Saturday, April 30, 2016

Child Poverty

Child Poverty

Left Wing Pro EU organisation like the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Huffington Post are bleating on that we have over 3 million children in Poverty in England WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH we may have a lot of people who are hard up but Millions who do not eat NONSENSE . They say Children are going to school with no breakfast? Have they asked that it is most probably it is bad parenting, how much does it cost to have a couple bits of toast or a bowl of porridge?
What we need is what is defined as Poverty I can not find a definitive answer on the Net but I did find one on OXFAM sit which says “We believe it is unacceptable that over 13 million people in the UK do not have enough to live on” what in Gods name does that mean?  If I earned £100,000 a year but because I have very expensive tastes I live beyond my means does that mean I am in Poverty? All those I found on the Net were organisations that had a vested interest in so called Poverty and that is money.
Now many people and I can change our minds if they come up with say a 100 examples of people in poverty and let us examine their lifestyles so we can decide whether it is poverty or budget mismanagement

There is a group in our society that is in real poverty that is the Homeless on our streets. These are the forgotten by organisations like Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Huffington Post, local Council and government. Forgotten because these organisations prefer to support Illegal and Legal immigrants some of those Left wing organisations want to allow all immigrants from Calais into the country to the detriment of our own homeless.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Facebook debate

I have had a good debate on Facebook thought you may like a look

Alan Cain Both the American Bill of Rights (1791) and the (Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) took this concept further and applied it to all men.
Description: ichael Chidi
Michael Chidi with certain caveats
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Martin William Clarke Do you honestly believe that British Bill of Human Rights would not include most in this Propergander Video but a British would put the victim first rather then the ECH version which puts the rights of the perpetrator first and we have seen countless examples of this. The British throughout History have been at the forefront of Human Rights
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Alan Cain Am genuinely undecided in terms of which way to vote in the EU referendum (largely put the video up because I am a massive fan of Patrick Stewart). However, despite numerous headlines in the Sun to the contrary, the EU is nothing whatsoever to do with ...See more
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Martin William Clarke I am well aware of what the ECHR To me a vote for staying in the EU is a vote of treachery for future generations. The most important things about us leaving the EU is not a financial one it is one of whether our Grandchildren can decide their own future in a democratic country The EU which most recognise will become a United States of Europe is not a democratic organisation it is basically run by unelected Commissioners. A Democracy can only exist if the people it represents can change their government and change the way its is run this can not be done with in the EU. Heads of Government and unelected Bureaucrats run the EU the ordinary man in the street has no power. The EU is to big to consider itself to be democracy it has 28 countries the UK government can not make changes without the consent of the other 27 countries. So every one in the UK can vote for a certain item giving the UK Government a 100% mandate but they can be rejected by the other 27 countries. So the democratic wish of the British People can never be fulfilled Is this something I want to pass on to my Grandchildren NO. The fear and lies given by Cameron, Obama and the stay in brigade has caused a Major rift within our Nation the aftermath will be like coming out of a Civil War 1 will never forgive people who vote to stay in as I consider them traitors to the British People. I expect the Stay In will win because they are succeeding with their campaign of fear most of which is liars plus I have strong doubts about the corruption when it come to voting
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Alan Cain Totally agree with all the points you make in regards to democracy and the unelected nature of EU commissioners. I also have serious security concerns in relation to the Schengen Agreement and Europe's migrant crisis. On the other side of the coin I have yet to be convinced by any of the economic arguments advocated by the Brexit campaign. Like I said initially, not sure how I will vote on this one.
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Martin William Clarke The economic ones are an incidental To be governed by money and the Rich is not a freedom it is a form of slavery Far better to be Free and democratic. Do you believe the IN campaign that they can forecast 15 years in advance? Do you believe Obama when he says we will not trade with the USA for 9 years? The US exported to UK 57,805.2 Million $ worth of imports are US companies going to give this up? Leave may be a risk but it will be a risk made by the people of he UK unlike the stay where the risk will be made by the bureaucrats of the EU
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Michael Chidi The emotional argument of freedom and democracy are fairly quaint in a constitutional monarchy.
The EU's biggest weakness is its dysfunctional leadership which prevents it from dealing effectively with crises such as the migrant issue or even Ukraine. However that dysfunctional leadership is exactly the same thing that protects against a super national state.
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Martin William Clarke The emotional argument of freedom and democracy are fairly quaint in a constitutional monarchy. This is a very strange statement people have died for Freedom and Democracy and to call it quaint is insulting at least, the alternative is Dictatorship whether by an individual or State or are you one of those who think you can have benevolent Dictatorship? A difunctional Leadership is the excuse for those wishing to form a Super National Dictatorship.The way to stop a super state is to keep small democratic groups that it is it why we must leave the EU to save the World from a World Dictatorship by the Political and wealthy elite. Is that far fetched no as United States of Europe is just the first step
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Doctors Strike

It seems anyone who criticise the NHS or wants change is a Demon. The NHS is not a sacred Cow it is there to serves the people of the UK (Notice I say UK) not there to serve the people who work in it. The NHS is desperately in need of change throwing money at it does not work.
The Doctors strike has caused untold damage to the credibility to their profession yet all we get in the Media, Press, Social Media is the view of the BMA so I have been online to see what the Government want to do see the article below and tell me what you think is wrong

Fairer for doctors
  • No junior doctor working within the current limits will receive a pay cut compared to their current contract. Around three-quarters of junior doctors moving to the new contract will see an increase in pay with the remainder getting pay protection. There are a very small minority – around 1% of junior doctors – who are forced to work excessive hours under the current contract and who will be better protected under the new contract against breaching hours limits.
  • Junior doctors will receive an approximate 11% increase to basic pay. A newly qualified junior doctor can expect to start on a basic salary of £25,500, compared to £22,636 in the current contract. As doctors advance through the stages of training and take on increased responsibility they will be rewarded through 5 pay progression points, reaching £55,000 in the final stage of training, compared to £47,175 in the current contract.
  • Pay increases based on successful progress through training and taking up a post at the next level of responsibility will replace automatic annual increments based on time served. The current system means all junior doctors get an automatic pay increase every year, regardless of achievement and performance, leading to examples under the current contract of high flying junior doctors supervising colleagues who are paid at a higher rate because they have progressed more slowly.
  • Junior doctors will be paid for all hours worked and will be paid at a higher rate for hours worked in unsocial periods. The government has decided that plain time will be extended until 7pm Saturday instead of 10pm Saturday. Doctors will receive time and a half for any hours worked Monday to Sunday between 10pm – 7am, and time and a third for any hours worked between 7pm-10pm on Saturday and 7am-10pm on Sunday.
  • Junior doctors will receive on-call availability allowances, ranging from 2% to 6% of basic pay, as well as payment for work undertaken as a result of being on-call.
  • Putting a greater proportion of earnings into increased basic pay mean doctors will benefit from higher pension contributions from the NHS, as basic pay is pensionable, whereas other elements of pay are not counted when calculating pension contributions.
  • We will offer new flexible pay premia for those training in hard-to-fill training programmes where there is the most need: general practice, emergency medicine and psychiatry.
  • Junior doctors who take time off for academic research that is part of their NHS training, or which contributes to the wider NHS and improvements in patient care, will get additional pay premia to make sure they don’t lose out. But we will stop the existing situation where a junior doctor can take time out to do an unrelated degree and continue to get an automatic pay rise.
  • Junior doctors taking maternity/paternity leave will continue to get the same leave and pay entitlement from the NHS as they do already but we will remove the current situation where they continue to get an automatic pay increase, meaning in the future pay on return will be the same level as other trainees working at the same level of responsibility. This is consistent with arrangements for other public sector staff.
1.2 Safer for doctors and patients
  • The average amount of hours junior doctors work will remain the same, at around 48 hours per week.
  • There will be a new absolute limit of 72 hours in any week, lower than the 91 hours that the current arrangements allow. Alongside this, we are removing the financial incentives in the current contract that encourage doctors to work unsafe hours.
  • Junior doctors who opt out of the working time directive will not be able to work more than 56 hours per week on average over the course of a rota.
  • No junior doctor will have to work more than 4 nights in a row or 5 long day shifts in a row and employers will be banned from scheduling any shifts over 13 hours.
  • There will be a limit of 7 days or nights on call.
  • We will introduce a new system of ‘work scheduling’ agreed between the doctor and their employer, with regular, routine reviews agreed with educational supervisors. Doctors will have the ability to trigger an urgent review if there is significant or regular variation from the work schedule.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Muslim Mob chases cops from 'No Go' Zones in UK

Trump was right when he said that there are NO GO areas in UK. Listened to these Islamic animals

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pro EU Traitors


Islamist Turkey seizes ALL Christian churches in city and declares them 'state property'

TURKEY'S Islamist government has stepped up its war on Christianity by seizing all the churches in one city and declaring them state property.