Saturday, June 29, 2013

Breast feeding-Glastonbury-Mandela

There was an item on the Radio this morning talking about Women Breast Feeding, as per usual there was some women complaining there was not enough government money put into breast feeding. I expect this women was employed by this breast feeding organisation so one wonder was she worried about her job? She complained that there was not enough people teaching the women in how to breast feed obviously they were paid. Can I ask what women done for thousands of years before these professional breasts feed teachers were on the scene?

So we have the annual Glastonbury Festival yet again and Radio 4 spent most of their morning News programme was on the subject. I have never been to this event and have never wanted to do. The idea of sleeping in a tent, queuing for dirty toilets, no showers, standing with thousands of people listening to poor quality music (never as good as a recording), people urinating in bottles then throwing the contents over everyone and when it rains the whole area become like a WW1 battle area, some how doesn’t appeal to me. You can tell this is very much a middle class event when the reporters from Radio 4 was present and say “I was here when I was at University” or “This was a great start to my Gap year” then go on to talk about designer Wellies and an area which is called the “Left Field” which all champagne socialist talk about left wing politics. As a Stones fan I love there music but that is all, have no interest in their life or politics. So what is so important about about a group of pensioners playing at what is basically a festival doesn’t say much about modern music

So Nelson Mandela is on his last leg this ex terrorist may have been good as trying to create harmony but has he and the ANC achieved much since they took over from the White Government? The shanty Towns are still there, It is the murder capital of the world, it is still a one party state but now a black one, corruption is worse then it has ever been, the poor black are even poorer and the rich black are even richer, the white population the people who built the country and gave its wealth have been driven out of the country, see article. Mind you prison must have been good for Nelson as I doubt if any of those who live in the Townships have reached their 90’s


Mandela's passing and the looming threat of a race war against South Africa's whites. As a widow mourns the latest murdered Afrikaner farmer, a chilling dispatch from a nation holding its breath

  • Roelof du Plessis, 46 shot on his farm outside Pretoria by gang of black intruders
  • Fears rise that killings are part of a systematic bid to drive white people out of South Africa
  • President Jacob Zuma known to sing 'struggle song' about killing white Afrikaners


Slaughtered: Roelof du Plessis, 46, was shot dead in front of his wife Laura, 44 and son on their farm

The horror started just before midnight on Wednesday this week.

After listening to the latest television news about the health of Nelson Mandela, a South African family living not far from the former President’s hospital unit turned in for the night.

But Roelof and Laura du Plessis, a married couple with four children who live on a heavily fortified farm outside Pretoria, did not have a peaceful night’s rest.

In fact they were about to become the latest victims of what white pressure groups in this troubled nation say is nothing less than a savage war against them.

Hearing noises outside their home, Mr du Plessis, 46, got out of bed and ran outside.



Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weight and life

Being just FOUR pounds overweight can increase your risk of heart disease by 20%
  • An increase of just one BMI point can raise heart disease risk by a fifth
  • Obesity also raises insulin levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol
  • Heart disease kills 82,000 Britons each year and numbers are rising

I am 6ft 2 inches 63 years of age an ex international Judo and Sambo player a Southern weightlifting champion, I train  5 days a week for an 1 hour a day my average pulse 65 Blood Pressure 130/70 sugar average 7 chest 56 ins waist 48 inches recent cardiogram showed me perfect I eat sensibly and only drink weekends in moderation

Here is where it all goes wrong I am 23 stone I am told I have to lose 10 stone back to a weight I was when I was 13
by doing this I will become fit and healthy??????????????????

According to this article not much hope for me

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I placed this on my site yesterday here is a reply I received

I suspect these are old news items that might well have been true at the time (but not necessarily at the same time!) and it is why the Government has introduced a welfare benefits cap which means that no family can receive any more than a total of £26,000 per year in benefits (which includes child tax credits and housing benefit).

So this Government are trying to do something to take us away from the insanity from the last Labour Government


4,000 Police Officers disciplined

More than 4,000 officers disciplined for criminal behaviour in five years... including an inspector sacked for SHOPLIFTING
Criminality among rank and file increased by 56 per cent in five years
One sergeant sacked for carrying three sub machine guns and ammunition
Of the officers disciplined, 100 were of inspector rank or higher
Met saw a sevenfold increase in officers guilty of misconduct


When you have Compensation Culture in the Police Force (Sorry Service) what do you expect?

When you have rampant Political Correctness in the Police Force what do you expect?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Gathering of the Jacob Clan

Gathering of Jacob Clan

On Saturday was invited to Kevin Jacobs 60th Birthday Party at the Carmel Hall, it was a great night. I grew up with the Jacobs a family of 6 brothers with all their children and relatives it was a big do. They certainty know how to enjoy themselves, once the music is on they do not stop. Their Mum, Dad, Lil and George would be proud of them all being very successful in their chosen careers, not bad from 6 boys from a Council Estate. If any of you have watched Mrs Browns Family and knew Lil well lets not say no more then that.

Those of you who remember the Carmel Hall in the 1960’s and 70’s will see no major changes except for a coat of paint. Every Saturday night was like being in one of John Wayne’s movie fights. I used to do most of my bouncing there, it would be very Un PC to say I enjoyed the job especially as I always tried to understand why these gentleman were punching each other and tried to mediate in the dispute and if that did not work I would throw them out making sure they had a couple of lumps to remind them they were naughty boys

Glad to say none of that happened Saturday maybe everyone has calmed down or is just me?

Friday, June 21, 2013


“If there were no God, 
it would have been necessary to invent him.”

Abnormal Wedding given Marshmallow Fluff as present

This hilarious article and how appropriate they give Marshmallow Fluffs at a same sex marriage

War of words erupts after wedding guests gift bride 'cheap and embarrassing' food hamper containing marshmallow fluff and croutons

Same Sex Marriage so would that be the Bride and Bride or the Groom and Groom. Would the Bride kiss the Bride Oh how disgusting? What would they be known as Husband and Husband or Wife and Wife? Thank God I do not know people like this.

In a normal wedding surely the guests would not pay for the couples wedding. It is normal for the Brides Parents to pay for the wedding and the Grooms parents pay for the Booze up afterwards. Now that would pose a problem for these abnormal weddings with these abnormal relationships because which would be wich?

Well Done Eric Pickles a Politician with Common sense some what of an unknown quality

'Talibin' fines for putting out bins at the wrong time to be banned by law
    Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has lashed out at current rules
    He said the laws target homeowners who make 'genuine mistakes'
    Instead authorities will penalise those who commit a 'public nuisance'

Are we still the same

Sometime we need to remind ourselves what this Country is and what it stood for. Then ask yourself is it the same today?

For my friends abroad the first clip will give a brief tour of my country. The second clip is to a fallen soldier put up by a friend, the last is a bit of jingoism something in the past we were not frightened to celebrate, the PC Brigade and left wingers have practically banned that.

I have had several emails from an organisation calling themselves “38 Degrees” they are a pressure group are they a Labour Party sponsored group?

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guides and PC

'I promise to be true to myself': Girl Guides no longer have to swear allegiance to God and country
    Leaders said different words were needed so all girls can be included
    Members have been required to make a pledge to God since 1910
    Church of England appealed to the Guides to keep promise to God

Chief Guide Gill Slocombe insisted the previous oath had been ‘confusing’ about belief and ‘discouraged some girls and volunteers from joining us’.

 What a load of rubbish most young girls just want to become Guides

The new oath is all about personal selfishness "Be true to myself" Do what ever I feel I should do irrelevant of others "develop my beliefs" develop whats good for me. "Serve my Community" this hints at certain sections of the community being outside the rest of the Country.

I would like to know more about the people who run the Girls Guides National body what is their agenda have they, like the RSPCA, being taken over by a load of Militants? or is it just PC gone mad again
Best Definition of 'Political Correctness'

There's an annual contest at Griffith University, Australia, calling for the most appropriate definition of a contemporary term. 

This year's term was 'political correctness'. 

The winning student wrote:

'Political correctness' is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by mainstream media, which holds the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.