Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kent Police Spend money on Newsletter

I have just received very well produced and expensive booklet entitled “Policing Kent” which features smiling Police Officers, information on Police Station Opening Times (yes Police Station have shop opening hours, because most crimes happen in those hours?)how well the Police are doing their job and of course we all know that GB and Kent is a very safe place in the World to live!!!!. There is a special telephone line for Homophobic crime and one for racial crime, presumably if a crime is committed against these two groups of people it is more serious then if a crime is committed against the rest of us?
With regard to the new PCSO I was under the impression that this was Policing on the cheap but I am told this not the case, according to a PCSO web site in the West Midlands their wages are £19,000 per annum compared with a new PC at £21,000 so it just a saving of £2,000 so why not train these people up to be proper Police Officer? Once again I have got it wrong I am told that Kent have their quota of Police Officers as they have to keep within their budget OK but where does the money come for the PCSO’s.? Listening to PCSO’s on various chat shows most want to become Police Officers and find being a PCSO is a way in through the back door.
The public are continually being told that the Police do not have the resources yet they can spend tens of thousands of pounds on a glossy magazine, the British Public have lost all faith in the Police and the Judicial system in this country what we want is better policing, the capture of criminals who are put away for some considerable time. I recently had a motor cycle stolen I reported the crime and was given my crime number, I then had a follow up call giving me the number of victims support and then was asked if I would help with a survey. Yet what I wanted was a Police Officer to come and see me and make some effort to catch the little toe rags who nicked my bike, needless to say I never saw a Police Officer mind you I should have told them I was an ethnic homosexual I most probably I would have a dozen round.
To finalise I would like to ask the Chief Constable through your newspaper whether the following is true That before investigating any crime Police Officer have to make a RISK ASSESMENT before they respond to the crime and if the risk is to great they do not respond? Hopefully this is one of those silly rumours. Can you imagine the scenario if this is true> An emergency call comes in that a big fight has started in the Town Centre, the Police then quickly have a meeting to work out a Risk Assessment. For this they will need a detailed map of the area, looking out for obstacles which could cause them injuries i.e. steps, wet pavements, lampposts, cars, etc they then have to evaluate how many personnel are needed for the incident, for this they must consultant the various guideline which are laid down by Senior Officers finally they then must write out a report which each officers must sign ¾ hour later they have left for the incident which has now finished but they make themselves available to the ambulance personnel who picking up the injured. Alternatively they say NO to the call as they do not have enough Officers to meet the Risk Assessment Guidelines.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne Kent

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