Monday, April 30, 2012

Parliament a joke

I wonder if our MP’s and National newspapers live on the same planet as the rest of us mere mortal. All we have heard about is the problems with the Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt and Rupert Murdoch, they talk about judicial revue what ever that is, one thing is for sure it will cost a lot of money about something that is done and dusted. The Labour party should worry about more important things, then just claiming a scalp.
Those who live outside Westminster are concerned about the price of petrol, price of food and whether they have a job in the future. In the last election all parties promised us a new politic RUBBISH it is the same as before a Parliament where they forget about the person in the street, a Parliament where they think of their own future

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lions led by Donkeys

I do not like this Coalition Government because I believe David Cameron has reneged on most of the important issues and promises he made at the General Election let me list them

1)   He promised to bring in a bill of British Human Rights and do away with the ECH he has not done this. His excuse is he has to work with the LibDems who favour it, yet their % of the vote was about 7. Once again the tail wagging the dog
2)   He promised us a revue of the EU even hinted at a Referendum this has not happened in fact he has given away even more power to the EU.
3)   He promised to sort out the greedy bankers; do you think he has succeeded? Well I do not
4)   He said he would curb immigration, this is on the increase
5)   He said he would increase Jobs especially for the Young; well that’s not working where are all the apprenticeships? We need to stop this attitude that if a youngster doesn’t make University they are failures! Lets be honest most Degrees are not worth the paper they are written on and that not me talking but the Institute of Directors.
6)   He said he would encourage family units and marriage Little did we know that it meant Homosexuals being allowed to marry a disgusting thought. Strange how 1.5% of the population get so much power
7)   He wanted more equality and encourage Christian ethics and morality yet his LibDem Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone wants to ban Christians wearing crosses at work, they want Positive Discrimination in favour of women, Gays, Ethnic minorities, disabled how can that be fair. It is also not fair on the groups mentioned because every time they get an important position or are promoted you think we know how they got that and certainly wasn’t on ability.
8)   Law and Order was one of his main themes yet it is becoming harder to imprison somebody and sentences are more lenient. They put the cost of imprisonment before the safety of others
I could go on but I think you follow my drift but what annoys me more then the big let down of David Cameron is when the Labour party and its members start criticising this Government lets not forget it was 13 years of Labour Rule that got us into this GOD AWFUL MESS we are in now

My one hope is the true Conservative MP’s get together and get rid of this Rubbish Prime Minister before the next election and again I will say we are lucky in Sittingbourne & Sheppy that we have good Conservative Council, A good Conservative MP Gordon Henderson and a good MEP Dan Hannan

When I look at Cameron and Clegg I am reminded of the First World saying about the British Troops “LIONS LED BY DONKEYS” a comment about the Generals of WW1


I had to go to Medway Hospital the other morning for 9.30 am, using the little grey cells, I planned my journey by taking the M2 to Gillingham rather then take the chance of being late going through Newington and Rainham. My journey I thought should take about 20 minutes but thought NO will get there early so left at 8.30am. Got to Gillingham in about 15 minutes not to worry still got plenty of time so I thought. From the Tesco Roundabout it took 40 minutes to travel 2 miles if that, all I got was traffic lights and road works.
The reason I went the hospital was because of my wife Valerie who insists I snore and hold my breath, so much so she has to go to another room to sleep. Punching me in the ribs no longer works. I took a test some weeks ago and had to return for the results, it seems I stop breathing 20 times while I sleep. This I found quite a shock 20 times a night was bad NO the doctor replied 20 times an hour! So I have something called Sleep Apnea and will have to be hooked up to a machine at night. This Old Age business is not all its cracked up to be Replacement Knee and Hip, arthritis in my elbows, Diabetes which is now affecting the nerves which lead to my hands, the only thing I have left is my good looks. Believe it or believe not sometimes money falls out of my grip, the one thing about the new joints I can chase the wife round the bedroom and catch her, problem is when I caught her I forgot the reason why I was chasing her. Any rate looking on the Web getting better sleep will improve my life in general so that can only be a good thing.

Now what was I going to right about? Oh yes the benefits of being a retired International Judo and Sombo Player

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I have purchased a MAC some months ago and found it very good it is much safer ref viruses and performs better then a PC But yes there alway a but it is not as user friendly as a PC. I have tried using there iWeb for my web site just can not get on with it I am so used to Frontpage and like most programs because it bis easy to use it is no longer on the market. One thing I have found strange when I go in window explorer on my PC all the links works yet when I log into Safari on the MAC the links no longer work any ideas

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Village Fete Lazy Kids

Something’s never change I have been involved with Judo, Sombo, Jiu Jitsu etc. for 57 years as a top competitor, Top Coach and top Sombo administrator yet with all that gloss you seem to return to the very start time and time again.  I refer to the English Fete demonstration. On Saturday we the Young Judo Club were asked to put a demo on at the Newington Primary School fete, this quintessential English tradition continues to serve the community. The fete had a mass of local stall holders plus a glorious array of entertainment Singers, dancers, musicians, tug of war and of course Judo all this for just 50p what a bargain. I hope the school made loads of money they deserve it for it was an excellent day out.

After finishing there we tried another typical English past time visiting a Village Tea shop this time it the Bredgar Village Café right next to the Duck Pond. Sue and her family are making a real go out of this Village Shop, Café, Garden Centre and hairdressers helping keep the village alive. Yet after speaking to Sue she tells me that she needs some part time staff has advertised and only had one reply, she went on to tell me she may have to advertise for a Polish worker. Now I found this unbelievable in this day and age of massive unemployment, so I put a piece on Facebook, as I was sure that there would be a response. The rate was £6.50p per hour Wednesday and Sunday 9am till 4pm and one Saturday a Month, that is on a normal week £91 and on one week a month £136.50p Sue can be contacted on 01622 884423.

The response on Facebook and my blog was, I live in Milton Bredgar to far to walk (thought of getting a push bike?) Where is Bredgar?  Bredgar that’s up Borden Lane somewhere is it not? I am not working on a Sunday, Will do if they pick me up from Sittingbourne, what work for £91 better of on the dole, is there a Bus service? (Why not try asking some one for a lift) 9 am that’s a bit early.
Now I understand why small businesses employ Poles and as someone who has continually campaigned say the English are not lazy I was shocked by the response admittedly the age range was 17 to 20 year old

Totally agree with the London Taxi Owner who says cyclists should pay Road Tax and have insurance 

Friday, April 20, 2012

About Time To next get rid of Immigrants

Date:  13th April 2012
Release:  Immediate

New traveller planning guidance welcomed

Gordon Henderson MP has welcomed the announcement by the Government that new planning guidance on traveller sites will be implemented following a consultation last year as part of the Localism Bill.

The new guidance, which replaces the old Labour planning circulars on travellers - Circular 01/06, will see a variety of changes including:
  • Abolishing top-down regional targets.
  • Strengthening the protection of Green Belt land and the open countryside.
  • Deleting the compulsory purchase of land for traveller sites by local councils.
  • Removing the restrictions on councils to use enforcement action.
  • Providing suitable, authorised sites to councils for use as traveller sites.
Mr Henderson said:

"The previous Labour Government introduced a number of policies which were flawed, undermined local Government and damaged the planning system so I welcome this new guidance, which I hope will put an end to some of the abuses we have seen in so many of our local communities."


Contact Information
Gordon Henderson - MP for Sittingbourne and Sheppey
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
Telephone: 0207 219 7144
Mobile: 07866 719923

Constituency Office
Top Floor, Unit 10 Periwinkle Court
Church Street, Milton Regis
Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 2JZ
Telephone: 01795 423199

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am so old fashioned for believing in morals

Funny how some TV programs get to you I watched the final part of Silent Witness, went to bed and woke up fighting and imaginary intruder. I literally mean I jump out of bed and hit things normally the wall. Val complained I woke her up.  Even though you know it is just make believe, evil still has an effect on you.

I do not watch soaps but I am somewhat sad when it comes to the Archers, something I have listened to for years. The program if you did not know is an every day story of country folk started in the 1950’s to pass on farming information. In latter years it has had some modern trendy writers and the story lines have been Racial Attacks, Drugs, Alcoholism, queer and gay landlords, A I for single women, suicide, senile dementia and so on. In Ambridge nearly everyone goes to Church, must be the only Church in GB full on a Sunday, it is obviously a C of E church. The vicar is quite young his first wife died, he was married to a black lady and has a half-caste child, the reason I mention this is that it fits in with the modern attitude of the C of E of all inclusive He has now married Hindu women. Now all this I can take but it is how the C of E tries to be modern and go with modern trends instead of sticking to their fundamental beliefs.
The recent story line has his 19-year-old daughter living with him; she has decided to go way for the first time to hotel with her new boyfriend of just a month. Now instead of father the Vicar saying this is wrong the church says sex should be within marriage NO he actually asks for blow-by-blow details of the weekend. I was no angel when I was young man mind you I did not have many liaisons as I was 17 when I met Valerie and Girls were not so free and easy in my day they had a lot more respect for themselves. My point is the Church should be there like a beacon warning us of immorality and its dangers instead they are encouraging it just so they can be seen to be With It. I am pleased to say I am RC


Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter In Germany

Visit to Germany

Over Easter myself, brother Norman plus members of the family travelled to Dortmund to see relatives of my Mother. I chose Easter because it was I thought a public holiday, which it is. Yet in Germany the public holiday it is to recognise the death and subsequent rising of Jesus Christ a very important time in any Christian’s life. Nothing was open on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday of course there was the odd Kebab shop and a Zoo but nothing else. When I asked staff in the hotel why is everything closed the replied quite simply "do you not know what Easter is about? Yes I knew because when I was a boy the same was in GB and everyone knew the meaning of Easter

Over the last 25 years us in the UK have certainly slipped down the slippery slope of Secularism where everything is measured in materialism and greed. It no surprise that crime, fatherless children, women with children from many different men, drug abuse etc., etc. are on the increase in what has become a God less anti Christian Society. All this was done by governments of all colours with the idea this was advancement for the British people. Sadly it has the opposite effect and this Coalition Government is no better then the last labour Government leading us even further into a Secular Society with no Morals or Ethics

Interesting enough I have seen several changes in the way Germany is today compared when I was a boy, the thing that stood out the most was their dress sense. When I was a boy when you went out on a Sunday everyone dressed in their Sunday best not anymore they are as scruffy as us in GB but at least they know how to keep Holy Days Holy

As I said I went out to see relatives one in particular Trautchen my mothers favourite cousin who would come to England on a regular basis, she is suffering the start of Dementia and looks quite old but thank God she did recognise which made the trip worth while

My mother was Margret Schuller but her mother was a Brandt and they all lived in a 5 Story House when my Grandmother was young they even had servants. The Brandt’s were Dach Deckers  (Roof Makers) since 1664 yet all this finished with my generation cousin TILO was the last one but has since given up preferring other pastimes. The family owned the house my mother lived in and bought the house next door the same size., the houses in Sittingbourne would be worth £1.5 million. Yet we have just found out that they got into so much debt they went bankrupt and the Council took over the two houses leaving Tilo and his mother as sitting tenants. 350 years of business down the tubes just because one little lazy git was to tired to work . One occasion when I am glad my mother is not alive, this would have broke her heart