Monday, May 05, 2008

MR & MRS or MR & MR

Dear Editor

I am a keen Caravan User but one of the downside is you sometimes watch Rubbish TV couple of weeks ago I spent ½ hour watching a game show called MR & MRS. I am told this used to be a show where married couples would be asked questions to see if they really knew their spouse. Yet the format has changed because ordinary people are no longer good enough so celebrities are now used, much more interesting “I don’t think”. First thing I noticed is that the name of the show is false because most of the couples were not married in fact one couple were Homosexuals surely they should be called MR & MR and for those not married maybe the title HIM & HER. I have been married for 38 years and take the sanctity of marriage very seriously, one of the important titles given to a married couple is MR & MRS this tells everyone they have made a legal (most cases religious as well) commitment to be together for life. The title Mr & Mrs is of significant importance in distinguishing our place in society, Nu Labour has done as much as it can to out law marriage now it seems the Media are jumping in on the act.
As for the programme why not just change the name to the Partnership Show and the great British Public can stay riveted to finding out whether one or the other can guess their favourite food. TV is has been really dumbed down over the years good job Doctor Who is on other wise there would nothing to watch !!!!!!

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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