Friday, March 09, 2007

Col Patrick Mercer an honest MP

Can some one please tell me what Colonel Patrick Mercer has done wrong if you do not who he is, he is the Conservative Front Bench MP who was asked to resign for saying that in the Army, people are called Black Bastards, Ginger Bastards, Fat Bastards and so on, he never said he said any of those things. I thought it was rather refreshing that a politician actually told you the truth how it is and not how they want it to be. Patrick Mercer served his country for 20 years prepared to put his life on the line for us, as all service personnel do. How can National politicians judge the environment of the armed services when at best their training is done in the bars of Westminster, there battleground is the debating chamber of Parliament and the only weapon they use is when they are knifing a fellow politician in the back. Our only hope is that at the next election a new batch of MP’s are elected and realise they are elected by the people and do not try to treat the people as serfs like some feudal Baron.
Judge for yourself “Col Patrick Mercer: the full transcript script”

Martin Clarke 118 East Street Sittingbourne

Col Patrick Mercer: the full transcript
Last updated at 00:14am on 9th March 2007
Read a transcript of what Col Patrick Mercer said.
"I came across a lot of ethnic minority soldiers who were idle and useless, but who used racism as cover for their misdemeanours.
"I remember one guy from St Anne's (Nottingham) who was constantly absent and who had a lot of girlfriends. When he came back one day I asked him why, and he would say, 'I was racially abused.' And we'd say: 'No you weren't, you were off with your girlfriends again.'
"I had the good fortune to command a battalion that was racially very mixed. Towards the end, I had five company sergeant majors who were all black. They were without exception UK-born, Nottingham-born men who were English - as English as you and me.
"They prospered inside my regiment, but if you'd said to them, 'Have you ever been called a nigger,' they would have said, 'Yes.' But equally, a chap with red hair, for example, would also get a hard time - a far harder time than a black man, in fact.
"But that's the way it is in the Army. If someone is slow on the assault course, you'd get people shouting: 'Come on you fat bastard, come on you ginger bastard, come on you black bastard.'

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