Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Power to the People Time for a Revolution


This is what has happened over the last couple of days

1) Eastern European given working tax credits and child tax credits to supplement their low incomes, yet if they work for less then 6 months in the UK they do not pat Income Tax

2) One in four primary school pupils are from an ethnic minority and almost a million schoolchildren do not speak English as their first language

3) UK fears migrant influx as EU bids to break down border controls

4) Cameron pledges ANOTHER £814m towards vaccinating the world's poorest children (on top of £2bn we are already going to donate)

5) The joke of 'secure Britain': Vile banned militant extremist strolls through Heathrow immigration as 200 Somali criminals are allowed to stay due to human rights

6) Brussels demands an extra £2BILLION a year from UK in 'outrageous' 12% rise

EU demand is three times the rate of inflation

Britain already contributes £15.3bn annually

Equivalent to every family giving £700 a year to Europe

If this was any other country there would be riots in the street forcing the politician’ s to listen to the people because Cameron and his Libdem Government has no teeth and no bottle. Yes they can take on the Teachers Unions a battle they will win and deserve to win because these unions do not have the backing of most of its members or the public but anything to do with Europe they are on their hands and knees groveling, what of the Human Rights Act during the election this despicable bit of law was meant to be kicked out and replace with a British version but NO this non representative coalition government back tracked on Human Rights an EU. Cameron and the LibDem Joint Prime Minister keep telling us that the coalition is working YES keeping them in power but it is not working for the people o0f England.

What we need is a revolution not a bloody one but a revolution of Conservative MP’s who will stand up against the Libdem Government and a Libdem Prime Minister who calls himself a Conservative. We need a radical leader a modern day Maggie Thatcher who can shake the Political Elite to the core. A leader who thinks of the people and not of their won GLORY

I am lucky and have good Conservative MP and a good Conservative Council but they are Warriors led by Donkeys


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Immigrants get Tax Credits

Some weeks ago I wrote an article for the local press about the planning permission given to a local farmer for a caravan site on his land to house immigrant workers, this in itself was controversial as SBC had turned it down once and then made a U Turn. Naturally enough rumour have circulated suggesting corruption at SBC with Councillors and Officials I am not sure about that as I have always found our local Council not always making the right decision but basically honest what I find strange is the local newspapers when ever you write something that is against immigration or the EU it never gets printed as most of the local papers are owned by big companies who maybe benefit from immigration and the EU maybe they have big influence on what gets printed yet another conspiracy theory doing the rounds.

The reason I am writing one of the Councillors said the immigrant workforce would benefit the community because they would be paying taxes I answered by saying they do not have to pay tax for the first 6 months and it get worse this was the headlines in the Daily Mail

“Food parcels sent to a primary school as migrant farm worker parents keep their own children hungry in protest over benefits”

Eastern Europeans were employed locally but their contracts had run out. Consequently, their benefits were stopped. Many of the families, who had been employed in seasonal work such as fruit picking, had their benefits - including working tax credits and child tax credits to supplement their low incomes - stopped suddenly when their contracts ran out

WHY WHY were the given any credits they are not British if they cannot survive they should go back home. Once the work is finished send them home let their countries pick up the scroungers tabs or come to that all claims for in GB should be paid by their own countries. When we start reducing the unemployment benefits for UK Subjects, get them working and make greedy farmers stop exploiting cheap foreign labour

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Jordan Wedding

Went to Trevor and Kendal Jordan's son's wedding last weekend and had a great time. It was held at  Harty Ferry Inn on the Isle Sheppey, the day was perfect Weather was great and the view over the Swale was beyond belief we still have wonderful places in Swale and on the Sunday spent some time in Minster looking over the sea another place worth visiting.
The only downfall was the Shurland Hotel Eastchurch, the hotel was relatively clean but the decor was extremely tired , the room set up was bad with a TV on top of the wardrobe. Our toilet did not work and we had to have it repaired when we were at the wedding I will say they did give us the room free. There staff were helpful and pleasant but scruffy our receptionist had bandaged hand with Jeans and company shirt hanging out the back. When will they realise putting a decent sausage out for breakfast make the breakfast so much better, the one we had looked better placed in a toilet.

But do suggest you visit the Harty Ferry Inn

Friday, June 24, 2011

Dan Hannan EU Snouts

Once again MEP Dan Hannan speaks common sense at least he has not gone native but look at the empty seat in the EU Parliament one shot shows they go to 730. They tell me all an MEP has do is sign in to collect their daily allowance The joke is it is like a revolving door sign in 10 minutes later sign out and collect your money

Join the EU Pig Sty will all the little noses in the trough while the Public starve

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What the Papers say

Head Lines for Press

One in four primary school pupils are from an ethnic minority and almost a million schoolchildren do not speak English as their first language

UK fears migrant influx as EU bids to break down border controls

They still tell us that staying in the EU is a good idea?

Let’s not forget Greece

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cigarettes, Marriage, Greed, bring back the Sun

Cigarettes Machines in Pubs, Restaurants are now to be outlawed, I personally do not smoke cigarettes but I wonder about this Government obsession with Smokers. It is not illegal to smoke or buy cigarettes so why ban the machines? Why don’t they just have the guts and ban Smoking altogether.

The argument for marriage: Unwed parents are six times more likely to split by the time their child is five. As someone who believes in marriage I am pleased to hear this BUT how do they know? With a divorce there would be a record but being shacked up with someone there is no record!

Tory MP blasted after claiming disabled people should offer to work for less than minimum wage to get on jobs ladder. They should have listened to the whole speech which made perfect sense

How crime DOES pay: 500 legal aid barristers earning more than the PM. We are supposed to be surprised? Look at the millions those Legal piranhas made out of the Bloody Sunday fiasco

It is raining how we all wished for it a few weeks ago but now I have had enough bring back the Sun especially as we have the grand Kids this weekend

Friday, June 17, 2011

do you know these people

I found some old photo's in some of my mothers old all of weddings
One is my brothers wedding another is Jennifer Spall, next was neighbour Maureen and the final one was of a Judo Brown Belt called Margot thought one of you may know them all the latter three were in the mid 60's

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Facebook Aid Rear Enders Pensions

Facebook fatigue sets in for 100,000 Brits: Users bored with site deactivate accounts amid privacy fears

I came off Facebook some months ago someone had hacked in to it and sent out spam email using my account that was my initial reason for leaving. Why did I join? I thought it would be good advertising but it was just a place for gossip and argument. I now use twitter just to publicize my BlogSpot, follow me at Valmarclarke

Civil Servants go on strike because they are expected to retire at the same time as everyone else? Lets be fair they have not been over worked all their working life but on the other side if you sign a contract stating that you will retire earlier and on a pension? The reality is we can not afford a Civil Service that retires early.

Cameron pledges ANOTHER £814m towards vaccinating the world's poorest children (on top of £2bn we are already going to donate)

I am slowly getting tired of this man can he not understand we do not have the money or the inclination for this AID especially as a lot goes to countries that can look after themselves i.e. India and China have a look at this chart so see how much we contribute. Is he doing this for us or is he doing it for himself so when he retires from Politics he will be known as” ST David of England who helped the world’s poor “with our money

East Enders sparks uproar with gay bedroom scene before the watershed

Why is it that these directors of soaps try and put over there political views in there soap operas. My wife tells me that there are Homosexuals and Lesbians in all the Major soaps as if this is normal life as the country sees it. Well I must be the abnormal one now days as I only know two Homosexuals and they use my brothers Gym both are big blokes and are no way poofy. Maybe the Television Industry is full of these people who have deviant sexual appetites but these directors should get out into the real world and meet real people and stops being so plastic. Some years ago The Archers introduced some Homosexuals who have now been accepted as a normal couple, I wonder how many of the writers in this programme have actually lived in the Country. Most of these villagers will not accept you if you were normal and lived in the village for 20 years, the writers went on to have most of the Village against Fox Hunting Haha

Sunday, June 12, 2011

£30,000 for failing fitness test

A women Police Office maybe awarded £30,000 for failing a fitness test I was going to write an article but the comment I found in the Maill says it all

"Quite right, drop the qualification time so the elderly, infirm and pregnant can comfortably compete. Better still, drop the physical training all to-gether and get the police into the classroom to learn anger management therapy for dealing with rioters."

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Do not give me the Spanish Archer

Don't give me the Spanish Archer

Spent 2 days at William Harvey Hospital Ashford been having trouble with my hands have lost a lot of use in my right hand, for those who new knew my father will remember his skelton hands turning like his. Seems the right hand is beyond repair but the left one can be fixed I crushed Ulnar nerves by all accounts quite a common thing any way they cut your elbow open and move the nerve. Went in Friday came out Saturday. Hospital not to bad but food shocking, next I have to see a shoulder specialist either to have a new shoulder or hopefully a bit of keyhole to shave away the arthritis, good job I done Sambo and Judo imagine the mess I would be in now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some good news treated myself and val to a 2005 top of the range Caravelle biggest spend on any motor I have made but decided why not Now looking to sell my 2001 Discovery £4500 this a good motor now but bought it for £9000 and spent £6000 over the years on hope it goes to some one I know. I am in the market for a cheap pick up once I have sold the Disco anything up to £2000

All these operations make you think of the past and realised I have teaching Judo etc for 41 years founded the British Sambo Federation 25 years ago and been in charge of IBFUK for 25 years started CombatSombo 28 years ago should have kept a record of all the black belts I have trained must be in 4 figures, plus have been running Summer camp 22 years exactly the same amount of years my Dad ran it but it still feels Like Nobby's Camp and have to admit they were the best times hopefully I will run it for another 22 years my son John will have to wait So I award myself the CDM (Cadburys Diary Milk) Must not forget the Swale Martial Arts Club that was bought 33 years ago doen't time fly when you are enjoying yourself

Friday, June 03, 2011


Now we a being told that Britain’s Got Talent voting is being rigged in favour in favour of the effeminate grizzling 12 year old, I can not see Simon Cowell being so stupid to do something like this but who cares because BGT is about:

1) Cheap entertainment for ITV

2) Making Money for Simon Cowell and the TV Company

3) It is not about finding a new star

4) Finding morons to pay to vote

In this day and age of Internet, twitter, Facebook etc it is very easy to organise a voting scam but once again who cares if you enjoyed it, it is the only one of this type of genre that I bother watching it is hilarious but will be glad when it finishes. Glad I have recording ability other wise would have missed Shadow Line