Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pension SCAM

I have for many years been contributing to a pension scheme my mother started it for me in 1982 as a present for the first year, I carried it on, it was not a great deal of, money just £30 per month recently I received my annual report at 64 years of age I receive £1280 per annum, £24.61p per week, this was derisory amount so I thought I will cash it in. To my amazement I was told I could only collect 25% of the pension in a lump sum why? Because this labour Government introduced a law forbidding me to have my own money, I have been offered a £5729 lump plus £78.97 per month, what I should have got was a £22916 lump. What right has this despotic government got to stop me accessing my own money? Maybe our local MP Derek Wyatt can answer that rather then worrying about what chocolate bars we should eat.

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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