Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Trip to Ireland a Plastic Paddy

Our Holiday in Ireland September 2009
An Irish friend of mine called me a plastic paddy because I like Irish music, I often wondered what he meant by this well since my travels to St Mullen’s in County Callow I think I know what he means. My Grandfather on my father’s side was Irish he died when I was 15 years old, was a rather secretive man. What I know was 6ft 18 stone was a member of the Dublin Brigade (Police) his first wife died, his two son’s from that union he left in Ireland never to see them again. Within a year he married my Grandmother Jessica Parker. The reason why I tell you this is because to me the Irish have always had this air of mysticism, devoutly Catholic but would kill a protestant in the name of religion and the same must be said of the protestants and of course you would have the general conception of red headed women and men playing folk music where ever they go, driving their pony and trap, completely unworldly a peasant friendly people.
Ho w wrong I was! Ireland is a beautiful place its countryside is a joy to be seen not a lot different from parts of England and Scotland but just seems more of it and less people. Ireland is like most European countries having the same type of stores, cars etc, you can see there has been a boom as you see countless new houses being built in the Country and not small ones, most cars are relative new.
Yet there are differences on the plus side the people are very friendly and not as aggressive as people in England, if you enter a pub there’s a smile not a scowl Let me give you an example on the Sunday we went to a local pub where there was live music we got talking to some locals and they bought us drinks all night, there is very little swearing and when you did hear the odd F word it didn’t have the same resonance as England because the Irish brogue is softer. Youngsters are better behaved in Town Centre’s, I did not see any graffiti and the Ladies are slimmer, dressed as attractive females unlike a lot of English girls who are porkers dressed as trollops (not all I might add) plus you do not see a vast cascade of young unmarried mother mothers. There is still a great sense of community something missing in England.
On the downside is the price of goods are exorbitant a bottle of whisky which cost £12 in England would cost £24 (27 Euro) in Ireland, a set Chinese meal for 2 £50 in England £30 everything is very expensive, with VAT at 21% who can wonder at it. Road signs and signs to places of interest are nearly non existence and everyone drives like a racing driver. For some years the European Union was good to Ireland but not now its law are slowly changing Ireland and changing the character of its people and these are not my words they are the words of Irishman, like the English and other European countries they are being led by politicians who no longer consider the wish of the people as sacrosanct but consider them selves first. Where ever you go the EU is seen as self-serving and autocratic, a benevolent Dictatorship but a dictatorship just the same.
I enjoyed our trip to Ireland would I go again NOT at the moment the prices did not offer value for money, in the future YES but I would try to go with someone who knew the area we were staying in .

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