Sunday, November 18, 2007

PC Update

Dear Supporter

A few things PC...and details of Lord Tebbit's important speech on Political Correctness...


1. A mother in Derbyshire received a letter from her daughter's school telling her to retract her "racist" comments for telling a little girl not to chew on a dark-skinned doll as it was dirty - it had been dropped on the floor and was covered in mud!

2. Veterans were banned from selling poppies in a WH Smith in Bristol by the manager - thankfully this decision was later overturned by senior managers.

3. The Mayor in Chepstow asked soldiers of the Rifles regiment to lay down their guns before marching in the Remembrance Day Parade. Angry veterans said this was ridiculous and the President of the local British Legion said, "The regiment is called the Rifles and rifles are an important part of their's like asking the tank regiment to march past on parade without their tanks."

4. Bluewater Shopping Centre has apparently ordered their santas to slim down because they say "Santa Claus is a role model to thousands of children" and that he should be a "responsible icon".

A bit better...

1. The Chief Executive of the Royal Society of the Prevention of Accidents said "small-minded bureaucrats" were undermining genuine advances in health and safety in their attempts to wrap children up in cotton wool. He went on to say, "We need to prepare our children for a complex, dangerous world in which healthy robust activity is more a national need than ever before".

2. Sir Norman Bettison, the head of West Yorkshire Police, said the "elevated and authoritative status" of health and safety often resulted in it being easier for the police to do nothing in a crisis. He also said, "The armchair perfection of the health and safety Taliban is intent on creating doubt where there was once certainty."

And finally...

Norman Tebbit has kindly agreed to speak to our meeting next Tuesday (20th November 2007) at The Strand Palace Hotel on The Strand (surprise surprise!). This should be a great meeting as many politicians shy away from taking on the subject of Political Correctness - which makes it all the more refreshing when they do. This will be a very important occasion in the battle against PC! A flyer with further details should be attached or you can find out more on the following link:

The price of £45 includes your free copy of the Second PC Scrapbook worth £8.99 (as soon as it is published) and unlimited wine! If you have a group who want to go please get in touch with us and we will see if we can give you a group discount.

Please keep sending us your examples of Political Correctness at any time - the more information we have the better!


Yours sincerely

Laura Midgley
Co-Founder of the Campaign Against Political Correctness
"The Second Politically Correct Scrapbook" out soon - pre-order your copy now!!Please click this link for further details -

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