chairman of governors says report is based on one incident of child using word 'gay'
·       Parents of pupils have described Ofsted report as 'ludicrous' and 'rubbish'
·       School has challenged the report, but has not yet received a response

(Of a person, especially a man) homosexual.
1.1Relating to or used by homosexuals:a gay bar
2DATED Light-hearted and carefree:Nan had a gay disposition and a very pretty face
3DATED Brightly coloured; showy:a gay profusion of purple and pink sweet peas
4INFORMAL OFFENSIVE Foolish, stupid, or unimpressive:he thinks the obsession with celebrity is totally gay


A homosexual, especially a man.





Middle English (in sense 2 of the adjective): from Old French gai, of unknown origin.


Gay meaning ‘homosexual’ became established in the 1960s as the term preferred by homosexual men to describe themselves. It is now the standard accepted term throughout the English-speaking world. As a result, the centuries-old other senses of gay meaning either ‘carefree’ or ‘bright and showy’ have more or less dropped out of natural use. The word gaycannot be readily used today in these older senses without arousing a sense of double entendre, despite concerted attempts by some to keep them alive.Gay in its modern sense typically refers to men (lesbian being the standard term for homosexual women) but in some contexts it can be used of both men and women.