Sunday, September 21, 2008

JK Rowling is she against marriage?

JK Rowling gives £1 million to NU Labour

In a statement, JK Rowling, who wrote the first of her best-selling books about boy wizard Harry Potter while claiming to be an impoverished single mother, ( obviously one with a lot of time on her hands) indicated that her gift was motivated by Labour's record on child poverty and Tory leader David Cameron's offer of tax breaks to married couples.

I have never read a Harry Potter book and I have only seen pieces of a film when my grandchildren are watching it on DVD. Why? at 58 I have grown out of Clildrens' Books especially ones that copy old fairy tales and rearrange them, mind you the money this women has made is phenomenal pity I can not write like her. Mind you I am glad I did not buy one of her books now I realise she was supporting the Labour party and why has she done this because she believes this Government s record on child poverty is good! Where has she been for the last 10 years the gap between rich and poor in GB is greater now then ever has been, or does she think this does not effect children. She then goes on to say David Cameron's offer on Tax breaks for married couples is wrong, it has now been established that children brought up with parents who are married do better then any other relationship but the she was a single mother and seems to me she resents Married families she certainly must have a strange set of ideals if she thinks being a single parent should be the norm.

She would better of giving the money to a children's charity but the that would not get her a safe Labour seat to become an MP

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