Friday, January 12, 2007

Modern Education can learn from Kano

Although there are many categories or education, Jigoro continues, they can
be divided roughly into two main groups: general education and specialized education. Both are important for the further advance­ment of the society, but general education is the more important of the two.”
Why is that, sir?” asked the reporter.
“General education has two objectives: to educate the vast majority of the general public arid to provide a basis from which students can go on to specialized education. Specialized education is concentrated on a rela­tively small group, and no matter how many technical advances are made, if the public at large is allowed to remain in a weak intellectual, moral, and physical state, specialized education will be of little benefit to the society as a whole.”
The reporter nodded thoughtfully.
“In addition,” said Jigoro, “the ability to absorb specialized insiruc­(ion must he cultivated over the course of one’s general education.”
If general Education is raised to a high enough level, then the achievements of those receiving specialized education should increase proportionally, shouldn’t they?” asked the reporter.
“That is so Jigoro replied. “On the other hand, if the level of genera! education is too low, specialised education is unlikely to hear much fruit, Furthermore, a basic moral education usually unfolds during the period of one’s general education. An important part of this, however, is the education that a child receives at home during the years before for­mal schooling begins. This period largely defines the child’s future direc­tion in life.”
“Thus the proverb: What a three-year-old child has learned stays with him for a hundred years,” said the reporter.
“That’s correct,” said Jigoro. “The moral education that a child receives during the primary education period has a strong bearing on the child’s conduct for the rest of his life.”

(The Father of Judo-Biography of Jigaro Kano by Brian Watson)

The above excerpt is very relevant to today, when the Labour Government want to produce an elite group of children, they should take note of Jigaro Kano who not only founded Judo he also played an important educational role in transforming Japan into a modern nation. To summarise he said “ If general education is raised to a high enough level, then the achievements of those receiving specialized education should increase proportionally but if general education is to low specialised education will not bear much fruit” this man made these comments over 100 years ago.
This labour government continually come with new ideas but never put their brain in gear before they announce them. I agree with elitism as long as it is based on a ability rather then knowing the right people but before we have an educational elite we need the whole populace well educated, since Tony Blair’s government has been in power the standard of education has nose dived mainly because of their interference. I left school in 1965 at 15 years and 3 months from a secondary modern school and I and my classmates came out with a better basic education then any 16 or 17 year old does today. This government with its lefty free thinking educationalist should keep out of education and let the parents and teachers get on with job only that way will we see some improvement.

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