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You must read the following, I realise it is long piece but it is a shocking eye opener. Information comes from the Brugge Group

1,798 new EU Laws since May 2007

From 1st May 2008 to 15th July the EU has passed laws which will impact on the UK. That is TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY TWO!Since May 2007 the total is 1,798.

Nest feathering - better pay, pensions and expenses for Brussels bureaucrats

More funding for tobacco farmers

Over the marketing of apples laying down the marketing standard for apples

More control over CustomsRegulation

Control over telecommunications equipmentCommission

Control over the marketing of eggslaying down detailed rules for implementing Council Regulation (EC) No 1234/2007 as regards the marketing standards of eggs

Restrictions on the UK's fishing industry establishing a prohibition of fishing for tusk in Norwegian waters of IV by vessels flying the flag of the United Kingdom

Control over driving licences - relating to licences for driving clutch pedal vehicles

Movement of social security schemes on the application of social security schemes to employed persons, to self-employed persons and to members of their families moving within the Community

Price of eggs fixing representative prices in the poultrymeat and egg sectors and for egg albumin,

You must read the following, I realise it is long piece but it is a shocking eye opener. Information comes from the Brugge GroupEU CONTROL OVER THE UK’S ASSETSThe European Union is proposing to take control over Britain’s sovereign wealth fund. A sovereign wealth fund (SWF) is a state-owned investment fund composed of financial assets. Sovereign wealth funds are held by central banks, who accumulate the funds in the course of their fiscal management of a nation's banking system; this fund is of major economic and fiscal importance.The assets contained in sovereign wealth funds across the EU are worth trillions of dollars. The European Union intends to use their control to enhance the international role of the Euro; increasing its strength in an attempt to make it a reserve currency.Commission Communication: A common European approach to Sovereign Wealth Funds COM(08) 115MORE EU CONTROL OVER THE MILITARYThe EU, driven by the French, wants to have its own military planning capability and autonomous action backed up by credible military forces. The European Union is proposing to increase its powers so that it can plan and execute military operations separate to the planning of the nation-states and of NATO. This proposal will enhance the role of; The Political and Security Committee, The European Union Military Committee and The European Union Military Staff. This is part of the developing Common Foreign and Security Policy. The European Union will further enhance its European Security and Defence Policy by training Britain’s military top-brass at its European Security and Defence College. The aim is to create a pro-EU policy network amongst the senior personnel of the armed forces.Council Decision amending Council Decision 2001/80/CFSP of 22 January 2001 on the establishment of the Military Staff of the European UnionJoint Action amending the Joint Action 2005/575/CFSP establishing a European Security and Defence CollegeMORE EU CONTROL OVER BRITAIN’S BORDERSThe European Union is proposing to develop a surveillance force to monitor borders. This will allow the European Union to take more power over Britain’s borders. It shall also enable the European Commission to take control over the UK’s existing national surveillance systems, including the coast guard.Commission Communication examining the creation of a European Border Surveillance System (EUROSUR) COM(08) 68EU CONTROL OVER EMERGENCY LAW ENFORCEMENT UNITSThe European Union is proposing to take control over the use of cross-border special intervention units. Special intervention units are law enforcement divisions used to control criminal crisis situations. The proposals will allow a member-state to call in these ‘special intervention units’ to restore order.Draft Council Decision on the improvement of cooperation between the special intervention units of the Member States in crisis situationsEU CONTROL OVER CIVIL PROTECTION OPERATIONSThe European Union is proposing to take more power over emergency action in the event of a disaster. These plans will lead to the creation of a European civil protection force that can conduct civil protection operations.Commission Communication: Reinforcing the Union’s Disaster Response Capacity COM(08) 130EU FOREIGN CRIMINAL FRIENDLY POLICIESThe European Union is pushing for an increase in non-custodial supervision orders for suspected criminals. To avoid keeping suspected foreign criminals in detention pending their trial, the EU wants them to be able to move freely, whilst under supervision, between their country of origin and the state in which the offence was committed, rather than being held on remand. This proposed legislation comes on top of EU Directive 2004/38/EC which prevents the deportation of foreign EU criminals from British soil back to their country of origin; thus allowing the free movement of criminals within the European Union.Draft Council Framework Decision on the European supervision order in pre-trial procedures between the Member States of the European Union COM(06) 468Revised Draft Council Framework Decision on the European supervision order in pre-trial procedures between the Member States of the European UnionEU TO EXPAND ITS PROPAGANDA ACTIVITIESThe European Union is to expand its communication activities. This is a follow up to the previous propaganda initiative called Plan-D for democracy, dialogue and debate. It will involve trying to sell the idea of European integration by more effectively communicating the EU’s message via the mass media. Another arm of the strategy will be to bypass existing methods of gaining democratic legitimacy by engaging with select groups, known as Civil Society Organisations, and buying them off individually. They will also expand the number of Europe Direct Information Centres from 478 to 500 by 2013. The three themes of the EU’s latest propaganda initiative will revolve around;Institutional SettlementIntercultural dialogueandEnergy and Climate ChangeCommission Communication: Communication Europe in Partnership COM(07) 568Commission Working Document: Proposal for an Inter-Institutional Agreement on Communicating Europe in Partnership COM(07) 569EU USING CLIMATE CHANGE TO EXPAND ITS FOREIGN POLICY AND SECURITY POWERSUsing the perceived threat of global warming, the EU is proposing to take powers key to the sovereignty of the nation-state. This power grab argues for more EU control in the following areas:More EU control over foreign policy planning and over foreign policy itselfMore EU control over immigration This proposal to enlarge its powers in those areas is being advocated despite the fact that the Lisbon Treaty was rejected in the Irish referendum.Paper from the High Representative and the European Commission to the European Council: Climate Change and International Security S113/08MORE EU GREEN STEALTH TAXESThe EU wants to impose a stealth tax on the carbon dioxide emissions of cars and light commercial vehicles. The proposals from the European Commission will use financial penalties against those who produce vehicles that do not conform to the EU’s mandatory targets. The resulting financial penalties will then be channelled to the budget of the European Commission thus opening up a new source of revenue for the European Union. This will also add more costs onto the car and goods vehicle industries.Draft Regulation setting emissions performance standards for new passenger cars as part of the Community’s integrated approach to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from light-duty vehicles COM(07) 856MORE EU CONTROL OVER ENERGY POLICYThe EU is attempting to expand its power over Britain’s energy policy. The European Commission is the source of the apparent Government policy to increase the amount of renewables in the energy mix. The EU is ultimately responsible for the costly wind power policy; forcing the British Government to go ahead with this policy despite the fact that wind energy cannot reduce the UK’s reliance on conventional forms of power generation. The EU is trying to expand its mandatory targets for renewable energy and force the UK to increase its use of biofuels. This makes the debate in Britain irrelevant as decisions on these issues are decided elsewhere. Furthermore, the European Union is also seeking to control Britain’s policy relating to the capture and storage of Carbon Dioxide.Draft Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources COM(08) 10Draft Decision on the effort of Member States to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to meet the Community’s greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments up to 2020 COM(08) 17Draft Directive on the geological storage of carbon dioxide COM(08) 18EU CONTROL OVER BEAUTY PRODUCTSThe European Union wants to control cosmetics. The EU’s interference in the daily lives of the people it governs knows no bounds. They are even trying to standardise cosmetics across the EU.Draft Regulation on cosmetic products (recast) COM(08) 49

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