Thursday, July 17, 2008


Rad Wyatts Letter and my reply


Gordon Henderson attacked me for not voting against the Government’s plans for the PostOffice. Since June, 20071 have been the Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Department ofCulture, Media and Sport for the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge, Minister for the Arts I have alsoacted unofficially for Gerry Sutcliffe, Minister for Sport.Mr. Henderson should know by now, as he has already been a failed Parliamentary candidatethat a PPS is a member of the Government.As a PPS I am a team player. Just as in my rugby days! am free to speak my mind about teampolicies and express my own ideas but when the team captain and management makea decision, I have to respect it. However. I am not surprised Mr Henderson does not understandthis principle. I have never once heard him express or support his parties policy on anynationa1 issue. especially since David Cameron became leader So just for the record, theTories, before the last election. wanted to privatized the Post Office which would have led towholesale closures including most of our post offices on the Isle of Sheppey. I lobbied last yearand helped keep all our Island post offices open. I was the first MP to suggest we should beable to bid for rural and semi-rural post offices as Tory controlled Essex CC is doing (but notTory controlled KCC). Likewise, I was the flrst to suggest combining the rural library servicewith a rural post office service, a simple solution that would help those that are elderly livingin our smaller village&

Derek Wyatt, MP,Sittingbourne and Sheppey

This letter signifies everything that is wrong with the Political Elite in this country and Mr Wyatt should be ashamed of himself. He has put party interest before the people he complains to represent, to make the excuse that he is a team player and he uses a Rugby analogy to legitimise himself, well Mr Wyatt politics is not a sport it about people lives. Lose a game of rugby the world will not change make a mistake in Government and it can. To follow the party line when you know it is wrong is immoral especially when it life changing, to campaign to save Post Offices then vote to have them closed is dishonest and deceitful. Henchman of the Nazis, Communists excuse when brought to justice was I was only obeying orders. I am no fan of Nu Labour politician come to that my faith in all politicians is somewhat stretched but you Mr Wyatt take the biscuit.

Martin Clarke

Dear Sir

Our MP accuses me of not supporting any national Conservative Party policy. That is not true; I support most of David Cameron’s policies. For instance: I support David’s opposition to the scandalous abolition of the 10P tax band that will see so many hard pressed Islanders worse off.I support his call for a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (EU Constitution) and I support his opposition to the Government’s decision to build more coal fire power stations (such as at Kingsnorth).I support David’s pledge that the Family will be at the heart of every policy introduced by a future Conservative Government. I support his view that there should be a cap on immigration and I support his plans to let only English MPs vote on issues solely relating to England.I support David’s call for more openness in the funding of political parties. I support his call for MPs expenses to be published and I support his pledge to abolish the unelected regional assemblies. I could go on, but I won’t because I think I have made my point!However, it is true that I do not agree with all David Cameron’s policies and where I do not agree I am happy to let my opposition be known. I am not ashamed of being able to think for myself without the help of those who lead my Party.In fact, for that very reason I would like to thank our MP for making clear that at the next General Election Islanders will have a clear choice. They will be able to vote either for somebody who puts his political party, and his desire to climb up the greasy political pole, before those who elected him, or, they can vote for somebody who will always put the interests of his constituents first, even if that brings me into conflict with my “team captain”!Yours sincerelyGordon Henderson

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