Thursday, January 28, 2016

Its a dogs life

I decided to have a walk around Albany Road Recreation Ground Sittingbourne also known as Sittingbourne Rec. I expected it was constructed in the early 1900’s as boy in the 1950’s it was one of the towns focal points. It had a play area for kids, Toilets, a pavilion with a Thatched Pavilion and course the obligatory Park Keeper who would shout at you when you rode your bike across the rec. Most of that has gone and now we have football pitches and large play area for kids.
One thing I did notice all the benches on the Park Road side of the rec have been removed was there a purpose for that?  It was also nice to see some squirrels (tree rats) scampering about. I like squirrel I tried them at a Restaurant in Canterbury and before you ask they do not taste like chicken
The Rec is a favourite spot for dog walkers who might add are the responsible type. Most were small dogs that answered to names like Doodoo, Fluffy and babee, when accompanied with a man and women babee would told to catch up with Daddy. I had this strange vision with Daddy and Mummy getting married with daddy holding Mummy’s paw and putting a ring on the tail.  These dog walkers are friendly people often speaking to other dog owners and making strange noises to each other’s dogs.

I felt out of place so I bent down to stroke a small dog but hesitated and said to the women near the animal  “does your dog bite” she answered “No” so as I went to stroke the animal it bit me I said” you said your dog does not bite” she said “that’s not my dog”. Then I realised I had to go as I had entered another dimension

Origins of Golliwog

I recently copied a photo from Facebook about the Term Golliwog I was not making any racial comment just thought the Photo was interesting about how the name came about. It seems I must have upset the PC Brigade because I put it on 2 local Groups and the photo has been taken down but not the comments. So one must ask is this Facebook being PC? Please read it before it is taken down and tell me is it meant to be offensive I think it is just a bit of History

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Importance of Vitamin D

Greatest Scenes in Movies, EVER : ZULU 1964

My Favourite film of all Time watched it countless of times. Mind you if this happened today the Leftwing groupies would be up in arms, Ambulance lawyers would be chasing troops who took part in the defence of Rorkes Drift, left wing luvvies would complain that is racist and Black actors did not feature enough and the red tunics were offensive to Refugees

Technology has hijacked family dinnertime. Watch the Pepper Hacker recla...

Monday, January 25, 2016

Warning To women

No to Immigrant Children

So now we are expected to take in thousand of Kids from Calais are we expected to believe thousands of these kids ranging for 4 to 12 have travelled alone RUBBISH. This is a con invented by Left Wing agitators in Calais. Last week the British Government allowed 4 Syrians into the country because they had family in the UK, so lets imagine we let these Kids into the UK within months there parents aunts uncles brothers sisters cousins etc. will all claim the right to live in the UK so a few thousand will become Tens of Thousands.
This also does not take into consideration the fact we do not have the housing, foster parents for these children and Social Services are stretched to the limit
Before all the bleeding heart brigade call me callous and uncaring ask the question why has France not taken care of these children or other countries who’s borders they supposedly crossed by themselves? What about Germany they have welcomed and housed many of the immigrants these children could be put with families who are already housed and have the same culture
The death and distress of these children can not be blamed on them but on parents and others who took them across a dangerous sea from a safe country  maybe if the Arab World had taken care of these people of their religion many would be still alive

Russian Spy and Polygami

There is no substantial Proof that the Russian Government was involved in the killing of of Alexander Litvinenko. A man who was a spy for a Russia who turned traitor to his own Country and then given a GB passport. 328-page document supposedly  confirmed that this British citizen — a former Russian security service colleague of Vladimir Putin given political asylum here — had been murdered in London by two Russian agents flown in for the purpose. It also set out how this assassination, using polonium from a Russian state nuclear reactor, had ‘probably’ been authorised by Putin himself. All of this supposition, they have no physical proof. What annoys me more is the Hypocrisy of those involved in the report are we expected to believe our own Secret Service are lily white NO OF COURSE NOT and why should they be espionage is a dirty business. How much has been spent on this report? which only alienates the Russian People and its Government who I might add are our allies against Dia-ash. The man was a spy and a traitor "Those who live by the Sword die by the Sword"

This should not come as no surprise, when Gay Marriage was allowed under the so called "Equality" the whole concept of Marriage would change for the worse. I said at the time next will be the legal acceptance of Polygamy, Bisexuals being allowed to marry a male and a female and eventually family members will be allowed to marry. Am I talking rubbish? how long before some one goes to the Human Right Court and says it is my human right to marry who I want. Can we look to the future where a person can marry their pet? Completely stupid but 50 years ago who would have thought 2 men would get married and the term Husband and Wife would change to Husband and Husband of Wife and Wife

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sex Change can compete in Olympics

Can you believe this? If a person has a sex change I do not have a problem with them competing as a women although one must ask the question would they still have the strength and power of a Man which they were born with. The idea that some one can claim to be a woman when it still has Testicles is unbelievable, that person is still a man and for that to compete as a women would be just as bad as a athlete taking drugs. Why not just do away with different sex competitions and let Men Women and others compete together?
 Once again we a small minority are taking control over the Majority according to the Gender Centre there was 800 to a 1000 Male to Female operations in the USA with a population of 320 million the UK has a population of 65 million so maybe we have had 200. So why the need to change the Olympic Rules?

Transgender atheletes to be allowed to compete as the other sex in the Olympics WITHOUT having gender reassignment surgery
·       The International Olympic Committee received proposed guidelines at its 'Consensus Meeting on Sex Reassignment and Hyperandrogenism'
·       The policy change would allow transgender athletes to compete without having gender reassignment surgery
·       It would allow transgender athletes to compete after one year of hormone replacement therapy and no surgery is required
·       The change would be in line with NCAA standards in the United States
·       See more on the 2016 Olympics at

Monday, January 18, 2016

C Of E just an extension to popular culture

Welby says sorry to gays for 'hurt' caused by church

What a strange person the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Church of England are they discuss at lengths the acceptance of Gay Marriage and then apologise to the Gay community for the hurt they have caused. Yet there was no apology given to the persecuted Christians throughout the World who are being tortured and murdered throughout the World what is the C Of E and the Archbishop doing about them? No they rather spend all their time discussing 1.5% of the population who have abnormal sexual preferences and what about the Homeless in the UK how many of their Churches and properties have been given up to help them? The Church Commissioners manage the historic assets of the Church of Englandworth £6.7 billion. The portfolio of assets includes stock market investments, and commercial, residential and rural property investments. Ask how much money is given to the poor and needy?
The C of E have a racist attitude to the African Countries treating them as Colonial Subjects who do not understand the true meaning of Christianity. One must ask the question who has the true faith Africa or the West who want to appease and be part of popular culture.
The Gays continue to say this is about equality no it is not its is about a very small minority trying to control the majority plus lefty Bishops continue to say Gay marriage is about equality for LBGT yet they have not campaigned for marriage for Bisexuals i.e. they can marry both partners this takes us on to Polygamy why should the church not recognise that as well? When the Government allowed same sex marriage they opened a Pandora’s box.

The C of E so should concentrate on the important issues Gays have more then extra rights

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Transexual and Archbishop

This Archbishop is obsessed with Gays as is is the C of E not only obsessed with 1.5% of the population but overtly racist they consider that the African Church does not understand the true meaning of Christianity. Maybe if they spent more time on the Homeless in this country amongst other things they would not see a rapidly falling congregation unlike the Catholic faith which is seeing an increase
Here is a couple of comments from the article:

FictionFighter, The Funny Farm, United Kingdom, about 15 hours ago
No one forces these people to join the church, and not being able to get married in a church isn't discrimination. Christians deserve a place where they can worship by their standards and beliefs without 'the world' imposing their views onto them. Why don't the feelings of Christians matter? Welby doesn't deserve to hold such a position as Archbishop, get rid of him.

ReadPolitical, Glasgow, United Kingdom, about 15 hours ago
You CANNOT rewrite the Bible to suit yourself.

This is a must read yet again a minority dictating to the majority with the usual political help. Just because you wear women clothes doesn't make you a women if you have a Penis and testicles underneath the skirt. the same goes for a women who wears mens clothing if you have a vagina and a womb  you are a women. If you have an operation to remove your male organs but do not have a womb are you truly a women? This committee is there to justify the existance of Maria Miller MP who according to the article was involved in the MP's expenses scandal