Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Two 10 year colds are convicted of raping an 8 years. I find it hard to believe that a 10 year old is capable of this but I am not surprised as Society is obsessed with sex, from advertising, films, Internet. educating children as young as 5 and 6 in sex acts. Our Country has the worst u16 teenage pregnancies in the Western World and do we condemn them NO we make excuses for them and what do the great and good tell us "There is not enough Sex Education" yet statistically more the more sex education we give the more teenage pregnancies, no matter how many free condoms we give out.

Traditional Programmes on radio and TV would portray moral values not any more money and sexual gratification of Producers is the name of the game. Take the Archers "a story of Country Folk" teenage children just turn up at their parents house and hop into bed together, a 17 year old is going with a 29 year old the parents do not agree with the relationship but they know she started sleeping with him within a Fee weeks of meeting. Now I am 60 so obviously am well out of date with everything can some one tell me this is the way all youngsters behave because I never allowed my children to sleep together until they were married in my house. Finally at least they are doing something that is natural but one 30 year old in the programme is have Artificial Insemination because she WANTS a child but does not want the burden of having a man I wonder if she thought of the rights of the unborn child to be born the way God intended

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Human Rights

You must read this Daily Mail article about Human Rights

This is the Home Service: 'Four Germans have escaped extradition'

Read more:

Friday, May 21, 2010

Prison fo Homo's?

Most of you know I am contiually writing about how Homosexuals get preferential Treatment over Hetrosexual males with Positive Discrimination. I do not agree with Homosexuals getting maried (Civil Partnership is not marriage), I do not agree with Homosexuals adopting, I do not like the word Gay being used for the sexual practice and i still think Homosexuallity is abnormal and should be taught in school that it is abnormal. Because like everyone who challenges the Homosexual life style I therefore must be Homophobic and peopel like DR think because of this I am a closet Homo.

Yet after all this I can not see why in Malawi 2 homosexuals were jailed for 14 years because of their sexual orinantation, why should a person be imprisoned for sleeping with someone of their choice? I have listed my complaints against the homosexual Society but can not see no point in making Homosexuallty illegal what purpose would it serve it certainly would not stop people being Homosexual and do the Malawians believe that the practise will stop in Prison I do not think so

Immigrant Sex

What are your opinions of this Joke sent to me by a Sambo friend in USA

Sex With an Illegal Immigrant -

An illegal immigrant picks up a hooker. "Hey, how much you charge for da hour, sister?" he asks.

"$100," she replies.
In broken English, he says, "Do you do immigrant style?"
"No" she says.

"I pay you $200 to do immigrant style."

"No," she says, not knowing what immigrant style is.

"I pay you $300."

"No," she says.

"I pay you $400."

"No," she says.

So finally he says, "OK, I pay $1,000 to do immigrant style."

She thinks, "Well, I've been in the game for over 10 years now. I've had every kind of request from weirdoes from every part of the world. How bad could immigrant style be?"

So she agrees and has sex with him. Finally, after several hours, they finish. Exhausted, the hooker turns to him and says, "Hey, I was expecting something perverted and disgusting. But that was good. So, what exactly is immigrant style?"

The illegal immigrant replies, "You send bill to Government."


Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Riposte to England, My England

I had this poem sent to me by a total stranger just shows how many people read my Blog. Read my reply at the bottom

My Reply:-
Everyone's England ( A riposte to 'England, My England')

By David M Turner

Now England once was a country it's true,
But its name and its rulers came out of the blue
From Germany where the Angles were great.
They came to the help of a poor Roman state
Whose legions had gone back over the sea
To defend their own city in warm Italy.
King Arthur's great country was soon overrun
With Angles and Saxons who thought it was fun
To turn on the Celts who had no fighting band
And rename the country Angleland.
Then the Danes came to eat up a piece of the pie
So the Celts had to flee to the West or else die.
While Saxons and Danes were squabbling over
Romano-Britain's grass and sweet clover
A Bastard in France had his eye on the country
And slipped over the Channel with his Norman army.
The English beat off the Danes in the North
Then down to the South they quickly set forth.
But Harold their King took his eye off the battle.
The English were lost and enslaved as French cattle.
After some time - The Norman blood faded
Henry Tudor the Taffy and his army invaded.
Now England was Welsh and ruled by a Prick,
But the Welsh Prick's son could not do the trick.
He left a woman in charge of Olde England.
In her lifetime she tried to conduct the band,
But when the witch died it all turned to disaster.
Then it was the turn of a Scot to be Master!
King James the Sixth came hurrying south
With his strange ideas and a big foolish mouth.
When his heirs tried bring back the Catholic religion
Great Britain said no to dispute and division.
The only choice left was to invite the Dutch
And give Britain into King William's clutch.
Once again the top cock could not do the trick
So to Deutch Land they looked for another big prick!
So who are the English? The Celts or the Germans?
The Danes the Norwegians, the frenchified Normans?
Bastards the Italians knitted and purled,
Or slaves they brought from the old Roman World?
So just face the truth we're a bit of a mix,
A mongerel breed that needs the odd fix
Of new blood that comes from that strange place - abroad
From Ireland and Europe and Asia's great horde
And Africa's plains, from where we all come.
For under the skin we are all just the same.
If Britain is great this is why it is should be -
Here everyone has the right to be free.

Dave Turner 59 Kenton Lane Newcastle NE3 3BS
tel 0191 2841244 mobile 0790 5643885

Sir, I am a true labourer: I earn that I eat, get that I wear, owe no man hate,
envy no man's happiness, glad of other men's good, content with my harm

You may think England is the Land of the Free I do not we have massive ammounts of legislation forbidding to do things, we have laws that given priority to certains groups, we have laws which give English companies the power to employ foreign labour to the detrement of its own populace purely on adding more profit for comapny directors and share holders, we have countless laws that put on us by a foreign power i.e. EU you may think you are free but you are no more then a slave with a vote

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LibDems and Human Rights

I recently wrote how marvellous it was to have a Coalition Government rather then have a Labour Government and lots of critics have said the whole thing would end in failure, well the doubters may be right!
Two issues have come to the fore in the last two days which Tories are getting upset about
1) Fox Hunting. The fox is a lovely looking creature but also is a vicious killer who will kill for the sake of killing I have seen the damage when I worked on a farm. I like many others thought it was a disgrace that under the last government more Parliamentary time was spent on Fox hunting then was spent on sending British Troops being sent to war and the same must be said this time round there are more pressing things this country needs then to worry about a fox. I am told there are more killed by shooting and other means then were killed by hunting, I personally do not care either way
2) European Human Rights Act: This is one that does concern me greatly and I would suggest a lot of other people as well, the latest release of Pakistani Terrorists because of this act is just one of a long run of evil people being released. Of course the greedy Human Rights Lawyers enjoy great riches defending these people who want to kill British Subjects and they continually use the excuse take them to court knowing full well for the security services to reveal all the information would jeopardise future investigation and people lives. The Judge who released them even said he was sure after seeing the evidence in private the Pakistanis were active members of a Islamic terrorist group and were a threat to GB but he had to release them because Pakistan supposedly allow torture. It seems the LibDems do not want the European Human Rights Act got rid of the Tories want a British Bill of Rights instead something they promised in the last election. The LibDems have said they will not support this and David Cameron has back tracked and agreed to their demands telling us that with a Coalition you do not always get what you want true but also the LibDems must recognise they are the minority party and very much so. At the moment it seems the tail is wagging the dog.
Can I suggest a compromise put contentious issues like this to a referendum, all we hear from Nick Clegg is complete shake up of the democratic system more accountability etc as long as it does not go against LibDems policy. I want this government to work but if fundamental issues like this are to be given up every time the LibDems have a Paddy on then it will be doomed to disaster

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Monday, May 10, 2010


What is Proportional Representation Voting?
PR is where all votes are counted to make up a Parliament
I.e. there are e.g. 100 MP’s in a parliament
All votes cast are as follows
30% Conservative
25% Labour
20% LibDem
10% UKIP
5% greens
5% BNP
5% Communists
MP’s per party
30 Cons, 25 Labs, 20 LibDems, 10 UKIP, 5b Green, 5 BNP, 5 COM
Advantages every vote counts
Disadvantages always have a coalition with small parties like BNP, Greens having a major influence in Government. The party with the most support could be stopped forming a government by a coalition of the minor party. The Policies you vote for will be watered down because a Coalition of Parties will mean compromise. PR will give you weak Government
The LibDems want this system because they know they will always have a place in Government, they also want a list system, and this is where you vote for a Party not for individual MP for your constituency.
Each Political Party would have a list of 100 candidates they pick to go on the Election list. So for example the Conservatives won 30 seats the top 30 on their list become MP’s which could mean not one knows where you live or what your problems are. Those who think PR say it is more democratic but how can it be democratic when the voter has no say who can be selected?
Another PR system is for the voter to put the candidates in order of preference i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 etc if anyone candidate doesn’t get enough First Preference votes, they then look who has the most Second Preference vote so the MP elected could be every bodies 4th choice that sound really fair.
I prefer the First past the post but alter the constituencies with each having the same amount of voters because Inner City constituency have sometime a ¼ of want County constituencies have.
First past the post has strong government on the whole or we could use what Labour suggested if a Candidate doesn’t get 50% of the vote the top two come back for another election a week later.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Sittingbourne & Sheppy Result

Parliamentary Election results for Sittingbourne and Sheppey Constituency
David Paul Cassidy – Independent – 158

Ian James Davidson – UK Independence Party – 2610

Angela Harrison – Labour – 11930

Gordon Henderson – Conservative – 24313 ELECTED

Keith Stuart Nevols – Liberal Democrats – 7943

Lawrence Albert Tames – British National Party – 1305

Mad Mike Young – Monster Raving Loony William Hill Party – 319

Total Vote – 48671

Turnout – 64.2%

At The last Election Gordon lost by a very small margin both polled about 17,000 votes, look at this time he increased his vote by 7,300 what a result

Before the election I contacted UKIP to tell them to step down as their President had told them CIB told them the same because they were standing against some one who was opposed to the the EU I believed CIB called them nutters. There argument was they thought they ahd a chance of winning or coming second I told them they were living in cloud Cukoo and I was proved right but to be fair they increased there vote from 900 to 2610 a long way from 24313

A Great day

Dear Editor
What a great day for the Conservative Party and the people of Sittingbourne & Sheppey and great day for me.
I have friend who I have always supported Gordon Henderson becoming the Conservative MP for this constituency, Lloyd Bowen becoming a Conservative Councillor for Roman Ward, my ward where I live and tried several years ago tried to break the back of the Labour domination of the Ward something I failed to do and last but not least listening to David Cameron’s speech where he offered the hand of Friendship to the LibDems he looked and acted like a real statesman putting the country first. Pre the election I was not a great lover of David Cameron but his energy, sincerity, debating skills and his ability to connect with the ordinary person has made me a fan.
A great Day at last the Clouds of Doom are beginning to lift over this great island

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Labour tells Gypsies they can biuld where they like

Gypsies' human rights are more important than the concerns of local residents, according to new planning rules.
Guidelines made public yesterday mean planning inspectors will favour letting them set up sites and stay on existing ones, while complaints will be largely ignored.
Travellers will even be allowed to build sites in the countryside, on legally protected land even Nature Reserves and in places of outstanding Natural Beauty

This new policy is labour’s answer to Gypsy sites, ignore the people but then where Gypsies want their sites is normally in Conservative areas. NO ONE NATION for the labour party. Labour want to create a divided society

Another reason to vote Conservative

Labour Lies

Figures showed almost four times more EU citizens working here than Britons taking jobs on the continent. Gordon Brown – who promised ‘British jobs for British workers’ – said that there had been equal numbers travelling in each direction.

Monday, May 03, 2010

more from Richard

No, I work fully in the private sector now - running my own business - research and consultancy.

What do you mean, Martin, to say that something is 'not normal'? Presumably you don't mean 'not natural', because there is plenty of homosexuality in the animal kingdom, and there is evidence that gay people (sorry, I know you don't like the word!) are the way they are because their genetics have made them so.

And anyway, the world is full of unnatural things - cars, clothes, digital watches. Most things that make life easier and nicer are unnatural.

As far as gay sports clubs and the like are concerned, these presumably exist because there is a market for such things. And there is a market for them either because gay people like hanging around with other gay people (just as heterosexual people hang around with people with similar tastes at mainstream nightclubs), or because they are trying to get away from abuse and violence (normally motivated by a belief that they are not normal). Probably both apply, and I think good luck to them. There are clubs for disabled people, Asian people, people who like Judo, and lots of other groups. What's wrong with that?

By the way, I am sure you are wrong about companies and governments employing a certain number of homosexuals. Such information is gathered by human resources departments for auditing purposes, but those who appoint have no access to this information.

If a priest is arrested for expressing his opinion, I agree that is wrong. I think we should be able to say whatever we like. Ironically, Christians are frequently complaining when they are criticised or teased in the media (this is preferable to the react of their Muslim peers, but it still irritates!). There have been numerous reports about Christians claiming they are being marginalised in the press and society. It is ironic because religious groups are probably the most over-protected of all. They have their own TV and radio programmes (gays don't); Christians still have legal control over religious education in schools; and of course we have a state religion, despite the fact that only about 5% regularly attend Christian worship."

My answer

Normal means conforming to standards, usual, typical or expected because Homosexuals do not conform to this I believe they are abnormal if they are born that way they must be natural the same as a child who is born with three legs they are natural but not normal
It is 8% who attend church yet 73% claim to be Christians, so believing in Jesus and the Christian faith has nothing to with going to Church in the great majorities eyes
There is a policy of positive discrimination in such organisations as the Police, fire Brigade etc in favour of Homosexuals, Women and ethnic minorities
Equality Bill to encourage positive discrimination
OUT-LAW News, 26/06/2008
Employers will be allowed to discriminate in favour of female or ethnic minority job candidates under a new law announced by Harriet Harman MP today.
This also now applies to Homosexuals
You have totally missed the point when it comes to the various clubs I have mentioned in the fact you can not deliberately have a purely heterosexual team, such organizations as the Police have Gay Police officers association, Black Police Officer association yet a White Heterosexual Police association would be considered racist and homophobic and would be illegal.
You say “or because they are trying to get away from abuse and violence (normally motivated by a belief that they are not normal” where have you been for he last few years, Queer Bashing is not an issue any more (rightly so) since a Homophobic assault carries a larger penalty then other assaults, people now think before they assault someone just because they are homosexual
Christianity should be taught in Schools most of our law and morality are based on the Christian ethic The drive to make us a secular country is the main reason why Morality is at all time low
As for Television here are a few stations:
1. GayTVone LIVE - The best free Gay TV on the Internet
2. Gay TV programme on channel 4 | Queer Youth Network - National UK ...
3. Gay Teachers | Teachers TV
4. Gay TV Channel Online Village TV free video clips, TV shows
The rush to get give equality to minority groups have left the majority of Heterosexual white males less equal, there now needs to be a concerted effort to bring back balance to equality law Rather then have Some are more equal then others

Richrad Bailey replies Christian Preacher and Homosexuals

Richard Bailey commented on your link:

"Hi Martin. LI hope you are well. Nice to see your opinions haven't mellowed!

I thought I'd say hello again by commenting on your blog.

I thought the reason gay people need protection from unpleasant people like the preacher you quote is so they are able to live with the same types of freedoms and choices that most of us take for granted. They don't want, nor does the law allow them to have, preferential treatment. They just want equality. And they are a long, long way from that at the moment.

As for whether they are normal or not, loads of heterosexuals don't have children. And neither do nuns, monks and Catholic priests, and others. So they are no more normal than gay people. Should they be victim to hate crimes, and the dogma of angry Christian preachers?

Of course, the story was printed in the Daily Mail, so is probably not true anyway!"

Nice to hear from you I thought maybe you moved to the academic hinterland

Is also great to see one reply to my blogs no matter how wrong they are!

Why is the preacher unpleasant? Because he quotes the Bible and dares to upset the Pink Mafia and says that Homosexual is not normal? He said no more then that. What type of freedom and choices don't they have compared to normal heterosexual people? What does having or not having children got to with saying Homosexuals have abnormal sexual habits. Being celibate like some religious orders is abnormal but the difference is they believe that they are serving a greater good the same can not be said of Homosexuality. Homosexuals and Lesbians do get preferential treatment it is called Positive Discrimination. Most government institutions and large businesses have to employ a certain amount of Homosexuals and Lesbians irrelevant whether their sexuality has anything to do with their ability to do the job, Civil Partnerships are for Homosexuals and Lesbians only, I have yet to hear of a heterosexual couple taking part in this ceremony and do not say they can get married that is a different ceremony altogether. Recently two spinster wanted to go through a civil Ceremony because they wanted some protection for their money they had saved when one died, they were refused even the European Courts said that this a ceremony for Homosexuals and Lesbians, How may Homosexual night clubs although heterosexuals are not banned, but they are not encouraged, there are Homosexual Rugby, Football teams etc there is a Homosexual Olympic games the only criteria is you have to be Homosexual, Gay Pride is a celebration of homosexually and other deviant sexual acts. Can you honestly say that any of the above would be allowed purely for Heterosexuals? On more then one occasions I have had to fill in forms for my Judo Club for grants and two questions we refuse to answer is 1) What religion are your members 2) What is your sexuality both we consider private and not the business of the Club
Finally the world would be better of when a persons Sexuality is kept private, the only difference between a Homosexual and a Heterosexual is who they have sex with I believe the latter is normal function of mankind the only natural way to continue the human race as for the first I do not care what they do in the bedroom but I reserve the right in a democratic country to say I do not like it. The Homosexual Movement is politically motivated to give extra rights to there ilk and have an exceptional amount of political power for a very small minority roughly 5% of the population. I expect most homosexuals want to be left alone to get on with their lives rather then earn a lot of money being a Pink Mafia activist
Finally I find really offensive that Homosexuals continue to use the word GAY this used to be an old English word for light-hearted and carefree,.

Gypsies Stopped- Harriet Hateman caught out

I have created two links to newspaper articles which may interest you

One is about Gypsies, Pikees, Travellers call them what you want trying to take advantage of the Bank Holiday weekend to build a Gypsy encampment. It seems that once they start building they can claim retrospective planning and if the Council refuse the can use the Human Rights act to push it through
What I can not understand is these Gypsies are supposed to be travelling people so why do they want to stop in one place? Who introduced these new laws yes you guessed NEW LABOUR. David Cameron has vowed to take us a way from the Human Rights Act 2 more good reasons to vote Conservative

Residents form human barricade to stop travellers building 'illegal' site in picture-postcard village

Read more:

Harriet Harman or as some call here Hateman is one of the most despised women in politics she preaches to us all the time She is the one responsible for the massive Political Correctness we have In this Countries she put s the rights of minorities and illegals before the majority Look at her then you will know why you have vote Conservative

'Hypocrite' Harman and her family's inheritance tax dodge on £750,000 estate

Read more:

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Christian arrested because he thinks Homo's are not normal

Christian preacher on hooligan charge after saying he believes that homosexuality is a sin

Once again our Homosexual Friends get preferential treatment! Once again I state the obvious! just because someone is Homosexual that doesn't mean they have be picked on, they should be allowed to go about there daily business without fear or hindrance what they do in the confines of their bedroom is their business and their beliefs are their own BUT what should not happen is because of their unusual sexual preferences they should not be given extra rights over the majority which they now get? Also the rest of us should be able to voice our opinions as I thought this was a democratic country. So I do not believe the Homosexual act is normal, why can’t I say that, I am not saying Homosexual should be hurt in any way and that is exactly what this preacher said and he quoted articles from the Bible he believes that the homosexual act is a sin and he can quote the most read and most sacred book in the World. Yet he was arrested because he offended a Homosexual Police Office who is the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender liaison officer for the police. What are the Police doing paying for someone to promote sexual acts even you believe the homosexual act is normal HOW CAN YOU SAY BEING BISEXUAL is being normal.
It also reported that he castigated Drinkers and I believe Catholics but this was not considered offences.

Until the Homosexuals are treated like everyone else until persons sexuality is left private they will never be accepted into Normal Society I for one am fed up being treated unfairly because I am Heterosexual and have normal sexual appetites
Martin Clarke


Read more:

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Immigration Staff to be axed

Labour intend Axing immigration staff at Dover which could see the town over run. Further proof that Labour doesn't want to stop immigration

Nick Clegg lies about immigration

In Thursday night's TV debate,Nick Clegg the Liberal Democrat leader claimed 80 per cent of immigrants come from EU countries and therefore cannot be denied entry into Britain.
However the real figure is less than 40 per cent.
So he lied again and people want to vote for him