Friday, October 06, 2006

Illegal immigrant flouts law

I received the letter copied above in the post I can not read the signature so have no idea who its from and how they got my address. If what they write about is true and I do say if, one wonders whether or not there is a conspiracy to keep things quite? Also should a nursing home be paying cash in hand? What value does this put on CRB checks? This letter could be from someone who has been cheated on and wants vengeance or it could be the truth? I leave you to draw your own opinion

I could not photo copy the original to my blog so I have included on the letters page of my webb site below is a transcript

Dear Martin Clarke,

Eve read your letter and the complaints of others who I seem to have a lot in common with. “YES it’s illegal immigrants yet again”. I have in the pass written/phoned the Home Office no less than 20 times, written to Dr. John Clarke himself and also written to Mr Tony Blair (PM), contacted the tabloids, you are my last hope.

I write in regards to an illegal immigrant by the name of Ms. Maxine C. Wallace who resides at 117 Twyford House, Chisley Road, London Ni 5 6PB. Date of Birth 17th March 1971. Ms Wallace came to the UK from Jamaica on a student’s visa in 2001 leaving behind three children (the last child six months when she left her). Ms Wallace was issued with a 2 year student’s visa which expired; she applied for an extension and was issued with an additional year. Ms. Wallace has applied to the home Office on three occasions for leave to stay and was refused on all three occasions. She has recently supplied false documents to the Criminal Records Bureau in order to gain her CRB clearance (she was given the all clear by the bureau despite me informing them of Ms Wallace’s intent). She currently works at Debohun House Nursing Home, Southgate (they have been informed of her illegal status, she is currently receiving cash in hand).

Ms Wallace lives with my ex-partner who is 15 years her senior. She lives, eats and sleeps free of charge. She knows how to play people and the system and it makes me angry. I have tried and tried on many occasions to get this woman sent back to where ever she came from. Even hiring a private detective (hence all the evidence). Ms Wallace has stated on occasions that she has no intention of returning back to Jamaica and she will be staying here.

Why is it that places like Australia, New Zealand and America people are able to voice their opinion in regards to illegal immigrants, why are there so many doo gooders in this country who may I add don’t have to live next to these people. I don’t know where else to turn to for help

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