Friday, November 30, 2012

Secret State

I can understand people not voting for the Coalition as it is failing to do what it promised but how can anyone vote for Labour who spent 13 years getting us into the mess we are in now? Just shows there is something wrong with our political system and PR would not make a difference lets do what the Swiss do have a referendum on all important issues at least that would bring power back to the people instead we have a system where you can only make a protest vote and return a candidate who most probably is worse then the one you had before. If Conservatives do not ditch the LibDems and Cameron, then return to what they promised they will have the biggest defeat in their history. We will then have a Labour government, which will eventually relinquish power to the EU and then you will see more riots in the street there will be armed insurrection

I have just finished watching the Channel 4 series “Secret State” brilliant and written by some one who was in the know and shows what our so called Parliamentary Democracy is a SHAM

Secret State is a 2012 British four-part political thriller, starring Gabriel ByrneCharles Dance and Gina McKee, and inspired by Chris Mullin's novel A Very British Coup. It delves into the relationship between a democratically elected government, the military and big business.

Biggest fall in immigration for 20 years: Success thanks to a blitz on bogus colleges and a cut in student visas

Can you believe this? I have just walked up Sittingbourne High Street see people wearing clothes from the Middle East speaking a foreign language, I see young Eastern European mothers pushing babies around, I see reports of a Million foreign Nationals working here and then I read of 3 million Brits being unemployed!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sittingbourne News refuse advert

Morning Martin,

Unfortunately I cannot do anything on the price. On the 1st Jan we have a rate increase due to the cost of paper and ink rises. So your quarter page will actually be £114 + vat.

I am able to book your Judo advert on the Sports page, that is OK. 

I have spoken to editorial re your blog advert. We do not accept adverts on the letters page and also we are unable to run your blog advert because we cant be seen to endorse individuals opinions.
We will sometimes make an exception in the case of established political parties but we cant do this for members of the public.

Please let me know if you wish to book your Judo advert.

Kind Regards

This the email I have just received from The Sittingbourne News which is part of the KM Group

The advert I want to put in is added below

It is strange that we supposed to live in a democracy yet where can the ordinary person air there views?

On the letters page yes and no because the editor decides what is printed and are they are unbiased NO of course not they let there own personal views affect their judgment. The East Kent Gazette was known in my opinion for favouring socialist views and now it seems the KM group are moving the same way. As you are all aware I love writing to the Letters page but how many of my letters get past the KM Censer 1 in every 30 maybe. Yet I do not own the paper and they can print what they want irrelevant of what people think and believe

What annoyed me most was that they make acceptions for Political Parties but not the ordinary man in the street! Also they can make as much comments on different subjects but refuse the ordinary man the same courtesy
 Needless to say I do not intend advertising with them now or in the future so do not expect to see any of my letters in the Letters Page and do not expect to see many reports on our Martial Arts Club in future editions of the Sittingbourne News

Monday, November 26, 2012

An answer to ModPlod

It is true am naturally a UKIP supporter but I am also a pragmatist They will never be in a Government so you either do not vote or choose one of the other 3 parties

So I no longer vote for the Conservative party per-say because this Government has gone back on its pledges and there will never be a vote on whether we stay in Europe no matter who is power  they will come with some fudge.The only way forward is to have an armed revolution, that will never happen because it is not the English way.

Now I vote on the individual and both Gordon and Andrew Bowles are on the same wavelength as me but being experienced politicians they may choose their words more carefully then me and rightly so.

The UK is no longer a democratic country our representatives i.e. MP are supposed to represent the views of their constituants which the majority of them refuse to do. I would like power handed back to the people and maybe go the way of the Swiss and have referendum on every major issue which would be binding on Parliament. Yet like Turkeys they will never vote for Christmas hence the reason they want to stop in the EU

Saturday, November 24, 2012


We have a potential 25 million people from Romania and Bulgaria being allowed to enter this country in January 2014. These are the poorest countries in the EU and overrun with corruption and criminality, this was said by the EU. As they will be EU residents they can automatically claim all our benefits.
In the North of England a couple were told they could not foster children because they were members of UKIP this was of course a labour run Council.
The only politician to speak out was Nigel Farage of UKIP and why did they ban the couple because they believe UKIP was racist? An organisation that has said they want controlled Immigration not the open door policy started by the Labour government and sadly carried on by the current Government.

Yet while this all happening what do Cameron and Clegg do? They concentrate on Gay Marriage. I am glad to say my MP is against gay Marriage and also rejects the open door policy to Immigration

Martin Clarke

Friday, November 23, 2012

Mobiles & Badoo

The article below I totally agree with. It is not just parents but where ever you go people are on the phone. This years we had to tell people to switch phones of when entering the Dojo. Some of the pupils would hear the phone and say that familiar saying "I have to get that" and lets be honest how many are important? I do not know how we existed 25 years ago without the mobile oh yes I do remember when we got home we switched on the Answer machine.
You all know I like my Blog but I tried Facebook for about a year as an individual and got fed up with the dribble like"having cornflakes for breakfast or its raining etc" plus people are so predictable I had a group of friends who were so predicable, they were intelligent but left wingers (I know left wing and intelligent is a bit of a contradiction) when I put an article I knew their response and on occasions prepared the answer before I put the article up, so boring. Well closed that account but Social Networking is a good idea to promote business and events so that what I done open several accounts promoting my Combat Disciplines. Today I got caught by a something called Badoo I thought this was yet another networking site? it is for people seeking RELATIONSHIPS of a physical nature. Once I realsed I deleted myself because within minutes I was getting messages now I had better tell the wife! mind you could she be on it? So if you get a message from Badoo beware

Unsupervised children having more accidents because parents are too busy playing on their smartphones 
This appeared in the DM

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my Wife Val 

66 today

Still as fresh as ever doesn't look a day older then 65 

 Val is the smaller one

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fly Tipping MP rplies

In a previous Blog I complained about the Rubbish Tip on Church Marshes and the KCC's attitude will encourage Fly Tipping. I complained to our local MP and below are the letters I received, it is pleasing to see we have an MP who is interested in local matters

I detest XFactor I had to endure the last 10 minutes last night but did the Guitar Player look like Michael Hutchinson from Combat Sambo?

Barclays-Boys in Blue

Mod Plod made the following comments on the Youtube Film Could he be right or is he over reacting?

Another thing when you want to phone your Bank, Building Society, Insurance Company etc you have to phone an 0845 number a premium rate number what a rip off. Use

Barclays as I reported earlier closed my account for no just reason that was on August 24th I still have not had my money returned when I phoned I was told "I must learn to be patient and wait" 3 months and they still have my money, you try being 3 months overdrawn and see what they charge.


You better be careful otherwise your friends in Kent Police will be knocking on your door at 0400 hrs in the morning!

It's now perfectly possible to be arrested for speaking the truth and conveying your own honest opinions and beliefs.

It all comes under the pernicious PUBLIC ORDER ACT 1986 where it's a criminal offence to cause anyone (who makes a complaint to the police), harassment alarm and distress.

The British people are literally sleepwalking to a police state where soon it will be a criminal offence to have alternative thoughts to the government.

These laws were enacted to tackle REAL crime but over the last few years have instead been turned around and used to criminalise the white law abiding middle class taxpayers... It's all about showing us whose boss.

Your actions here re-posting this link might reasonably upset and insult an ethnic resulting in the bully boys in blue paying you a visit...

Evening all.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Brand New Leather Jacket

N,P,Y word

I just listened to a programme on Radio 4 and they talked about how distressing it is for football fans to use the N word, the P word and the Y word. At first what are they are talking about then I realised they meant Nigger, Poof and Yid why in heaven name can the not use the words they are talking about they are not using them as a derogatory term in fact they are doing the opposite but we have come so obsessed with PC they were frightened I expect in case someone sued them. Of course most of the words are offensive but why do Black people sometimes call each other Nigger (watch certain films) why does Jonathan Ross have a band call 4 poofs and a piano yet no one complains about that. It seems the BBC are more interested in name calling rather then protecting children from sexual predators

Can you understand some of these left wing reporters Hamas send hundreds of rockets into Israel over the past 6 months none complain because Israel defends itself and retaliates they are wrong. Hamas puts their rocket launches next to school and houses then wonders why children and civilians get killed.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sorry-BBC-Famous Five


Yes I am sorry I forgot to vote in the Police Commissioner Election yesterday as some who is interested in politics why did I forget? Well I normally do a postal vote but this time I waited because I wanted to see what our candidates where going to do and the only one to reply to my questions was the Conservative candidate. He was the only one who done a mail shot, there was no posters, no mail shots, no knocking at doors, no one in the high street telling us what they can do, even the local paper only managed one piece in the build up, they certainly did not print any of my letters on the subject. In other words the hustings had been forgotten
So what were my questions well let me remind you:

1)   If elected will you be focusing on Police work rather then Social issues

2)   Will you continue to waste money on such issue as promoting Homosexual, Lesbian and Bisexual lifestyle I refer to the annual Fair at Police HQ for this group of people

3)   Will you be promoting equal opportunities including banning discrimination such as Positive Discrimination, which favours, Homosexuals, lesbians, females and Ethnic minorities over and above White Heterosexual men.

4)   Will you be recruiting on a ability rather then on their sexual habits, gender and ethnicity
If I do not get answers I will not vote for any of them and I have strong doubts whether any of them will be able to alter the direction of this Kent Police Service, like most Police Services in this country the top echelon are more interested in promoting their own politics and self-interest. The time has come for each Borough to have their Sheriff like in the USA then you will see a difference.

I think quite reasonable questions but who am I? Just a voter so why should they answer and why should a newspaper go against its own political bias, So who did we get well the answer is Independent Anne Barnes. Great I hear you say not one of the nasty politicians got voted in but! She is a former Chair Women of the Kent Police Authority. The same authority who has failed the people of Kent, the same authority who has more interest in promoting life styles rather then capturing criminals and preventing crime, the same authority who will continue to waste Council Tax Payers money. So do not expect any change at Kent Police just more of the same.

As I said we need borough Sheriffs not some token figurehead to appease the masses. As for the turnout it was not just voter apathy it was more Candidate Apathy

The BBC seems to be full of Gays and Paedophiles if the newspaper reports are true, could be their idea of Positive discrimination or are they just being Politically Correct? To be fair you could say that about the whole of the media and entertainment industry.  The British People have no trust in our Government, Press, Media, Entertainment industry or authority all seem to be corrupt and morally defunct. HOW LONG BEFORE WE SEE A REVOLUTION

See the EU Dictatorship wants to ban Enid Blyton’s “Famous Five” Books from schools, it seem that her books portrays a married man and women with children as the incorrect to way to portray family life. WHEN WILL WE GET A REFERENDUM

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Obama Wins

So Obama has won the election it so reminds me of the second time Tony Blair got voted back everyone was expecting a lot a new beginning and what a mess he made of the Country, Obama is a Black Tony Blair.

Interesting the reports is that African Americans (I presume that means Black Americans) Women and Latinos vote was what secured the vote for Obama. The Latinos are the fastest growing ethnics in the USA. I fore cast the Republican Party, as it now will be a spent force the White European Males who built the Country over the last couple of Centuries I believe are finished one wonders if the Obama Voters have the same work ethic as those who built the Country, some how I doubt it. So the Republicans will have to change like our Conservative Party and will be become just another version of the Democratic Party as the Conservative Party has become a slightly right of Centre Socialist Party.

Interestingly enough with our own immigrants producing half of the new born babies last year how long will it be before they become the dominant people of the British Isles with indigenous British becoming a minority?

I see the EU want to ban Edith Blyton’s Famous Five Books because they portray a Mother and Father who are married with children as a Family Unit. What idiot wants us to remain in this Socialist Dictatorship?

Martin Clarke