Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don’t these people realise the election is over

On Wednesday Radio 4 news programme “TODAY” they have a regular item “Thought for the Day” this is where a Religious speaker puts a point a view forward. On Wednesday a Rev Tom Butler gave an interesting talk about a US Mayor, this Mayor when he was prospective candidate in the Mayoral Election gave an under taking if elected to come along to a Church and just sit and listen to what the people were saying. He was elected and honoured the commitment with one exception when he walked on the stage he said before I listen I will give a 20 minute speech. He was told that was not what was agreed, he then walked of the stage refusing to stay, on reaching the lobby he said to an aid “Don’t these people realise the election is over”. This was overheard and the newspapers got hold of it and a few weeks later, thousands of Church goers made a Silent Vigil out side the mayors Office, he then attended a meeting at the Church and sat and listened. PEOPLE POWER , politician being made to listen to his electorate, what a novelty

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