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Some comments on Honours

Below is some comments from the DM about the Honours Awards

What a mockery of our Honours system ! Knighthoods should be given for a lifetime of achievements . Much as I'm delighted at the achievements of our sports stars ..they haven't lived more than thirty odd years . So they hardly qualify for such exalted Honours . How pathetic this country has become , how shallow and how dismal . I'm getting to be embarrassed to say I'm British these days , and that is sad sad

Big fan of Andy Murray but he DOES NOT deserve a knighthood. He earns an obscene amount of money and enjoys a lifestyle that others can only dream about. Would prefer to see more community-minded people honoured; those who work tirelessly for charities and those less fortunate. As for the OBEs given out by David Cameron to his staff; I could vomit. Ramsay Jones for example, who has now elevated himself to 'friend of famous people'.

These honours usd to be given to people who had gone over and above their normal duties and had helped to do something and given service to others and not as today given to any old thing like running on a track, knocking a ball about or sitting on a bicycle.

I've just clocked up being in work for 47 years wihout one day being unemployed, claiming dole money or social security, I've raised two kids and served in the RN. When do I get my gong, or should I just go to Skeggy and see if I can fish mine out on the Lucky Dip? Because that's how much they're worth nowadays these so called New Year Awards.
I have just looked at the complete list of awards. The Armed Forces total about 100 awards if that. The celebrities and so called sports people total many times more. I will let the reader's of the DM decide whether or not this is right. Personally, this is an absolute disgrace and demonstrates what shallow and despicable people are in control of these awards. It is time the Queen said no to these disgraceful awards to shallow and selfish people.

I disagree wholeheartedly in talented sportsmen and women being given gongs. Yes.... They're fantastic at what they do but so are many other people who do more worthwhile jobs and earn in a year what these sportspeople earn in a day. Murray is a great tennis player but that's his job. He's done nothing else all his life. They are all hugely wealthy people..... honours should be reserved for people who serve the country to the greater good.... or commit selfless acts for no personal financial gain. The only saving grace in this farce is that Beckham has been overlooked again. Thank GOD.

Jimmy and Jamie should learn about Personal Responsability

On a Friday night I quite enjoy watching Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast. Basically they have a Café at the end of Southend Pier and invite celebrities along to learn how to cook. During the programme they go to different parts of the Country to investigate Food problems.

This week they went a School to discuss how children are not being fed properly during School Holidays. You may have guessed it is not the fault of the parents but the fault of Government for not feeding children through the School Holiday.

So Jimmy speaks to this women with 8 kids stating she has to find £200 a week for food? Did Jimmy ask where she got the money NO, did he ask what she was feeding them on NO. Next was an overweight single mum and her overweight child who went on to say she does not have enough money to feed her child in the Holiday. Both did not look like they were starving and she has a job as well as benefits. The best was another overweight women with her overweight child who complained she was always short of money yet she was covered in Tattoos and piercings. I am told this not a cheap hobby.

According to the programme these kids have to go to school to have a breakfast and midday meal. Midday meal I can understand I am 66 and when I was at school we had nutritious meals it cost my Mum 5 shilling a week (25p) So why breakfast are these parents to lazy to give them a bowl of cereals or some toast or have they spent all there money on non essentials

What annoys me like Food Banks these celebs take everything at face value none of them ask what these peoples income is and how they spend there money. Maybe if they said lets get someone to look how you can budget your lifestyle that would be far better then giving away food

I will admit I did like the idea of Kitchens being open during the School Holidays I also believe Schools should be utilised more for the benefit of the Community. Another innovation was the use of food that has reached its sell by date which Supermarkets bin. This can be used for cheap meals; instead of dumping these foods they should sell it a very cheap price to organisations that want to produce cheap meals. Yes I did say sell, as the sale would keep the shop prices down. So keep the kitchens open but open to everyone and charge a minimal fee so the burden of producing these services does not fall on the Council Tax payer.

Food is most probably the cheapest it has ever been but societies problem today is people no longer want to take responsibility for their own lives they expect others like Government to look after them. It time to return to cooking your own food, shop around rather then buy Take away or ready-made meals. In other words start taking responsibility for yourself and your family


Friday, December 30, 2016

Lilly Allen is a Hypogrite

Pulled this DM great story about Idiots especially the Hypocrite Lilly Allen disgusting women
Make way for the windbag and the wearisome who have made 2016 such a trial for us. See Obama is trying to cause a 3rd WW with Russia

• Pop star Lily Allen visited The Jungle and apologised 'on behalf of my country'
• Sir Philip Green said the collapse of BHS had been 'horrible' for his family, too
• Comedian David Walliams stars in a sketch show called Walliams And Friend
Champion of refugees, scourge of the British Army and the ultimate snowflake, even by her own standards of righteous idiocy, Lily excelled herself in 2016. Along with Bob Geldof, Yvette Cooper and Nicola Sturgeon (bores one and all), she promised personally to take in a refugee — but never did.
Instead, she put her home in the Cotswolds on the market for £4.2 million, complete with its 'party barn' and architect plans to build an orangery off the kitchen.
Why not turn this home into a refugee centre if you don't need it, Lily? They wouldn't mind about the unfinished orangery.
In October, she visited the Calais Jungle and apologised to an Afghan refugee 'on behalf of my country'.
Pop star Lily Allen (pictured) visited The Jungle in Calais, France, earlier this year and apologised 'on behalf of my country'
She then started crying and added: 'We've bombed your country, put you in the hands of the Taliban and now put you in danger of risking your life to get into our country . . . I'm sorry for what we have put you through.'
Never mind that the Taliban were in power in Afghanistan long before the Army moved in and risked their lives to drive them out.
Never mind that there are many of us with genuine grievances, who have good cause to worry about the numbers of migrants who want to come to the UK and increase the burden on an already struggling system.
'These are problems caused by Tory cuts, not migrants,' tweeted Lily.
Perhaps she means well, but her sense of aggrieved righteousness, bomb-proof piety and belief that the Government can do no good grates in the extreme.
A message to everyone who makes that heart shape with their hands to denote love: please, just stop.
Sir Philip Green (pictured with his wife Tina) said that the collapse of High Street chain BHS had been 'horrible' for his family, too
Sir Philip Green complained that his wife, Tina, and their spoiled children, Chloe and Brandon, were going through a terrible time. The collapse of High Street chain BHS had been 'horrible' for them, too, said the beefy billionaire.
Excuse me while I waft this onion under my eyes. What a terrible shame for les pauvres!
Still, that didn't stop the Greens cruising the Med in their favourite yacht, dubbed the 'BHS Destroyer'.
What will he do next? In a further bid for public sympathy, the tycoon might protest that at least they always recycle their champagne bottles.
He and Tina have already flogged one of his superyachts, leaving him down to his last two. Apparently, Lady Green wakes up screaming at the thought.
This public show of virtue is new in Green-land — but are we convinced? Being decent and doing the right thing won't kill ya, but as Sir Shifty might say, why take the chance?
There is something about MP Anna that really gets on my nerves.
Perennially enthralled with herself, the former Minister for Small Business gives the impression of a woman who relishes her every TV appearance — then rushes home to watch herself and be impressed all over again.
Most annoying is the fact that Anna is the kind of Tory who is determined to bask in the glutinous approval of the fashionable Left. Perhaps she should do the decent thing and defect?
Whatever side of the debate, Soubry loves the sound of her own voice, especially if she is hectoring someone. Delighting in showy invective, she is often rude about soft targets, such as Ukip's then-leader Nigel Farage — 'I always think he looks like somebody has put their finger up his bottom and he really rather likes it' — yet she complains about rudeness and lack of civil debate in others.
Her claim that the Brexit vote was the result of 'white working-class Labour supporters' who have 'probably never even seen a migrant' appalled everyone, especially those in her own constituency — which voted overwhelmingly to Leave.
There, high-handed Soubry was deemed an 'embarrassment' whose 'directing of blame towards those voters is an indictment of why they voted that way'. Exactly.
Oh, dear. Welsh actor Michael Sheen is appalled by what he sees as the 're-emerging spectre of fascism in the West'.
Yet, like most refugees from the Land of Luvvie, he defines fascism as any democratic vote that didn't go the way he wanted, or any response to events that does not exactly mirror the rigorous socialism of his own.
Following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, Los Angeles-based Sheen tootled on the cavalry trumpet and announced that things were so bad, he was riding to the rescue — giving up acting to become an activist.

Following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, Michael Sheen (pictured) announced that things were so bad, he was riding to the rescue - giving up acting to become an activist
In a newspaper interview, he burbled on about 'the global rise of anti-democratic forces', and said that the political drift meant that 'I would work less as an actor, and possibly stop'.
Once the article had been published, the actor — who has a role in the new Jennifer Lawrence sci-fi film, Passengers — changed his mind, saying he was 'not quitting acting and leaving Hollywood'.
What, then? A little light leafleting on Rodeo Drive?
'Once I'm in, I'm fully in, and this is big. It will be a big change for how people relate to me,' he said.
Classic. In the end, it's all about him.
I'm sorry, but it is once more into the boredom breach with Fergie, who just won't do the decent thing and retire quietly to the Royal Lodge in Windsor and sob quietly in a corner.
Yet again, she is defending her work-shy daughters from 'bullies' who dare to question their value to the Royal Family or, indeed, society. How very dare they?
If Princess Eugenie really wanted to, she could start a 1,000-piece jigsaw — and finish it all by herself — while Beatrice might carry on the York tradition of creativity married with graciousness by coming top of her pom-pom making class. You can't say those girls don't try . . . the patience of the nation.
Elsewhere, Fergie boasted of her success on a diet comprising mandarins, tomatoes and egg mayo, and of a holiday cruising on the tycoon Sir David Tang's yacht. Apparently, the towels in her cabin were so thick and fluffy, she couldn't get her suitcase closed.
I also rest my case.
David Walliams (pictured) surprised Gary Barlow during the Royal Variety Performance on December 13
We have now reached peak David Walliams — how much more can the nation take? The new sketch show Walliams And Friend was a blitzkrieg of bore, a classic example of how good comedy can go bad.
In the episode featuring Sheridan Smith, a skit called Carry On Up The Sexual Harassment Tribunal summed up the horror: Walliams plays a caretaker called Mr Ballcock (oh, my sides), while Sheridan is tea lady Miss Jugs (guffaw).
It made one long for the sophistication of Cannon and Ball. Pleased with himself to the point of implosion, Walliams is fast becoming the creepiest man on TV.
'This seems like a solvable problem,' said self-styled protester Jude Law visiting the Calais Jungle this year.
Of course! Jude has played the Pope and Alfie, slept with the nanny and lived in trendy Primrose Hill — what problem is beyond him? He strode around the refugee camp looking troubled in his don't-look-at-me-I'm-famous beanie hat — but it was soon business as usual: back to complaining about being judged on his looks, not his talent.
In an interview this month, Law hit on the real cause of global suffering: 'I felt I was doing some really good work as a young actor, and it seemed people just wanted to talk about what I look like, as opposed to the work I was doing.'
The Shadow Foreign Secretary sucks up to Corbyn and sums up everything rotten about grandiose, entitled — she is Lady Nugee, after all — Labour politicians who are out of touch with their core voters.
She believes that voting for Brexit meant voting to take your 'neighbour's job away'. Says it all.
It hasn't been the best of years for Eddie Izzard and his pink beret — which looked like something that had escaped from Miss Piggy's knicker drawer.
Remain campaigner Izzard was heckled by a Question Time audience after a bout of triple boredom-rate ranting.
He was childish and incoherent on other shows, incandescent with rage at anyone who did not share his views.
Indeed, his performances summed up so much of the Remain smuggery that, every time Izzard appeared on TV, the Leave campaign were given a boost.
To add insult to injury, a man was charged with stealing his beloved beret during a pro-Europe rally.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Diffent Christmas

The Clarke Men with the Christmas gift for our Bar B Q house
For the first time since we were married this was the first time we did not have the family round for Christmas Dinner. 
So myself and Val had dinner by ourselves and we cooked our Beef in the Bar B Q house and enjoyed it. 
Yet it was a good Christmas my children wanted to do their own thing not a problem but Christmas morning first round was Donna and Connie soon followed by John Rebecca Lewis and Harry. All festooned with presents, each year I say save your money do not buy us presents but no one listens. Afternoon we went to see Susan Brian Poppy and George for an hour. all in All a very enjoyable Christmas lets hope they do not want to come to dinner next Christmas

50 years of Christmas Eve Club

The Christmas Eve Club was 50 this year. Yes 50 years a group of friends first started meeting.

So where did it start? In 1966 I was just 16 and legally was not allowed to drink in a Pub and in those day it was very difficult for some one U18 to get served in a Pub the only Pub in those day where youngsters could get a drink was in the Castle which has now gone. Yet myself and my mates could get a drink in the Beauty of Bath, the Landlord I am sure knew we were under 18 but as we lived locally and most of the customers knew us he turned a blind eye. Yet he would never serve us with shorts nor anymore then 3 pints and remember the drink of the day was Brown and Mild or Stout and Mild at best 2.5% Alcohol, we respected that and we were never loud. Well that was till we were 18 and then it was loud singing especially Christmas Carols and songs lie the “Parson and the Curate” “Some die of drinking water” and “I once knew a farmer”

CEC all of us with our tie Clarkees Bar 1993

CEC would meet at the Beauty for several years as we got older we would start on a Christmas Eve Pub crawls through Sittingbourne singing Carols as we went. In those days the Pubs would shut at 3pm but we weren’t finished as one of our number would always forget a Major Christmas Present (NO name given), a group of drunken high-spirited revellers trying to find a present must have been something to behold. When this was done we would be off home and on several occasions I have had to prop up one our number against his front door, ring the bell and run away so I did not have to meet his wife can you believe they are now divorced.
Clarkees Bar with Sweat Shirts 1994

 The years went by and we came some what more sensible as I have just built a Gym in Milton Regis Playing field with a Bar our meeting were held there this was 1990. This was also a silly period for me as I bought all members a CEC Tie, CEC Sweat Shirt, Reindeer Antlers, cloth badge and silver pin badge for all to wear. The sweat shirts no longer fit, the antlers are broken and most of the pin badges and cloth badges are lost are lost BUT I still have my Tie which I faithfully wear every Christmas eve oh I nearly forgot I also gave every CEC member a book of Carols which we could swear our allegiance to Christmas Eve. This was the year we would meet in the summer and have a meal together sadly we drifted away from this some 10years ago but this will be revived in 2017 a comment was made that we were getting no younger.

Keith Jacobs

I closed my Bar in Milton and open another at my Swale Martial Arts Club in Sittingbourne aptly named “Clarkees Bar” so the venue moved again and we brought with our regular treat of Keith Jacobs playing the bagpipes ( I do not know what an Englishman is doing playing the Bagpipes I still do not know). That closed 4 years ago since then we were at the Taste of Portugal 2013/14 then Coniston Hotel 15/16
Taste of Portugal 2014

So who are members of the Christmas Eve Club? Martin Clarke, Norman Clarke. Keith Jacobs, Trevor Waghorn, Trevor Jordon, Keith Whyman, John Elmer over the 50 years we have had a few temporary members but these are the main stay. What do we talk about? The Past of course a thing all old men do and the stories get better every year.

Coniston 2016

Well I had great meeting this year a lot tamer then previous years i.e. no drinking games etc. but it is always good to see old friends you knew as a child.

Martin Clarke

Friday, December 23, 2016

Prince Charles got it right

I think Prince Charles got it right have a listen

UK Foreign Office 'got Syria wrong'

Please have a listen 

UK Foreign Office 'got Syria wrong'
A former British ambassador to Syria has said the British Foreign Office has got "Syria wrong every step of the way".
Peter Ford told presenter John Humphrys that the UK had "made the situation worse" in Syria by failing to put troops on the ground and encouraging rebel groups to mount a doomed campaign.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hitler finds out about new IJF rules for 2017

Hitler finds out about new IJF rules for 2017: Updated version - hope you enjoy! This description needs to be longer.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

10 Facts About The Arab Enslavement Of Black People Not Taught In Schools

I told you so

 All those Academic Elite who think themselves so superior have been proven wrong but there excuse will be it is safer then Alcohol and the latest is safer then Sugar. Yet the people who smoke this drug also drink Alcohol and take sugar. It can not be said people who drink alcohol and take sugar smoke this drug


The terrible truth about cannabis: Expert's devastating 20-year study finally demolishes claims that smoking pot is harmless

  • One in six teenagers who regularly smoke the drug become dependent
  • It doubles risk of developing psychotic disorders, including schizophrenia 
  • Heavy use in adolescence appears to impair intellectual development
  • Driving after smoking cannabis doubles risk of having a car crash 
  • Study's author said: 'If cannabis is not addictive then neither is heroin' 
  • The drug is currently legal in two states - Washington and Colorado 
  • A further 21 states have allowed it to be used for medicinal purposes  
  • Obama said earlier this year cannabis is not as dangerous as alcohol  

Saturday, December 10, 2016


I am not 100% sure that Climate Change is what it says but do agree that we should cut back on what foods we import to the UK from a great distance and realise that the cost in terms of fuel is horrendous and also realise that fuel emissions from these journeys can not do the World any good
Now I am fundamental against waste especially when it comes to food, so when I was driving along the Lower Road between Deerton Street and Faversham I was shocked to see an Apple Orchard laden with fruit just falling off trees having not been harvested and most were on the Floor
Why they were not harvested I do not know and would like an answer but what I do know is 2/3 of our Apples sold in this country are imported and we eat twice as many from abroad.
This to me is disgraceful surely the time has come for all us to eat home grown products when available also we need to eat seasonally, this applies to meat as well as fruit and veg. Just look in your supermarkets and see the exotic fruits and meats we import do we really need crocodile and kangaroo steaks?
Us Car Owners are continually being made to feel  guilty because we drive cars as they are not good for our Carbon footprints and we pay the earth to have a car yet nothing is done to curb unnecessary import of food products who’s journey cause a massive Carbon Footprint

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Christmas tree NOT Festival tree

Visited Tunstall Church Sunday to see Christmas Tree Festival NOT Holiday Tree or Festival Tree but Christmas Tree. We must not forget that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ not just an an excuse for non believers to get drunk. We in this country are lucky to have so many beautiful Churches

Kay Burley v James O'Brien

Do Not like James O'Brien but he is right in this case Kay Burley is an idiot

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Food Banks

Food banks

Food Banks are very Controversial some say they are necessity other say they are not needed. One thing is for sure if something is free people will use it. Now I have no personal experience of Food Banks but I do know 3 people who have used them.
About a year ago two of my tenants were unemployed and claiming benefit for some reason or other their benefit was suspended because it was being changed to something different. They were then told to go to the Food bank and claim food, which they did. Both had a box of groceries delivered to them with £40 worth of goods in each box and one of them was given £20 towards his electric bill.
Yet no one checked if they had money in the bank, food in their flats which they both had and what was more after two weeks their benefit was reinstated and back dated. So surely before someone is a participant in Food Banks there should be checks, balances and advice on how to manage their finances.
You have to admit there is something wrong with the system
Recently another tenant was laid of work his work is of a seasonal type, within 2 weeks he was given help by the Food Banks because his benefit had not come through but will come through.
Can someone tell me if people who use food banks are checked or are just turn up and you will get served?
Food Banks along with soup kitchens are a life line for the genuine homeless and it seems a disgrace to me that Billions can be spent on foreign aid yet we still have homeless in GB
Now before you start to tell me I do not know what the unemployed have to put up with, you would be wrong I rent Flats and bedsits to single men several who unemployed or are on state pension. They all get housing benefit and percentage of Council Tax paid that leaves them approx. £70 per week for food not a great deal but by being frugal they can survive with all their benefits that is about £200 per week a good incentive to get back to work. Pensioners are slightly better off as the average pension is about £116 per week’
When I was in my twenties I worked as a Judo Coach for 40 weeks of the Year for KEC the Inland revenue decide that what I earned in 40 weeks was my Annual income so I was not entitled to Dole money when I was not working. So I spread my money over 52 weeks and I can assure you the only benefit we were entitled to was Child Allowance. My point is why do people not plan ahead especially if they know they will be unemployed for a certain time of the year

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Mhairi Black SNP

Mhairi Black SNP MP this 22 year old Scottish MP someone with no experience of life lectures us about how disgusting that Government Money is spent on the Queens Buckingham Palace to renovate it. Once again this silly women gets it wrong because "Occupied Royal Palaces, such as Buckingham Palace, are not the private property of The Queen. They are occupied by the Sovereign and held in trust by Crown Estates for future generations. The Queen privately owns two properties, Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House, which are not publicly funded" Interestingly enough she has not mentioned the money spent on the National Trust for Scotland